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Welcome to the live blog for the second day of men’s qualifications at the 2023 World Championships, held in Antwerp, Belgium!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

2:00 pm. Lee Junho KOR FX: Piked double front, awesome. 2.5 to front tuck full was a little iffy but no big problems. Next pass went completely OOB on the landing.

Benjamin Osberger FRA PH: Wasn’t typing for this one, but he was looking SO nice, his form is so lovely, though he unfortunately came off near the end, looked like he just lost his rhythm, remounted and got through the dismount well.

Yumin Abbadini ITA FX: Big Cassina, straddle Tkachev, L grip work is good, Tak full a little late, Tak half is better, inbar stalder, stalder, hit the dismount, another great routine!

1:56 pm. Leo Saladino FRA PH: Wasn’t typing but this was a hit!

Matteo Levantesi ITA HB: Got shady on a half turn, straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, good, got the Yamawaki and Quast, looked like he got lost in the air on his dismount and had the wildest crash, completely just missed that.

Ryu Sunghyun KOR FX: I missed his first pass, but he hit, 2.5 to front layout was a little deep in the landing. Hit the third pass. Triple full, and then finishes with a 3.5, great landing there!

1:54 pm. Jim Zona FRA PH: Some weird legs going from circles into scissors but corrects quickly, starts piking his hips on the single pommel work, and then loses his rhythm and comes off.

Mario Macchiati ITA HB: Looks clean in his giant work, lovely Tak, little adjustment out of the Zou Li Min, double double layout, some ankle form but stuck!

Seo Jungwon KOR FX: Big piked double front, but iffy on the landing. Hit the next couple of passes. 2.5 to front layout got a little whippy and his legs in the triple full were a bit messy but hit!

1:53 pm. I’m gonna focus on floor, pommels, and high bar for this one, FYI, since this is IT with Olympic qualifying on the line.

1:51 pm. Kim Jaeho KOR FX: Big 3.5 to start. Front full to front double full, step forward. Tucked full-in, bounce back. The rest was hit!

Kevin Carvalho FRA PH: He’s pretty close to the horse on his cirlces and has a few leg separation moments, as well as some bends, fights into the dismount and gets safely through!

Lorenzo Casali ITA HB: Doing well on everything so far, layout Tkachev after a lot of front giant business, straddle Tkachev, double double layout, flared, little bounce back.

1:49 pm. Among the teams in this subdivision it’s Italy with a 208.430, France with a 204.963, South Korea with a 203.763, and Hungary with a 199.363.

1:44 pm. Benjamin Osberger FRA FX: Oh I want good things for him. Lovely randi. Double double, clean, small hop back. 2.5 to front layout to front full, awesome. Down to front support before his Russians, to a split. Beautiful double full. 2.5 to front tuck full, little bounce. Triple full, tiny step forward, yesssss, that was lovely.

1:42 pm. Lee Junho KOR HB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was another hit routine.

South Korea is inquiring for every D score, I love that for them.

1:39 pm. Ryu Sunghyun KOR HB: Hit routine, got a little sketchy in some pirouette elements but another big double double layout dismount for him.

I’m missing all of Italy on PB, it’s SO FAR. Just saw Mario Macchiati hit.

Leo Saladino FRA FX: Strong landing on the first pass, randi a bit short in rotation, double double good, double full down the side, clean 2.5 to barani, triple rotation wasn’t quite there, small hop to correct.

1:36 pm. Kim Jaeho KOR HB: Nice layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, Tak was nice, double double layout dismount was excellent.

Jim Zona FRA FX: Good landing on the front double full to front layout. Arabian double front, good. Clean layout down the side. Hit the rest.

Lee Chih-Kai TWN SR: Clean in the majority of this, just a little short on the dismount.

1:34 pm. Lucas Desanges FRA FX: Piked dobule front, small hop forward. Front full to double front, stuck! Little scoot back on the double double. Clean double full down the side. 2.5, whippy into the front layout but got there. Triple full, ankles crossed but rotates very nicely!

Yeh Cheng TWN SR: Hit routine, but a bit short on the dismount landing, big lunge out of it.

Krisztian Balazs HUN VT: Just a Kas half but it was really nice.

Lee Junghyo KOR HB: Had a couple of pirouette moments that looked a bit messy but a hit routine!

