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Nadine is an influential artist in show business—here are 3 advocacies in which she has proven to be the most ready, willing, and capable of driving positive change

Nadine Lustre is a multi-hyphenated artist and award-winning actress—but most importantly, a philanthropist who propagates the causes she supports using hers and others’ platforms. She is vocal and forward in using her profound influence in the show business industry. As a versatile actress, she takes on many roles and character but here are three of her most personal roles as the changemaker Nadine.

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Empowered and Free Woman Nadine

Nadine is the new face of Hiraya Pilipina, the lifestyle and advocacy brand for Filipinas nationwide. In providing innovative, inclusive, and modern solutions for women, Hiraya Pilipina has found in Nadine a truly awe-inspiring presence who shares in the brand’s vision and embodies their message.

Actress Nadine Lustre is Hiraya Pilipina’s first celebrity ambassador

Just last weekend, Hiraya Pilipina opened their first pop-up shop at Market! Market!, Taguig. Basking in this milestone, taking up a physical space to continue providing modern solutions for the modern Filipina, the brand also celebrates a momentous mark in their journey. While they are growing exponentially in sales with their niche products, Hiraya is a business with heart and passion—and Nadine is the forefront of this.

Nadine joins forces with Hiraya Pilipina to celebrate one’s true self through Hiraya Pilipina’s innovative products

“I’ve always introduced Hiraya Pilipina as a ‘small business’. And it really is. But now we’re taking it to the next level,” founder and CEO Cleo Loque shares with MEGA. In the celebration of Women’s Month, Cleo also says there was no other option except for Nadine to be the brand’s ambassador. “Siya lang, because Nadine is someone who has been very courageous in showing herself, in expressing her true self.”

As a empowered woman, Nadine Lustre aims to end the stigma surrounding period care—and encourages all Filipinas to do the same

In making products for innerwear and period care that are often shrouded in secrecy and shame, Hiraya and Nadine embrace these struggles and free themselves from the stigma—and encourage you to do so as well. As a brand built on these advocacies and values, Cleo continues on to say, “I’m just so grateful that we can strengthen our message because we now have someone as influential as Nadine to reach more people, inspire more people, and empower more women now that we have her as our ambassador, who is, really, the face of Hiraya Pilipina.”

Mental Health Advocate Nadine

Towards her campaign for a better world, Nadine pushes forward her beliefs and uses her influence in advocating for mental health importance. The actress uses her platform to continuously be vulnerable and brave in sharing how she suffered from depression and anxiety—and how taking part in several mental health initiatives could make an impact to break the stigma surrounding mental health. One of these initiatives is partnering with Yassi Pressman and Liza Soberano in becoming a celebrity investor and partner for Mind You, an online platform that provides easy and cheaper access to therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to the people in need of them.

Stars Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano contribute to normalizing mental health and talk about its issues in depth in a Mind You podcast called ‘An Open Mind’

Eco-Warrior Nadine

For her active participation in environmental sustainability, Nadine was recognized last year as the honorary park ranger of Masungi Georeserve. She uses her platforms to talk about how people can help in conserving this wonderful habitat, and takes part in initiatives such as tree-planting and tree-nurturing, reforestation programs, and her journey to a vegan lifestyle, which she is embarking on for the welfare of animals and the planet.

NADINE 02 scaled
Nadine is doing wonders with environmental drives and initiatives

In 2022, Nadine also expressed her love for the Siargao island—not just fleeting, but with a commitment to protect, preserve, rebuild the island. SEA Movement announced Nadine as a contributor to ensuring livelihood, securing food, and conserving ecosystems in the Marine Protected Area of General Luna, Siargao.

NADINE 03 scaled
Nadine is an influential role model in using her platforms to drive change


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The film “Mr. Click Academy” will be shown on cinema screens throughout Poland on January 5. The film was one of the most anticipated premieres in recent months and immediately won over audiences. Since the pandemic, no domestic production has been able to pass the magic two million mark, and the new “Kleks” has been seen by nearly three million Poles. The picture was directed by Maciej Kowalski. Tomasz Kott played Mr. Klix, but the film also featured Piotr Fronczewski as the Doctor. This time in history we will not meet Adaś, as Antonina Lewiniak led the audience to the land of magic, as Ada Niezgódka. The remaining roles were played by Danuta Stenka, Sebastian Stankiewicz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Daniel Walasek and Konrad Repiński.

– We decided that we all need to be kids for a moment and look at what we are doing from that perspective. This meant that we had to let go of ourselves and find the child within us, to let go of ourselves as an adult Director Maciej Kowalski recalled working on the film.

“Mr. Click Academy” premieres on Netflix. We know the history

Now the film will appear on the streaming platform. “Mr. Kleks' Academy” will premiere on Netflix on May 8. Those who have not watched it yet will have the opportunity to experience this adventure in their homes. Others would probably be happy to return to the magical world where good always wins. The premiere of the next part of the film is scheduled for the beginning of 2025. On January 3 next year, the film will be shown in cinema screens throughout Poland. Another third part of the story is also planned. We can't wait.

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