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classic brown leather boat shoes on a wooden deck

Ah, the boat shoe. The once proud footwear icon has been, in many circles, turned humble in the last ten years or so. But as always, times-they-be-a-changin’ within fashion spaces.

You may have heard whispers. Hushed rumors that herald a mighty return. Could it be? Could the boat shoe be back in style?

Well, the truth is, they never really went out of style. Not truly. If anything, their rich history and newfound versatility is being recognized once more, and that means – they very well might be here to stay for good this time.

But What Are Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes or top-siders, are an American classic invented by Paul A. Sperry of New Haven, Connecticut in 1935 as a utilitarian shoe to maintain one’s footing in slippery conditions.

pristine brown leather boat shoes on a wet, icy wooden deck

They are usually crafted from leather, canvas, or sometimes suede. Typically, they feature a moccasin toe shape, as well.

A distinctive siping pattern is cut into their trademark rubber soles, somewhat resembling the grooves along a rubber tire.

This provides them with a no-slip, non-marking grip that is considered ideal for boating and deck activities.

The Cultural and Contextual History of Boat Shoes

The very name, “boat shoes” is indicative of their strong association with boat ownership, symbolizing a degree of wealth and/or status.

Despite being a utilitarian shoe in nature, used by fishermen and yachters alike, they have gained something of a preppy, ivy-inspired reputation in recent decades.

One only needs to briefly parse through a 1980s J.Crew catalogue to see the evidence in spades. In preppy circles, their inherent ruggedness took on a new meaning, and became heavily associated with either crisp white or brightly-colored deck shorts, polo shirts, and a good dose of “do you know who my father is?” attitude.

college-aged guy wearing white shorts with tan boat shoes, a pink polo shirt with a popped collar, and sunglasses

Not only were boat shoes popular amongst this crowd – they seemed to influence other shopping trends and anchored an entire uniform that defined generations.

Clothing brands like Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and others commanded looks that became briefly inseparable from the boat shoe’s implied aesthetics.

Only, for some reason or another, this look wasn’t always received well, appearing a bit tryhard to some and earning a bit of mockery here and there.

Perhaps their later life in fraternities across the country is what initially seemed to kill the boat shoe for a good chunk of the American public. While stereotypical “frat-bros” would not hesitate to view and describe themselves as “cool,” the rest of society, it seems, would disagree.

The aforementioned outfit consisting of colorful chino shorts, popped-collar polos, and boat shoes (often the iconic Sperry brand) became the subject of much meme-ry in the 2010s. And for a while there, it seemed the boat shoe was effectively dead.

Rarely seen except on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale during spring break, worn by white-claw clutching college students who, on some level, have to be purposely leaning into the whole frat-bro look.

The Return of the Boat Shoe

But as always, the tides have shifted. Boat shoes are on the rebound, particularly in fashion-forward spaces. Which means a few brave pioneers are just now rediscovering them, and now you have the opportunity to do so, too. That is, before they truly re-enter the mainstream.

Heck, trends move so fast these days that by the time this article is published, we may very well be there already as a society.

man wearing sleek black boat shoes with white linen pants, a black belt, and a white linen shirt

The thing is, the rules have changed. Or rather, a whole new set of cultural associations mean that this time, we’re gonna do the boat shoe a bit differently. That means what we pair ‘em with. Where we wear them altogether.

Unless you’re specifically looking to replicate the frat-bro-of-old aesthetic, listen up! Here’s the game plan, gents.

How To Style Boat Shoes Today

First off, make sure you have a pair you love. We’ll recommend some brands at the end of this article, but make sure your boat shoes fit, don’t slip, and look fresh!

There are numerous ways to style boat shoes, but we’ll start off by reimagining the preppy summer uniform we were ragging on earlier.

Preppy Summer Redux

One of the things that often made the chino shorts of the late 2000s and early 2010s a bit lame is that often, they were cut far too slim and flat to demand presence.

