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BBR, the world’s leading Mazda MX-5 tuning specialist recently made some exciting news. The company is well known for their high-performance upgrades, and in 2021, they have been working with Rotrex Superchargers to develop upcoming upgrades for the Mazda MX-5 NA, NB, and ND models.

Corten Miller, BBR’s counterpart in the UK, approached the latter to work together so that the latter’s reliable and engineered Mazda MX-5 NC Rotrex conversion could be commercialized. BBR technicians has been working and developing their version of a Rotrex supercharger upgrade for the NC model and they eventually realized that due to the confined nature of the standard MX-5 NC engine bay and since they didn’t want to move the battery to the boot or to remove the air-conditioning, there is really only one place that is perfect for the supercharger and its drive system – the same area that Corten Miller first found.

Not wanting to seem like an imitation, the most logical option was to collaborate with Corten Miller and BBR did just that. They forged a collaboration and BBR was able to get complete rights to production, commercialization, and further development of the current Corten Miller supercharger upgrade package.

This has allowed BBR to skip the 12 to 18 months needed for hardware and software development and validation that is normally required before they can offer a conversion to the retail market.


BBRMX5NCMK3Superchargerrearside scaled

Reliable Engineering

“The Corten Miller kit is a proven conversion over eight years, tested in all conditions and climates on both road and track, so that crucial aspect of the hard work was already done. So now BBR is pleased to announce that the MX-5 NC packages previously marketed as the Corten Miller Rotrex KIT PRO and Kit Club Sport are now available with further BBR hardware and software enhancements, henceforth referred to as the BBR Stage One and Stage Two Supercharger conversions,” BBR’s Neil McKay shared.

“The Rotrex Supercharger is a highly reliable device that requires minimal servicing. Combined with the well-engineered air-to-air intercooler package and BBR’s software enhancements, the end result is stunning performance for NC owners, combined with OEM levels of everyday drivability,” McKay added.

The BBR Stage One / Two Supercharger packages does not only provide huge performance boost, but also gives a lot of electronic improvements like launch control, switchable engine maps, flat shift, and auto-downshift throttle blipping.*

BBR Mazda MX-5 Stage One Supercharger Conversion Details

Performance: 250 BHP / 213

0-60 MPH 5.3 seconds

• C30-94 Rotrex Supercharger

• Rotrex Oil reservoir

• BBR Oil Cooler

• BBR High Quality Anodised CNC Rotrex brackets

• BBR High Quality Anodised CNC Tensioner brackets

• Supercharger and revised ancillary belt

• BBR 250 BHP intake restrictor

• BBR CAIS – Cold Air intake system with serviceable air filter

• BBR Front mounted intercooler

• BBR branded Intercooler silicone hoses

• BBR Mandrel Bent intercooler pipe work

• BBR Branded Breather hoses

• Bosch EV14 BBR spec Injectors

• BBR / Bosch MAP / Temperature sensor

• BBR Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish

• BBR Starchip EcuTek calibration software with driver switchable modes (ECU Connect required for models without cruise control)

• Optional hardware only and BBR Software/EcuTek programming cable choices for DIY clients

The BBR Stage One supercharger conversion is already available for all 1.8- and 2.0-liter 2005-2015 Mazda MX-5 (NC) models. The ‘drive-in, drive-out’ option is priced starting at £4,995 at BBR’s Brackley headquarters and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

There is also a DIY version for export and for competent mechanics and it is currently available as ‘hardware only’ for £4,095. It comes with comprehensive instructions to install and technical support. The price rises to £4,590 for those who opt for the BBR software with either EcuTek ProEcu or ECU Connect programming.

It should be noted that a sports manifold is required, preferably the BBR 4-1, for all tuning levels and it is not provided with the kit.

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By: Reggie
Title: BBR Supercharger Upgrades For The Mazda MX-5 and Miata NC Models
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Published Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2022 02:14:49 +0000

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BEYOND THE STRIP: Discover the Cultural Gems of Las Vegas

AdobeStock 527991764 Editorial Use Only copy 200x123 1 jpeg


BEYOND THE STRIP: Discover the Cultural Gems of Las Vegas

Written by Barbara Toombs

Fremont Street in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

Millions of visitors are understandably attracted to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas’ renowned Strip each year, where world-class resorts, casinos, shows and incredible dining options are the name of the game.

What many don’t realize is that there’s another fascinating side to the Entertainment Capital of the World, headlined by two cultural districts known simply as Downtown and Chinatown.

Downtown Las Vegas (also known as DTLV) is really where this unique desert city got its start. In 1931, construction began on what is now known as the Hoover Dam, attracting thousands of workers to a site just east of the city. To capitalize on this growing workforce, savvy businessmen began building casinos and showgirl venues along Las Vegas’ only paved road at the time: Fremont Street.

Today, DTLV is comprised of three distinct districts. Many visitors to the city are already familiar with one of them: the Fremont Street Casino District, which contains museums, restaurants and bars, as well as the original Las Vegas casinos, including El Cortez, Golden Nugget and Golden Gate. Here you’ll also find the renowned Fremont Street Experience, which debuted in 1995. This pedestrian-only thoroughfare is covered by a canopy of more than two million LED lights and a state-of-the-art sound system that comes to life every night for a spectacular sound and light show called “Viva Vision.”

