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So you’ve decided to finally tie the knot, and it’s going to be a fabulous winter wedding. According to, 47% of men say that personal style is a top priority for their wedding planning. With nearly half of all husbands-to-be saying that, let’s dive into our 8 winter wedding style tips that the groom should keep in mind during his wedding day.

Consider the Wedding Theme – If you’ve already picked out your his and her wedding rings for the big day, then the next thing you’ll need to think about is the  style for your groomsmen to fit with the wedding theme. Is your wedding the kind that calls for a classic tie or more of a playful bowtie with a pattern? 

Ask yourself how your tuxedo and your groomsmen’s outfits will look in conjunction with the overall wedding theme. Given the chilly weather, you and your groomsmen may also wear statement coats in dark blue or timeless black. There are ways to incorporate bits of your wedding theme into your outfits by wearing ties or bowties with patterns dedicated to the theme. For example, if you’re going for a Winter Wonderland theme, you and your groomsmen can wear ties or bowties with snowflakes on them.

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Source: Oleg Gekman/

Have Fun with Your Style – You and your groomsmen should feel empowered to showcase your personalities with your wedding style. You’ll want to stay in line with the overall wedding theme, so, for example, if you’re doing a winter barn wedding, you may want to match that with fun country-themed attire like plaid shirts and dark wash jeans. 

If you’re looking for a dressier style this winter, go for rustic gray dress pants, suspenders and crisp white dress shirts. The gray matches snowy backgrounds, but if you’d prefer more of a fun contrast, try deep jewel tones with velvet blazers and pants in dark purple, sapphire, ruby and emerald. 

Besides matching your wedding theme, you’ll also want to think about how your outfit will look alongside different styles of men’s wedding rings. A ruby or rosy-colored suit may look better with a rose gold ring, while an all-black tuxedo may look better with a black ring.

Bond with Your Groomsmen – Everyone gets the wedding day jitters. You and your groomsmen are no exception. Since they’ve supported you this far and they’re playing such an important role in your wedding day, go shopping with them for their wedding day outfits. They may inspire your own clothing as a groom as you get ideas for what shoes to wear. Whether you’re making an in-person or virtual shopping trip with them, as you’re talking through what your buddies are buying, you may be inspired to wear certain accessories such as cufflinks, vests, cummerbunds or pocket squares.Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up – While there’s a certain pressure to have your look be flawless for photos on social media, the truth is that your outfit doesn’t have to be perfect. The best accessory you can wear is a smile. The next best thing you can do is have fun with what you wear on your big day. 

As a groom, you don’t necessarily have to wear a black tuxedo. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie. You may decide to go for bold colors in contrast with a dreary winter theme. You don’t have to stick to the expected jewel tones. You can go for a bright neon pink suit. You can wear a nice blazer, slacks and street-style sneakers. When you look back on your wedding photos, you’ll want to remember that you and your partner made that day totally yours.

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From Your Hair to Your Dress Shoes – Getting styled for your wedding day isn’t just about whether you’re wearing a tuxedo or a blazer and slacks. You’ll want to consider how you’ll style yourself from your hair all the way down to your dress shoes. 

If you haven’t already picked out your wedding ring, make sure that’s all set. One of the most popular and trendy wedding rings for grooms is the rose gold men’s wedding band. It’s not just women that have to think about accessories. Men can accessorize with affordable yet high-quality and hand-crafted jewelry like bracelets and additional rings other than your wedding ring too! 

Discuss Budgets – Weddings can be expensive. While you want to make sure you have a day you’ll never forget, you don’t want to blow your budget on what you’re wearing. If you’re concerned about spending too much money on what you’ll be wearing on the big day, don’t be afraid to shop around for options. You can rent a suit or a tuxedo for the day. You can go to a consignment store instead of

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5 Movies That Honor Jaclyn Jose’s Versatility in Acting

Jaclyn Jose was an actress who anchored her craft on her versatility and natural style of portrayal

Today, Filipinos are grieving a great loss in Philippine show business. Award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose passed away yesterday, as confirmed by her management PPL Entertainment. She would have turned 60 this year. Until her passing, she played Chief Dolores Espinas in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Jaclyn Jose passing death actress veteran versatile best actress cannes ma rosa
Jaclyn Jose became known for her “no-acting method”

In her four decades as an actress, Jose established her distinct style in attacking her numerous roles. It had been her trademark to elicit emotion without actually showing expressions, especially through her eyes. According to the actress herself, her deadpan or no-acting method was a deliberate decision of hers. “I really wanted it that way, para mas tagos,” she said in an interview. “Gusto ko malalim siya.”

