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So you think you’re dating the perfect woman…

You immediately hit it off with her, she looks amazing, your friends love her…only something isn’t quite right.

Arguments keep breaking out and tension is building up.

When things aren’t going right, it’s important to recognize red flags.

Identify them sooner rather than later and you can work to resolve issues or end the relationship before anyone gets hurt.

The problem is, some red flags are agonizingly subtle, particularly when you’ve only known a girl for a short period of time.

I’ve had my share of rocky relationships and wish I’d learned to recognize these months earlier than I did.

That’s why I’ve plugged myself into the Reddit hivemind to save you the pain and share the most common red flags men have noticed, often too late to save themselves:

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These first four points come as a package deal. They are the result of the 40 years experience John Gottman has as a recognized relationship expert and professor emeritus at the University of Washington. He says men should be on the lookout for criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. Together, he calls them the four horsemen of an apocalyptic relationship.

Relationship Red Flags In Women #1 She Criticizes You

Now there’s a big difference between complaining and criticizing:

Complaining is “I was concerned when you were running late and didn’t call me.”

Criticizing is “You’re not forgetful, you’re selfish. You never think of me!”

See the difference?

Everyone lashes out and criticizes from time to time, we’re only human. But, repeatedly using you as an emotional punching bag shouldn’t be tolerated and can lead to the other three horsemen.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #2 She Treats You With Contempt

To treat someone with contempt means using mockery, sarcasm and disrespect. Essentially, it means your girlfriend is not taking discussions seriously.

What effect is this going to have on you? It will make you feel unloved and devalued. Nobody deserves this, so if this seems familiar you should try to work on this as a couple.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #3 She Gets Defensive

The third horseman of an apocalyptic relationship comes in the form of blaming other people for their own problems.

When someone makes a mistake, they can either say sorry and admit they made a mistake or defend themself. Defensiveness will only escalate the conflict though, it places the blame on someone else.

In life, but especially in a relationship, ‘sorry’ is a golden word. If your girlfriend won’t say it to you and own her mistakes (because nobody is flawless) then this is a sign you

(Pro tip: saying “I’m sorry you’re upset” doesn’t count!)


Relationship Red Flags In Women#4 She Stonewalls You

Stonewalling is an alternative route to contempt that people in a relationship sometimes take. Instead of your girlfriend not taking a conversation seriously, she refuses to engage.

John Gottman says refusing to talk, acting busy or otherwise evading and refusing to participate with you means your girlfriend is physiologically flooded and is not in a place where she can have a rational discussion.

If this sounds familiar, you need to take a break. For some people, it could be as little as 20 minutes just to calm down, for others it could be days or more in which case you might want to consider if you are committed to the relationship.

This next red flag I saw come up frequently on Reddit:


Relationship Red Flags In Women#5 She Has Different Cleaning Habits To You

red flags in women

This seems small, right? Moving into a place with your girlfriend can be a really exciting moment in a relationship.

Yet, it could lead to arguments, here’s why:

Does your girlfriend like things tidier? She will always be upset with you for not cleaning up more often.

Does your girlfriend not tidy up after herself? She will become increasingly frustrated she can’t leave things where they are.

The frustration between the two of you will build over time and this is a deeply ingrained habit that is very hard to change. It’s not impossible to overcome, but I strongly suggest you find out how tidy your girlfriend is before making any major decisions.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #6 She Has Poor Self-Esteem

This red flag might seem harsh, but it’s the truth.

If your girlfriend cannot make themselves happy, they will drain all your willpower and mental energy trying to do it for them.

Everyone needs an emotional pick-me-up now and then. How is she going to do that for you though if you have to be constantly ready to support for her?

One of the hardest lessons in life I’ve had to learn is: You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #7 She Has Her Ex On Speed Dial

I’m going to come right out and say it, your girlfriend chatting to her ex on a regular basis if they broke up less than 6 months ago is a really bad sign.

Chatting to an ex from time to time is ok. In fact, I would even argue that a girl blocking every one of her exes is a red flag all of its own.

BUT, frequent contact with her immediate ex indicates the relationship is not fully over. You should prepare yourself for the fact there is a good chance you could end up becoming ‘the rebound boyfriend’.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #8 She Is A Drama Queen

Does this one sound familiar?

