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Love the idea of air travel and then let down by the reality? Squeezed in like battery hens, paying extra for just about everything, delays/strikes/cancellations… these days it’s more like an endurance test. If you’re lucky enough to be jetting somewhere over the next two months, being stuck at the airport has one silver lining at least. It means extended browsing time in the giant fragrance hall that we typically sprint past in mild panic.

Not all the scents we’ve chosen in our edit are available airside, so that just means you use the ample time to shop them online – waiting for the gate or for eternity at baggage reclaim. When you eventually reach your destination, without your luggage, change of clothes or deodorant, you’ll appreciate having generously spritzed yourself.

Brioni Eau de Parfum Éclat

Italian tailor Brioni has served up a very stylish summer scent, Eau de Parfum Éclat. Éclat, taken from the French, means brilliant or dazzling. This fragrance sparkles with juicy grapefruit and pink pepper over a heart of rose and patchouli, with creamy sandalwood, musk and ambroxan in the dry down.

The frosted bottle made by upscale glassmaker Bormioli Luigi adds to the chilled effect. It’s fresh, understated and invigorating.

Buy now at Brioni

Louis Vuitton City of Stars

Indulge your dreams of steamy summer nights in Los Angeles with this fizzing lime and powdery musk confection by perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. It give us hints of coconut tanning oil and tropical cocktails from juicy blood orange and exotic Tiare flower.

The bottle captures the tones of a pink-tinged sunset, while the outer sleeve holds a scene of the shimmering West Coast city at dusk, an original work by artist Alex Israel.

Billed as an evening perfume, just try and stop us wearing this all day, everyday. It’s pure holiday magic.

Buy now at Louis Vuitton

Dries Van Noten Santal Greenery


As one of the original Antwerp Six, Dries Van Noten was part of a collection of visionary designers who graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the early Eighties. Having left an indelible mark on the world of fashion, Dries Van Noten has always eschewed some of the commercial moves favoured by other fashion houses, including a lucrative fragrance line. So, yes folks, it’s only taken the best part of 42 years to get a fragrance collection from one of the most critically-acclaimed fashion designers.

It was worth the wait. This eclectic collection of 10 unisex fragrances has been created by a roster of top perfumers. Each perfume is housed in a crafted ceramic and glass bottle with an antique-style metal cap. They look like a hand-painted, treasure trove of heirlooms that you might stumble across in the loft. Best of all, for this amount of effort, all the bottles are refillable.

For summer, we’re into Santal Greenery: a combination of fig, bergamot and grapefruit over violet leaves, creamy fig accord, sandalwood and white musk, matched with an artisanal-style cream and green patterned bottle.

Come winter, we’ll switch it up for whisky coloured Rock The Myrrh, a deeply warming blend of smoked woods, leathery suede, patchouli and benzoin with a cypress and pink pepper top.

Buy now at Selfridges

Bentley For Men Azure


It’s a good time to revisit old favourites, so we’re reintroducing the aquatic scent of Bentley Azure. It’s a classically masculine, herbaceous blend of citrus, pineapple, violet leaves, pimento, sage, lavender and tea, over a base of cashmere wood, tonka bean. Plus it includes an exclusive molecule, orcanox, which is a synthetic substitute for ambergris.

Buy now at Amazon

The Merchant of Venice Accordi di Profumo


From the fine Venetian fragrance house comes a diffusion line of sorts; the Accordi di Profumo (Perfume Accords). This collection of eight simple accords is divided into four fragrance families: floral, citrus, ambery and woody. Each family has two fragrances: Neroli Marocco and Tuberose India in floral; Bergamot Italia and Arancia Brasile in citrus; Zafferano Iran and Tonka Venezuela in amber; and Patchouli Indonesia and Sandalo Australia in woody.

The idea is, if you love a bit of Indonesian patchouli, Iranian saffron or Brazilian orange, you can wear them entirely on their own, or experiment by layering your favourites together to make a custom combination that’s unique to you.

Made with local Venetian glass and using sustainably-sourced ingredients, the Accordi di Profumo clock up some decent eco points too.

