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Massimo Dutti’s latest men’s arrivals take the spotlight with a fall editorial feature. The fashion brand delivers a sophisticated take on casual style in “Shape of You.” Contemporary menswear takes shape with versatile options for dressing looks up or down. Models Adrien Sahores and Jakob Zimny embody the Massimo Dutti man for the label’s most recent outing. The pair takes… [Read More]

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Title: Adrien Sahores & Jakob Zimny Take a Stroll in Massimo Dutti New Arrivals
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Published Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 00:02:01 +0000


MEGA Man’s Best Dressed List at the 30th SAG Awards

The SAG Awards 2024 presented another level of men’s fashion on the red carpet. Explore who made the cut in our MEGA Man’s Best Dressed List, from Glen Powell to Jeremy Allen White

I nominate you. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2024 is special in a way that it’s an awards ceremony where actors themselves champion one another. It proved to be a night of excellence, as leading men graced the red carpet in their most impeccable ensembles. From classic sophistication to daring innovation, MEGA presents the standout looks that define masculine elegance at this event. This is MEGA Man’s Best Dressed List.

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Matt Bomer

matt bomer attends 30th annual 77126811 scaled
Matt Bomer in Boss

Matt Bomer captivated onlookers in a sleek ensemble by Boss, accentuated by the IWC Schaffhausen watch and Jewels Afficianado lapel pin. His understated yet refined style set a high bar for sophistication on the red carpet.

Glen Powell

Glen Powell in Brioni

Glen Powell exuded masculine charisma in a dark brown Brioni suit, complemented by a Tag Heuer watch. With precise tailoring and meticulous attention to detail, Powell epitomized classic Hollywood style at the SAG Awards.

Tyler Jesse Williams

tyler james williams attends 30th 77123764 11zon scaled
Tyler Jesse Williams in Amiri

Tyler Jesse Williams made a baby-blue statement in Amiri, embracing contemporary flair. His vibrant choice stood out as a testament to the evolution of men’s style, showcasing the power of color done right.

Taylor Zakhar Perez

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Taylor Zakhar Perez in Louis Vuitton

Taylor Zakhar Perez turned heads in Louis Vuitton, forwarding strength with a touch of worldly charm. His confident demeanor and impeccable style made him a standout on the red carpet.

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Jeremy Allen White

jeremy allen white attends 30th 77128254 ede30f scaled
Jeremy Allen White in Saint Laurent

Jeremy Allen White brings out effortless chef-cool in a Saint Laurent outfit. With its sleek lines and otherwise lounged style, White’s ensemble captured the essence of contemporary chic.

Colman Domingo

colman domingo attends 30th annual 77124060 scaled
Colman Domingo in Off-White

Colman Domingo brought a dose of urban edge in rose to the SAG Awards red carpet in Off-White. His approach to fashion presented his unique sense of style, as seen in the blazer’s detail at the front. Highlighting his individuality, his distinctive style shone through, particularly in the detailed design of the blazer’s front.

Dominic Sessa

Dominic Sessa 2036309547 65da7a692545f
Dominic Sessa in Zegna

Dominic Sessa showcased classic style in a Zegna suit. Sessa made this everlasting silhouette look understatedly sophisticated, looking Old Hollywood himself.

From classic tailoring to next-level designs, MEGA Man’s Best Dressed List at the SAG Awards 2024 celebrates the diversity and elevation of men’s fashion on the red carpet. These leading men have redefined masculine elegance, leaving a lasting impression with their impeccable style choices. It’s exciting to think where men’s fashion will go next.

Featured Image: THE WALL GROUP

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By: Sean Castelo III
Title: MEGA Man’s Best Dressed List at the 30th SAG Awards
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Published Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024 06:51:51 +0000

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MEGA’s Best Dressed List For the 30th SAG Awards

From Liza Soberano, Margot Robbie, and Greta Lee, find out who made the cut in MEGA’s Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024

In the glittering spotlight of the 2024 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Hollywood’s elite graced the red carpet with excitement, anticipation, and fashion. Following the recent actor’s strike, the ceremony held a special significance, offering a platform for stars to showcase their power talent and style prowess. MEGA presents its curated selection of the evening’s standout looks in this Best Dressed List.