Somehow, nobody has it worse than your girlfriend. Everything is a soap opera and everyone has a vendetta against her – or so she says.

Engaging in oneupmanship is a contest with no winner.

As on Redditor put it:

“If you’re sick, she’s on her deathbed”

You won’t feel emotionally supported which is incredibly important.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #9 She Does Not Read

red flags in women

If you’re anything like me, you love to read. Maybe you attend courses at the local college or university to expand your horizons, maybe you’re just a generally curious person. If your girlfriend isn’t interested in reading and learning or even looks down on these things, that’s a very bad sign.

As a quick litmus test, ask a girl on a first date if she is reading a book currently. If she hasn’t read any book in the last year, you might want to enquire why that is. Life can be hectic, but a year is a long time…

Ultimately, you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. How can you learn and grow as a person if your girlfriend or wife is not developing alongside you and not encouraging you?

Want to recommend a book to your girlfriend? Here are 25 books everyone should read.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #10 She Is On The Phone To You 24/7

I love when my wife messages me when she’s out and about. It tells me she’s thinking of me. There’s a natural limit to this though.

Here’s what one Redditor said about an ex though:

“When I told her we texted too much, she would text me saying there were things she wanted to text me about but didn’t because she thought I would get mad at her for texting.”

If your girlfriend is messaging you every hour of the day and expecting you to respond every time, this is overstepping natural boundaries. It will get in the way of you doing focused, productive work and spending quality time with friends and family out of business hours.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #11 She Shares Other People’s Secrets With You

Gossip is sometimes looked down on, but it has played an important function in society for thousands of years – after all, how would one man know another man is a good hunter without already going hunting with them? They would hear it on the grapevine.

Gossip is one thing but what you should never do is share another person’s secrets. If your girlfriend is doing this, she is breaking a bond of trust with her friends by going behind their backs. This also means she is likely sharing your secrets too so be careful what you say.

Here’s a tongue twister a Redditor said they heard as a kid:

What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally

Think about it, what’s worse? Someone doing something embarrassing or someone gleefully telling the world about it?


Relationship Red Flags In Women #12 She Plays Games With You

A girl who enjoys playing head games, testing you…

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88. However old you are, I promise you you’re too old for her and her games. Enough said.

I’ll let the Reddit hivemind sum up here:

We’re not in high school, and you aren’t on the Bachelorette. Be honest, sincere, and forthcoming, and we’ll get along just fine. I’m in my mid-thirties, and thus am too old and rickety to jump through hoops.


Relationship Red Flags In Women #13 Using You To Cheat

They will tell you you’re different to their exes and they would never do it to you. Reality check: you’re not ‘different to their exes’

The hard truth is, they will break up with you too when the next ‘Mr Right’ comes along.


It can be difficult to face objective facts when you’re in a relationship. I hope these red flags help you recognize if you’re in a difficult relationship or, if you don’t see any of these, maybe just appreciate what you’ve got!



Lisita, Ellie. 2013. “The Four Horsemen: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling”. The Gottman Institute. Link


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Ripped Leg Blast for Carved Thighs



Powerful and thick thighs require gut-busting exercises like squats and leg presses. However, once you have acquired adequate thigh mass and strength, you should consider adding some balance and sharpness to the muscle bellies in your thighs. Although tough to accomplish, leg extensions provide a great way to carve the separations between the muscle bellies, and to accentuate the “teardrop” shape of the four quadriceps muscles of the anterior thigh.

Active Muscles in Leg Extensions

The three vasti muscles comprise most of the anterior thigh.1 The vastus medialis covers the medial (inner) part of the femur bone (thigh bone). When it is well developed, it forms a teardrop-like shape over the medial side of the knee joint. The vastus lateralis muscle attaches to the lateral (outer) part of the femur bone. The vastus intermedius connects to the femur bone between the vastus lateralis and the vastus medialis muscles. The fibers of all three vasti muscles come together at the quadriceps tendon, which crosses the patella (kneecap) to attach to the tibia bone just below the knee.1

Together, the three vasti muscles extend the leg at the knee joint, although the vastus intermedius may be more fatigue resistant than the vastus lateralis.2 The vastus medialis oblique (VMO), which is a small part of the vastus medialis muscle, attaches to the medial part of the patella. It is thought to help the patella track properly during movement of the knee. Improper tracking can increase the likelihood for knee injury.