While slim shorts can work in some contexts, boat shoes can benefit from a pair of shorts that have a somewhat wider thigh opening.

Bonus points for pleated shorts! They embody a charmingly dorky vibe to some for sure, but pleats will give them a bit more shaping and dynamism.

black man next to yacht wearing pleated, wide-legged off-white shorts with brown boat shoes and a brown knit polo

You don’t want to look like you’re being squeezed by your shorts. Let your legs (and other assets) breathe!

So what if you end up looking like a camp counselor from the 80s in the process? If we’re going to redefine the preppy aesthetic, we want to take it back towards its roots instead of catapulting it into twenty-first century trends where it doesn’t belong. That means going back in time a little and revisiting what’s worked in the past.

The length of your shorts is entirely up to your preference. Shorter lengths such as the ever-popular 5-inch inseam are a good bet, and even carry some historical reference! See just about any photograph of young JFK in summer attire if you want proof. It works!

A good rule of thumb is to just make sure your shorts end somewhere above the knee. Though even then, some fashion-forward folks today champion the longer short. It’s up to you, really.

While a plain polo shirt is a suitable top (avoid the popped collar, please), you can do a lot better, if you ask us. Consider a knit polo for something with a bit more texture, or a camp collar shirt. These can be worn regularly or even open over a ribbed tank that’s tucked elegantly into your shorts.

Traditionally, you’ll want to go sockless while wearing boat shoes. Just trust us on this one.

Boat Shoes and Business Casual

You might be surprised to see the two in the same sentence, but the fact is, boat shoes can be dressed up a bit for a somewhat elegant sartorial look in the warmer months!

The following recommendation is a somewhat involved and playful take on business casual, but we have no doubts you can pull it off.

Try pairing your boat shoes with a pair of crisp white trousers, in either cotton, linen, or even seersucker. As always – bonus points for pleats, and a higher waist!

Then, add a horizontal striped tee, either in a white/blue, red/navy, or similar iteration. Tuck the tee neatly and tie it off with a leather braided belt that matches your shoes.

man wearing brown boat shoes with white, pleated, high-waisted linen trousers

Finally, elevate the look with a navy blue blazer with gold-tone buttons. The final look is one that’s highly nautical in origin, but elegant and sophisticated enough for the office or a cocktail party.

Looking to go a bit more daring? Consider adding a bandana or neckerchief in a contracting fabric around your neck for an extra personal touch. For such a small piece, it sure can add a lot!

The Anchor of Smart Casual

Boat shoes work wonders in smart casual ensembles, and they should be treated as such!

One recommendation to consider as a mainstay style option is to pair them with jeans. Denim and boat shoes look pretty great together, and their moccasin construction can help you lean into both rugged or refined aesthetics.

Try pairing boat shoes with dark wash jeans, a white or light-blue linen shirt, and a tan linen blazer for a refined yet relaxed look that’s as timeless as it is effortless.

A bonus tip? Consider cuffing your jeans. Something about the contrasting denim tones gracing a classic pair of boat shoes just pops!

cuffed dark-wash jeans with brown boat shoes

Alternatively, try just a simple white tee shirt for something a bit more down-to-earth. Your boat shoes will complement the look!

Best Boat Shoe Brands to Try

Finally, a few specific boat shoe recommendations. Whether you’re looking to re-embrace these American style classics, or simply trying them out for the first time, here are a number of brands worth noting.

Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Top-Sider logo

Named after the creator of the boat shoe, Sperry patented his trademark slip-sole in 1939. The rest, as they say, is history. You simply cannot discuss boat shoes without mentioning Sperry. So ubiquitous is the brand with the shoe type – it’s kind of like when people call all tissues “Kleenex.”

Their original boat shoe designs are competitively priced, well-made, and ever-lastingly stylish.


Sebago logo

Established in 1946 in Maine, Sebago has built a reputation for quality products at a fair price. They stock a wide variety of boat shoe models and have wonderfully inclusive sizing.