Available exclusively at H Beauty stores

Edeniste Vetiver Imaginaire


More than just a fragrance, this innovative new collection of scents is clinically proven to change your mood. As the daughter of a nuclear scientist, founder Audrey Semeraro has taken a very scientific approach to Edeniste, using early clinical trials to establish which fragrance molecules actively effect our emotions.

Working with top fragrance creators and two established neuroscientists, together they have created a line of Eaux de Parfum and a complementary line of Lifeboost Active Essences, or mood enhancers, that can be worn together.

The Lifeboosts are Happiness, Energy, Wellbeing, Relax and Seduction, which are proven to enhance and stimulate areas of the brain. These perfumed pick-me-ups are designed to blend harmoniously with the fragrances and should be used whenever you’re feeling sluggish, sleepy or stressed.

We like to wear Vetiver Imaginaire and top up with the invigorating Energy Lifeboost throughout the day.

Buy now at Harrods

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Parfum


Giving strong Liberace vibes of glitz and glamour, this pure gold edition of Tom Ford’s popular summer scent will look the business in your bathroom. A more intense version of the original, it captures the salty air and pine trees edging the beaches of the Italian coast using key notes of cypress oil, oakwood and salty amber.

It also contains lemon, mandarin, juniper berry, basil, lavender and agarwood, over cistus. It’s the scent of having a dip in the sea and drying off on the sun deck of a private yacht.

Buy now at All Beauty

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Cologne Forte Discovery Set


Channel your inner boy scout and be prepared for any occasion. This indulgent trio of Aqua Cologne Forte scents is ideal for people who like to have the options of a fragrance wardrobe, wherever they may be.

A limited edition set of strengthened 35ml colognes, it contains: Aqua Vitae Forte, a citrus scent underpinned by spicy cinnamon and sandalwood; Aqua Celestia Forte, a floral green scent containing green citrus and soaring blackcurrant blossom; and Aqua Universalis Forte, a cool woody musk that conjures the soapy cleanliness of line-washed linen.

Day or night, there’s an Aqua Cologne Forte for the occasion.

Buy now at

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Pride


Pride season is here so prepare for random brands to plaster the LGBQTIA+ rainbow over products. Thankfully, at Jean Paul Gaultier we know it comes from a place of genuine solidarity. For this year’s Pride edition of Le Male, the torso wears a striped sailor top bearing the French words liberté, égalite and sexualité, while the scent is a juicy, non-binary blend orange blossom, orange blood, blond wood and zesty yuzu.

The Fragrance Shop and Jean Paul Gaultier will donate all proceeds from this limited edition to Akt, a charity who work to provide safe homes for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people and those living in hostile environments.

Buy now at LookFantastic

Roja Parfums Apex


The launch of Apex was held at Amazonico in London’s Berkeley Square, where we were transported to the lush greenery of the rainforests. Here we sampled all the notes that make up Apex – and there are a lot.

This is a maximal scent with top-line notes of lemon, bergamot and red mandarin in the opening; jasmine, cistus and pineapple in the heart; with fir balsam, frankincense, sandalwood and a leather accord in the base. But it doesn’t stop there. Galbanum, elemi, patchouli, oak moss, rum, tobacco, cypress, juniper berry, casmir wood, benzoin, amber, labdanum, ambergris and musk are all part of the base accord.

It’s a super-smooth chypre, inspired by the natural world, majestic predators and primal urges. It takes a special kind of chef to be able to throw everything in a pot and produce magic, but master perfumer Roja Dove is an alchemist.

Buy now at Roja Parfums

Comme des Garçons Zero


In a first for the house, Zero is a certified carbon neutral perfume. Composed by perfumer Fanny Bal it offers a vision of less is more. Using few ingredients, it has a top note of bergamot with a heart of Haitian vetiver, rose oxide and a varnish accord, layered over a base of cashmere, musk and cedar.

Along with conserving resources, the cedarwood is hand harvested and extracted using hydroelectric power. The packaging is entirely plastic-free using part-recycled glass for the bottle, an aluminium cap, recycled FSC cardboard outer packaging with single ink printing and interior paper wrapping.

Smelling good needn’t cost the earth.

Buy now at Dover Street Market

Montblanc Legend Red


This crimson edition of Montblanc’s leading scent is infused with blood orange, grapefruit and a prominent cardamom note, layered over cedar, juniper berries and a woody base of mahogany, atlas cedar and tonka bean.

