2023 Ducati Diavel V4

While instantly recognizable as a Diavel, the V4 has entirely new styling compared to previous generations. (Ducati/)


Concept bike styling for the street puts even the old Diavel in the shadeV-4 engine combines brutal performance with thoughtful nods to practicalityEndless layers of electronic wizardrySo much lighter than it looks


You won’t be able to make a subtle entranceV-4 engine lacks the outright torque of old 1260 V-twinMore expensive than the old Diavel 1260 V-twins


If you’re a shrinking violet who shuns attention and would rather blend into the background than gather a crowd, the Ducati Diavel isn’t the bike for you. This is one of the most head-turning two-wheelers ever made and the latest iteration gains Ducati’s high-tech Granturismo V4 engine in place of the desmo V-twin of its predecessors. It’s a bold move from a company that until recently was so wedded to the V-twin format that any other engine was nearly unimaginable, but if the Diavel V4 can combine the remarkable mix of stance, handling, and performance of its predecessor with the success that the V-4 engine has brought to the Panigale, Streetfighter, and Multistrada lines, then it’s likely to be a landmark model in the firm’s history.

A four-exit exhaust is one of the key visual identifiers of the Diavel V4. (Ducati/)


The Diavel has always been a remarkable machine. Despite appearing like it’s inspired by such bikes as Yamaha’s VMAX, its lack of weight and impressive handling and braking mean it defies preconceptions about being a one-trick pony that can only shine in a straight line.

The latest V-4 version follows in its forebears’ footsteps, but its achievement is even more impressive. Despite two extra cylinders and a substantially bigger fuel tank than the old Diavel 1260, the Diavel V4′s fully fueled weight is 24 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

With styling that evolves the original Diavel’s themes, concentrating the visual mass of the bike even more noticeably toward the front thanks to the densely packed V-4 powertrain, plus standout elements like the four-exit exhaust and taillights made of dozens of tiny LEDs shining through honeycomb-style holes under the tail, there aren’t many bikes that will attract as much attention and have the ability to back up their appearance with real-world performance to match.

Single-sided swingarm and blacked-out, 50mm fork, but there’s no Öhlins-equipped S version. (Ducati/)

Updates for 2023

Despite the evolutionary nature of the styling updates, everything about the Diavel V4 is new for 2023. The engine is a modified version of the spring-valve Granturismo V4 that first appeared in the Multistrada, slung under a new frame and ahead of a redesigned single-sided swingarm.

High tech has become a Ducati calling card over the last few years, and the Diavel V4 is no exception, with an evolution of the cylinder cutout system that first appeared in the Multistrada, so the 1,158cc V-4 can operate as a 579cc parallel twin, running the front cylinder bank only at low speeds to help improve economy, emissions, and prevent heat-soak reaching the rider.

Ducati isn’t afraid to push the limits when it comes to styling, especially on the Diavel. Taillights are made of dozens of tiny LEDs shining through honeycomb-style holes under the tail. (Ducati/)

Pricing and Variants

Initially, there’s just one Diavel V4, and it sits above the holdover Diavel 1260 and Diavel 1260 S in the range (in European markets,

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