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I love to drink coffee. I also enjoy black tea and the occasional glass of wine. And I’m addicted to berries and love sweets! Unfortunately, all of these factors contribute to teeth yellowing and becoming discolored.

Today, I’m going to discuss why you should have a white, crisp, clean smile and I’ll show you the different options available for safe teeth whitening.

You will learn:

  • Why Does Your Smile Matter?
  • Teeth Whitening Is Nothing New
  • Everyday Habits For White Teeth
  • Understanding The Basics Of Teeth Whitening
  • Safe Teeth Whitening At Home
  • Limitations Of Whitening Your Teeth
  • Buy Teeth-Whitening Products From Trusted Sources
  • Follow Directions Included With The Kit

Disclaimer: I made every effort to provide meaningful information based on accurate and recognized research. I also consulted several dentists while compiling this information. Despite this, I am not a doctor, dentist, or dental hygienist and cannot provide medical or dental advice. Maybe if I played a dentist on TV, I could – but this is just my opinion and experience. The information presented here is relevant only to the appearance of your teeth and smile in respect of personal style. Before pursuing any treatment presented or advice, I recommend that you consult with a relevant, accredited professional.

OK – now that that’s out of the way – let’s get into the teeth whitening tips and guide.

Why Does Your Smile Matter?

To begin with, we have to discuss why your smile matters. I know some of you out there are probably thinking something like:

“Why is this even important? Shouldn’t a man get on with his life and use a bar of soap and never have to worry about his teeth and everything?

smiling man

The reason this is important has a lot to do with what you do and what kind of message you’re trying to send.

#1 Personal relationships

Promote Positive Communication Be Authentic and Genuine jpg

Research backs up that as many as 70% of women look at your teeth and decide whether or not they want you as a partner.

Seriously – It’s that important.

They’re thinking of that first kiss: If your teeth are, well, pretty darn gnarly, and it just looks like there may be disease lurking in there, she’s not going to want to get close to you.

#2 Professional appearance & earning power

blue suit jpg

When it comes to being hired, you’re 58% more likely to be hired if you have a crisp, clean smile instead of having yellow teeth. One of the best reasons for safe teeth whitening.

What it comes down to is that you want to present the best you.

Teeth Whitening Is Nothing New

The ancient Greeks supposedly had a concoction they would drink for whiter teeth.

In Europe, during the Renaissance, we can read of white teeth being a prized asset.

Even American history tells stories of presidents, actors, and wealthy businesspeople buying teeth and paying quite a bit for advanced detail care!

Like it or not – these are qualities society elevates. You’ll close more sales, create stronger feelings of trust, and appear more attractive with a great smile.

But how can you get a white tooth smile without damaging your teeth?

Everyday Habits For White Teeth

Tip #1 Upgrade your toothbrush

If you’ve had the same toothbrush for a year, chances are you need to upgrade. The easiest way to tell is to look at the bristles. If they’re starting to bend to the outside, you should replace it.

Replacing it does not have to be expensive either – your dentist can suggest a good brand or even give you a free toothbrush. In a new toothbrush, you need to ensure it has soft bristles and the shape to clean the tooth’s surface and between the teeth effectively.

Tip #2 Brush your tongue

There is always bacteria on your tongue. By brushing your tongue, you remove the food residue on which bacteria thrives.

Poor Oral Hygiene man brushing teeth jpg

If you don’t do this, the excessive bacteria buildup on your tongue can stain your teeth.

Tip #3 Use mouthwash

Using a mouthwash reduces bacteria buildup, freshens your breath, and prevents tooth decay.

For teeth whitening, you need to look for a mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient used in most teeth whitening products.

If you’re uncomfortable putting hydrogen peroxide into your mouth, there are products available that don’t have it. Make sure you check the ingredients list.

Tip #4 Eat raw fruit and vegetables

Fruits-And-Vegetables important for hair growth

Raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts are crunchy and do an excellent job of cleaning your enamel.
They serve almost like a mini brush and naturally clean your teeth. Oh – and they’re good for you.