Jaclyn Jose passing death actress veteran versatile best actress cannes ma rosa

In honor of the illustrious actress’ contribution to show business, here are five movies that prove Jaclyn Jose’s versatility in the roles that she played over the years 

Dead acting comes alive

Patay Na Si Hesus opens with Jose’s showcase of her trademark acting style. One would expect some news about death to be delivered with utter shock or implied sadness. But with Jaclyn’s casual tone, having none of the usual emotions tied to the situation present at hand, she proved that less was truly more. In the realm of dark comedy, the actress definitely earned her place.

A thriller attack on her craft

The award-winning artist also had her own take on the loud acting style, as exhibited by her role as Mowie in “Anino” from the horror anthology film series Shake, Rattle & Roll V. Haunted by a shadow figure, she starred alongside Sheryl Cruz in the episode.

Adding a punch of romantic comedy

Showcasing her comedic timing while keeping her dramatic side in check, Jose also starred in the 2015 film, The Prenup. In her role as Sam Milby’s mother, she was able to play with her own emotions and experiences in her true to life matriarch role.

Twisting reality with fantasy and laughs

When an actress takes her craft seriously, that doesn’t mean taking on serious roles only. Jaclyn proved that her dramatic side also fit well into mainstream comedy such as Vice Ganda’s 2018 Metro Manila Festival entry, Fantastica. She played as comedian’s mother, Fec, and even had a comical yet brief breaking the fourth wall moment that you shouldn’t miss.

The award-winning indie experience

Finally, it would be remiss to talk about Jaclyn Jose’s without the mention of her considered magnum opus, Ma Rosa. Her matriarchal role earned her Best Actress accolade at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and being the first Southeast Asian actress to achieve this distinction. Jose underscored the movie’s impact in her life as she starred alongside her daughter, Andi Eigenmann, in the Brillante Mendoza drama piece.


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Title: 5 Movies That Honor Jaclyn Jose’s Versatility in Acting
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How to Recreate Liza Soberano’s 2024 SAG Awards Look Using Filipino Beauty Brands

Still reeling from Liza Soberano’s glam look at the SAG Awards? MEGA lists down the makeup products from Filipino brands that have similar shades and finishes

While dressed in a splendid Pamella Roland Pre-Fall 2024 ensemble and ornamented with Le Vian Jewelry, Liza Soberano cemented her place in Hollywood with her first-ever attendance of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. From her charming red carpet interviews to her GLAMbot appearance, it’s safe to say that the actress made an impact, with help from wardrobe stylist Maeve Reilly, makeup artist Melissa Hernandez, and hairstylist Renz Pangilinan. If you’re still as enamored by Liza’s glam look as we are, here are the details you need to know to recreate it.

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W9arYcyzalHXgVsKY0 VXR3FmBOp 4MZaM0GeFX9mCaK bPDToeORZpg6eM6jYZ5S0TEeBJv PcDvSB1UucJBYINoNNT9QuDhqshqaa7NHz1npTwyEGW9LCqr3FpEwDba5fP6xn5acCFf5lrqEO1 qU
Liza Soberano styled by Maeve Reilly in Pamella Roland

Hollywood glamor

Notably, Melissa Hernandez is a makeup artist under The Wall Group who routinely works with Hollywood celebrities, like Olivia Rodrigo and Sydney Sweeney. For the Lisa Frankenstein actress, the makeup artist opted for a soft glam look that would subtly enhance Liza’s natural beauty. She also revealed in an Instagram post that she used Maybelline products to achieve it. If you don’t have the actual Maybelline products in hand, we also listed alternatives from Filipino makeup brands.

First Base

For Liza’s base, blush, bronzer, and highlight, Melissa used the Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in 310, Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Medium, Cheek Heat in Fuchsia Spark, Lasting Fix Banana Powder, City Bronzer in Medium, and Master Chrome in Molten Gold.

For Filipino makeup, to perfect your complexion and add an alluring flush, look to Teviant Beauty’s The Ultimate Skin Master Foundation in Trench, Lucky Beauty’s Ethereal Liquid Pigment in Poppy, and Issy’s Active Concealer in MW2.

Filipino beauty brands have great formulations that work best in our climate

For powder contour, loose powder, and highlight, check out Vice Cosmetics’ Aura So Sculpted in Toasty Cocoa, BarenBliss’s Soul-Matte Loose Powder in Medium Mango Sorbet, and Strokes Cosmetics’ Face Flash in Gold Rush.

Cream-to-powder formulas also work best if you want a long-lasting but natural finish


As for Liza’s eye makeup, Melissa used The City Mini eyeshadow palette in Rooftop Bronzes, Master Precise liquid eyeliner in Brown, and The Falsies Lash Lift mascara.

