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Like eating well or regular exercise, grooming is about all about future-proofing our physical appearance, and often all we need is the knowledge. There’s enough to fill a book, and it’s right here: Vain Glorious: A shameless guide for men who want to look their best, penned by lifestyle columnist, former editor of Esquire and former head of MR PORTER, Jeremy Langmead, with Dr David Jack. It’s a useful compendium of men’s grooming advice told through the witty lens of Langmead’s own experiences road testing the most effective ‘tweakments’ and treatments – and we thoroughly recommend it.

In celebration, we asked Jeremy Langmead, as well as a handful of our favourite experts, to weigh in with 14 tips and tricks that every man should know. We’re not pushing Swiss health clinics or luxury face creams here; most of these hacks require minimal effort or expense and they should help you spend your hard-earned cash more wisely.

So, let’s start in an obvious place, with the face…

Turn up your brow power

When it comes to making an impression, “eyebrows hold far more power over your face than you may realise,” says Langmead, “too close together and you may look furious, too thinned out and you’ll appear surprised. The right shape and density can lift, strengthen and frame your face.”

So, how do you get the best brow shape? Threading is the professional method, however it can smart more than having your nether regions waxed. No pain, no gain, as they say… but bear with it, because it does get less eye-watering.

Trim don’t pluck

If you want to take care of your brows yourself, put down the tweezers and pick up the straight nail/beard scissors instead. “Eyebrows seem to be almost as prone to trends as other facial hair, and you need to consider the long term effect of any tweaking,” advises Langmead.

“It’s better better to trim than to pluck as eyebrow hairs often don’t grow back. As you get older, your eyebrows may become uneven as they lose hair more on one side than the other, so keep an eye on this, so to speak.”

Mind the gaps


For a very natural, nobody-will-notice effect that makes a difference, fill in and enhance your brow. “A bit of colour in an eyebrow gel brush will give your eyebrows some definition and make your eyes look more prominent (try Tom Ford’s Brow Gelcomb). Or a clear brow gel, if you prefer no colour, will help shape and tame your brows and keep the strays in one direction (try BBBLondon Clear Brow Gloss).”

That’s brows done.

Specs appeal


While contact lenses can be more liberating, “if you wear glasses, you may find (as I do) that the frames usefully disguise bags under your eyes and even minimise the appearance of crow’s feet,” says Dan Rookwood, co-founder of sustainable hair care brand

Got perfect vision? Get the same benefits with clear or blue light lenses instead. Of course, if your eye bags are permanent and prominent, a blepharoplasty is the procedure to have them removed, and it can make a huge difference.

You need a sea salt spray in your life


When it comes to multi-functional styling products, sea salt spray can tick all the boxes. “Sea salt spray is by far the best way to give fine, thinning and normal hair some texture and stop it looking too flat, thin or lifeless,” says Langmead. “It’s better than a wax, gel or clay as it won’t weigh your hair down, is easier to apply all over the head in the right quantity, and enables you to work a short haircut into something a little more messed up and styled.”

Dan Rookwood agrees: “a salt spray is a surprisingly useful addition to your grooming essentials. It can tame just-washed hair and unruly curls, and it can also rescue dirty or greasy hair when you’re short on time.” Try alott’s, it’s good. It’s scented with bergamot and contains Halen Môn salt from Anglesey.

Your skincare routine should extend to your scalp


It’s often overlooked – even when it’s on full display – but your scalp (and by extension, your hair) will benefit from a little attention. The founder of Adam Reed London and ARKIVE Headcare, Adam Reed, tell us his mantra for scalp care:

“Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Treat your scalp like your face. Use an exfoliating scalp scrub once a week to effectively remove product build-up, while combating any dryness and flakiness to restore the scalp to optimum health. The right ingredients will improve scalp moisture and hair shine and promote blood circulation improving the health of the hair follicles.”

The Crown Scalp Scrub contains baobab oil, lactic acid, caffeine and invigorating menthol to make your scalp feel tingly and your follicles feel alive.

Prebook routine barber trips

book barbers

So much about looking presentable is about being organised, whether that’s packing everything you need for a trip, remembering to polish your shoes or dry-clean a suit, or managing your diary. There’s always that big meeting or event where you’re left feeling less polished than you’d like because you never got round to booking a haircut.