Tip #5 Rinse your mouth after eating acidic food or drink

You need to rinse your mouth after eating or drinking something acidic. The acid in things like oranges, lemons, sodas, and certain fruit juices will immediately start attacking your enamel. This danger is why it’s recommended you brush your teeth twice a day. After about 15 hours, these acids can begin to damage your enamel, depending on the strength of the acid.

Understanding The Basics Of Teeth Whitening

To understand safe teeth whitening, you first need to understand what discolors teeth.

  • Age – teeth change color and become darker over time. As we age – the outer protective layer of the enamel gets worn out, revealing the natural darker yellow color of the inner layer of dentin. Children have whiter teeth than adults because their enamel is still intact. Men have the largest percentage of dentin.
  • Drinks – stains from consuming coffee, wine, or tea add to the discoloration of teeth.
  • Food – colors and acids found in food and fruits stain teeth.
  • Wear and tear – too much fluoride from toothpaste or environmental sources (high fluoride levels in water) can cause teeth discoloration, making them appear darker.
  • Cigarettes and tobacco – smoking can also cause surface stains on teeth.

Safe Teeth Whitening At Home

A teeth-whitening home kit involves the application of a carbamide peroxide solution.
Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when exposed to water; hydrogen peroxide is the active bleaching agent in the solution.

The whitening kit includes a tray similar to the mouth guards used by sports professionals. The tray is first placed in hot water and then fixed over the teeth to mold to the user’s mouth.

A whitening gel peroxide solution is then poured into the tray and worn for a couple of hours or overnight, depending on the degree of teeth discoloration.

Incorrect use of these kits can cause discoloration, splotches on your teeth, or increase sensitivity and, in some cases can be painful.

At-home whiteners contain a lower strength bleaching agent – 10% to 20% carbamide peroxide content with about 3% hydrogen peroxide. These gels do not remove plaque from your teeth – they change the color of surface stains.

The concentration of the solution is mild – to offer gradual results. With lower percentages of peroxide in the whitening gel, you can leave the solution in your mouth for longer.

A higher percentage, 45% carbamide peroxide, is only administered under the supervision of a dentist.

What to expect during teeth whitening

The two side effects of using a whitening kit are a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and a slight irritation of the gums.

Tooth Sensitivity: Sensitivity in the teeth is common 24 hours following a teeth whitening kit. If it becomes painful, STOP immediately. Honestly, teeth whitening isn’t suitable for everyone, and you need to look out for yourself and understand we all have different sensitivities to the types of whitening solutions used.

Possible irritation of the gums: Soft-tissue irritation usually happens when the whitening gel contacts the gums. To avoid this – make sure to avoid getting the solution on the gums in the first place!

Both these conditions are temporary and usually disappear with a day of stopping the application. Sensitivity can be reduced or eliminated by either discontinuing the whitening products for a few days or by shortening the duration of the application.

Limitations Of Whitening Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is a long-term process.

You will require subsequent treatments to improve the color of your teeth. Depending on the severity of the stains, regular use of a safe teeth whitening kit can lighten your teeth by 6 – 8 shades.

Yellow-colored teeth respond best to whitening. Teeth with a brownish tinge don’t respond as well (in this case – see your dentist!).

Ingestion of too much fluoride or smoking can cause gray stains, which won’t be too affected by teeth whitening kits.

With darker teeth, the first application with a whitening agent reveals significant results. The color difference is less visible as your teeth get closer to their natural color.

Remember, the aim is not to have perfectly white teeth. A shade closer to off-white is more realistic.

Excessive (think weekly) use of whitening products will increase the erosion of your enamel. I only whiten my teeth every 3 to 6 months (it depends on whether or not I’m speaking at an event).

Teeth whitening products can only lighten your existing tooth color. In addition, they work on natural teeth, not on dentures, veneers, or crowns. To remove stains on dentures – visit your dentist.

Buy Teeth-Whitening Products From Trusted Sources

Why would you want to buy whitening products from a dentist if you can find a cheaper source online?

You might save some cash by going through an unverified online source, but you could end up with an ineffective product not licensed for use. Be wary of any dental product that the American Dental Association (ADA) doesn’t approve.

