BEHIND THE SHADES: Steve Davis reflects on Barrett-Jackson being a beacon of normalcy


Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis




Where do I even begin to talk about the 2021 Scottsdale Auction? In my mind, it was unprecedented; our expectations were exceeded in every way for our first live event of 2021. The great sales, the excitement, the feeling you get when you come to Barrett-Jackson – it was there, even in the midst of a pandemic. It was truly a signature Barrett-Jackson event with an exclamation point.

We had to overcome some tremendous hurdles in terms of logistics and safety protocols to be able to stage what came as close to a traditional Scottsdale Auction as you could get given the regulations that had to be followed, and I think our team passed with flying colors.

A welcome and familiar site: the giant American flag over the Barrett-Jackson auction block.

Our goal was to meet and hopefully exceed the expectations of all the people who agreed to consign their cars with us – particularly all those at No Reserve, which was 99 percent of all the cars. Even though many wanted to come to Barrett-Jackson and get back to normal, there was just an amount of anxiety hanging in the air; uncertainty on many levels, in every walk of life. I really have to hand it to those who understood that, analyzed that in their head and then decided, “You know what? I’m going to go ahead and make this happen.” I think again it just reinforces the commitment and the appeal that Barrett-Jackson represents to our client base, both buyers and sellers – as well as spectators.

Alicia Monique Blanco, former Miss Arizona USA, was among those performing the National Anthem at the 2021 Scottsdale Auction.

It seems like on many occasions in the past and probably into the future, in these crisis situations – 9/11, the Las Vegas shooting, Iraq, the wars, the financial downturn, now COVID – Barrett-Jackson always seems to be this beacon of normalcy. We’re almost the “comfort food” of the collector car world, if you will. Seeing the American flag, starting the auction off with Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” and then hearing the National Anthem – that’s what we all needed. It feels good to come to Barrett-Jackson again, it feels good to see the excitement of the auction block and feel it. It feels incredible to walk down the rows of exhibitors and see them doing business, with smiles on their faces. And then to walk into the Sponsor Pavilion and see people lined up to take a turn on the dyno, go for a hot lap or watch the Hellcats – experiencing all the cool sounds and smells and tastes of Barrett-Jackson

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Title: BEHIND THE SHADES: Steve Davis reflects on Barrett-Jackson being a beacon of normalcy
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