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For a decade, Spirit Lake at Hulaween has remained the transformational cornerstone of American festivals.

This immersive art experience has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity, drawing in sculptors, fire and metal workers, painters, thespians, and lighting designers who transform the festival grounds into a mesmerizing realm.

As Hulaween celebrates its 10-year milestone this coming weekend on October 26-29, Spirit Lake has revealed an unprecedented surprise: an entire roster of art programming accessible before the festival begins.

In previous years, this information was shrouded in mystery until attendees arrived. However, 2023 marks a significant shift with every artist and art collective receiving due credit across the festival’s digital platforms, websites, onsite signage, and more.

2022 10 27 scene hulaween taragracerfoto 4 1
Photo credit Tara Gracer 

Hulaween has always nestled Spirit Lake on the right side of the lake connecting it to the rest of the festival. But this year it will be a complete 360 around the whole lake, doubling the amount of adventure.

One of the most beloved features that Spirit Lake offers is the Incendia art stage. Conceptualized by Cory Glenn, it utilizes a unique technique to capture fire’s glow, crafting an illuminating ambiance for the festival’s dancers.

Incendia’s return ignites the dancefloor, showcasing the power of art to transcend boundaries.

Another highlight that enthusiasts can anticipate is the return of the daily projection mapping spectacle by the esteemed professionals, Jasper & Shelby Mosher. This perennial favorite promises to enchant audiences at the water’s edge, a testament to its enduring appeal.

The infamous Frick Frack Black Jack, led by the enigmatic Marvelous Marv, will once again grace Hulaween with its no-cash, no-limit blackjack game.

The Frick Frack brand has become synonymous with quirky experiences, delighting festival-goers across the United States.

IMG 2818

The Mural Maze, which made its debut a decade ago, has grown exponentially. Covering a sprawling 15,000 square feet, it offers an engaging experience for attendees while providing exposure and growth opportunities for visual artists.

This year, Ania Amador will lead The Mural Maze, expanding it to include the Deliberate Creation Station, The Gallery, displaying artwork, and the Hydration Station. 

A particularly innovative installation comes from “Save the TV’s Irregular Scheduled Programming.” This project breathes new life into old tube televisions, encouraging attendees to rethink the disposal of electronic waste. It’s a testament to art’s ability to spark conversations and provoke thought. 

Essi Rhodes’ installation, Chatterpillars, consists of two human-sized caterpillars designed to inspire a change in perspective. Festival-goers can interact with these caterpillars by speaking into their mouths, creating a sense of childhood playground nostalgia.

Photo credit Josh Skolnik

Driving this new era for Spirit Lake is the Creative Director, Justin Bolognino, the CEO and co-founder of META. His portfolio includes designing artistic experiences in collaboration with renowned artists such as Skrillex, Phish, and Porter Robinson.

Beyond the music world, META has worked with brands like Google, Spotify, and Samsung. As Spirit Lake’s Creative Director, Bolognino has revitalized the classic installations that fans adore while curating ten additional installations and experiences.

Spirit Lake has undeniably become an integral part of Hulaween’s identity. With a staggering array of art installations and activities that mesmerize fans year after year, it’s clear that the power of art to transcend boundaries and inspire is alive and well at Hulaween’s Spirit Lake.

The decade of artistry is not just a celebration, but also a testament to the enduring magic of creativity that continues to captivate the hearts and minds of festival-goers.

All photos provided by Hulaween

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By: Emily Harvey
Title: An Inside Look On Spirit Lake At Suwannee’s Hulaween
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Published Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2023 16:09:50 +0000

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Teamworx and Yam Refaeli Join Forces on Heartfelt Single ‘Until We’re Falling Down’

Teamworx Yam Refaeli 1024x576 1

In a remarkable fusion of creativity and technology, a collaborative initiative has emerged, bringing together five individuals from diverse artistic backgrounds to create a poignant musical experience. The team includes the dynamic DJ duo and producers, Teamworx (Ben Azoulay and Saar Lagziel), the renowned singer/songwriter Yam Rafaeli (X-Factor Israel finalist), and the visionary project leaders, Tamir Yeshayahu and Idan Shakorka.

Teamworx Yam Refaeli 1024x576 2

Their journey took a unique and exciting turn as they delved into the creation of a song that transcends conventional boundaries. Leveraging the power of AI video technology, they artfully reconstructed the events of a tragic massacre, weaving together a narrative that seeks to leave a lasting impact.

The accompanying video is not for the faint-hearted, as the combination of evocative visuals and a compelling storyline ensures that no eye remains dry. The creators acknowledge that not everyone may be able to watch the entire clip due to its emotional intensity.

The genesis of the song lies in heartfelt conversations with survivors and extensive research across various networks. The lyrics encapsulate a range of emotions, from profound sadness and anger to a resilient hope that authentically reflects the human experience in the face of tragedy.

Beyond being a mere composition, the song holds a profound purpose—to inspire people to sing, dance, and engage with the accompanying video. The vision is to spread this musical tribute to dance floors across the globe, fostering awareness and creating a lasting memorial for friends lost on that fateful day.