Home-use products dispensed at a dentist’s office generally contain 10% carbamide peroxide and have received the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Look for this logo for safe teeth whitening:

A non-ADA-approved teeth whitener could be effective, but it could harm your teeth and body (chemicals not approved for oral use).

My recommendation is Sparkle White Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit from White With Style. They are ADA approved, and I tested them myself.

Follow Directions Included With The Kit

The most common mistake is using too much of the solution. A solution of 1ml is sufficient to place in the mold.

Not using the mold properly results in spilled or swallowed whitening solution. It keeps the bleach in contact with the teeth and prevents the solution from irritating the gums. Leaving the mold in your mouth for too long can hurt gums and cause white splotches on your teeth.

Always follow the instructions for the time limit. This time limit is often directly related to the concentration of the peroxide solution.

Avoid soda or acidic beverages for a few hours after applying a teeth whitening gel. (I say avoid them altogether if you’re serious about your health!)

Blue light activates the peroxide. Don’t use it if you have sensitive teeth.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: 10 Tips For Safe Teeth Whitening | Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2023 14:34:41 +0000


Horizontal vs. Vertical Stripes | Fact and Fiction About Striped Clothing

Print and pattern color bright striped suit pinstripe red street style
man in pinstripe suit

Q: I’ve heard in the past that horizontal stripes make someone look wider and vertical stripes make them look taller and thinner. But I keep seeing studies going back and forth whether this is true. Who do I believe?

A: Three decades or so of research on this question have yielded inconsistent results. A more recent study seems to show that this is because the answer is actually more complicated than we all would like.


There’s a famous optical illusion called the Helmholtz Illusion, discovered by a man named Helmholtz in 1867.

  • Which of these squares looks thinner and taller than the other? Most people would say the left square looks thinner and taller.

But that seems to go against the conventional wisdom that horizontal stripes make a person look fatter/wider. Wouldn’t it be the other way around?

man in polo with horizontal stripes
Horizontal stripes
  • A number of studies have tested this effect and have found conflicting results. Why would fashion work differently than this famous optical illusion?
  • Three Japanese researchers noticed some interesting patterns in the previous research. They all presented pictures of models wearing either horizontal or vertical stripes. However, they weren’t using the same models: some were fat and some were thin. Additionally, they were all shaded differently. And finally, they were presented in various orders.
  • These researchers decided there were multiple factors at play here and published a study testing their hypotheses in the journal i-Perception in 2013.
  • The researchers did a number of studies testing the possibility that three factors were influencing all the previous research on this subject that has been conducted:

Whether the model is slim or fat.

Whether previous judgments of other people influence later judgments of different people.

Whether judgments are so varied between people that the whole thing isn’t very useful.

Vertical Stripes suit
Vertical stripes


  • 31 undergraduate students (63% female) were recruited for the study.
  • The students were placed in a chair and put their chin in a chin rest that ensured that their eyes were a certain distance from a computer screen.
  • A number of computer images were flashed in the screens depicting people wearing clothing with either horizontal or vertical lines.
    • The size of the images was digitally altered to be either slim or wide.
  • Two figures were shown side-by-side for 1.8 seconds. One had horizontal stripes and the other had vertical stripes. Then, participants were to judge which of the images were fatter and press a key indicating their response.
  • This method was done 20 times with slim figures and 20 times with fat figures, or with the fat figures first and then the slim figures.


So what do you think – is conventional wisdom true for fashion, or is the Helmholtz Illusion the main driving factor?

  • The conventional wisdom was not found to be true. Horizontal stripes don’t make people look fatter and vertical stripes don’t make people look slimmer and taller.
  • BUT sometimes the stripes didn’t really make a difference at all.

Which factors influenced whether the Helmholtz Illusion held true for the figures?