1:31 pm. Looks like now it’s Italy with 165.431, South Korea with 163.497 after a kind of miss on PB, France with 162.964, and Hungary with 157.531.

1:27 pm. I think Lee Chih-Kai’s PH score was 14.8, which should put him 5th going into the final!

1:25 pm. Balazs Kiss HUN SR: Maltese, inverted hang, up to planche, really nice. Back giant to handstand, front giant to handstand, he looks great. Full-twisting double layout a little short with a big step.

Jim Zona FRA HB: Caught the layout to straddle to piked Tkachev series really well! Good on the circle elements and a great landing on the dismount.

1:23 pm. Live scores aren’t working so I’m trying my best to see who’s going up where!

1:21 pm. Lee Chih-Kai TWN PH: SO fluid and seamless when he changes levels, flairs are gorgeous, hip height is everything, he’s making this look so good, I can’t believe he literally just flew here and had no podium training, makes it through the dismount with just a minor adjustment, THE KING.

Lucas Desanges FRA HB: Form got wild in a full pirouette but he controlled it back. Think he hit the rest.

Lorenzo Casali ITA VT: Big Kas double full, good work!

I feel like I’m never seeing South Korea. They’re on p-bars.

1:18 pm. Mario Macchiati ITA VT: Strong on the Kas 1.5!

Kevin Carvalho FRA HB: Two falls, I saw the second was on the Kovacs.

Yeh Cheng TWN PH: Moving well in his routine, had to muscle up into the dismount but really just minor things in here.

Benedek Tomcsanyi HUN SR: Good routine, nailed the double double dismount.

Nicola Bartolini ITA VT: Really nice Kas 1.5, small hop forward.

1:16 pm. Krisztian Balazs HUN SR: Everything so far has been good, saltos to a tight handstand, arched over on the back giant to handstand, full-twisting double layout maybe a little low but nothing major.

Leo Saladino FRA HB: Think this was a hit!

Yumin Abbadini ITA VT: Clean Kas full.

1:13 pm. Moving to the next rotation!

Among these teams, France has the lead, then South Korea in a close second, then Italy, but I think Italy should be able to pick it up on vault.

1:06 pm. Lee Chih-Kai TWN FX: Oh his form is SO nice in his first few passes. Loved the 2.5 to barani and the two passes before that were beautiful. Came up really short on the triple full at the end.

Yumin Abbadini ITA SR: Form in his saltos was really nice. Presses to handstand out of a pike sit, very clean and solid. Twisted that double double brilliantly and the landing was fantastic!

Kevin Carvalho FRA PB: Kind of fell over in handstand but fought through it and made it back to position. Got through the rest well, some arches in handstand but got the dismount.

1:04 pm. Lorenzo Casali ITA SR: Watched but didn’t type, strong routine.

Leo Saladino FRA PB: Had a fall out of handstand off the apparatus sadly.

Krisztofer Meszaros HUN PH: Hit routine, got a little rushed into the dismount but can’t complain, they’ve looked shockingly solid on this event, good job to them for coming back from a kind of devastating high bar.

1:01 pm. Lucas Desanges FRA PB: Good routine, wasn’t typing but everything looked pretty solid, big double front dismount with a small hop.

12:59 pm. Mario Macchiati ITA SR: Planche, legs are higher than his hips, I have a GREAT rings view and can actually see deductions for once. Saltos to pike sit, press to handstand, arches over, dismount was a little low with a big step.

Krisztian Balazs HUN PH: Lots his leg form on some of his circles near the end but made it solidly through.

Lee Junho KOR VT: Kas double full, kind of lacking in control, big step OOB, but stood it up at least!

12:58 pm. Ryu Sunghyun KOR VT: Didn’t see what he attempted but saw him fall forward onto his hands on the landing.

Jim Zona FRA PB: Got them off to a great start here!

12:57 pm. Ilias Georgiou CYP FX: Hit the double front but the next pass ended up really kind of iffy in the air and he punched out to front support but accidentally haha. Ugh. Good triple full at the end.

Seo Jungwon KOR VT: Kas 1.5, hit with a step OOB.

Matteo Levantesi ITA SR: Came up really short on his dismount, almost put his knee down but don’t think he did.

Kiss Balazs HUN PH: Nice hit routine!

12:54 pm. Moving on to rotation three. I think France had all good hits on vault from what I could see? And Italy survived pommels!