Buy now at John Lewis

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua


Devised by noses Julien Rasquinet and Paul Guerlain (grandson to Jean Paul Guerlain of the famed French perfume house), the new Jimmy Choo release is a woody marine scent with a pared-down ingredients list that comprises of cardamom and grapefruit, sea water and clary sage and patchouli and moss.

It’s fresh and inviting, just like the lure of the sea on a hot day.

Buy now at John Lewis

Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum


Gold, as they say, is for champions, whereas platinum is for the Gods. So make like Hercules with the latest iteration of Invictus.

Platinum contains notes of absinthe and grapefruit, mint and lavender, cypress and patchouli. Woody and aromatic, it’s a green take on the original with chilled mint and sweet absinthe. The perfect summer cocktail.

Buy now at All Beauty

Dior La Collection Privée The Original Trilogy


There’s no rest for Francis Kurkdjian, who runs his own line while holding the role of Perfume Creation Director for Dior. This season, he’s put his talents into a re-edit of this polished trio of scents he created back in 2004.

Part of a limited-edition set, Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois d’Argent appear in dinky 40ml formats, so they won’t get snatched away by airport security. Composed by Kurkdjian, Eau Noire is a nocturnal blend of lavender, myrrh and liquorice accord, tinged with honey. This daytime version of Cologne Blanche features orange blossom, violet accord over a base of amber. Finally, Bois d’Argent, which was released in 2014, is a study in iris and amber.

Admittedly, it costs as much as an airfare, but we’d take a staycation to smell this amazing.

Buy now at

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By: Jessica Punter
Title: 15 New Men’s Summer 2023 Fragrances That Are Well Worth A Sniff
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Published Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 08:00:05 +0000

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Mens Health




495718521 wb 1024x1024 1

MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN is a whole-food protein snack that packs 15 grams of protein and is baked to perfection.

We’ve all been there: you grab some coffee after hitting the gym and you see tempting muffins available for purchase at checkout. The muffins would go great with your coffee and really hit the spot, but you pass because muffins aren’t on your diet. Well, the days of muffins being off-limits are over thanks to Redcon1, which has launched the delicious MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN, a whole-food protein snack that packs 15 grams of protein and is baked to perfection.

Whole Food Protein

MRE PROTEIN MUFFINs are freshly baked with real food ingredients and have a mouthwatering, homemade taste that makes it easy to boost your daily protein intake as well as your calories. Available in Double Chocolate Chip (230 calories) and Wild Blueberry (210 calories) flavors, each bite of a MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN is a flavor sensation and protein boost that will satisfy your nutritional needs and overwhelm your taste buds. The Double Chocolate Chip MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN is made with real chocolate chips, and the Wild Blueberry muffins will transport you to blueberry muffin paradise with their authentic flavor sensation.

Satisfying and Tempting

Redcon1 has really outdone themselves with the advent of the MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN. Now you can have your muffin and eat it too. Not only are the muffins satisfying, moist and tempting, but they are low in sugar too. And they are a convenient, on-the-go source of extra calories. Make Redcon1’s MRE PROTEIN MUFFIN part of your meal plan and rediscover the joy of eating a good muffin without any of the guilt.


• Whole Food Protein Snack

• Baked With Real Food Ingredients

• 15g Protein

• 5g Collagen

• No Whey Protein

• Freshly Baked

• Homemade Taste

• Boosts Daily Protein Intake

• 230 Calories (Double Chocolate Chip)

• 210 Calories (Wild Blueberry)

For more information, visit

Use MRE PROTEIN MUFFINs as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction. Not a low-calorie food.495718521 wb 1024x1024 2

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By: Team FitRx
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Published Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 19:48:13 +0000

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LISTEN: DRMAGDN Unveils Memorable Tribute Remix of The Beatles’ “Something” Featuring All-Star Collaborators



pasted image 0 1024x815 1
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Renowned drummer/DJ DRMAGDN has returned with his most powerful release yet, this time coming in the form of a breathtaking tribute remix of The Beatles’ timeless hit, “Something.” Recently signed with BMG, DRMAGDN was granted access to dive into George Harrison’s decorated catalog, and he enlisted the talents of Michelle Ray (Team Blake on Season 4 of The Voice) and a stellar lineup of accomplished artists to elevate his reimagionation of “Something” to new heights. The outcome is an exceptionally captivating electronic-infused masterpiece, enriched by crisp drum fills that pay homage to the original track. Hear what we mean by watching the video below and be sure to turn your speakers up for this one.