  • Size of the Model:
  • YES. Slender models look even thinner with horizontal stripes (supporting the Helmholtz Illusion and going against conventional wisdom).
  • But this effect was not as strong for the wide models – for wide models, the type of stripe BY ITSELF actually didn’t have as much of an influence at all.
  • Order of Presentation:
  • YES. Here’s an interesting result. When SLENDER models were shown first to people, and then wide models, the Helmholtz Illusion was strongest of all (Horizontal stripes make people seem taller and slenderer) for both groups. This applied to both fat and slender images. Again, conventional wisdom does not seem to hold.
  • When the wide models were shown first, the type of stripe did NOT seem to matter for anyone.
  • Variance Between Observers:
  • YES. Significantly, the researchers found that, even though there were noticeable results when they compared averages, there was a wide variety of results across all participants.
man in sports jacket with vertical stripes


So how do we interpret the results of this experiment? Here are some important conclusions that can be inferred from the results:

In no case was the conventional wisdom found to be true. Horizontal stripes did not, on the whole, make someone look wider. Vertical stripes, on the whole, did not make a person look taller and slimmer.

In fact, where there was an effect, it supported the opposite conclusion.

Horizontal stripes made slender people look taller and slenderer.

man in sweatshirt with horizontal stripes

On the fatter models, the kinds of stripes made much less difference.

People’s judgments seemed to be more influenced by what models they had previously judged.

For some reason (that the authors did not fully understand) when participants judged a large group of slender people first, the Helmholtz Illusion got very strong.

What does this mean for laypeople?

It means that when we view a person, we are mentally comparing them to people we have already seen.

Here’s the (very strange but scientifically supported) bottom line:

  • If a fat person is going to an event full of thin people, horizontal stripes may actually make them look slimmer and taller.

Why? The researchers weren’t sure.

Finally, there was another big take-away:

There was so much variation between participants in the study that the researchers concluded that stripes may not really, on the whole, make that huge of a difference.

This would explain why all the previous studies since the ‘80s were inconsistent.

This makes it seem like, unless you want to make a calculated, complex decision based on the results in this study, you might make your fashion selections based on other factors instead of whether the stripes are horizontal or vertical.

Whenever science doesn’t seem to go one way or the other, I say trust your own personal judgment.


Ashida, H., Kuraguchi, K., & Miyoshi, K. (2013). Helmholtz illusion makes you look fit only when you are already fit, but not for everyone. I-Perception, 4, 347-351. Link:

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Horizontal vs. Vertical Stripes | Fact and Fiction About Striped Clothing
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 15:29:48 +0000

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Harvey Specter Style

harvey specter
harvey specter sitting in the office dressed in suit

There’s a lot to envy about Harvey Specter.

The outrageous confidence, the power, the prestige…

The sharp comebacks… and the ultra-sharp suits.

Harvey dresses like he does everything else – strategically.

“People respond to how we’re dressed…

So like it or not, this is what you have to do.”

Everyone’s appearance sends a message – and everything about his says loud and clear:

“I’m not about caring, I’m about winning.”

Of course, he does care – he cares about Mike, he cares about Donna, and he cares about his personal code of ethics. But that’s not the message he chooses to send. There’s nothing soft about his look.

”If they think you care, they’ll walk all over you.”

Read on to find out how to get the sharp and powerful Harvey Specter look.

Okay, let’s break this down. What are the main elements of Harvey Specter’s style strategy? Number 1, of course, has to be…

1. The Suit

harvey specter style suit

Harvey is virtually ALWAYS seen in an expensive suit. Gabriel Macht, who plays him, says: ‘He’s a man of style… we really wanted him to be this man’s man. A real masculine, strong, Steve McQueen-type of guy who could pull off a three piece suit and make it a modern thing, wide lapels and all.’

How does Harvey pull off his suits? Using two things you can learn right here at RMRS – confidence and the style pyramid of fit, fabric, and function. The fit of his suits is always on point, which takes extra effort for men with a tall body type (Gabriel Macht is 6’0.5?/183cm.) The fabrics are top quality – early season suits were mostly dark high twisted worsted wool, but recently he’s wearing silk-wool blends that add an unusual shine.

And as for function (appropriateness for the situation)? As a workaholic hotshot lawyer, Harvey lives for high-powered formal situations where a suit is required. He doesn’t suit up when it’s outright inappropriate… which means we see him in something else a good 2% of the time.

