Bush-built: A Honda NX650 Dominator adventure build from Australia

Adventure riders know that the more your motorcycle falls over, the less you worry about your motorcycle falling over. It’s an essential philosophy if you plan to take your bike into the rough stuff. And it’s the reason that the fuel tank on this Honda NX650 Dominator is full of dings.

The Dominator belongs to Tristan Dewey, a film and television composer and sound engineer based in Bend Of Islands, a rural area just outside Melbourne, Australia. He’s been an avid reader of Bike EXIF for eight years now and figured it was time to build a custom scrambler of his own. But Tristan’s Dominator is no show pony—he’s built it as a bonafide adventure bike.

“It was inspired by my childhood pet goat, ‘Rumba,’ that would climb the un-climbable,” Tristan tells us. “I built it for my local hills—designed to be jumped, bumped, dropped, and often buried in mud.”

“The aesthetic was influenced by the old dented Honda 175 fuel tank, gifted by friend, Evan Lordan. It gives the rider permission to drop the bike in difficult terrain and enjoy the moment while adding another story to the bike’s history.”

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: Bush-built: A Honda NX650 Dominator adventure build from Australia
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Published Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 19:01:31 +0000


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