At the heart of the song’s narrative are the stark events of October 7 at the Nova Festival. The lyrics vividly address a horrific massacre where over 300 attendees, seeking nothing but the joy of dancing peacefully, lost their lives at the hands of Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

Yam Rafaeli’s impactful vocal delivery, combined with Teamworx’s masterful production, creates a connection that transcends the auditory experience. For those seeking a deeper connection, a compelling 3-minute video clip accompanies the audio, providing a visceral and emotional visual experience.

As the creators aim for the song to find its place in the playlists of renowned DJs and resonate across global dance floors, “Dance until we fall” stands as a powerful artistic endeavor—a tribute, a call to action, and a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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By: Andy Bedhun
Title: Teamworx and Yam Refaeli Join Forces on Heartfelt Single ‘Until We’re Falling Down’
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Published Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2023 16:08:30 +0000

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Fred again.. Samples Baby Keem in Stellar ‘leavemealone’

IMG 0439 819x1024 1 jpeg

I can’t really begin this article without commending Fred again.. for his insane production and mixing skills. Ok that feels better… Fred Again.. brings out an unique blend of Baby Keem’s ‘South Africa’ and ‘Bullies’ to craft ‘leavemealone’. The Atlantic Records track is a nasty electro journey with Jungle influences and incredible melodies. The result is 3:43 minutes of pure goosebumps.

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IMG 0439 819x1024 2 jpeg

The song introduces a blend of Baby Keem’s original tracks in a masterful positioning, adding reverbs and stuttering that makes transitions seamless. The build up is as emotional as it is sick in the best way possible. It’s so good you just want to cry on the dancefloor as you keep dancing and your tears turn into joy. The hip hop elements fuse with the Electro and UK style in a very dynamic composition. Fred again.. really outdid himself with this one. The repitches and stutters are so well presented it is truly a Grammy-worthy situation.

Baby Keem

IMG 0441 1024x683 1 jpeg

The American Rapper is known for his role on the Black Panther soundtracks, as well as credit contributions for Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar. His free flowing style with heavy trap and bass influences made him the right candidate for the UK producer Fred again.. to ascertain his prowess and construct this masterpiece of a track.

Fred again.. and again?

The UK producer and DJ just gets better and better. He worked with Skrillex and Four Tet for ‘Rumble’. Besides, he produced happiness anthems like ‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’ Fred again.. is a force in this era. Alone this year, He managed to book an eight-night residency at the Shrine in LA. And, gave us three nights at Forrest Hills Stadium. Moreover, he is now a nominatee for Best Dance/Electronic Album at this year’s Grammy Awards for Actual Life 3 (January 1- September 9 2022). His ability to develop story like songs and albums that feel like intimate journal entries is such a beautiful ability.

Nevertheless, we present you ‘leavemealone’:

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By: Jay Seabrook
Title: Fred again.. Samples Baby Keem in Stellar ‘leavemealone’
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Published Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 18:21:15 +0000

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Summer Camp Festival Evolves Into New Concept, Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie

unnamed 1024x1024 1

Summer Camp Festival in Illinois has had an impressive 22-year run. The creators will enter an exciting new era in 2024 with their new festival concept: Solshine: A Music and Arts Reverie. Debuting at Summer Camp’s beloved venue of Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois, the first-ever edition of Solshine will take place from Friday, May 24 – Sunday, May 26, 2024. There will also be a pre-party on Thursday, May 23.

The festival has expanded from 2,000 attendees in 2001 to over 25,000 attendees in 2023. They present a cross-genre music lineup and experiential programming helped cultivate a dedicated fanbase and inclusive community. Over the years the festival also hosted a wide variety of music acts including Tom PettyZac Brown Band, SkrillexDiploGrizGoosePretty Lights, SubtronicsPrimusWillie Nelson & FamilyLiquid StrangerRebelutionREZZSlightly StoopidSTS9The Disco BiscuitsExcisionZeds Dead and many more.

Looking toward the future while celebrating the past, Summer Camp’s organizers will channel their flagship event’s longstanding legacy into their new Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie concept. The festival will host a diverse, cross-genre lineup of musical acts spanning jam bands, electronic, bluegrass, funk, rock, and everything in between. In addition to its music programming, the Solshine will offer a variety of workshops, food & craft vendors, and activities – the heart and soul of what made Summer Camp a ‘home away from home’ for attendees who returned year after year. 

Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie will also retain Summer Camp’s core ethos of building an inclusive community around music. Through its mission of sustainability, the festival will aim to inspire attendees to live a life of intention and purpose to create a positive impact on the world. To capture this spirit, the festival will host the coveted experiential art area The Illumination Woods, and the permanent garden SOULPATCH as a dedicated area to increase knowledge of permaculture and sustainability.  

Tickets are available here!

unnamed 1024x1024 2

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By: Drew Barkin
Title: Summer Camp Festival Evolves Into New Concept, Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie
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Published Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 18:17:49 +0000

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