Harvey has a medium contrast complexion and dresses well for it, most often pairing gray, charcoal, and occasionally navy or black suits with white shirts. Gray and white form a sleek, classic combination that shows he means serious business.

Where a man with just one or two suits might stick to solid colors and maybe a pinstripe, Harvey has a wardrobe of different suit patterns including sharkskin, Prince of Wales checks and stripes – he prefers the bolder rope stripes to pinstripes (pinstripes are just one thread wide, rope stripes are several.)

He wears a slim fit with high armholes and strong structured shoulders – highlighting his athletic physique. Wide peak lapels give him a powerful broad-shouldered ‘v’ shape – the key to wearing them like he does is to get the gorge of the lapel not too high and not too low. If it peaks out over your shoulders, it is too much, and if it is too low it looks too old school.

Peak lapels are more formal – he sets himself apart by wearing them (except sometimes when he’s in a three-piece suit, which is more formal anyway). Because they’re more common on a tuxedo, on a business suit they suggest authority and/or arrogance.

Taking a deeper dive into suit jacket details, the big flap pockets on his jackets are a little unusual with peak lapels; jetted pockets are more normal.

You might expect to see a three-button suit on him because he’s a ‘buttoned up’ character and it would suit his tall athletic build. However, Harvey knows TWO buttons are the best choice for a single-breasted suit with peak lapels. It’s a classic elegant look that’s been around since the 1920s – two buttons leave room for longer lapels and accentuate them more.

His jacket cuffs, on the other hand, are as formal and buttoned-up as they get, with four buttons on each. The more buttons on the cuffs, the more formal the jacket, with single buttons denoting a sports jacket.

Pants are slim but not tight, with an ironed crease down the front, no pleats, no break and usually no cuffs. This suits his strict character – very neat and no fuss.

2. The Shirts

harvey specter style shirt

Harvey mostly wears plain white dress shirts – again, the most formal color. He also favors pale blue, and occasionally a gingham or stripe. The tall semi-spread collars accentuate his ‘v’ shape.

His shirts are very well fitted and always let a sliver of cuff show outside his jacket. He usually prefers simple classic button cuffs, but occasionally goes for the fancier French cuffs and cufflinks.

3. The Accessories

harvey specter in suit with pocket square

“Get your skinny tie out of my face and get to work.”

Harvey’s ties are always silk – navy grenadine is a favorite. Dark purple and black are other favorite colors. His look is VERY monochrome – it’s part of the character.

His ties vary between 3 and 3.5 inches wide, a classic width. He doesn’t wear anything too young and trendy. His wider ties and lapels contrast with Mike’s skinny ones and make him look more powerful.

He favors the full Windsor tie knot – a powerful, formal, ‘serious business’ knot that marks him out as a guy who knows how to dress and looks great with his wide lapels and semi-spread collars.

He’s rarely seen without a dimple in his ties, showing he knows how to dress and pays attention to the details. The one time his tie dimple is off center, Donna notices something is wrong!

With a tux he wears a diamond-pointed bow tie instead of the normal shape. That’s quirkier than you’d expect from him, but it’s like the peak lapels – sharp and pointed – which suits his aggressive and incisive mind.

He always wears a pocket square in a square Presidential fold, usually white or gray. A white pocket square in a square fold is as formal as they come and suits his businesslike, no-nonsense image. You won’t see him with a flower in his lapel – this is a hard and sharp look, nothing soft or romantic on this determinedly unemotional guy. To finish the look, he chooses simple and bold metal cufflinks.

Earlier in the series, Harvey was seen wearing a bold statement chronograph watch with a leather strap – a status symbol meant to mark him out as a successful man. The watch has since disappeared because of the technical constraints of filming for TV. Gabriel Macht says:

‘As great as the show is, it really doesn’t lend itself to detail. Other than some necklaces you might see Jessica wear, you don’t see any jewelry.’