Down to the styling, their boat shoes are charmingly classic and traditional – and well worth your attention.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean logo

The legendary New England-based sportswear company should be no stranger to you already, but their boat shoe offerings are mighty underrated!

While they offer several classic moccasin type shoes, their Casco Bay Boat Mocs are some of the finest boat shoe options you can get for just under the $100 price point.

G.H. Bass

G.H. Bass logo

Perhaps best known for their loafers, G.H Bass offers a fine selection of moccasin-style shoes as well, including boat shoes. Their Hampton Boat Shoe is sleek and refined, making it easy to style up.

For something a bit different, their Ranger Super Lug Camp Moc shoe retains many of the distinctive features of a moccasin boat shoe – with an extra dose of presence (and a platform lug-sole)!

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren logo

Where classic American style goes, Ralph Lauren picks up the trail, dusts it off, and makes it ten times better.

Their Merton Leather Boat Shoe is particularly nice, with a classic white sole that fits right in with an elevated preppy aesthetic. There’s even a stunning colorblocked red/white/blue version that’s splendidly American, and ultra-sharp, too.


Paraboot logo

The French Shoemaker celebrated and revered by menswear and fashion enthusiasts worldwide offers an exceptionally high-quality boat shoe for the devoted fan.

Their Barth model is crafted from supple leather and features refined stitching. They’re pricey, but a worthy investment.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Boat Shoes Are Back: Here’s How To Wear Them Right
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Published Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 16:41:13 +0000

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The Ultimate Guide to Luxurious Shaving: A Closer Look at Captain Fawcett’s Premier Shaving Gift Set

CF Shaving Gift Set 9265 1024x1024 1

In the world of men’s grooming, shaving is more than just a daily ritual; it’s an art form that demands the finest tools and products to achieve perfection. Captain Fawcett, a brand renowned for its commitment to traditional grooming excellence, offers two remarkable shaving gift sets that cater to the discerning gentleman: the Faux Shave Brush, Razor & Soap Gift Set. Let’s dive into what makes these set exceptional and why they should be a staple in every man’s grooming arsenal.

CF Shaving Gift Set 9265 1024x1024 2

The Faux Shave Brush, Razor & Soap Gift Set

Elegance and Simplicity in One Package

For those who seek elegance and simplicity in their shaving routine, the Faux Shave Brush, Razor & Soap Gift Set is an outstanding choice. This set encapsulates the essentials of a refined shaving experience, presented in a stylish and practical manner.

CF Shaving Gift Set 9257 1024x1024 1

What’s Inside:

  1. Razor – This set features a sleek, modern razor designed for ease of use and superior performance. Its balanced weight and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to handle, ensuring a close, comfortable shave every time.
  2. Shaving Brush – The faux shave brush included in this set is crafted with synthetic bristles that offer the softness and performance of natural hair without compromising on durability. Its design ensures a rich lather and gentle application, enhancing the shaving experience.
  3. Shaving Soap – The shaving soap in this set is carefully formulated to create a thick, luxurious lather. It softens the beard and protects the skin, facilitating a smooth, irritation-free shave. The soap’s subtle fragrance adds a touch of sophistication to your morning routine.

Why Choose the Faux Shave Brush, Razor & Soap Gift Set?

This set is ideal for the gentleman who appreciates a no-nonsense approach to grooming without sacrificing quality and style. It provides all the essentials needed for a superior shave, packaged in a way that exudes elegance and simplicity.


The Faux Shave Brush, Razor & Soap Gift Set from Captain Fawcett is exceptional choices for anyone looking to elevate their shaving experience. Whether you are drawn to the rich tradition of Italian barbering or prefer a straightforward, elegant approach to grooming, these sets offer the perfect blend of quality, craftsmanship, and luxury. Treat yourself or the special man in your life to the gift of a superior shave, and transform a daily routine into a moment of indulgence and sophistication.

Shop the collection here.