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Liza Soberano

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Liza Soberano
Liza Soberano in Pamella Roland

Liza Soberano glides into the spotlight among Hollywood’s elite, radiating a confidence that suggests she was born for this moment. Her Pamella Roland Pre-Fall 2024 ensemble features a shimmering black tube top paired with a champagne-colored ball gown skirt. The contrast of hues between the top and bottom creates a mesmerizing effect. With this debut appearance at a major red carpet awards ceremony, she solidifies her status as a rising star in the industry.

Carey Mulligan

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Carey Mulligan in Armani
Carey Mulligan in Armani

You never know when golden liquid can come in handy, and when it does, Carey Mulligan makes it work in this Armani look. Dripping in opulence, Mulligan’s ensemble exuded glamour, reflecting her star power.

Reese Witherspoon

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Reese Witherspoon in Elie Saab
Reese Witherspoon in Elie Saab

Reese Witherspoon attracted interest in a majestic Elie Saab gown. Simple yet exquisite, the red dress accentuates her figure like no other, further enhancing her blonde beauty. With its sweeping silhouette, Witherspoon’s ensemble was a masterclass in poise.

Elizabeth Debicki

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Elizabeth Debicki in Armani
Elizabeth Debicki in Armani

Elizabeth Debicki appeared as if she were fluid like water, yet she utterly stunned in this creation by Armani. With its clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and crystal embellishments delicately scattered over sheer fabric—giving the illusion that she’s crystallized herself—Debicki’s ensemble was a study in understated elegance.

Margot Robbie

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Margot Robbie in Schiaparelli
Margot Robbie in Schiaparelli

Bold and beautiful in soft pink hues and artful silhouettes by Schiaparelli, Margot Robbie asserts her presence in every possible way—quite literally. With one side sleek and simple, the other adorned with a large pink sleeve matched with a trailing detail behind her, Robbie embraces a fearless approach to fashion that would make Barbie proud.

Halle Bailey

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Halley Bailey in Dolce and Gabbana
Halle Bailey in Dolce and Gabbana

Embracing the free spirit of modern glamour with a touch of old-world charm, Halle Bailey took over the ocean in a creation by Dolce and Gabbana. With its sleek lines and mermaid silhouette, Bailey’s ensemble was a nod to the film that kickstarted her Hollywood star.

Rachel Brosnahan

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Rachel Brosnahan in Tamara Ralph
Rachel Brosnahan in Tamara Ralph

Exuding an aura of dark luxury, Rachel Brosnahan captivated all in a couture creation by Tamara Ralph. With its intricate detailing and multi-tiered silhouette, Brosnahan’s ensemble served as a testament to the enduring allure of old Hollywood glamour. Notably, the large golden floral appliqué detail adorning her neck added an extra touch of opulence to her look.

Greta Lee

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Greta Lee The Row
Greta Lee in The Row

Greta Lee donned a sheer white ensemble by The Row, where ruched and folded fabric delicately layered atop each other, creating an interplay of texture and depth. Adding to this contrast were the black gloves by her arms, extending above her elbows, further underscoring the juxtaposition between subtlety and statement-making refinement.

Brie Larson

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Brie Larson Versace
Brie Larson in Versace

Embodying modern chic, Brie Larson turned heads in a sophisticated creation by Versace, confidently baring her midriff. With its contemporary silhouette in Peach Fuzz, PANTONE’s Color of the Year, Larson’s ensemble proves that sometimes, taking risks to make a statement on the red carpet truly pays off.

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Bel Powley

MEGA's Best Dressed List for the SAG Awards 2024 Bel Powley CHANEL
Bel Powley in Chanel

Bel Powley emanates feather-light delight in a Chanel look that will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. The tweed upper part of the ensemble is adorned with shimmering details while the multi-tiered tulle skirt is accentuated with cascading feathers. Although a lot is happening in this ensemble, Powley showcases her ability to carry off even the most intricate and elaborate designs with grace.