#4. The Shoes

harvey specter in suit and dress shoes

Because of the nature of TV, you don’t often see Harvey’s shoes, and they’re not a big focus of his costume. He’s been seen in black cap-toed derbies, and black or brown oxford brogues – all classic smart dress shoes, although brown full brogues are a bit more casual than you’d expect from him.

5. Casual Clothing

harvey specter casual white suit

Aside from the suit, he’s been seen in a classic black button-down shirt; well-fitting jeans; a white or heathered grey henley; beige chinos; and a navy v-neck and coat over a white shirt. (Not a casual shirt, by the way, just a dress shirt like he’d wear to the office – showing his wardrobe, like his life, is mostly work.)

6. The Hair

harvey specter haircut

In 2011 Gabriel Macht said of Harvey’s original slicked-back do, “It’s supposed to be the modern version of the old-style man’s haircut, sort of like Gregory Peck or Cary Grant.”

But as more sides of the character have emerged his hair has evolved- now it’s more vertical, but still strict and structured, featuring a tight side-part (on the left side) with a subtle pompadour in the front.

To get this look, you need the sides cut short (not buzzed) and some length on top.

Run a strong hold gel (or pomade for less shine) through towel dried hair then blow dry on a low heat while combing the front upwards. The longer you blow-dry the front, the more volume you’ll get.

Then apply more gel and use your comb to cut the side-part and sculpt the front hair up and back. Fix with a little hairspray.

If you prefer his earlier slicked-back style, you want a similar cut with squared-off sideburns and a square neckline and shaved part. Again, apply some gel to your hair before blow-drying, then comb it back with pomade and set with hairspray.

I don’t recommend that every man dresses exactly like Harvey Specter. It’s a very stark monochromatic look, and for guys with more fun and warmth in their personalities, it might not suit you. You can emulate his confidence without exactly copying his look.

What I DO recommend is that you copy Harvey Specter in dressing strategically. Think about what YOUR message is, and make sure every stitch on your body and every hair on your head communicates it. 

‘Get it through your head – first impressions last.’

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Harvey Specter Style
Sourced From:
Published Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2023 18:04:09 +0000

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ONE Cologne Men Should Buy? Jeremy Fragrance Recommendations


If you’re a stylish man…

Could you own a single

  • Dress shirt?
  • Pair of shoes?
  • Necktie?

I wouldn’t.


There’s no clothing item that’s good for ALL situations (color, pattern & formality come into play).


It’s different for colognes – or fragrances.

How many colognes does a man really need?

The answer? One.

One cologne can rule them all…just ask Jeremy Fragrance.

Here’s what he has to say about buying the perfect men’s fragrance.

Why Use A Men’s Fragrance?

jeremy fragrance success

Style isn’t just about clothing. True style encompasses everything about yourself that you show others: your confidence, your communication skills, and your smell.

Your scent is an invisible component of your personal style. It can influence how people – from strangers in the subway to colleagues at work – perceive you.

That’s where fragrances come in. Fragrance is the generic term for grooming sprays that improve one’s own scent. The majority of fragrances are perfumes.

Certain perfumes have a lighter, more masculine smell and are better suited for men. They’re commonly known as colognes (especially in North America). In the end though…they’re all types of fragrances.

But what’s shocking is the fact that 80% of males don’t regularly use a men’s fragrance. If you’re one of them, chances are your reason might be:

  • You’re not familiar with the basics and terminology of fragrances
  • You don’t know which product to buy (or where to start)
  • You’re afraid of doing it wrong or smelling bad
  • Fragrances are “unmanly” or only for women

Those reasons share a common ground – ignorance. So there’s only one solution to this kind of problem, and that’s getting information. You want good solid info on fragrances as well as how to choose the right fragrance for you. Great knowledge means great power.

Now I know this will take time. You can read up, watch a few videos, learn the opinions of experts. But you won’t immediately feel like making your own choice. You may not want to pay lots of money for a risky product…or products.

Maybe you’d rather play it safe and find a “universal” men’s fragrance. Why not? We all have busy lives. We spend enough energy deciding which suit, tie or dress shoes to wear every morning. Is it okay to stick with just one fragrance?

