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While relatively new to the festival world, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge is quickly making a name for itself. Between the cast of magical characters wandering through the crowds, whimsical art installations, and the beautiful setting itself, it’s a place where fantasy meets reality.

There’s a lot to love about this festival in addition to the music, and adding these simple moves to your plans will help your time at the Gorge feel truly special.

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1. Admire Mother Nature

Thanks to its stunning natural beauty, the Gorge Amphitheater is a perfect place for the magic of Wonderland to come to life. There’s nothing like crossing the hill over the Fractal Valley stage and taking in the stunning view of the cliffs over the Columbia River for the first–or tenth time: Fairy tale meets the magic of the wild west. 

The pure bliss I felt sitting in the grass while watching the sunset sky paint the canyon and the rolling prairies orange will forever live in my core memories.

Taking time to sit and soak in the views is a simple but priceless way to liven up the weekend at Beyond Wonderland PNW.

2. Gear Up For Comfort

Being immersed in nature boosts the festival magic, but it also requires coming prepared for the elements. It’s hard to enjoy the moment when fighting the shivers or nursing a sunburn, and campers can experience sweltering sun, thunderstorms, and crisp cool temperatures all in one day.

That’s why I never hit the road for a weekend at the Gorge without plenty of layers, sunscreen, and a shady hat to stay comfortable. Bringing extra coverage for camp like tarps and pop-up canopies (that fit festival guidelines) is also never a bad idea.

Prepping for the terrain is also a must, which means bringing good quality comfy shoes. Attendees not using shuttle transit can face some rugged road terrain and lengthy walks between the festival grounds and the campgrounds, and the amphitheater itself sits on a hill, so it’s also best to come prepared for some (mild) hiking action while inside the venue.

This is especially the case if you want to get close to the action in the Fractal Valley pit. Platform baddies may want to give their kicks a rest this round!

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3. Share The Love

People travel far and wide to gather at the heart of the great Pacific Northwest, and the journey that comes with getting there is part of what makes Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge a special experience.

Of course, no festival is immune to issues that come with large gatherings,  but the Gorge has a way of bringing out good vibes all around.

Many people go out of their way to make the weekend feel magical, and it shows in the way they treat each other. Striking up a conversation with neighbors at camp, on the dancefloor, or even in line for coffee line is remarkably easy.

Connecting with fellow ravers and making new friends–even if it’s just for the weekend– is another priceless highlight of the experience.

4. Get Into The Spirit

As a themed festival, Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge is full of color, vibrant characters, and crazy costumes. Attendees go all out with outfits, whether it be fun DIY group costumes to full-on otherwordly wearable masterpieces.

Dressing up for the Wonderland theme is always a fun way to get creative and get in the spirit, and campers attending the Friday pre-party can even show off their crafts at a special costume party.

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5. Roam Around The Pivot

The Pivot is the central hub of the camp experience, and it’s where some of my favorite memories come from.

Whether it be unwinding and recovering with a sound bath or guided yoga class, getting creative with guided painting, or betting on lady luck at Frick Frack Blackjack, there’s no shortage of activities to explore (my personal favorite is Alice’s Kandi Workshop!)

The Pivot also features several local independent artists and food vendors that go above and beyond to showcase their crafts. Handmade jewelry, paintings and home decor, delicious iced coffee, and some of the best street tacos I’ve ever tasted outside of So Cal are just a few hidden gems worth mentioning.

6. Swing Through The Silent Disco

Finally, the Pivot is also home to Beyond Wonderland’s legendary Silent Disco, which is the perfect place to wind down at the end of the night—or keep grooving until dawn breaks over the horizon.

There’s something magical about watching the wilderness come to life under the early morning glow as everyone dances on without a care. it’s like being in a place without time: A real-life Wonderland.

And for those who prefer to skip the afterparty to get some sleep, the good news is there’s no sound bleed to worry about.

The Silent Disco is also a great place to support local producers and DJs. The PNW is full of talented rising producers and DJs who deserve a spotlight, and playing at the Silent Disco presents an important stepping stone for these artists as they reach for opportunities to grow.

Tuning in is a great way of showing the local talent some love while living up the Wonderland adventure until the very end.  

Images courtesy of Insomniac.