So, the next time you’re paying for a service, try and book the next appointment at the same time. “Get into a routine and stick to it,” says Reed. “It’s easier to notice men’s hair growing faster, because it’s shorter, so make it a habit – every three weeks for a hair and beard trim – and it will help to increase and sustain your confidence.”

Don’t cut your beard too short

beard length

It might be tempting to cut everything shorter to put off the next trim, but does it suit you? “A lot of people, especially with their beards, will go way too short and think ‘I’ll grow into it’,” explains Reed. “It really isn’t worth it and you’re much better off going for a style and length that actually works for you than to save a trip to the hairdressers.

“A way to combat this and be able to go a bit longer between trims is getting a really good razor just to keep your edges tidy and sharper for longer. Speak to your barber or stylist and see what they recommend.”

You don’t need to wash your hair as often as you think


“Hair is a bit like fabric and it doesn’t like to be over-washed,” says Jonathan Van Ness, star of Netflix’s Queer Eye, hair stylist and founder of JVN Hair. “When it’s unnecessary, over-washing is a mistake because it dries out the hair. Unless you’re getting your hair super dirty, every 2-3 days, or even longer, is fine. I also recommend a serum – not only does it have heat protection, it helps to balance the moisture in your hair from root to tip.”

The Instant Recovery Serum is a weightless formula that strengthens the hair follicles, protects from heat styling and smoothes out flyaways.

Send your hair to rehab

clarifying shampoo 2 720x720 1
clarifying shampoo 1 720x720 1

It’s not only the frequency, the type of shampoo you use to wash your hair is also important. Styling products, natural oils and regular shampoos can cause gunk to build up at the roots, so hair needs a regular detox to return it to ‘factory settings’.

“It’s a known fact that men produce more sebum than women, yet a lot of men still don’t realise that they need a high quality clarifying shampoo,” explains Neil Moodie, famed session stylist and founder of Neil Moodie Studio, a new destination coming soon to Spitalfields, London.

“Clarifying shampoos have the most hair and scalp cleaning power of all shampoos, and should be used once or twice a month, never as a daily shampoo. This will get rid of product residue and accumulated sebum, improving dry, flaky scalp too. Whenever your regular shampoo starts leaving the hair feeling oily, flat or dull looking, it’s time to use a clarifying shampoo.

“Leave it on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing out so it can get to work. While clarifying shampoos remove the bad from your hair, they can also remove the good, so using a conditioner afterwards helps your hair regain moisture and shine.”

If it works for Tom Ford, get onboard


“I interviewed Tom Ford once and he told me he uses Just For Men to cover up his greying stubble,” says Rookwood. “You just need to be very careful in how you apply it and how long you leave it to develop, so that it doesn’t look Rylan-obvious. My tip: apply it the night before.”

As your stubble will go grey much faster than up top, this trick can take more years off than a face lift.

Be beard wise


“Without a doubt, keep your beard clean,” says Reed (which should be obvious for something that acts like a hairy bib all day). “You can absolutely use a good traditional shampoo. However, a co-cleanse (conditioner cleanser) is amazing for cleansing and moisturising the beard in one. Finally, find a really good hair oil – grab a pump in the palm of your hands and massage it through.”

Dan Rookwood is another fan of beard oil because it’s, “often a significantly cheaper, longer-lasting and gentler alternative to its partner aftershave.”

Respect your microbiome


Our understanding of the microbiome (the collection of microbes that live on or inside us) and how to keep it happy has evolved considerably in the past five years. “Your microbiome is a wonderful defensive system for your skin that not only protects it but is also involved in everything from hydration, to skin barrier maintenance to managing sensitivity and even anti-ageing,” explains Rob Calcraft, skincare expert and founder of Cultured Biomecare.

“We now know that healthy skin needs a healthy microbiome. So, the answer is men should care for their skin microbiome if they want their skin at its healthiest, strongest, glowing best.”

How to do that? “Use a clean razor, don’t abuse your skin, get a sweat on regularly and use products that support a healthy microbiome,” says Calcraft. “Strong skin comes from being gentle. Get a decent cleanser and avoid soap because it’s alkaline which is horrible for your microbiome. Use a mask once a week – gentle exfoliation works wonders!”

The Cultured One Mask is like a re-set button for your skin, containing a tri-acid complex of succinic, lactic and malic acid to brighten and exfoliate.

