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Recognized as one of the most influential people who matter in 2022, the chairman and CEO of AGC PHC shares his story of leadership and what drives him as a mentor and visionary.

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The prestigious Asia Leaders Awards is an award-giving body that recognizes the country’s top leaders and innovators for their contributions in promoting the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and beyond.

As the best of the best gathered at the Hilton Grand Ballroom on June 22 for the awarding ceremony, Archie G. Carrasco (AGC), the chief executive officer and chairman of media conglomerate AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), was named as one of the night’s distinguished honorees.


As one of the 15 Rising Tigers and Nation Builders under the Men and Women Who Matter in 2022, Carrasco has exceeded expectations despite the limitations presented by the global pandemic. The award, according to a press release from the award-giving body, goes beyond excellence and the celebration of leadership—for those on the list, it is about making an impact on this world and inspiring others. 

The Test of Authentic Leadership
For Carrasco, the onset of the pandemic was his biggest challenge. As he witnessed businesses shut down because of the worldwide economic crisis, he powered through and turned the setbacks into opportunities—not only to save his company, but also to take care of the welfare of his employees and their families.

“A test of authentic leadership.” That was how he described those uncertain times. He took bold steps to diversify his string of businesses, and above all, he put his people first. It has been Carrasco’s guiding principle to keep his employees safe and provide them with job security amidst the pandemic.

In his everyday life, Carrasco balances multiple companies despite the circumstances. He continues to report to the office every day to guide his executives and support the team of AGC PHC. And amidst the obstacles the pandemic brought, Carrasco molded his leadership skills and took the initiative to be present in meetings with the leaders of his companies and with the company’s clients, industry partners, and more.

Mentors Behind his Success

His journey to becoming the leader he is today was guided by the creative visionaries and pioneers who have and continue to inspire him, Carrasco said.  These inspirations include Frances J. Yu, his first mentor and a retail marketing guru, who guided him when he joined the company. Next on the list is the late Sari V. Yap.

Yap, the founder of One Mega Group (OMG), recognized Carrasco’s potential fifteen years ago and paved the way for him in his early career, Carrasco recalled. To this day, he holds on to the promise he made to Yap when she placed him as the president of OMG: to continue the legacy of the company; to guarantee that employees and stakeholders are cared for; and to preserve the standard of Filipino media excellence.

Over the years, Carrasco persevered. He stands tall as a mentor to others and has stayed resilient as challenges were thrown his way. Moreover, he created an environment that values his employees’ ideas and opinions. Time and time again, he has shown his great leadership, and has proven himself as a true visionary.

A Powerhouse Strategy

“Not doing what everyone else is doing is the secret,” Carrasco shared. “Limiting yourself to the status quo won’t work. Instead, one should project what makes you unique from others, and that’s how the world will notice your efforts.”

When it comes to going against the grain, he emphasized that change should be embraced by every leader. Leaders, he said, should constantly strive for an endless pursuit of innovation as it is the only way for evolution to happen in businesses. 

During the peak of the pandemic, he learned to move differently. He dared to dream big when everyone else decided to play safe.

The Team Who Matters

Stakes are higher as AGC PHC goes global.

With the success of his company, Carrasco never fails to give credit to every member of his team. In times of crisis, his team, he says, always delivers excellence in the form of creativity, loyalty, and dedication to the company. 

“I am fortunate to have an incredibly innovative and high-functioning team behind me. It was through their unwavering support, hard work and dedication that our company was able to expand and evolve despite the limitations brought by our current situation,”

Archie Carrasco

Beyond the accomplishments and awards, Carrasco believes that success happens when you achieve something that positively impacts the lives of others. 

“At the end of the day, the true meaning of success is your level of happiness dictated by what you have achieved and how you have inspired those around you. It is important to keep in mind that above all your successes, you must always remember to put your people first.”

Archie Carrasco

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By: Caryll Cabuhat
Title: Archie Carrasco Recognized at the Asia Leaders Awards
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Published Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 03:35:18 +0000

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