10 Men’s Style Tips To Look POWERFUL

Let’s say you got the basics down. You’ve built an interchangeable wardrobe with a solid fit all-around.

But there’s something missing.

Your outfits are too bland.

Your black balmoral Oxfords don’t draw attention.

You don’t even have a signature scent.

You’re just another stick in the crowd.

In today’s article, I’m covering 10 men’s style power moves that instantly make you the most powerful man in the room.


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10 Ways To Look Powerful

  1. Fix your eyebrows
  2. Throw on a jacket
  3. Wearing a clean, elegant watch
  4. Peacock with patterns
  5. Rock a signature scent
  6. Save money to get what you want
  7. Wear statement shoes
  8. Command confidence with color
  9. Use slow, deliberate movements
  10. Use a safety razor


Looking Powerful Tip #1. Fix Your Eyebrows

Use nail scissors and tweezers to clean up your eyebrows in 5 minutes.

Unibrows in western culture are considered unattractive. Think about it – you have two eyes, two nostrils, and two ears. Having one eyebrow disrupts your facial symmetry and makes you look sloppy.

The solution lays with tools you should already have in your nail kit: tweezers and nail scissors. After a warm shower, I recommend you pluck out any hairs above your nose. Take it a step further by removing any stray hairs around your eyebrows as well. Finally, brush your eyebrows up and use the scissors to cut any hairs longer than the rest.

The hair on the brow has a slower anagen (active growing) phase than scalp hair. This 5-minute fix will get rid of the problem for 4-6 months.

The result is a more symmetrical look to your face – and a powerful appearance overall.


Looking Powerful Tip #2. Throw On A Jacket

Unlined jackets are your best bet for beating the heat in style.

A jacket adds weight to key areas on the body by emphasizing the shoulders and chest. Closing the jacket also improves your silhouette by tapering your torso. All of this is bound to impress – especially at a glance.

I’m not just advocating for sports jackets or blazers. Feel free to throw on a leather or denim jacket if it suits your personal style.

You can rock a jacket in spite of the heat by honing in on the right builds and materials. Unlined jackets improve breathability even though they lack the durability of traditionally lined jackets. Unlined jackets protect your skin from the sun while keeping you comfortable in the heat.

Linen is the usual suspect when it comes to summer fabrics and we can see why. It’s the strongest fabric on the planet and offers the most breathability. The right linen jacket could make you feel as though you are wearing nothing at all. You’d just need to contend with wrinkling.

Power and comfort go hand-in-hand. You can’t look like the boss if you’re sweating through a heavy jacket. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll feel.


Looking Powerful Tip #3. Wearing A Clean, Elegant Watch

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The first records of watches being worn date back to 1511 when Nuremberg clockmaker Peter Henlein started selling “clock watches” worn around the neck. That’s over 500 years of heritage!

A watch can be a statement piece or a simple accessory to round out your look. It depends on the occasion and your personal style. A formal occasion warrants a clean dress watch that doesn’t draw too much attention. If you spend a lot of time in the ocean, consider a dive watch. Love hiking? Try getting a field watch designed for battlefield conditions.

Quartz watches have been around since the Seiko Astron was unveiled on Christmas Day, 1969. It’s a battery-powered variant that offers more durability and precision.

Automatic watches hearken back to traditional manufacturing methods. They are literal works of art that can last you several lifetimes.

Watches exude power. Not only do they stand out, but they are strongly associated with trustworthiness and responsibility.

Got more questions? Check out my article on automatic vs. quartz watches.


Looking Powerful Tip #4. Peacock With Patterns

When it comes to patterns, you have a world of choices.

One of the easiest ways to stand out is to leverage patterns. I wouldn’t go too hard on bright, bold patterns right away though.

Consider starting with subtle repeating patterns.

Houndstooth is a common pattern on sports jackets. It’s a checked pattern with notched corners that give the appearance of a canine fang.

Herringbone is another worthy option. Also called broken twill weave, Herringbone is woven in a chevron shape that causes the overall pattern to resemble fish bones.

Accessories are a safe place to go bold. Take pocket squares for instance. You can use them to integrate bright colors and patterns without sacrificing the versatility of the core garment.

Paisley is a common pattern used in pocket squares. It’s old as the Sassanian Empire where it was used as the Zoroastrian symbol for life.

The point is that there is no shortage of choice when it comes to patterns. It’s one of the easier power moves in men’s style.


Looking Powerful Tip #5. Rock A Signature Scent

Want to learn more? Click here to check out my article on men’s fragrance types.