Signature scent? You need a wardrobe



You wouldn’t wear black tie to lunch or a suit to the beach, and that’s how you should view fragrance. There’s a time and place and what works in one scenario can be less suitable for the next. By all means, have one that you prefer to wear most of the time, but give yourself a few more options for the evening, winter and summer.

It’s nice to have a specific holiday scent, that way, the memories are only a whiff away. With effervescent notes of pink pepper, rose, frankincense, patchouli, musk and sandalwood, Brioni Eau de Parfum Éclat is the well-cut linen suit of the season.

Pressed clothes can detract from a less-than-fresh complexion

pale blue shirt

A crease-free shirt can offset a lined face, so if you’re going out-out, iron two shirts at the same time so you’re prepped for the morning. “The art of pulling off a hangover is as much about deflection as trying to counteract the obvious signs,” advises Langmead.

“If you’re feeling worse for wear and your skin looks a little crumpled and sad, and you have no grooming products to hand, wear a crisp pale blue shirt. The crispness of the shirt will somehow lift your face, and the pale blue colour will give your skin some zing.”

The post 15 Expert Grooming Tips & Hacks Every Man Should Know appeared first on Ape to Gentleman.

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By: Jessica Punter
Title: 15 Expert Grooming Tips & Hacks Every Man Should Know
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2022 08:00:32 +0000

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Professional TV Dancer Neil Jones announced as the face of Shakeup Cosmetics 

230619 Shakeup Cosmetics 2023 089 copy 1024x683 1 jpg

TV star Neil Jones has joined male beauty brand Shakeup as their first ambassador and launches new Age Def-Eye Instant Lifting Eye Cream.

Shakeup co-founder Jake Xu says “We are delighted to welcome Neil as our very first face of the brand. He aligns perfectly with our style, vision, and brand values and of course our fans and we are thrilled to announce this new partnership”.

230619 Shakeup Cosmetics 2023 089 copy 1024x683 2 jpg

In his role as ambassador, Neil will be motivating men to look and feel their best as well as working closely with Shakeup on new product development and upcoming campaigns.

Neil adds “I’m really excited to be teaming up with Shakeup. Daily demands and hectic schedules can take its toll on my skin but looking after it properly is crucial, especially in my line of work. I love the Shakeup products – they give great results with minimal effort and they’re great value. A winning combination!”

Neil’s favourite product is the NEW Age Def-Eye Instant Lifting Eye Cream, £28. Combining caffeine, squalane, shea butter, and two revolutionary trademarked ingredients – Inst’Tight and Ipeptide, it instantly tightens, refreshes, and revives tired looking eyes and minimises puffy eye bags and dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Neil says, “With a new baby and busy rehearsals, it’s brilliant for helping me look like I’ve had a great night’s sleep!”

Shot 7 Age Def Eye 2 copy 1024x683 1 jpg

Products are made in Britain, cruelty free, vegan friendly and PETA approved and available from and Amazon.

About Shakeup:

Shakeup was founded in 2020 by twin brothers Jake Xu and Jake Carnell-Xu. As Chinese British (born in Beijing and grew up in Bath, UK) they have been inspired by the massive rise in men’s beauty in Asia and the K-pop market. With more men than ever branching out with their beauty routines, they created Shakeup to provide affordable, innovative, and solution-driven, skin care and cosmetic products and are

on a mission to normalise men wearing make-up.

The post Professional TV Dancer Neil Jones announced as the face of Shakeup Cosmetics  first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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Title: Professional TV Dancer Neil Jones announced as the face of Shakeup Cosmetics 
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2023 12:51:05 +0000

Did you miss our previous article…

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13 Public Speaking Mistakes To Avoid In Your Presentation

Tips To Improve Public Speaking Skills How To Prepare And Run a Good Presentation jpg

man giving presentation


The sea of faces.

The expectant hush.

Butterflies in your stomach.

Sweaty palms.

This is the presentation of your life.

It’s going to make or break your career.

Your heart pounds as you listen to yourself drone on… watch their eyes glaze over…

And feel your career going down the drain.

Death by PowerPoint.

Today, we are going to throw you a lifeline. I have 13 public speaking mistakes for you to avoid to make sure you never fail another presentation in your life!

#1 Public Speaking Mistake: Not Knowing Your Audience

man observing audience before presentation

You need to know who you’re speaking to–in general and as individuals–to avoid losing them to confusion or giving them irrelevant information.