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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Luxurious Shaving: A Closer Look at Captain Fawcett’s Premier Shaving Gift Set
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2024 12:13:41 +0000

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Ultimate Rainwear Guide: How Stylish Men Stay Dry

man wearing a long and dramatic tan trench coat over a green tweed suit and tall brown rubber rain boots holding an elegant wood handled umbrella 1

man wearing a long and dramatic tan trench coat over a green tweed suit and tall brown rubber rain boots, holding an elegant wood-handled umbrella

One of the more challenging aspects of curating good style is what to do when the weather takes a downturn and the skies begin to downpour.

It’s all very well and good to have a good outfit, but what’s the use if you get caught in the rain and end up looking like something the cat dragged in?

Let’s be real for a second. Your Maison Margiela GATs may be nice, but they’re a lot less impressive if you get them (and the rest of your fit) absolutely soaked.

Thankfully, a man needn’t venture forth into the storm unprepared. As luck would have it, there are plenty of options to stay dry. The ingenuity of some rainwear may present itself through its utilitarianism, purely serving a functional purpose to protect the real clothing underneath. Other times, rainwear can be just as stylish and statement-worthy all on its own.

From good, sturdy rain boots to elegant umbrellas, there’s a whole world of options to keep you dry. The best kind of gentleman is one who is always prepared.

The following guide delves into the stuff of sailors to tasteful pieces worn by aristocrats. All of it though, will thwart the rain the way it ought to.

From the Boots on Up

dark green rubber rain boots in a puddle

When it’s storming out, your choice of footwear can truly make or break the rest of your day. After all, there’s hardly anything worse than soggy socks. But luckily, you’ve got what to choose from here.

While there do exist waterproof leather shoes and water resistant sneakers, sometimes, your best option is going to be a good pair of rain boots.

There are several major variations of rainboot, differing in materials, height, and general aesthetics.

L.L. Bean Boots

L.L. Bean Boots

Also frequently and more generically referred to as “duck boots”, these boots are an American classic with a slightly rugged, casual appeal, though they can be paired with smart casual styles to great effect, especially if you’re trying to capture the aesthetic of the American northeast.

Constructed from a contrasting rubber sole stitched onto a supple leather upper, L.L. Bean Boots are admittedly a bit of a “Frankenshoe,” though their character is undeniably charming. They’ve retained their original design since 1912. Sewn in their origin state of Maine, these embody the spirit of New England life and look great with anything from jeans, to khakis, to corduroys. They’re affordable too, running only a bit over $100 for their signature pair.

2. Rubber Chelsea Boots

Rubber Chelsea Boots

Another smart option, these tend to lean a bit more sophisticated in their simplicity. Easy to pull on and off with tabs typically affixed to the uppers, chelsea boots work with nearly every type of outfit combination. Heck, you can even pair them with a suit. Consider brands like Totes, Barbour, Hunter, Sperry, and Blundstone.

3. Tall Rain Boots

Tall Rain Boots

As their name suggests, these are the tallest type of rain boots you can buy without getting into wader territory. Typically made from rubber, these will keep you dry in almost anything, even during periods of flooding.

To get the most out of these it’s recommended that you tuck your pants into them to stay fully dry. Available from iconic brands like Hunter, Burberry, and Barbour, these are the most effective rain boots around. Even British royalty has been known to make use of these.

Pertaining to Pants

Before we move on to raincoats, the arguably most important rainwear component, we wanted to take a moment to make a note on pants. Particularly, what kinds are best for rainy weather, and which kinds of pants to avoid.

For the most part, you want something that can get a bit wet without soaking through. These will usually be thicker, more tightly-woven fabrics. Heavier jeans will usually do the job, but corduroy pants aren’t a bad bet either. Try to avoid thin, loosely-knit fabric pants in the rain, like some types of chinos and especially linen.

man wearing brown corduroy pants with rubber rain boots and a rain parka jacket

Ultimately though, this part isn’t necessarily the biggest deal, since a good rainwear outfit will almost certainly include a quality raincoat.

