Bill Warner’s 1971 Porsche 911T – The Stunning Cannonball Runner

You may recognize Bill Warner as the Founder and Chairman of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, held each March on that charming resort island in Florida.

This is true, but Mr. Warner is a man of so many more facets and dimensions: he’s a husband, father, and grandfather. A Jacksonville area businessman. A charitable philanthropist. Military veteran and reservist. An accomplished sports car racer of considerable talent and an enthusiastic car collector. Noted motorsport photographer and author. At a recent Concours dinner, he was introduced as “enthusiastic,” “benevolent,” “genuine,” and “magnanimous”- True descriptors all.

Bill Warner, right, shaking with Hans Joachim Stuck seated in car

In November of 1971, Bill did what every clear-thinking, married, father of one with a pregnant wife would do – he cashed in his chips and bought a brand new Porsche 911 – for $7900.

“Like everyone else, I really wanted a 911S,” Warner wistfully recalls, “but an S was nine grand, and who could afford that?” So he “settled” for a modestly yet meaningfully equipped carbureted, 140 bhp ’71 911T coupe.

The white over hound’s-tooth and black coupe came with chrome steel 912 style wheels and hubcaps, plus air conditioning, and that was about it.

Warner justified this purchase for his growing family:

“I figured I’d do most of the driving, wife Jane would sit in the passenger seat, my son would fit in the back, and the new baby and baby seat would also fit fine in the back.”

Great plan – until they learned that Mrs. Warner was carrying twins. Bill got to keep his ‘sports car toy,’ and Mrs. Warner had a new Buick station wagon within a few weeks.  

The 911 was intended as Warner’s everyday driver, which it was for several years. He traveled extensively around the

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By: Matt Stone
Title: Bill Warner’s 1971 Porsche 911T – The Stunning Cannonball Runner
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Published Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 20:50:19 +0000

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