Ask yourself two questions: why are they here, and what do they already know?

By understanding how much your audience knows about the topic, you can avoid filler words in presentations or examples they don’t understand, but also avoid talking down to them.

Knowing what they want to find out helps you stay relevant and hold their interest.

Stand on their side of the podium for a moment. What motivates them to be there? What could you tell them that would make them glad they came?

Research who you’ll be speaking to. Knowing the age group, professions, and other demographics of your audience will help you decide what points are most likely to click.

If your audience is from a different generation, company, or background, try to get a feel for their culture so you don’t say anything that will come off as rude.

You can also use this to tailor references and humor to their taste, but understand that that’s not a substitute for genuine respect. Trendy internet slang isn’t the key to reaching an audience of high school students–showing you respect their intelligence even as you speak from an older perspective is.

#2 Not Emotionally Connecting

man in front of audience

There’s a reason your audience didn’t just google the info you’re telling them: they want to hear it from a person. They came to hear your human perspective and to experience the connection you can offer them

The best presentations are ones that create a deep personal connection, and one thing we all share as human beings are feelings of fear or vulnerability. If you’re willing to open up about yours, it can help people feel a stronger connection with you.

My personal example: I will, in the course of talks, sometimes talk about suicide, which is an issue that’s touched me closely in my family and in my military service. Getting people the help they need to try and prevent suicide is something I’m involved with and something that means a lot to me.

I don’t bring it up to impress people or to try and make them feel like they need to get involved, but I will mention it to show people that hey — I am a guy who does care and think about serious stuff, beyond whatever the topic of the moment is.

“The best presentations are ones that create a deep personal connection, and one thing we all share as human beings are feelings of fear or vulnerability.”

And most people are like that! They have some things they care very deeply about, or have strong feelings about, or are committed to or involved with in a serious way. Hearing about mine reminds them of theirs, and then we have a connection as real human beings.

Let them know how you feel about what you’re telling them – they’ll internalize it. Feel free to mention relevant things that you care about as examples. It helps your audience feel like they know you.

#3 Winging It

body language in a presentation

Under-preparing is a common mistake that can ruin a presentation with tons of potential. If you’re not prepared, you can’t relax. And if you don’t relax, you’re unlikely to engage at the level that the best public speakers do.

Have a plan B in case of technical difficulties, come up with alternate examples in case your original ones don’t seem to be landing and arrive early.

Check your equipment and everything you’ll need well before it’s time to start the speech. If you can, do a run-through on-venue–a full dress rehearsal, if you will.

If you’re prepared well in advance, you can use any extra time at the beginning to talk with individuals. It’ll help your audience feel more comfortable with you.

#4 Death By Powerpoint

guy giving presentation with powerpoint slides and projector

Visual aids can make your speech clearer and easier to follow, but not if they’re text-heavy, hard to read, or distracting.

Most people know you shouldn’t read text straight from your PowerPoint slides, but you should be keeping text basic overall. You want it to be easy for your audience to note down or remember. Set a target of no more than 10-15 words per slide.

To use PowerPoint effectively, make sure it looks polished and be careful of busy themes and long transitions. You want to keep people’s interest on what you’re saying, not distract from it.

#5 Not Practicing Enough

antonio centeno practicing before presentation

The keys to a good presentation are confidence, flexibility, engaging your audience, and knowing your stuff.

How do you get there? Practice.

The better you know your material, the more relaxed you’ll be and the more confident you’ll come across.

Start practicing at least several days in advance.

You want everything committed to long-term memory. Until you can give your speech while driving, doing the dishes, or walking through an unfamiliar conference center, you shouldn’t tell yourself you’ve “practiced enough.”

On your later run-throughs, hone the details. Test out how you want the presentation to feel–what the arc of it will be, where it’s most high-energy.

Don’t just memorize the bullet points. Match them to your tone and gestures.

#6 Not Knowing What You’re Talking About

man reading book

Obviously, you want to give your audience accurate information. They’re there to learn. But doing your homework before a presentation is important for another reason: credibility.

The audience doesn’t have to know everything about the topic to catch an outdated fact or a statistical mix-up. And if they do, they’ll wonder about the accuracy of every single thing you’re saying.

Building credibility keeps people paying attention because they know what you’re saying is useful. They feel like they can trust you to answer their questions and give them the straight talk about the topic. It goes without saying, but you want to avoid being embarrassed during the Q & A too.

