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Four hundred miles, 24 hours a day, for up to 11 days, across the jungles, mountains, canyons and seas of wild Fijian islands: If your team is the fastest to complete the course, you win $100,000. For most teams though, just finishing will be prize enough. The claim at the end of the journey? Having completed an adventure race course dubbed the “world’s toughest.”

Add to that mantle what could be one of the world’s most visible adventure races, as well, and you’ve got some competition. World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, hosted by Bear Grylls, marks the return of a sporting event that melds expedition racing with television dramatics. Executive producer Mark Burnett first brought the Eco-Challenge to home viewers in 1995—a televised event that broke ground for reality television and arguably put the young sport of adventure racing on the popular map. While the sport of adventure racing has continued on, the last Eco-Challenge, also in Fiji, aired in 2002. Now, after 18 years, viewers can again tune in for this grueling adventure sport event.

If there was any question about the influence that past races (and the televised series) have had on outdoor athletes, you don’t have to venture much further for proof than this iteration’s competitor roster. It includes not only veterans of past Eco-Challenges, like American Mark Macy, who has competed since the 1995 race, but also first-time racers who grew up watching the event—including Macy’s son, and now teammate, Travis.

The volcanic islands of Fiji provide visual extremes to make the Eco-Challenge a worthy course for capturing viewer attention—showcasing competitors paddling open-ocean crossings, scaling the rock face of 1,200-foot Vuwa Falls, and descending the rapids of the Navua River. Each team of four sets out from the village of Draubuta in the southeast in an effort to traverse Fiji to the western island of Mana. The race is a monumental effort for not only the 264 competitors, but also for the 700-member crew and support staff, including 250 local Fijians, who all played a role in fostering the race, and producing it into a 10-episode series for Amazon, available to spectate this Friday (Aug. 14).

If you are looking for more reasons to watch, here are a few:

the 2019 Eco-Challenge adventure race in Fiji
Team Aussie Rescue including members Samantha Gash, Morgan Coull, Mark Wales, Jarrod Mitchell and Joshua Lynott.Krystle Wright/Amazon

International competition at a time we are craving it

In sum, there’s 66 team from 30 countries. With four-person teams comprised of both genders, male and female athletes are on the same stage, as are professional adventure athletes and amateurs, representing a multitude of outdoor disciplines like paddling, mountain biking, swimming and

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Jake Paul Says Salt Bae Might Actually Annoy Him More Than Long Term Rival KSI



Jake Paul Says Salt Bae Might Actually Annoy Him More Than Long Term Rival KSI – originally posted on

Jake Paul has taken to social media to criticize famous chef ‘Salt Bae’ for his actions after the 2022 Qatar World Cup Final. The restaurateur was seen joining in on the celebrations with Lionel Messi and co, posing for photographs and holding the World Cup trophy. Jake Paul admits that Salt Bae now annoys him more than long term rival KSI.

Jake Paul Slams Salt Bae For Intruding Argentina World Cup Final Celebrations

After arguably the best World Cup Final in history, Argentina players and fans were rightly celebrating after achieving world soccer supremacy in Qatar. On the pitch, the likes of Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and co were celebrating the biggest win of their life, and rightly so.

However, famous chef known as ‘Salt Bae’ seems to have stirred a lot of football fans up the wrong way by intruding and impeding on the Argentina World Cup winning celebrations.

one man who is furious at the actions of Salt Bae is Jake Paul. ‘The Problem Child’ has slammed the restaurateur for ‘disrespecting GOATs’ and ruining the moment for Argentina players after achieving their lifelong dream of winning the World Cup.

This isn’t the first time Salt Bae has been slammed for this. In the aftermath of the 2018 Champions League Final, the chef posed for a photo with Mohammad Salah, a Liverpool player who had just lost the final and sustained a terrible injury. Again, many people saw this as disrespectful, just like intruding the Argentinian celebrations at the World Cup.

Jake Paul admits that Salt Bae may have overtaken KSI in his hate ratings now after his World Cup actions. That is saying something, given the fact that Paul and KSI have had a long-term feud dating back over three years. It all started when KSI beat Logan Paul in a professional boxing fight in 2019, and has been a fierce rivalry ever since.

The 25-year-old has been very vocal with his opinions on Salt Bae and feels that he ‘has been disrespecting GOATs way too long’. As you can see in the tweet below, the YouTube star turned boxer has made his opinions on Salt Bae very vocal:

Will Jake Paul Still Fight KSI Next Year Despite Frustration At Salt Bae?