For local alternatives, you can look to DAZZLE ME’s World Traveler Eyeshadow Palette in Arabian Nights for the gorgeous brown shades and gold shimmers, plus Happy Skin’s Generation Happy Skin Pretty Easy Budge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Brown and blk Cosmetics’s Daydream False Lash Waterproof Mascara to enhance your eyes.

When putting on makeup for a formal event, we recommend using water-proof and budge-proof products to ensure that they will last all night

Kiss and Tell

To complete the makeup look, she then applied Color Sensational in Magnetic Mauve to line her lips and the Super Stay Ink Crayon Lipstick in Achieve It All. Meanwhile, Liza’s eyebrows were kept natural-looking and brushed up, so you can use whatever products you like to tame your own into shape.

For a similar-looking result to Liza’s lip look at the SAG Awards, you can check out GRWM Cosmetics’ Lip Contour in Ann and Happy Skin’s Off Duty Lip Cloud Matte Lipstick in Honeymoon Glow. Both have matte finishes and result in a pinkish-mauve hue.

Don’t forget to line your lips before putting on lipstick to avoid it from smearing

Altogether, the products worked to make Liza ready to face the flashing lights and shutters of the cameras on the red carpet. These particular products are also effective yet uncomplicated to use, so anyone from beginners to beauty experts can rely on them to look good.

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Expert Tips

That said, it’s important to remember that since they are mattifying, it’s best to prep your skin with moisturizing products to make sure the products cling to the skin properly. And since the desired effect is a soft and subtle glam, it’s best to use as little product as possible. Go easy on the cream product and blend until your complexion looks flawless and apply the powder products where you need them most.

K6P4DbN21c P AZfBYOwls6S5tZEztEKq4F8 gF27h0NZ 9Va7ci
Makeup by Melissa Hernandez and hair by Renz Pangilinan

Like Liza, apply your bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline, and close to your hairline to add some depth and dimension to your face. For a subtle enhancement, the metallic highlighter was also kept to the high points of Liza’s face and applied with a light hand, so it’s best to do the same on your cheeks, inner corners, brow bone, and nose. The star of this look is the soft brown cat eye, light matte eyeshadow, and matte lips.

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Keep these product lineups and tips in mind, and you’re all set to rock the red carpet like Liza!

Photos: LIZA SOBERANO and PAMELLA ROLAND (via Instagram)
Featured Image: LIZA SOBERANO (via Instagram)

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Angel Aquino Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Timeless Beauty

Learn more about the award-winning actress’ refreshing approach to skincare that nourishes both the skin and the mind

This is an excerpt from MEGA March 2024 Main Beauty story.

With a profile that has been turning heads since the ’90s, Angel Aquino continues to be a timeless-beauty muse to many. Her secret? Embracing a skin-first beauty philosophy. “Clean skin is my best makeup,” she tells MEGA. “If I have good skin, I feel confident and I don’t have to put so much makeup on. I just like to keep it clean, hydrated, and protected, and then I’m ready.”

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As for the key to a youthful gaze? One of her most trusted makeup artists, Muriel Vega Perez, explained “The skin around the eyes is more delicate than in other areas of your face and body—the exact reason why it needs more care.” He continues, “Application of non-comedogenic under eye creams and hydrating masks can benefit many. Apart from that, the right treatment can be more face-changing.”

Reframing aging

Angel Aquino embraces a refreshing approach to skincare with a routine that requires to be present and intentional
Angel Aquino embraces a refreshing approach to skincare with a routine that requires one to be present and intentional

The key to positive aging? “Just try to tiptoe your way to aging, handle it as graciously and gracefully as you can,” Angel Aquino says. “Yes, aging is inevitable. But be mindful enough to tell yourself that what truly matters are the lives that you are going to touch today, the differences that you can make, and if you can make somebody smile and feel good today. That’s what you should count and not the years that go by.”

The mind-skin connection

Beyond the right formulas and techniques, Angel Aquino reminds everyone that a good beauty mindset can just be as transformative
Beyond the right formulas and techniques, Angel Aquino reminds everyone that a good beauty mindset can just be as transformative

The skin often reflects what’s going on below the surface, like a canvas that communicates the intricacies of our mental well-being. “I used to take myself too seriously and I decided—f*ck it!” Angel confesses. “I just want to have fun, I want to know fun, I want to live fun, and I guess that translates to my overall aura—it becomes more youthful. Overall, it’s the mindset.”

Read more about Angel Aquino’s ultimate beauty secret in MEGA’s March 2024 issue, now available on Readly, Magzter, Press Reader and Zinio.


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Title: Angel Aquino Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Timeless Beauty
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