The Arts District

A popular attraction in this district is The Mob Museum (the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement), which showcases intriguing tales and the age-old dichotomy of good guys versus bad guys. Explore at your own pace, go on a guided tour or uncover museum surprises as part of a group scavenger hunt. Want a literal “taste” of old-school Las Vegas? Plan to dine at Top of Binion’s Steakhouse, perched on the 24th floor of Binion’s Gambling Hall. The restaurant dates back to 1965 when it was known as Top of the Mint, the signature dining spot at The Mint hotel tower. The interior design (and menu – think steak, prime rib, lobster and even Baked Alaska) is a throwback to an earlier era when the mob ran much of Las Vegas, but the real draw is the spectacular view through dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Built in 2002, the Fremont East Entertainment District (FEED) is a six-block area that stretches from Las Vegas Boulevard East to 8th Street and from Ogden Street South to Carson. FEED is pedestrian-friendly, offering diverse street life and many eateries, cafes, bars and lounges, as well as ample shopping opportunities and lively entertainment. A must-see attraction in this district is the Downtown Container Park – a dining, shopping and live music venue made of 45 colorful repurposed shipping containers, all fronted by a two-story, fire-breathing praying mantis who made its original debut at Burning Man. Nearby is the popular Bin 702 – one of many great dining choices in the area – featuring a great selection of beer and wine, as well as a tantalizing choice of charcuterie and cheese, sandwiches and small plates for sharing.

18b sign in The Arts District.

In recent years, The Arts District – or the 18b as it’s also known (a reference to it occupying 18 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas, loosely outlined by Commerce Street, Colorado Ave, Fourth Street and Hoover Avenue) – has been growing in popularity. Its monthly “First Friday” block party and art walk features food trucks and live music, serving as a backdrop for artists showing their works off at a variety of open-air and indoor galleries. These include The Arts Factory, home to over 30 artists and art galleries, and ArtSquare, a hip establishment that houses design stores, designer’s studios, wellness spots, and food and drink outlets. Behind The Arts Factory sits one of many great dining choices in The Arts District: Taverna Costera, serving up delicious Coastal Mediterranean fusion that draws inspiration from coastal Spanish, French, Italian and Greek cuisines and beyond.

Just a couple of miles east of the Strip, along Spring Mountain Road (roughly between Rainbow Boulevard and Interstate 15), lies the city’s amazing Chinatown, which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Here you’ll find the largest collection of Asian businesses in Southern Nevada, including a multitude of authentic Asian restaurants, gift shops, a hair stylist, a reflexologist, home decor, an Asian supermarket and the only Chinese bookstore in Nevada.

At Chinatown’s heart is the enormous and ornate Chinatown Plaza, featuring a colorful, dragon-adorned, Tang Dynasty-inspired gate and gleaming

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By: Barrett-Jackson
Title: BEYOND THE STRIP: Discover the Cultural Gems of Las Vegas
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Published Date: Fri, 19 May 2023 18:07:14 +0000

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2024 SCOTTSDALE AUCTION: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Custom Coupe – No Reserve

269679 Front 3 4 200x133 1 jpg


2024 SCOTTSDALE AUCTION: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Custom Coupe – No Reserve

This red 1967 Corvette custom coupe received a complete custom restoration at Springfield Motorsports in Peachland BC, Canada. The build consists of a completely new jig-mounted tube chassis with C4 corvette front upper and lower control arms riding on coilover shocks and power rack & pinion steering. The rear differential is a custom narrowed 9-inch Ford with aluminum Dale Gerry center section with Wilwood disc brakes on all 4 corners. Filling out the wheel wells are custom offset Fikse wheels.

K&S machine in Kelowna, British Columbia took the 454ci engine and machined it to 496ci it is equipped with Comp Thumper camshaft and 800cfm carburetor and it creates a true hot rod sound through the ceramic-coated exhaust. Lee Baxter upholstery created the one-off hand-stitched red leather interior with a rear storage area. It features Vintage Air, Digital gauges, power windows and a leather-wrapped vintage-style steering wheel.

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By: Barrett-Jackson
Title: 2024 SCOTTSDALE AUCTION: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Custom Coupe – No Reserve
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2023 15:52:01 +0000

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From Hamamatsu to Lisbon: A Honda CBX 1000 restomod by Unik Edition

honda cbx 1000 restomod 745x497 1 jpg

Honda CBX 1000 restomod by Unik Edition
The Honda CBX 1000 was only in production for four years, but that was enough time for it to leave a lasting impression on the motorcycle industry. First released it in 1978 as a screaming six-cylinder naked superbike, it later faced stiff competition from its stablemate—the equally iconic CB900F. So the Japanese marque redesigned it as a sport tourer, halfway through its tenure.

The updated ‘CBX-B’ had a touring fairing, optional panniers, and Honda’s new-at-the-time Pro-Link mono-shock setup. It was a hair less powerful than before, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a legend in its own right. If you park a CBX and CBX-B next to each other, you could argue that the latter has more presence.

Honda CBX 1000 restomod by Unik Edition

It’s that mystique that prompted the owner of this 1982 Honda CBX 1000 Pro-Link to buy it. Enamored with the fusion of modern technology and ancient traditions found in Japanese cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, he was on the hunt for a classic motorcycle that embodied that philosophy. When he found the CBX, the sheer brutalism of its six-cylinder engine was impossible to ignore.

“In the eyes of this enthusiast, the engine wasn’t just a mechanical marvel; it was the soul of the motorcycle, much like the heart in a human body,” says Tiago Gonçalves, founder of the Portuguese custom shop, Unik Edition. “This revelation laid the foundation for a transformative project, one that would honor the motorcycle’s origins while infusing it with a new identity.”

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: From Hamamatsu to Lisbon: A Honda CBX 1000 restomod by Unik Edition
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2023 16:34:54 +0000

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