Picking a Proper Raincoat

This part is easier said than done. At first glance, there appear to be a myriad of options for protective rain garments. But not all of these are created equal, and some will earn you more style points than others. We’re here to guide you in the right direction – so listen up!

Trench Coats

Double Breasted Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat

Some more modern iterations have tried to cut down on the length for the sake of trends, but try to avoid these. The classic length should at least hit your knees, if not even longer.

Shorter trenches are a bit of a misfire because they feel somewhat neutered, like the coat is ashamed to be what it is.

A longer length isn’t just more effective due to coverage – it looks better, too! Worn open or closed, a long trench coat packs a ton of drama.

Some trench coats include removable linings that add a bit of warmth. While they rarely work as a true winter coat, with and without a good insulating lining, trenches can be used for three out the four seasons in a typical year.

man in trench coat standing under the rain

Classic colors like khaki/tan, black, olive, and navy go with most colors, and are just as good casually as it is with a suit.

You can find plenty available second-hand on marketplaces like eBay, but there’s nothing wrong with buying new if you can afford it. Brands like Burberry, London Fog, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani, and others are great places to look in both new and more affordable second-hand markets.

Parkas and Field Jackets

Men's Casual Jacket

While trench coats can work casually, sometimes you want something a bit more contemporary – and warm.

A good water resistant field jacket will keep you dry, while the insulation provided by a parka jacket will keep you dry and warm. Almost all parkas have a hood, as do some field jackets. Brands like L.L. Bean, Patagonia, and Brooks Brothers all carry good options.

Waxed Jackets

Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket in Olive

Arguably one of the finest pieces you can add to any smart casual ensemble, a quality waxed jacket is also an incredibly versatile piece of rainwear. The most famous one in particular comes courtesy of British brand Barbour, known for their iconic design and practicality.

They aren’t the cheapest, and there are more affordable brands for a decent waxed jacket, but Barbour models are a worthy investment to make. Most familiar in shades of brown or olive with a contrasting corduroy collar, the waxed texture of these jackets repels rainwater and keeps the wearer nice and dry.

Mac Jackets

Mac Jacket

A close cousin to the trench coat but without the double-breasted (and often belted) enclosure, mac or “macintosh” jackets are a simpler take on the raincoat, and often run a bit shorter, as well, typically ending around the knee or lower thighs.

They’re somewhat similar to the “car coat,” a type of overcoat named so due to its ease of use getting in and out of a vehicle. Classic and contemporary, you can’t go wrong with a mac.

Pack an Umbrella

Black Umbrella

Lastly, you shouldn’t overlook an umbrella! It seems that some fellas don’t want to bother with umbrellas at times because they believe they’re seen as a bit “fussy.” And truth be told, a bad umbrella will be fussy, especially as it blows around in the wind and collapses in on itself, leaving you drenched.

But a quality umbrella can make a major difference. We’re not introducing anything radical here – umbrellas work, obviously. But investing in a quality one is well worth your while. There are also umbrellas featuring luxurious materials such as finely crafted wooden handles, such as various models available from brands like Church’s and Burberry.

However, size can matter, too! A skimpy, wimpy little umbrella may be convenient if it fits in your bag, but a proper, generously sized umbrella will keep you and a potential date dry in the stories of conditions. Don’t underestimate the gentleman points you can score with the right one.

Stay Dry, Fellas

From good boots to fashionable raincoats, having the right equipment for the rain almost eliminates the restrictions that bad weather can impose. You’ll never be underprepared or underdressed, and knowing how to get suited up properly for rainy conditions is something of a minor life skill, if you ask us. No one wants to show up somewhere looking like a wet dog. So don’t!

Get yourself some proper rainwear. And stay dry, fellas.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Ultimate Rainwear Guide: How Stylish Men Stay Dry
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2024 16:32:26 +0000

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Common Mistakes Guys Make in Black Tie Attire

Man wearing a black tuxedo with a white pleated tuxedo shirt and a black bow 1

Man wearing a black tuxedo with a white pleated tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie

For most people, “black tie” is pretty much the most formal dress code there is. While technically surpassed by white tie, black tie attire is the more common, modern pinnacle of formal wear that the majority of people will actually experience on some occasions throughout their lifetime.

