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A California startup is pursuing a novel, if simple, plan for ensuring that dead trees keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for thousands of years: burying their remains underground.

Kodama Systems, a forest management company based in the Sierra Nevada foothills town of Sonora, has been operating in stealth mode since it was founded last summer. But MIT Technology Review can now report the company has raised around $6.6 million from Bill Gates’s climate fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, as well as Congruent Ventures and other investors.

In addition, the payments company Stripe will reveal on Thursday that it’s provided a $250,000 research grant to the company and its research partner, the Yale Carbon Containment Lab, as part of a broader carbon removal announcement. That grant will support a pilot effort to bury waste biomass harvested from California forests in the Nevada desert and study how well it prevents the release of greenhouse gases that drive climate change. 

It also agreed to purchase about 415 tons of carbon dioxide eventually sequestered by the company for another $250,000, if that proof-of-concept project achieves certain benchmarks.

“Biomass burial has the potential to become a low-cost, high-scale approach for carbon removal, though there is a need for further investigation into its long-term durability,” said Joanna Klitzke, procurement and ecosystem strategy lead for Stripe.

For the last several years, Stripe has pre-purchased tons of carbon dioxide that startups aim to eventually draw out of the air and permanently sequester, in an effort to help build up a carbon removal industry. It has also helped establish a different model for counteracting corporate climate emissions that goes beyond simply purchasing carbon credits from popular offsets projects, such as those that involve planting trees, which have come under growing scrutiny.

A handful of research groups and startups have begun exploring the potential to lock up the carbon in wood, by burying or otherwise storing tree remains in ways that slow down decomposition.

Trees are naturally efficient at sucking down vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air, but they release the carbon again when they die and rot on the ground. Sequestering trees underground could prevent this. If biomass burial works as well as hoped, it may provide a relatively cheap and easy way to pull down some share of the billions of tons of greenhouse gas that studies find may need to be removed to keep global temperatures in check in the coming decades. 

But until it’s been done on large scales and studied closely, it remains to be seen how much it will cost, how much carbon it could store, and how long and reliably it may keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Dead wood

Forest experts have long warned that decades of overly aggressive fire suppression policies in the US have produced dense, overgrown forests that significantly increase the risk of major conflagrations when wildfires inevitably occur. Climate change has exacerbated those dangers by creating hotter and drier conditions.

Following a series of devastating fire years across the West, a number of states are increasingly funding efforts to clear out forests to reduce those dangers. That includes removing undergrowth, cutting down trees, or using controlled burns to break up the landscape and prevent fires from reaching forest crowns.

States are expected to produce more and more forest waste from these efforts as climate change accelerates in the coming years, says Justin Freiberg, managing director of the Yale Carbon Containment Lab, which has been conducting field trials exploring a number of “wood carbon containment” approaches under different conditions for several years.

But today, the harvested plants and trees are generally piled up in cleared areas and then left to rot or deliberately burned. That allows the carbon stored in them to simply return to the atmosphere, driving further warming.

Kodama hopes to address both the wildfire dangers and the emissions challenge. The company says it’s developing automated ways of thinning out overcrowded forests that will make the process cheaper and faster (though it’s not yet discussing this part of the business in detail). After stripping off the limbs from trees too small to be sold for timber, they’ll load them into trucks and ship them to a prepared pit.

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By: James Temple
Title: A stealth effort to bury wood for carbon removal has just raised millions
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Published Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 14:00:00 +0000

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Baller Awards

The 10 Best Foreign Language Best Picture Nominees


28 1

The first time a non-English speaking movie was nominated for the most coveted award at the Academy Awards, Best Picture, was 1931. The French comedy À Nous la Liberté didn't take the Oscar then, but it became an example of how foreign productions can be deemed exquisite and outstanding enough to compete for the grand prize. Many foreign-language movies have been nominated for Best Picture since 1931, though not many have won. Foreign language, by Academy standards, means any language that isn't English.


By: Anja Djuricic
Title: The 10 Best Foreign Language Best Picture Nominees
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Published Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 22:00:14 GMT

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Odds & Ends: March 1, 2023

Fitness trackers find a new symptom of depression — body temperature. Researchers used data from the Oura ring fitness tracker to determine if it can detect early symptoms for COVID-19. It could. However, they also found an unexpected link between depression and body temperature. When people’s bodies were hotter, they experienced more depression symptoms. Although it is not clear whether a high body temperature is directly linked to depression, there have been preliminary studies that link inflammation and body temperature with the disorder. Preliminary research has shown that using a Sauna can also help with depression. This study’s lead author points out that, surprisingly, sauna use leads to a longer-term cooling in body temperature than ice baths. This podcast episode has more information on body temperature, depression and sauna use.