If you’re tripped up by a question or need to double check a fact, it’s worse to say something wrong than it is to excuse yourself and quickly check your notes. At the end of the day, honesty is more valuable than smoothly rattling off incorrect info.

#7 No Excitement

man making presentation among colleagues

Especially if you’re at a conference or in an office setting where people are going to meetings regularly, they’ve probably already seen a lot of people just standing there talking.

If you can give them a fresh experience, they’ll listen more closely to your points and you’ll make an impression.

When you practice, get comfortable moving around. Don’t hide behind the podium.

Choose your anecdotes carefully, and tell them like you’d tell a story to your friends. If they’re interesting in their own right, they’ll do a way better job of illustrating your points because your audience will remember them.

Make sure the relevancy is spot-on though, or they’ll remember the story and not the point.

#8 Going On Too Long

man with mic giving presentation

People naturally pay attention in bursts of 15-20 minutes. Ask yourself if you really need to talk for longer. If you do, try to divide your speech into segments with a brief pause between each one.

Almost all presentations go on for longer in front of an audience. Practice until you can do it comfortably in less than the allotted time.

If you can save someone time then you instantly become a high value man in their eyes. Worst case scenario, you keep it brief and have more time for questions afterward.

Timing your statements keeps your message interesting longer. This is as true for public speaking as it is for stand-up comedy. Figure out how to make basic points as briefly as possible, then fill in the details where you have time.

#9 Not Engaging Your Audience

speaker engages with audience

Talk about things you know your audience is going to be interested in. If you can, talk about your topic in terms of their lives specifically.

As you speak, try to stick with mostly “you” statements. You should be constantly feeding the audience’s perception that this is directly relevant to them. A close second option is using “we” statements, creating the feeling that you and the audience are a team.

If you’re presenting to a small group, like a gathering around a conference table, you can alternate meeting each person’s eyes directly. For larger groups, move your gaze around the room.

Interact with your audience as much as you can. Ask them questions. Open the floor up to brainstorming. If they’re participating, they’ll be paying attention.

#10 Not Observing Other Speakers

49611309233 2743b9db57 c e1601351063750 jpg

Never miss an opportunity to watch other public speakers in action.

Go to talks when you’re at conferences. Watch videos like mine online. Check the bulletin boards at your local college or library for public lectures (you can learn some really weird and cool stuff from those, too).

Exposing yourself to a wide range of speakers shows you both the good and the bad of public speaking.

I got to watch Ian Cleary of Razor Social speak recently, who’s an absolute master of the craft, and I was thinking to myself “man, I’ll never be as good as this guy.”

But at the same conference I saw enough presentations that made me think “okay, I’m at least this good” that I could feel positive about my skills, and aspire to get them closer to Ian’s level by learning from him!

#11 Not Moving Around

man with good posture

Whatever room you’re in, own it!

Don’t hide behind the podium.

Move around and gesture when you talk. It’s much better to look too energetic than not energetic enough.

In a lot of public speaking settings (like business meetings and conferences), people have been doing the same sit-and-listen routine for a long time. You want to offer them something that looks and feels different to get them out of their mental rut.

In one presentation that I did with John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, we only had 20 people or so and a fairly small space. When we got there, we moved the chairs into a big circle and had one “hot-seat” at the center that different people took at different points in the presentation.

The change in structure really helped break up the feeling of sitting and staring at screens while someone talks from up on stage. It gave people a sense that they were there getting one-on-one advice from some guys with big successes under their belt, which made the whole experience feel very valuable to them. We got great feedback on that one.

#12 Not Utilizing the Correct Body Language

Your body language adds credibility to your speech. Avoid crossing your arms (this is a defensive gesture which puts up a barrier between you and the audience) and try to avoid fiddling with your cuffs, wallet or buttons because this makes you look nervous.

Take time to watch how the professionals do it and remember to work the room.

That means not standing in one place like a statue – you should be animated to keep your audience’s attention.

Want to learn more about body language moves that can help you gain trust? Click here to check out the 3 Secret Body Language Moves That Help You Gain Instant Trust.

#13 Not Realizing Unconscious Bad Habits

You’ll spot some bad habits as you work on your body language – things like putting your hands in your pockets or touching your face while speaking.

