AUCTION TIPS: How To Sell Your Car At Barrett-Jackson


1955 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL GULLWING – SOLD! $$1,870,000

It’s time to make some room in your collection for more cars or you might be ready for something different to take to the concours or local cruise-in. Perhaps you have attended a Barrett-Jackson auction before, or maybe you have been watching the event on TV for a while and you have seen cars just like yours cross the block. It’s got you thinking, “My car is as nice as those, I wonder how it would do at an auction.”

Each Barrett-Jackson event attracts thousands of pre-qualified potential buyers that have all passed a stringent qualification process to ensure their bids can be backed up when your vehicle is sold on the block.

So how do you get started consigning your vehicle for the next auction? The first step is to submit a Preliminary Consignment Form, which helps Barrett-Jackson evaluate your car. There are several ways to do this.

1970 PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD – SOLD! $1,650,000


The easiest method of consigning is on our website. Just click on “Consign” on the home page. This will take you to where you can begin the online application process or explore information and additional options.

Start by inputting your contact information and vehicle details into the online form. Before consigning online, it’s important to gather all vehicle images and documentation in digital form. Scan both sides of your title. Know where the images and scans are located on your computer to avoid interruption.If you have multiple vehicles to consign, you may choose to register as a member on the website (top right of the page) and then log in. As a registered member, your contact information is automatically applied to each vehicle application, avoiding repetitive steps. When you click on “Consign” after logging in, you’ll be taken directly to the online consignment process.DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE FORM

If you prefer to work on paper, there is also an option from the “Consign” page to download a printable consignment form, which you can fill out by hand and mail with all relevant information and photos.



You will need to submit a minimum of six photos, one of which needs to be the VIN. The more photos the better, with several different angles, so prospective buyers can get a good look at your vehicle prior to and during the auction from its online docket listing. Providing quality photographs of your vehicle before it crosses the block is an important step in submitting your vehicle for auction (see “How to Photograph a Car”for some pro tips).


We require that you submit two descriptions of your vehicle with your application:

Short Description: Appears in the docket list on our website as well as in our printed materials. Containing only about 25-30 words, this should focus on features and information that cannot be seen “from the curb.” You should list selling points that may not be immediately evident, such as “ground up restoration,” “fresh engine rebuild” or “twin turbo.”Long Description: This is where you can get into the details of your vehicle, as well as its provenance, if known. People love to read the backstories of cars. This description can be up to 300 words, and it can include restoration information, expenditures, major facets, modifications, history, awards and anything else you feel will add to the selling power of your vehicle. Mention any documentation you have to back up any claims, particularly with regard to custom vehicles. Also include basic information, like transmission type, engine size, etc. The long description will appear on the website docket listing and the “car card” that is on the windshield of the vehicle while it is displayed at auction. This description may also be used in marketing materials, and portions may be read by the auctioneers on the block, so it is crucial to mention the most important or impressive things first. Stick to the facts and avoid subjective terms and wild superlatives in your descriptions, such as “world’s greatest car.” Make sure to talk about your specific vehicle, not the marque in general. You want people to understand your car.Consignors are required to sign off on the vehicle description, signifying that it is their depiction of the vehicle and not Barrett-Jackson’s. Barrett-Jackson won’t embellish, change or deviate from the owner’s vehicle description. It is the owner’s representation of the car.



To effectively process your application, Barrett-Jackson will need a copy of both sides of your title. The scans must be completely legible.

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