The vastus medialis and especially the VMO part of this muscle are primarily responsible for tibial rotation (rotation of the tibia bone of the lower leg on the femur) during knee extension. This rotation or “twist” has been shown to increase the activation of the VMO portion of the vastus lateralis even more than doing knee extensions with the hip adducted (thigh rotated so that the medial portion of the knee is facing mostly upwards).3 Dorsiflexion of the foot (moving the ankles so the toes are pointing towards your head) also increases the activation of the VMO by more than 20 percent.4 Likely this is because the dorsiflexor muscles stabilize the tibia during knee flexion and resist rotation of the tibia on the femur as the knee straightens.

The fourth muscle of the quadriceps group is the rectus femoris muscle. It attaches to the anterior part of the hip bone just above the hip joint.1 The largest bulk of the muscle fibers are located on the upper three-quarters of the thigh, whereas the largest belly of the vastus medialis and vastus lateralis are more inferior (i.e., closer to the knee). The distal end of the rectus femoris muscle becomes tendinous and it creates a deep valley between the lateral and medial vastus muscles as it approaches the knee.1 It assists the other quadriceps muscles by extending the leg at the knee joint, although it is less effective when the hip is flexed than if it is straight.

Leg Extensions

The three vastus muscles of the anterior thigh are strongly activated by single-leg knee extensions. The rectus femoris is not activated as strongly, but it does undergo some overload when the anterior thigh is under contractile effort, about halfway up to the top of each repetition.

1. You should always warm up your knees with some stationary cycling prior to getting into leg extensions. Furthermore, the resistance on your first set should be fairly light to allow the joint to fully warm up before you get to the heavier stuff.

2. Adjust the knee extension machine so that the pivot point of the lifting arm is directly adjacent to the center of the side of your knee joint.

3. Position the ankle roller/leg pad over the lower part of the leg (above the ankle joint).

4. Take about three seconds to slowly extend (straighten) both leg so that the weight is lifted upward from the stack.

5. Continue upwards until the tibia and the femur bones form a straight line and the knee angle is straight. Hold this for two seconds at the top.

6. Slowly lower the weight (about four seconds down) towards the starting position. Once the knee has reached 90 degrees, start the upwards extension phase again. Continue for 12-15 repetitions for the first set. Lower the number of repetitions but increase the resistance for subsequent sets.

7. On the next sets, lift the weight upwards until the knee joint becomes almost straight, but just slightly short of a total knee lockout. Be careful that you do not “jam” the knee joint into a fully locked out position, because this could cause knee cartilage damage5, especially with heavy weights. Hold the top position for a count of three before lowering the weight.

8. Lower the weight slowly (four to five seconds) towards the starting position where your knee is flexed to 90 degrees. Just before the weight stack contacts the remaining plates at the bottom, start lifting it upward for the next repetition.

The downward movement should be slower than the upward phase because you are resisting the pull of gravity. The slow lowering of the weight stretches the muscle under a resistance and this is a great stimulus to improve muscle shape and size.6

Make sure that you do not hold your breath during the lift upwards.7 Rather take a breath at the bottom (start) of the lift, and exhale as you extend the knees/legs. Take another breath at the top and slowly exhale as the weight is lowered. Take another breath at the bottom and repeat the sequence.

This is a mechanically simply exercise, but it really can be very challenging and blood depriving8,9, especially if you try to control the weight as it is moving up and down. However, if you are willing to work through some discomfort, you will be soon enjoying your new shape and slabs of carved thighs.

GettyImages 674163248 600


1. Moore K.L. Clinically Orientated Anatomy. Third Edition. Williams & Willkins, Baltimore, 1995; pp 373-500.

2. Watanabe K, Akima H. Neuromuscular activation of vastus intermedius muscle during fatiguing exercise. J Electromyogr Kinesiol 2010;20:661-666.

3. Stoutenberg M, Pluchino AP, Ma F et al. The impact of foot position on electromyographical activity of the superficial quadriceps muscles during leg extension. J Strength Cond Res 2005;19:931-938.