But I’m willing to bet you also have some bad verbal habits. Watch out for ‘filler words’. Words like:

  • Uh
  • So
  • Well
  • You know
  • Like
  • I mean
  • Anyway
  • As I was saying

These weaken the impact of what you’re saying and make you come off as unsure, unprepared, and nervous.

How to break yourself of the habit? Try making a game of it. Create a ‘filler word jar’ and drop a quarter in there every time you use a filler word. Speaking without filler words will feel odd, but you can go a long way towards breaking this habit in just one day.

The post 13 Public Speaking Mistakes To Avoid In Your Presentation appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: 13 Public Speaking Mistakes To Avoid In Your Presentation
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2024 17:58:33 +0000

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Spring 2024 Men’s Style Trends: What to Wear This Season

Dressing old is new the Spring retro undercut Peaky Blinders jpg

As the world goes in circles, so do the styles we adopt. The fashion world goes in cycles, and each brings with it a brand-new set of trends. For every decorative sock that lasts a decade, there is a big red boot that thankfully dies out quickly.

The Spring of 2024 brings with it a particular theme for the new season. It is a season of throwbacks.

Grab your vinyl, rewind your tapes, and turn on the clapper; this season is all about reviving past decades. 

Dressing Old Is New This Spring

peaky blinders style

In the last few years, we have seen fashion progress further and further. Every once in a while, providing new takes on something from the olden days. Most of the time, it is driven by the movies and TV shows we watch.

  • “Peaky Blinders” reminded us how incredible and intimidating the undercut was before we started wearing it again.
  • “Stranger Things” gave us all fits of nostalgia with the 80s awesomeness and caused the return of the denim jacket with a vengeance.
  • “Yellowstone” shines a bright light on just how manly workwear is, causing us to begin wearing Carhartt coats and vests like we’re driving cattle.

This Spring, all of that continues as the 90s are going to be particularly pillaged. You’ll see a collection of throwbacks your grandfather and father rocked. If you’re lucky, you can raid their closets for some gems.

The 70s Knit And Crocheted Polos Are Back

man wearing knit crocheted polo

One of the first things you will see this season is the throwback look of the vintage polos.

Of course, it all started last year when the British brand Percival became the talk of the town for Hollywood celebs. Everyone from Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans to Dwayne Johnson and Kit Harrington sported the brand’s throwback button-down knit polos.

It takes a while for trends to reach the New World sometimes, and this season, America will blow the trend up even further with button-down polos that will make you feel like a superhero. 

80s Love Of Denim Is On The Rebound

man walking in 501 levi's jeans and denim shirt

In the days of hair bands and cheezy action movies, jean jackets were the rage.

Bon Jovi, AC/DC, and others sported them all over the stage and screen. Action heroes like Mel Gibson used them to show off their masculinity in apocalyptic worlds or on the streets of LA.

They were a sign of the time’s rebellion, and it looks as though we as a society are ready for the uprising again as the denim jacket is back with a vengeance. Expect to see people wearing them in casual and elevated situations. 

The Return Of The Pleat Strengthens This Spring

pleated trousers with suede brogues

Pleats were all the rage in the mid-20th century. Even the Army uniform included pleated pants. They then became the things of older adults and nerds in the nineties and all but disappeared.

The only people that wore them were the guys with big thighs and tiny waists. A function more than a fashion. Thanks to the year of the throwback, pleats are coming back. 

Tailor and brand owner Sid Mashburn addressed the resurgence of the pleat with a bit of rebellious psychology. “Back then, pleated pants were pretty prevalent, and most of what was worn I would consider ‘your father’s plated pants’ – big and billowy,” he said.

“In the decade since, plain-front pants have become the norm, so now it almost feels punk rock to wear pleats.”

Expect to see your favorite celebrities and fashion models rocking the pleats like it is 1957 all over again. We should put on the Beatles while we’re at it.

Bring Back The Oxford Button-Down Shirt

button down collar shirt

Speaking of bringing back something from your ancestors, the Oxford shirt is back.

From the Ivy League campuses to the 80s Wall Street, the button-down collar has a long history of elevated status. It continued its popularity throughout the 90s. Only to fall on hard times at the turn of the century.

Sometime after Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears broke up, the Oxford became exclusive to older men and sports shirts. They became remnants of a time long forgotten.

Lucky for us, this year will see a resurgence of another 80s and 90s staple, the button-down. JT and Britney are probably hopeless. 