The Warrior Monk Philosophie of Trainer Cus d’Amato: 5 Strategic Principles that Made Mike Tyson A World Champion. This short ebook was published several years ago. It’s a solid, inspiring read, if I do say so myself. Cus D’Amato, a cantankerous, old boxing trainer in the sleepy New York town of Catskill who helped Mike Tyson become one of the best boxers ever, is a name you may not be familiar with. Cus D’Amato’s 5 training principles are highlighted along with Tyson’s routine and the books Cus recommended Tyson read. You can download it as a Kindle book or PDF in our online store.

Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs. Since tinnitus has become a part my life, I have taken extra precautions to protect my ears. This includes wearing earplugs at rock concerts. Most earplugs muffle sound and lower the quality of music performances. Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs reduce the decibel level of a rock concert while maintaining quality listening. The earplugs also help you hear people talking at concerts. The Vibes worked perfectly for a concert I attended last week in the historic Cain’s Ballroom, here in Tulsa.

Midland. Midland is a great Texas-based country-rock group. Their sound is a mix of traditional country and 1970s swagger. On The Rocks contains bangers such as “Make a Little”, “Burn Out” and other great songs to listen to while driving across the desert or open plains.

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Politeness does not always indicate wisdom, but its absence always raises suspicions of foolishness.

–Walter S. Landor

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Durante Announces Exciting Debut Album Enter On Anjunadeep

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If you have been following the Anjunadeep label, you would be familiar with LA-based rising star Durante. Anjunadeep will be the home for Italian superstar to release his anticipated debut album Enter on April 5th. With this exciting news also comes the first track ‘Hot Track‘ with the dreamy vocals of HANA.


Durante 819x1024 2 jpg

Kevin Durante otherwise known to us as Durante, has been dabbling in the genres of techno and house. Hailing from a small Italian village around Florence, he kick started his musical journey all the way back in 2006. The boy from Italy has come a long with releasing music on other esteemed labels such as Armada, Openers and W&O Street Records. Durante has dropped countless singles, collaborated with the likes of Amtra, Diplo and more. He has gone on to remixing tracks by Booka Share, Cassian and more. If you are a diehard Anjuna fan like me you would have caught him in the act of his amazing sets at the Anjuna Open Air series or Anjunadeep Explorations over the last year. What’s been missing for the lad is an album, which we are most excited about.


The official release of Enter a 13-track LP is set for April 5th. Durante speaks a bit about this album channeling his electric influences. It will explore the concept of portals and multiple dimensions. He credits his influences for this magical journey to Duke Ellington, early Cocoon records and to his home of classic Italian disco. He will explore the themes of acceptance, love and self-discovery. The album will include the likes of CRi, HANA, Nathan Nicholson, Running Touch and SOHN. Durante shares a bit about his journey through the three years of producing his dream, debut album

I’ve spent the past three years working on this album, it marks the beginning of many great endeavours in my life. It’s a coming of age story, but it’s also a reflection on the world around us. I’m happy to be able to share my emotions through music, because the words escape me. Hopefully you can find solace in the sound. Open your eyes, enter the portal to the sixth dimension.


Out today is the beautiful track from the album ‘Hot Night‘. It features our beloved HANA and her ethereal vocals. The duo have never failed us, always a pleasure listening to their collaborations. The song is a dance floor single crafted from an acid-inspired lead creating an intoxicating tune. Durante will kick start of his album North American Tour this January. He will start off his escapades in Austin January 25th and go to major cities like New York, Nashville, Lost Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and more. Check out if he is playing in your city here, and get your tickets now.

Listen to ‘Hot Night‘ today and let us know what you think. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your music updates.

Enter – Tracklist

  1. Durante – ‘Close’
  2. Durante & CRi – ‘LMK’
  3. Durante feat. Nathan Nicholson – ‘Holding On’
  4. Durante – ‘Opalescent’
  5. Durante feat. Running Touch – ‘Remedy’
  6. Durante – ‘Leonid’
  7. Durante feat. SOHN – ‘Losing Game’
  8. Durante feat. HANA – ‘Hot Night’
  9. Durante – Ancora
  10. Durante – Reaching
  11. Durante – Portal Six
  12. Durante – Mercury
  13. Durante – Silos

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By: Arrpita
Title: Durante Announces Exciting Debut Album Enter On Anjunadeep
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2024 03:39:18 +0000

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