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Do you feel it?

Winter is coming.

Cold weather, family get-togethers and stockings. Your light jackets and light sweaters aren’t going to cut it anymore.

It’s time to get a head start on your fall clothing for men.

Today, we have 11 essential cool weather wardrobe pieces that you need this fall and winter.

Let’s get started!


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Cold Weather Fashion – Contents

  • Single-Breasted Knitted Blazer
  • Long-Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt
  • Men’s Tote Bag
  • Silver Tie Clip
  • Men’s Dopp Kit
  • Blue Denim Shirt
  • Chino Trousers
  • Navy Turtleneck Sweater
  • Knitted Tie
  • Long-Sleeve Paisley Poplin Shirt


Single-Breasted Knitted Blazer

cold weather fashion knitted blazer navy

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Gentlemen, it is time to embrace the knitted blazer. It is an interesting piece by a great go-to for cooler weather. The knitted blazer is more casual than a full-blown blazer. This is due to the lack of shoulder padding and structured fabric.

Think of the knitted blazer as another type of cardigan. But unlike a cardigan, the knitted blazer can be dressed up or down.

cold weather fashion knitted blazer double breasted

To dress up a knitted blazer, pair it with a dress shirt and trousers. If you want a more casual look, wear a t-shirt or henley underneath it with a pair of jeans or chinos.

You can get a knitted blazer in a double-breasted style if you like that; however, I feel that the single breasted version is more versatile than the double-breasted. A knitted blazer can also work as a layering piece for the cooler months as it can easily fit underneath a pea coat or top coat.


Long-Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt

cold weather fashion long sleeve polo shirt

Think you can only wear a polo shirt in the summer? Think again.

With a long-sleeve knitted polo, you can rock a polo shirt in the cooler months and still look great.

The coolest part of a knitted polo shirt is that not many men wear them. This is an easy piece that you can incorporate into your wardrobe that will help you stand out in a crowd.

The long-sleeves are perfect to fit off the cooler temperatures but can also be rolled up if you’d like. We all know how much women love our forearms! Be careful to not leave your sleeves rolled up too long as this will lead to the sleeves stretching permanently.

cold weather fashion john henric polo shirt

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You want to make sure that your knitted polo is slightly fitted as well. A lot of styles of this polo will feature a ribbed bottom to help with this.

The more fitted look will help to show off your arms better and give you a cleaner look. This is another item that is extremely versatile as it can be worn under a blazer or only in a causal nature.


Men’s Tote Bag

mens tote bag john henric


Don’t say it!

I promise you, this is not a purse. It’s a tote bag. A manly tote bag.

Listen, tote bags have gotten a bad reputation these days. Most tote bags are seen being used by a “socially-conscious” shopper at Whole Foods.

While this is partially true, I think the tote bag is something we as men should embrace simply because of its many different uses.

First of all, this can be an alternative to your regular weekender bag. Let’s say you’re only going away for a night, this bad would be perfect for such an occasion.

inside of mens tote bag john henric

This can also be used for work purposes as there is enough room for a laptop and any papers you need!

Another great use is at the grocery store. Yes, I poked a little fun at all of our “socially-conscious” friends; however, it is important to help our world.

I am not saying you need to change your entire lifestyle but using a tote bag for some small grocery shopping instead of the plastic or paper bags can help. The world is ours to take care of — do your part.

The key to getting a manly looking tote bag is to go for a darker color with leather accents.


Silver Tie Clip

cold weather fashion silver tie clip

To add another texture to your suit style, incorporate a tie clip into your wardrobe.

They are very practical for the cooler weather. Why? With cooler temperatures, comes more wind. If the wind catches your tie, it can lead to some embarrassing moments. If you had a tie clip on, your tie can take hurricane level winds.

There are tons of different styles of tie clips but to start I would go with a rectangular style. This style is simple and understated and very easy to use. After you’ve got the hang of using a tie clip, then you can experiment with bolder styles and shapes.

correct tie clip length

It’s also important to match your tie to your tie clip. An easy mistake to make it getting a tie clip that is larger than the width of your tie. You always want to make sure your tie clip is shorter or equal to the width of your tie.

The proper level for your tie clip is also important; too low or too high your whole outfit will look strange. Ideally, your tie clip should sit around the middle of your sternum between the third and fourth buttons on your dress shirt. It should also be attached right to left to capture both your tie and your shirt placket.


Men’s Dopp Kit

cold weather fashion mens dopp kit

Click here to check out John Henric’s dopp kit in brown leather.