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By: Federica Brandi
Title: 6 Ways To Boost The Magic Of Beyond Wonderland At The Gorge
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Published Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2023 19:59:02 +0000

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Daft Punk Announce Release Of Iconic Random Access Memories ‘Drumless Version’



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The 10-year anniversary of Random Access Memories, Daft Punk’s 4th studio album has become a full-fledged release party. To celebrate the release of one of its most iconic works, the French robots have gifted their fans with a series of special, never-heard-before, altered versions of the album. Now, they’ve announced a release that will further allow us to dive into the essence of RAM, while leaving behind a crucial part: the drums. That’s right. Daft Punk announced today that they’ll be releasing Random Access Memories ‘Drumless Version’ at the end of this year.

Daft Punk

Random Access Memories, one of the most iconic albums in dance music history. Part of the beginning of a new era. One that redefined the concept of genre-crossing dance music. While we were all used to pop and hip hop becoming dance music’s habitual collaborators, Daft Punk decided to look back. Go to the root. The source. Dance music is known to be the offspring of disco. The groovy, energetic genre that took the 80s by storm and went on to define an entire generation of musicians and fans paved the way for dance music to become the cultural icon it is today.

When Daft Punk released RAM, the mainstream music industry experienced a wave of disco-inspired geniality that went on to inspire hundreds of artists across the globe. A decade later, the records that took the world by storm are back to amaze us one more time.

RAM Drumless Version

This brand new iteration of the GRAMMY-award-winning Album of the Year is unlike anything DP has given us before. It strips away all drum and percussive elements from the album. Doing so brings out a timeless quality to the album, giving listeners the ability to dive deeper into the layers of each track.

Random Access Memories (Drumless Version) will be released on November 17

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By: Sebastian Flores Chong
Title: Daft Punk Announce Release Of Iconic Random Access Memories ‘Drumless Version’
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Published Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 16:58:38 +0000

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Costa Rica BPM Festival Announces Star-Studded Lineup



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Costa Rica’s finest electronic music festival has released its phase 1 lineup. The 3rd edition of BPM Festival in Tamarindo, Costa Rica will occur on January 24th-28th, 2024. Over 5 days, guests will be treated to an extraordinary and immersive experience. Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most fun cities set near sandy beaches, tropical forests, and vibrant local culture. When you’re not dancing the night away, you can experience the awe-inspiring nature it has to offer.

Festival goers can explore three mesmerizing jungle stages, as well as a brand-new, never-before-used sunset beachside venue. Each stage will provide a unique atmosphere, amplifying the energy and vibes throughout the 5-day celebration. To further enhance their BPM experience, guests will also have access to a curated selection of daytime pop-up parties.

Phase one of the festival’s diverse lineup kicks off with over 60 names, including Bedouin, Carlo Lio, DJ Holographic, Eagles & Butterflies, Eli & Fur, Franky Rizardo, GORDO, Hernán Cattaneo, HUGEL, Øostil, Paco Osuna, Sainte Vie, and Sidney Charles amongst many other leading artists in house and techno.

Attendees can also look forward to enjoying sets from some of their favorite BPM staples, including the likes of AJ Christou, Bedouin, Carlo Lio, DJ Holographic, HUGEL, Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, Mason Collective, Nathan Barato, Neverdogs, Paco Osuna, Rafa Barrios, Stacey Pullen, and more.

You can purchase tickets here!

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By: Drew Barkin
Title: Costa Rica BPM Festival Announces Star-Studded Lineup
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Published Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 16:54:27 +0000

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Headhunterz Announces Details for His Final Show Before Touring Retirement




Last month, Headhunterz announced via an Instagram video that he decided to retire from touring. The news that the Dutch hardstyle star brought out sent shockwaves through the electronic dance music community. The main reasons for deciding to retire were looking back on his personal life, memorable career, and improving his physical and mental health. Earlier today, Headhunterz announced on his latest Instagram post that he will headline his final show in Tilburg on December 23rd, two days before Christmas Day.

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Headhunterz

Headhunterz’s final show is an intimate event to get “up close and personal”

The final show in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg will take place at the 013 Poppodium music venue and tickets will go on sale this Thursday at 12h00 local time (click on this link to purchase the tickets when they go on sale). The title of Headhunterz’s final show on December 23rd is “Up Close and Personal” and it gives fans the last chance to see an icon of hardstyle perform one last awesome set before he starts a new beautiful journey in his magnificent music career.

Shown below is the same post from his Instagram page but on X/Twitter where he states the main purpose of headlining the “Up Close and Personal” show before retiring from touring. For anyone who is attending Headhunterz’s final show, they will see plenty of tears coming down from their fellow fans’ faces when the hardstyle legend plays the final track of his set.

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By: Ken Ngo
Title: Headhunterz Announces Details for His Final Show Before Touring Retirement
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Published Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 19:32:44 +0000

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