DRMAGDN – Something Remix | Stream


‘LISTEN: DRMAGDN Unveils Memorable Tribute Remix of The Beatles’ “Something” Featuring All-Star Collaborators

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By: Max Chung
Title: LISTEN: DRMAGDN Unveils Memorable Tribute Remix of The Beatles’ “Something” Featuring All-Star Collaborators
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Published Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 20:01:04 +0000

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What if we could just ask AI to be less biased?



image 3

This story originally appeared in The Algorithm, our weekly newsletter on AI. To get stories like this in your inbox first, sign up here.

Think of a teacher. Close your eyes. What does that person look like? If you ask Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2, two of the most popular AI image generators, it’s a white man with glasses. 

Last week, I published a story about new tools developed by researchers at AI startup Hugging Face and the University of Leipzig that let people see for themselves what kinds of inherent biases AI models have about different genders and ethnicities.

Although I’ve written a lot about how our biases are reflected in AI models, it still felt jarring to see exactly how pale, male, and stale the humans of AI are. That was particularly true for DALL-E 2, which generates white men 97% of the time when given prompts like “CEO” or “director.”

And the bias problem runs even deeper than you might think into the broader world created by AI. These models are built by American companies and trained on North American data, and thus when they’re asked to generate even mundane everyday items, from doors to houses, they create objects that look American, Federico Bianchi, a researcher at Stanford University, tells me.

As the world becomes increasingly filled with AI-generated imagery, we are going to mostly see images that reflect America’s biases, culture, and values. Who knew AI could end up being a major instrument of American soft power?
So how do we address these problems? A lot of work has gone into fixing biases in the data sets AI models are trained on. But two recent research papers propose interesting new approaches.

What if, instead of making the training data less biased, you could simply ask the model to give you less biased answers?

A team of researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, and AI startup Hugging Face developed a tool called Fair Diffusion that makes it easier to tweak AI models to generate the types of images you want. For example, you can generate stock photos of CEOs in different settings and then use Fair Diffusion to swap out the white men in the images for women or people of different ethnicities.

As the Hugging Face tools show, AI models that generate images on the basis of image-text pairs in their training data default to very strong biases about professions, gender, and ethnicity. The German researchers’ Fair Diffusion tool is based on a technique they developed called semantic guidance, which allows users to guide how the AI system generates images of people and edit the results.

The AI system stays very close to the original image, says Kristian Kersting, a computer science professor at TU Darmstadt who participated in the work. 

image 3 1

This method lets people create the images they want without having to undertake the cumbersome and time-consuming task of trying to improve the biased data set that was used to train the AI model, says Felix Friedrich, a PhD student at TU Darmstadt who worked on the tool.

However, the tool is not perfect. Changing the images for some occupations, such as “dishwasher,” didn’t work as well because the word means both a machine and a job. The tool also only works with two genders. And ultimately, the diversity of the people the model can generate is still limited by the images in the AI system’s training set. Still, while more research is needed, this tool could be an important step in mitigating biases.

A similar technique also seems to work for language models. Research from the AI lab Anthropic shows how simple instructions can steer large language models to produce less toxic content, as my colleague Niall Firth reported recently. The Anthropic team tested different language models of varying sizes and found that if the models are large enough, they self-correct for some biases after simply being asked to.

Researchers don’t know why text- and image-generating AI models do this. The Anthropic team thinks it might be because larger models have larger training data sets, which include lots of examples of biased or stereotypical behavior—but also examples of people pushing back against this biased behavior.

AI tools are becoming increasingly popular for generating stock images. Tools like Fair Diffusion could be useful for companies that want their promotional pictures to reflect society’s diversity,

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By: Melissa Heikkilä
Title: What if we could just ask AI to be less biased?
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Published Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2023 08:22:40 +0000

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