Despite Jake Paul’s most recent call-out of Salt Bae, the fight everyone wants to see him in is the KSI fight or the Tommy Fury fight. It seems like both of these bouts could happen for ‘The Problem Child’ in 2023. A fight between Jake Paul and KSI is closer than ever, with the pair seemingly agreeing to fight at Wembley Stadium next summer in England in a Twitter back and forth.

Fans will be hoping that the former Disney channel and YouTube star still has his sights set on a fight with long term rival KSI, rather than calling out Salt Bae and potentially having a fight with him instead.

Although Paul has admitted that Salt Bae annoys him more than his English counterpart, it seems that the Paul vs KSI fight could well happen next year. The fight has been brewing for some time now and looks closer than ever to happening.

Both Jake Paul and KSI were in action in the boxing ring very recently, so will both be in good shape and raring to get through the ropes again and face each other in the centre of the canvas.

Fingers crossed we get the Jake Paul vs KSI fight next year and let the pair finally settle their differences in the ring. Who knows, Salt Bae could be ringside to watch!

Potential Jake Paul vs KSI Future Odds

Already claimed the Jake Paul vs KSI boxing betting offer? Take a look and claim the best bookmaker free bets from our offshore partners.

Check out the chart below for the best Paul vs KSI boxing odds from BetOnline, one of the best boxing betting apps.

Boxer Odds Sportsbook
Jake Paul -188 betonline
KSI +150 betonline
Draw +1600 betonline

Odds are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change

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By: Paul Kelly
Title: Jake Paul Says Salt Bae Might Actually Annoy Him More Than Long Term Rival KSI
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2022 12:21:01 +0000

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Off Shore Fishing Charters Growth in Wilmington NC



Fishing Charters Wilmington NC


Reel Zinger Fishing Charters of Wilmington offers Full & Half Day Fishing Charters for both In-Shore fishing and Off-Shore Fishing of the Carolina Coast. Depending on the charter you have booked and weather, we will take you to the best local fishing spots found over the years. Common fish for this area include Redfish, Black Drum, Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Spanish and King Mackerel, Amberjack and Striped Bass. Thrilling adventures for whole families and friends. The Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach Area not only has an abundance of world-class fishing but has every type of hotel accommodation, cuisine, and restaurants, as well as nightlife. Call today to book your next Big Fish & Tall Tales Adventure!

spanish mackeral fishing Wilmington

reel zinger fishing charters of wilmington 4 W Salisbury, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, 28480, United States +19103566225

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There are many choices when it comes to golf gloves and all are very similar, with the only real difference being some are made with real Cabretta leather and some are synthetic. Until now!

The Pro Air golf glove is an unbelievable new concept that adds tiny air pockets inside the golf glove which allows you to hold the golf club with a softer grip. With a softer grip on the golf club, it allows for a more relaxed and lighter grip. No more death grip. With a lighter grip, this should produce longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots!

The Pro Air golf glove also features perforated fingers which the company says accomplished 2 goals, first, it allows your hand to remain cool, second it gives flexibility to your fingers to achieve a relaxed grip. In addition, every panel of the Pro Air golf glove is reinforced with double –backstitched nylon seams.

I must say the feel of the Pro Air golf glove is very unique. It feels like the inside of the glove has very small bubble wrap in it. After a few swings I could immediately notice a more relaxed grip and I didn’t even realize the unusual feel of the tiny air bubbles. I used the glove on the driving range for about 30 minutes, then onto the chipping area then off to the golf course for the real test.

kelken glove product details 1 min 540x 1

I used only the Pro Air golf glove for 4 rounds of golf for the test. The glove worked exactly as the company says it would. My grip was much lighter than normal, and my hand stayed cool and dry throughout the entire round of golf. It felt like my golf shots were almost effortless, as I  wasn’t using my normal super tight golf grip.

The company website is and the cost of the glove is only $24.95. It is available for men and woman and a youth version is only $19.95

Overall, a very unique golf glove without question, and unlike any other golf glove in the market. It is a great way to train your hands away from a death grip, and allow you to swing more freely and consistently.

To learn about more unique and helpful golf products, please subscribe to our email list at or like us on Facebook at https:/ or visit us on Instagram

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