2022 CFMOTO Papio

The CFMOTO Papio goes head to head against Honda’s Grom and Kawasaki’s Z125 Pro in the mini streetbike category. (CFMOTO/)


6-speed transmissionLow maintenance5-click preload-adjustable rear suspension


Fewer aftermarket options compared to Grom and Z125 Pro


CFMOTO’s Papio is a well-sorted entry into the mini-moto class. Features like a six-speed transmission and low sticker price help the bike stand out in a category that rewards a strong balance between style, performance, entertainment value, and price.

Important things to consider when looking at the Papio are the price advantage over bikes like the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 Pro, but also the fewer aftermarket options available for this model. Customization is key in the mini-moto space, and there will be more aftermarket parts available for the Honda and Kawasaki.

The Papio’s sport-inspired bodywork is available in two colors: yellow and Grey/Red Dragon. MSRP is $2,999, compared to $3,499 for the Honda Grom and $3,399 for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. (CFMOTO/)


If you’ve been even remotely active in the moto community over the last decade, you’ve likely noticed a peculiar emergence of small-displacement, inexpensive mini streetbikes from notable Japanese companies like Honda and Kawasaki. Well, Hangzhou, China-based CFMOTO noticed this as well, introducing to its 2022 seven-moto lineup its own 126cc mini streetbike: the Papio.

CFMOTO clearly studied the competition, as the Papio has a similar look and feel to Honda’s Grom and Kawasaki’s Z125 Pro. Behind the bold colors and traditional mini-moto styling, there’s a rather impressive list of features, including a six-speed transmission, full LED lighting, a digital display, and five-click adjustable rear suspension.

By not venturing too far from the prerequisites of style, fun, and affordable performance, CFMOTO has built a worthwhile contender for new riders, as well as experienced motorcyclists looking for affordable and fun around-town transportation.

There’s no doubt CFMOTO studied the competition before building the Papio. Styling isn’t far from the Grom or Z125 Pro, and specs mostly align with those two models. The benefit for consumers is a bike that has a slight cost advantage over the competition, but similar looks and feel. (CFMOTO/)

Updates for 2022

There are no updates for the 2022 CFMOTO Papio as this is the bike’s first year in the CFMOTO lineup.

Pricing and Variants

The Papio comes in at a modest $2,999, less than its Japanese competitors. Variations are limited to colors, with the 2022 Papio available in either yellow or Grey/Red Dragon.

Mini motos like the Papio are great for running neighborhood errands, transportation at the RV park, and even getting up to speed as a new rider. (CFMOTO/)


Multiple manufacturers have followed Honda into the mini-moto category, creating an interesting list of options for those looking for small-displacement fun. The Honda Grom ($3,499) and Kawasaki Z125 Pro ($3,399) are the biggest hitters in the space, but there are more options, including the CSC City Slicker ($2,795), Benelli TNT135 ($3,199), Kymco K-Pipe 125 ($2,249), and the SSR Razkull 125 ($1,199).

Honda’s lineup

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