Brad Pitt May Be Your Style Inspiration With The Bucket Hat

brad pitt wearing bucket hat

Remember what we said earlier? That movies dictate the fashion comebacks.

Well, sometimes it is the actor who can’t let go of the fashion item they sport in the film. In this case, the bucket hat is about to burst onto the scene.

Brad Pitt wore a bucket hat in his hit from last summer, “Bullet Train.” It was a part of his character, making him appear more disarming. Now, you see him everywhere wearing that hat.

And the populace is nothing if not in tune with what the world’s biggest names are wearing. So get ready to pick up a bucket hat because every store in the world will be ready to capitalize on the power of Brad Pitt. 

Spring 2024 Is Bringing Baggy Back

man in wide leg jeans

At some point, following Y2K, clothes began to shrink. Gone were the days of the baggy sweaters (Dawson and Pacey taught us all how cool those were).

We waved goodbye to the wide-leg pants (even the skaters reluctantly parted ways). And we embraced the slimmer, more put-together-looking silhouettes of the 2000s.

Of course, fashion is a process, and once something gets started, it has to keep going. Jeans, shirts, suits, everything got slimmer and slimmer. It began to get so bad that we had to start wrapping ourselves in our clothes like plastic wrap as opposed to wearing them.

Thankfully, we have come to our senses as a society, and the world is getting more relaxed. Jeans are wider, sweaters are more oversized, and suits are roomier. James Van Der Beek is jumping for joy. 

Square-Toes Are Back

square toe shoes

The square-toed shoes. These were some of the most celebrated dismissals from our closets when the tides of fashion turned with the century.

Whether you were selling Kias or serving breadsticks at Olive Garden, it seemed the squared-toe slip-ons were the go-to shoe.

We then moved to the extreme opposite pointed toe that looked perfect for the Wicked Witch. Then spent a decade rounding them off little by little until the square is the logical next step, which happened last year. 

Avidan Grossman of GQ predicts 2024 is the time to see them again. “In 2023, luxury powerhouses like Prada and Marni, along with zeitgeisty labels like Martine Rose and Our Legacy, transformed the once-hapless silhouette into a just-left-field-enough flex. Expect to see a lot more of it this year.”

Colors Are Getting More Muted And Old-School

pantone color t-shirt

Colors have always been a way to express ourselves. Whether blue brings out our eyes or teal makes us feel more playful, it has always been a fun way to show who we are.

Of course, we can go overboard, and we always seem to. As colors got more outlandish, the fashion world began preparing for the inevitable reset. And it is here in 2024 that the reset button is primed to push us back to the 60s and 70s. 

Leading color of the year authority, Pantone, says the color for Spring 2024 is 13-1023. That is Peach Fuzz if you don’t have it memorized. It is a softer color, harkening back to Marsha Brady and the walls and floors of our grandmother’s home.

Combine that with the burnt orange and avocado greens we’re seeing from retailers, and we might have to watch “Smokey and the Bandit” again. 

Length Will Be Crucial

too short trousers

Length has always been a funny thing. Back in the 90s, you got made fun of if your pants were too short. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing high waters.

Then, it became cool to wear shorter pants. Either to show off your vibrant and crazy socks or to show you’re too cool for them altogether.

Now, length is a conversation again. Only in multiple places and heading in different directions. 

  • Men’s shorts keep the same trend as last season, and we’re ditching the long shorts for the 5″ or the 7″ options.
  • We’re seeing more and more men crop their shirts. You worked hard on those abs this off-season. Show them off the way rockers did in the 80s.
  • Suit jackets are getting longer again. Be ready for length to return to the middle of the fingers again, abandoning the shorter look.
  • The same goes for the coats. We’re not saying everyone will be in trench coats again like it’s the 1940s. But it wouldn’t be a stretch.

Workwear Is Clocking Out For Spring

workwear style jacket

Finally, “Yellowstone” did it. It solidified the return of workwear.

Carhartt coats.

Canvas vests.

And even the good ol’ 90s carpenter jeans are on the way back.

If you are a fan of the rugged aesthetic and have been missing your blue-collar glory, now’s the time. 

Spring 2024 is a season for nostalgia and remembering the things we loved in the past. It is also about taking the past and bringing it to today with a better look and feel.

Adopt any of these looks without looking outdated, and you will be the stylish man in your group.

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