80% of American men never wear fragrances – gents, what are you doing?

The smell is a powerful tool. It can boost your confidence, induce aromatherapy, and even trigger fond memories associated with the scent.

Most of all, it can make people notice you.

How many should you own? It depends on your budget and your goals. You could easily buy 4-5 inexpensive fragrances with $100 and parcel them by occasion. Then again, you could also spend that money on one signature fragrance.

The most versatile fragrances include those such as Dior Sauvage, Bleu de Chanel, and Acqua Di Gio Profumo.

The choice is yours.


Looking Powerful Tip #6. Save Money To Get What You Want

When you see something you love, don’t dismiss it – save up for it!

You’ve probably seen something you’ve fallen in love with. Perhaps it’s a watch, a jacket, or a pair of shoes. You knew it was everything you wanted… until you saw the price tag.

Then, you compromised and got something lesser. What you ended up buying is ok, but you still wonder about that epic piece you missed out on.

Gentlemen, if you see something you absolutely love, buy it.

I’m not saying to spend frivolously. I’m saying to set realistic saving goals and work toward buying that garment.

You might cringe at the purchase initially, but you’ll feel amazing in what you wear. Your closet should be about quality, not quantity. You should feel absolutely empowered by each and every piece in your closet.

You’ll love what you have on and it’ll show. People will not only notice how you carry yourself, but they’ll notice that snazzy piece you invested in.


Looking Powerful Tip #7. Wear Statement Shoes

Tassel loafers make great statement shoes for the summer.

If your goal is to make power moves and get compliments, there’s no better way to do it than with some bold shoes.

Shoes have as much artistry and history behind them as any piece of menswear – which means you have options.

One shoe style bound to get noticed are double monk straps. These were developed by monks in the 15th century as work sandals to use in the fields.

Over the centuries they’ve developed into a staple of menswear. The buckles are what draw the eyes. If you buy these in an eye-catching brown, you won’t handle the praise that gets thrown your way.

Worried about the heat in the summer? get yourself some tassel loafers. They upgrade the classic loafer look by adding a tassel to the shoe’s upper to add complexity.


Looking Powerful Tip #8. Command Confidence With Color

Always try to integrate your favorite colors into your wardrobe.

A simple way to feel great about your ensemble and look powerful is to wear your favorite colors. Colors are not only important to us on a personal level, but they affect the people that see you.

A 2010 study found that wearing red makes men more attractive to women. It makes men seem more powerful and high-status. The study also found that women didn’t even make the connection. This shows how deeply colors influence the subconscious.

Purple was the preferred color of the Roman emperors. It was an extremely expensive dye for thousands of years. Nowadays it conveys a combination of power and creativity.

Blue tends to represent a sense of freshness.

In short gentlemen, the power of color is in your hands – use it well.


Looking Powerful Tip #9. Use Slow, Deliberate Movements

A Roman emperor once said, “keep cool and you will command everyone.” He was right.

Powerful men do not fidget.

Fidgeting implies a nervous tick. It’s the ultimate sign that you are not in control of your body.

Slow movements tell everyone you are calm, cool, and collected. You know how to command your own body, and that qualifies you to command the room.

Speak slowly as well. This helps you articulate better while giving you more wiggle room to determine word choices. It improves your eloquence and lets you emphasize the words you want to.

The combination of these factors makes people focused on where you want them. That, gents, is power.


Looking Powerful Tip #10. Use A Safety Razor

What is a safety razor?

It’s a tool your dad used.

It’s probably a tool your grandpa used. Heck, your great-grandfather might have even shaved with it.

Safety razors have been around for over a century. They’re superior to the new, cheap plastic razors that so many men use nowadays.

Timeless fashion will always be superior to cheap, modern trends.

The point? New is not always better. Timeless style beats out new trends every time. If something was used for decades, chances are that it’s here to stay.

Once you pay attention to the history of a piece of menswear, you start to hone in on other details surrounding it. In the case of a safety razor, it could be your shaving map, the quality of the shaving cream you use, etc.

Creating this habit will steadily upgrade the quality of your style across multiple areas. This is the ultimate key to looking powerful, gentlemen. Focus on timeless style and build a foundation on it.


Men’s Style Power Moves

The art of commanding power lays in several factors. They range from minor adjustments on your clothing to major changes in the way you speak and move.

The bottom line is that once you learn the essential skills, others will take notice.

Good luck, gentlemen.


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