Whether for formal weddings, lavish galas, or opening night at the opera, black tie is all about following a fairly strict set of rules and adhering to a uniform look – and much less about standing out from a crowd. When an event calls for black tie, you want to fit in, and that means getting all the little details just so.

Unfortunately, as formal wear inches toward a more casual direction, some guys frequently make a number of common mistakes when putting together their black tie ensemble.

While some of these might seem a bit nit-picky, proper attention to detail is a fundamental principle of black tie attire. So, it’s important to be aware of common missteps one can make while ascending the black tie ladder.

Mistake #1: Wearing a Black Necktie Instead of a Bow Tie

man wearing a black silk necktie instead of a proper bow tie with a black tuxedo

You’d be surprised at how often this one occurs! For some guys who may be less familiar with the true definition of black tie, or even for those trying to somewhat “modernize” their outfit, this is one mistake to avoid at all costs.

While a black necktie is certainly a black tie in the most literal sense, the black tie dress code strictly calls for a black bow tie – made from the same silk-satin materials as the lapels of one’s tuxedo, that is.

You can’t simply swap one out for the other. We get it – you’re afraid that a bow tie will make you look dorky. But given the context of a proper black tie outfit, we assure you that the result is anything but. It looks smart, put-together, and signals that you understand and appreciate the rich history of menswear.

Just put a bow on it. And save the black necktie for funerals.

Mistake #2: Using a Black Suit as a Stand-in for a Tuxedo

man wearing a plain black suit with regular non-satin lapels with a black bow tie

This is arguably the most egregious fashion sin on this rather long list of other fashion sins, but it cannot be understated enough – do not do this under any circumstances! We have your best interests at heart here, truly.

So, you got an invite to a black tie event, but you don’t own a tux. Ah well, you think to yourself, my plain black suit should work just fine.

While we understand that not everyone will just have a tuxedo on stand-by, waiting for them in their closet, to the discerning eye, you’ll unfortunately just look out of place if you attempt this. A proper tux differs from a regular black suit in a few fairly distinctive ways, and it’ll just look off.

Mistake #3: Mind Your Waist

man wearing a black tuxedo with the jacket worn open and without a waistband or waistcoat

According to the black tie dress code, the waistline of one’s pants should never be exposed. Traditionally, men don an additional low-cut waistcoat or vest, or, more commonly, a silk-satin waist sash known as a cummerbund.

In recent years, more and more men have been neglecting this rule, and the results are somewhat unappealing.

The visual and aesthetic purpose of a waist covering is that it elongates the legs and lower torso, while preventing the white of one’s shirt from peeking out below the jacket’s buttoning point. Overall, it contributes to a cleaner, sleeker look.

Some men are a bit intimidated by the inclusion of a waistcoat or cummerbund, as they fear it will make them look old-fashioned. And while to some aesthetic tastes, that very well might be the case – that’s kind of the whole point of black tie attire. It’s about tradition!

Don’t disrupt the flow. Follow this rule, and you’ll look ten times better.

The only possible exception comes about when concerning a double-breasted tuxedo, which many feel renders a waist covering somewhat redundant.

However, if you’re accustomed to unbuttoning your double-breasted jacket while sitting, some believe it is then once again appropriate, even suggested, that you wear a waist covering.

Mistake #4: Thrown for a Loop

man wearing tuxedo pants with a satin stripe down the side, with belt loops and a belt

Some men have the privilege of designing for themselves a custom tuxedo, and while this presents many exciting possibilities and will likely ensure a great fit, it’s important to be aware of what kind of details you ought to leave off the tux.

A good tailor will suggest otherwise if you ask for them, but there do exist custom tuxedos that for some reason, have belt loops on the waistband of the pants.