With all the holidays and family functions that happen during the later months of the year, it’s crucial to invest in a high quality dopp kit.

Originally designed in 1926, a dopp kit or toiletry bag has come a long way. The first design was very utilitarian and unstylish.

Today, they come in a variety of styles and designs. I would recommend a dopp kit in leather in a slightly larger than normal style with at least 2 zipped compartments.

In a single dopp kit, you can get all of your grooming essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair styler, cologne, face soap, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

This is a perfect kit to keep track of all of your grooming products when packing a bag. It is also perfect as an emergency kit for your car.

Be careful when loading up the dopp kit that all of your products are securely sealed as sometimes you will have to play Tetris to get everything to fit.


Men’s Blue Denim Shirt

cold weather fashion denim shirt

Click here to check out John Henric’s blue denim shirt.

With roots in physical labor and bad boy style, a denim shirt is a robust and stylish option for you to wear during the colder months of the year.

Because of the nature of denim, these shirts are thicker and will keep your warmer than your standard cotton shirts.

This shirt is best kept for the casual wear or business causal and should be in a darker blue. The lighter the wash of the shirt the less formal it will be and less likely to match it with other clothing.

denim up close

While you can wear a denim jacket and jeans, I would recommend against wearing a denim shirt and jeans. It’s just too much and the contrast isn’t as clear as it is in a jean jacket and could lead you to look like you’re wearing a jean jumpsuit.

Pair a denim shirt with a great pair of khaki chinos as the contrast will look amazing. Also, try to stay away from “bedazzled” versions of a denim shirt. This can work for some guys style but more than likely you will look like a rhinestone cowboy.


Men’s Chino Trousers

cold weather fashion mens chinos

A year-round option, chino trousers are a perfect option for cooler temperatures.

These are great replacement for jeans and come in a wide range go colors. They will also keep you warm during the cooler months while not over heating you.

Nailing the fit of chinos is very important. You want to have a nice tapered or slim fit. If you wear these in a boot cut, they can look a little bit strange and won’t work as well with your fall footwear.

Don’t get a skinny fit unless you’re skinny — there’s no need for sausage legs…

If you stick to neutral colors such as black, khaki, navy and dark green, chinos can be extremely versatile. You can dress them down with a t-shirt or cardigan or dress them up with a dress shirt, tie and/or blazer.


cold weather fashion navy turtleneck john henric

Another classic in menswear, the turtleneck sweater is an amazing option for the cooler months.

These were originally worn by the working class men in the Navy, the turtleneck gave the sailors wartime and protection while out on the sea. It can for you as well.

The turtleneck is a stylish way to stay warm. I know that you might not like the material against your neck but if you invest in a high quality merino wool or cashmere, the turtleneck will be extremely comfortable.

cold weather fashion cable knit turtleneck

To keep your turtleneck as versatile as possible, opt for a lighter less chunky version. The more heavyweight and chunky your turtleneck is, the more casual the sweater becomes.

This sweater can be worn in a lot of different ways including, under a blazer, under a casual jacket or as a top layer.


Knitted Tie

cold weather fashion knitted tie navy

Click here to check out John Henric’s dark blue knitted tie.

Mimicking the changes in the weather and leave, a knitted tie is another cool weather essential you need in your wardrobe.

The knitted tie came into popularity in the 1940s when ties were still worn well above the belt like and actors like Cary Grant and Fred Astaire were the biggest stars.

cashmere knitted tie john henric

Originally, knitted ties featured a square bottom as opposed to the pointed tie end everyone is used to. Today, you can get knitted ties with a point end and a square end.

Try to get your knitted tie in a high quality material such as

These are a great option to bring in just a little bit of texture to your outfit. Match this with a plain dress shirt and a solid blazer. Be careful not to go overboard with textures. Less is more.


Long-Sleeve Paisley Poplin Shirt

cold weather fashion paisley shirt

Click here to check out John Henric’s navy paisley shirt.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again the paisley shirt is a great shirt option that most men are afraid to wear and they shouldn’t be!

A paisley shirt is a great option to incorporate into your wardrobe and to freshen up your look.

The more subtle you go with a paisley pattern the easier it is to pull off and it does take some confidence to pull off well.

This shirt can work well as a casual piece or can be slight dressed up under a blazer. Menswear can get boring when you don’t experiment!


Cold Weather Fashion – Summary

Gentleman, you now know all of the cold weather fashion essentials you need in your wardrobe this year.

From knitted ties to dopp kits, you’ve got some shopping to do to get ready for winter!

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