The 2024 SAG Awards provided a platform for Hollywood’s elite to showcase not only their exceptional talent but also their unparalleled sense of style. In MEGA’s Best Dressed List, it becomes evident that the intersection of artistry and style continues to inspire and attract audiences around the world, as it sets the stage for future fashion moments to come—one that may include many more Filipinos to come.


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By: Sean Castelo III
Title: MEGA’s Best Dressed List For the 30th SAG Awards
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3 Reasons Why Sarah Geronimo Deserves the Billboard Global Force Award

Make way for ‘Popstar Royalty’ Sarah Geronimo—Billboard’s first Filipina Women in Music Honoree.

A young contestant on a talent show two decades ago, Sarah Geronimo is now a Philippine music icon, making a name for herself in both OPM and in the global scene. With her unmatched versatility, tireless dedication, and enduring influence in shaping the music industry both in the country and beyond—Sarah Geronimo now makes history as the first Filipina to be honored with the Global Force award at the Billboard’s Women in Music annual awards show.

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Sarah Geronimo makes history as the first Filipina Women in Music Honoree by Billboard

The award revolutionizes women in today’s sound, and this marks a significant turning point in the history of Filipina representation on the international stage. The recognition of Geronimo’s brilliant career and immense impact reinforces her as a trailblazer in providing OPM and Filipina artists a broader appreciation worldwide. Because of this, here are three reasons why she deserves the award:

1. Geronimo is committed to her unparalleled artistry.

She cares about her craft and growth as an artist—and it shows. Her powerhouse voice and heartfelt lyrics resonate with the Filipino crowd, and she can show off her vocal prowess performing Celine Dion or Whitney Houston or singing along to her dance hits Kilometro and Tala with a stability only veteran and exceptional artists such as herself could achieve. Over the years, her own style and sound have diversified and transformed from diva ballads to an eclectic mix of soul, dance, R&B, and rock. With experimentation and the embrace of various genres, Geronimo isn’t afraid to tread unfamiliar waters and deliver something new and interesting with a vehement attitude and intensity—and of course, love for her craft.

Sarah G. is a quintessential triple threat in the local and global music landscape

2. She commands the stage like no other.

Geronimo’s creativity and genius prowess stands out in electrifying and unforgettable performances with dance choreography and soulful vocals. At her sold-out 20th anniversary concert just last year, she enthralled the audience by performing new choreography for her viral hit Tala, and a revitalized rendition of her earlier hits, Sa Iyo. She also debuted My Mind, an upbeat collaboration with Billy Crawford, and sang Healing, an emotionally-charged piece written by KZ Tandingan. Geronimo curated a captivating setlist of her iconic hits, even treating fans with a mesmerizing medley of songs from the movies she starred in: Paano Ba Magmahal, Maybe This Time, and Fallin’, and A Very Special Love. With a repertoire of over 40 songs, the three and a half-hour concert culminates in a spectacular dance performance for an encore. In every performance and show, Geronimo gives her audience 110%, captivating them with her unmatched talent and further establishing her status as a true icon in OPM.

Sarah G captivates her audience with electrifying and unforgettable performances

3. She is authentic in her music and public persona.

As a public figure, Geronimo continues to command the most loyal of fans and supporters in her music and personality, and the result? Sold-out shows at a time when other foreign acts are dominating the country’s biggest venues.

Taking complete ownership of her art is a commitment she strives to uphold. When she started as a recording artist, Geronimo shared that she had no hand in the creative process. Nevertheless, she gave life to every lyric and note—until she could pick the songs for her own albums and tell her own story. Now, in every project, Geronimo’s voice, choices, narrative, and style shines in her work and her art.

Sarah G. is popstar royalty

PHOTOS: Sarah Geronimo (Via Instagram)

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Title: 3 Reasons Why Sarah Geronimo Deserves the Billboard Global Force Award
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