For pretty much any other attire, these are an aesthetic and/or functional choice, but tux pants are traditionally held in place by either side-tab adjusters or suspenders – and often already have the necessary buttons sewn within.

Perhaps even worse than neglecting to wear a cummerbund or waistcoat is by breaking up the sleek harmony between the pants and the jacket with a belt. Be warned!

Mistake #5: Picking the Right Shoes

pair of black derby shoes next to a pair of shiny patent leather oxford shoes

While you certainly have options to choose from regarding proper black tie footwear, don’t just settle for any old black shoe. Often, men will just assume that their existing pair of black “dress” shoes are good enough to go with their tux, but sometimes, they’re a bit misinformed.

As a rule, try to avoid black derbies. While you’ve got the color right, a derby style shoe is considered relatively casual and contrasts too strongly with the formality of a tuxedo.

Instead, opt for either black oxford shoes or opera pumps.

For the former, the simpler, the better. Avoid wingtip oxfords, and certainly types with excessive detailing, such as brogues. A cap-toe is also considered to be a casualizing detail, though you theoretically could get away with it so long as the shoe is a true closed-lace oxford (though this isn’t really recommended).

Opera pumps are a sort of dress loafer/slipper hybrid, and another valid choice for black tie.

Looking to go all-in? Consider oxfords or opera pumps in patent leather, a type of high-sheen gloss finish that truly sparkles and is iconic to black tie attire.

Mistake #6: Shirking Proper Shirts

man wearing a plain white dress shirt with a bow tie and with a tuxedo  next to a man wearing a tuxedo with a proper pleated front white shirt with a bow tie

When selecting the right shirt to go with your outfit, don’t assume that any old white dress shirt will do. In fact, traditional, proper tuxedo dress shirts differ in a few ways, and even come in a few variations.

For one, they will typically feature either a pique bib or pleated front, and the top few buttons are ideally fastened with a set of shirt studs (also known as tuxedo studs).

Additionally, a proper formal shirt will always include french cuffs, to be fastened with a pair of cufflinks. It is common practice for these to be part of a matching set along with the studs, but not required, necessarily.

Lastly, pay attention to the collar. The most contemporary option is a typical spread collar, ideal for the width of a bow tie. However, some opt for a wing collar shirt, which stands up along the neck and features two “wings” that stick up in front, to be tucked behind your bow tie.

So, you’ve got options to play with. But don’t just settle for a generic white dress shirt. Get it right, and it’ll make a world of difference.

Mistake #7: Knot Quite!

clip-on black bow tie

Look, we get it. Tying a bow tie isn’t the easiest for some people, especially if you haven’t done it before. And the plethora of perfectly nice-looking pre-tied options you can find online might look tempting! But that’s just the thing. They might be a bit too perfect.

See, most pre-tied bow ties, whether the kind you fasten from behind, or their far more egregious cousin, the dreaded clip-on, feature a knot that looks too damn immaculate and hardly ever shifts.

While you might like the sound of that, the pre-tied knot’s perfection is also its downfall. It just gives it away and ends up having the opposite effect. Instead of looking sharp, it can look a bit silly.

There’s something to be said about the raw authenticity of a well-tied, but not-quite symmetrical knot, doone by hand. You should aim to get it looking as neat as you can – but never quite perfect. That’s the magic, and why it’s worthwhile to learn and practice tying your own bow tie.

Stay Sharp

black tie attire clothing items

If you can manage to avoid these pitfalls, and follow the rules, there’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll look absolutely great at your next black tie event.

While much of fashion is about experimentation and flashy expression, it’s important to understand the purpose of black tie – that is, to respect a certain level of decorum and uniform.

That doesn’t mean you can’t look great while doing it, though. On the contrary! Stick to the script, make some informed decisions, and your black tie outfit will truly shine in the night.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Common Mistakes Guys Make in Black Tie Attire
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Published Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2024 15:36:07 +0000

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