12:51 pm. Sorry, internet is a bit slow here but doing what I can! It’s actually weirdly easier to live blog from home/streams, it’s so overwhelming in person lol.

Hamza Hossaini MAR PB: Had a fall on his dismount sadly.

12:47 pm. Botond Molnar HUN FX: Hit the first pass but was a bit wild on the landing on the second. Front double full was fine.

12:46 pm. Michalis Chari CYP HB: Nice front stalder work, huge straddle Tkachev, big piked Tkachev as well, came off early on the full-twisting double layout and crashed it sadly.

Nicola Bartolini ITA PH: Scissors, circle work going well, Russians on the single handle, Busnari was GOOOORGEOUS, hips get progressively more piked as he nears the end but this was a solid routine.

12:44 pm. Krisztofer Meszaros HUN FX: Think he started with a 2.5 to double front, big step back OOB on the second pass. Front double full to front layout was lovely. Clean 1.5 to front full. Lovely triple full, chest down but good in his feet position.

12:42 pm. Seo Jungwon KOR SR: Had a nice iron cross position but fell out of handstand almost completely, took him a sec to get back. Hit the dismount, maybe a bit scrappy in the form.

Lucas Desanges FRA VT: Kas full I think, looked solid enough!

Benedek Tomcsanyi HUN FX: Saw the triple full at the end, which was nice.

Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: Had a fall.

Yumin Abbadini ITA PH: BEAUTIFUL flair work, I’m like 15 feet away and It’s just incredible to watch, his extension is everything, absolutely excellent routine.

Leo Saladino FRA VT: Didn’t see the entry but think it was a Kas double full? Big step back to control it.

12:41 pm. Okay NOW I have my life together, sorry, missed a little of the beginning of this rotation.

Mario Macchiati ITA PH: 13.200

Krisztian Balazs HUN FX: 12.966

Kevin Carvalho FRA VT: 14.100

Lee Junghyo KOR SR: 13.533

Lee Chih-Kai TWN HB: 11.633 ?

12:32 pm. Balazs Kiss HUN HB: He’s also off on the layout Tkachev.

I think I kind of have my life together. Basically Hungary completely destroyed on HB, there’s no way at this point, so my dreams are dashed. What I saw from South Korea on pommels was like, decent enough sets that got them through if nothing massive. Italy gorgeous on floor, France made it through well on rings.

12:31 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA FX: First pass was good, then hit the piked double front hal with a little hop to the side. Double double, great landing. 1.5 to front double full. 2.5 to floaty front layout with a small hop forward. Triple full, weird set into it? Got it around but was a bit short with a hop forward.

12:27 pm. Still getting situated here so give me this rotation to get my life together and then my quick hits will be um, quick.

Jim Zona FRA SR: Hit routine, think he had a full-in half-out dismount? It was good!

Lorenzo Casali ITA FX: Wasn’t typing but he hit everything that I saw!

Krisztofer Meszaros HUN HB: Missed his layout Tkachev, I’m going to die. Hit the rest after remounting, including the double double layout dismount.

12:23 pm. Ryu Sunghyun KOR PH: Scissors through to circles went well, started losing some form throughout including one significant knee bend, but ended up making it through!

Benjamin Osberger FRA SR: Wasn’t typing but this was a hit routine.

Mario Macchiati ITA FX: Hit the front full to double front, then a big hop out of the next pass, I think a front double full to front tuck full. Iffy on the araiban double front half landing. Got the 2.5 to front layout and triple full, good landing on that last pass.

Okay, I’m so far from PB and HB, I am missing everything but will try to pay attention in a sec! One of the Hungarians just fell on HB, looks like Krisztian Balazs. I need to open the start lists.

12:21 pm. Yumin Abbadini ITA FX: Beautiful 2.5 to front layout and arabian double front. Front double full with a slight hop back. Clean back double full. Great triple full to finish. SO good.

Lee Junghyo KOR PH: Hit routine! The team is thrilled.

Kevin Carvalho FRA SR: Hit routine, ha a small hop on the dismount, believe it was a full-in.

Hamza Hossaini MAR VT: Hit the first vault I think but then sat the handspring double front unfortunately.

12:17 pm. Very excited to have made it to the arena JUST in time for the final subdivision after flying in overnight!


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