Actually – yes! Take the advice of my friend Jeremy who runs the Jeremy Fragrance YouTube channel. Jeremy is a scent connoisseur with the ultimate passion for fragrances. He’s the first guy who’d tell you that men can use fragrance to come off stronger and more confident wherever they go, whoever they’re with.

Below are Jeremy’s nominations for the one fragrance you’ll need…

Jeremy Fragrance: Category #1 – All-Around Fragrance

Remember what fragrances are at their core…a group of chemicals.

You spray them at a distance of 3-6 inches from the skin. You let the fragrance strike the warm parts of your body (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms, inner elbows, etc.) so as to mix with your body chemistry.

But if a product isn’t versatile enough – you can’t count on it alone. It needs to survive in both extreme heat and cold…or else the aromatic chemicals may evaporate or lose their strength over time.

sauvage dior edt
Check out Dior Sauvage EDT

So when it comes to an all-around fragrance, you need a jack of all trades. It can pass as a date fragrance or fragrance for formal occasions. But it’s not top-notch in any particular area. That being said…it probably won’t matter as long as you smell awesome!

dior sauvage notes

Jeremy Fragrance’s Recommendation: Sauvage Cologne for Men (Christian Dior)

This cologne has distinct notes of Calabrian bergamot and pepper. The scent isn’t too imposing and gives off the vibe of breezy, open fields. Johnny Depp has appeared in ads for this fragrance.

Jeremy Fragrance: Category #2 – Best Fragrance For Work

Most of us are pretty career-driven. We go to work each day with big goals and aspirations at the back of our minds. I’ll be CEO someday. I’ll be making six figures. I’ll be successful in this field.

That’s a good mindset. But doing the same menial tasks, not being challenged, earning points from the higher-ups…it can feel un-stimulating for now. It can cause you to lose focus. Or lose sight of the prize.

So what can you do to stay alert and excited while spending hours at the office? You’d be surprised. Certain fragrances can actually heighten your alertness during tasks that require a lot of concentration.

Prada LHomme EDT

Those scents can also reduce levels of fatigue or anxiety. They let time pass more quickly for you as you’re no longer thinking about the time. You just do what’s required of you productively…thanks to an external stimulus.

Jeremy Fragrance’s Recommendation: Prada L’Homme for Men (Prada)

This is the fragrance to wear to the office during daytime hours. It’s a combination of iris and amber (classic Prada ingredients) which is similar to the smell of fresh fabric softeners. You can say it’s more “professional” since it’s not citrusy-sharp but an airy, powdery, and elegant scent.

Jeremy Fragrance: Category #3 – Best Fragrance For Dating

A man sees but a woman smells. That’s right. Studies in Europe prove that a man’s scent is the #1 factor for the ladies in a potential partner.

It does make sense. Women are known to have more complex senses of smell (whereas men tend to only categorize smells as either “good” or “bad”).

That can explain why women enjoy getting flowers for gifts. Or why they might have a variety of perfumes in their homes. In fact, a scent can do wonders for a woman’s mood when you interact with her.

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb

One experiment reveals that women would more likely give their number to a guy they met in a pleasant-smelling area – compared to a not-so-pleasant area. So imagine how much more impact a man’s body smell has! You’ll want to take advantage.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Men EDP 3.04 Oz

$86.88 ($28.58 / Fl Oz)

Buy Now

Customer Reviews

12/04/2023 03:10 am GMT

Jeremy Fragrance’s Recommendations:

Versace Eros Cologne for Men (Versace)

Versace Eros

This cologne is tailor-made for seduction and grabbing attention. It invigorates the ladies’ senses with a fusion of mint oil, Italian lemon, green apple, and geranium flowers. Put it on to give yourself maximum confidence when you approach women at bars or public places.

Spicebomb Extreme Cologne for Men (Viktor & Rolf)

You can call it a “big fat mass of sweetness” because that’s what it is – consisting of vanilla, lavender, tobacco, and caraway. It’s not as aggressive as the Versace Eros, but it draws women to you in more intimate settings. Picture yourself cuddling your partner by the fireplace inside a snow-covered wooden house. The Spicebomb will add to that romance.

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