4. Coburn JW, Housh TJ, Cramer JT et al. Mechanomyographic and electromyographic responses of the vastus medialis muscle during isometric and concentric muscle actions. J Strength Cond Res 2005; 19:412-420.

5. Senter C, Hame SL. Biomechanical analysis of tibial torque and knee flexion angle: implications for understanding knee injury. Sports Med 2006;36:635-641.

6. Alway SE, Winchester PK, Davis ME et al. Regionalized adaptations and muscle fiber proliferation in stretch- induced enlargement. J Appl Physiol 1989;66:771-781.

7. Garber CE, Blissmer B, Deschenes MR et al. American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Quantity and quality of exercise for developing and maintaining cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, and neuromotor fitness in apparently healthy adults: guidance for prescribing exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2011;43:1334-1359.

8. Denis R, Bringard A, Perrey S. Vastus lateralis oxygenation dynamics during maximal fatiguing concentric and eccentric isokinetic muscle actions. J Electromyogr Kinesiol 2011;21:276-282.

9. Ueda C, Kagaya A. Muscle reoxygenation difference between superficial and deep regions of the muscles during static knee extension. Adv Exp Med Biol 2010;662:329-334.

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By: Stephen E. Alway, Ph.D., FACSM
Title: Ripped Leg Blast for Carved Thighs
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PRIMAL Preworkout



Training hard and intensely is the only way to train – you can’t step into the gym in low gear or
asleep at the switch and expect results. To get the most out of every training session with no
compromises, you need a pre-workout that will power your performance and enable you to crush
it every time you train. Bottom line, you need to maximize your workouts by pushing yourself to
your limits and that’s what Animal’s PRIMAL Preworkout delivers.

A Better Pump

PRIMAL is Animal’s most comprehensive pre-workout supplement ever, and is scientifically
designed for the advanced, hard trainer. Animal worked tirelessly to find the right combination of
ingredients that could be worthy of the Animal name. First on the agenda was giving you a better
pump, which is why PRIMAL Preworkout is empowered with the breakthrough, patented
3DPump-Breakthrough ® . Not only does it increase nitric oxide for the valued “pump,” but it also
helps increase exercise capacity and endurance and helps optimize vascular endothelial function,
aka vascularity.†

Other key benefits of PRIMAL come from four scientifically formulated blends that work in tandem
to deliver the ultimate pre-workout:

• Endurance & Performance Complex so you can train longer and harder. Beta-alanine,
betaine and taurine are combined as a powerful endurance trio†. Beta-alanine is a vital ingredient
used to combat the urge to quit.

• Focus & Intensity Complex helps you keep your head in the iron game so you train hard and
maintain focus. Includes the amino acid tyrosine, which is involved in neurotransmitter production;
Huperzine A for brain health; and choline bitartrate, which supports energy metabolism and helps
the brain send messages for improved mental endurance and focus†.

This blend is completed with the patented Teacrine ® . Among its many benefits includes increases
in energy without the jittery feeling, increases in motivation to accomplish tasks, mental energy
and decreases in feeling of fatigue†.

• Quick and Sustained Energy Complex is the energy core of PRIMAL Preworkout . It is
powered by a combination of tried-and-true caffeine, along with an herbal complex of green tea,
coffee bean extract and guarana†.

• Electrolyte Complex to support muscle hydration and help get you through those intense
training sessions – because proper hydration is key for maximal performance. PRIMAL
Preworkout tops it off with a combination of AstraGin ® to support nutrient uptake and Senactiv,
which helps the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for
producing more ATP†.

How to Use PRIMAL
30 minutes prior to training, consume 2 rounded scoops (20.3g) with 8-12 oz of water or your
favorite beverage. Users that are sensitive to stimulants should start off with 1 rounded scoop
(10.1g) to assess tolerance.

PRIMAL Preworkout

• Enhances energy and endurance†
• Supports muscle hydration†
• Supports intense focus†
• Contains AstraGin ® to support nutrient uptake†
• Contains Senactiv ® which helps the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is
responsible for producing more ATP†
• Absorption and nutrient enhancers
• Great tasting, easy to mix

PRIMAL is a pre-workout that will power your performance and enable you to crush it every time you train.

For additional information, visit
†These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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