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Katy Perry appears to be teasing music four years after her last album.

Some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the singer slyly changed her profile picture just days after wrapping up American Idol.

Perry changed her profile picture across all her social media platforms to a cryptic red background with a silver logo in her initials ‘KP’.

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Katy Perry at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards

The Roar hitmaker also changed her banner on X (formerly Twitter) to a matching red background with water drops and updated her official website.

The social media switch-up has convinced fans the singer is finally set to release her highly anticipated sixth album, spurring many to tweet “KATY PERRY IS COMING”.

“Katy Perry is coming back and I hope she gets all the success again. Smile is an underrated album,” one fan wrote on X, referring to Perry’s last album in 2020.

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The singer has also created a broadcast channel on Instagram called 143, which is linked in her bio.

“In case you didn’t know, today is the 143rd day of the year. I love you,” the singer said in a voice recorded message sent to the open channel.

Just a couple of days earlier the singer cryptically included the number 143 in an Instagram caption as she ended her seven seasons on American Idol.

In April, Perry teased fans by revealing she had collaborated on a new unreleased song with Canadian singer Lu Kala.

“She helped me write one of my biggest songs that has yet to come out but it’s coming out!” Perry said in an Instagram video posted by Lu Kala.

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Katy Perry

A few days later the star debuted a dramatic new haircut – which turned out to be a wig – and told fans in a video:

“You guys had a lot of strong feelings about my haircut. Let’s see that energy for KP6.”

In February, the pop star excited fans by announcing she would be headlining the Brazil music festival Rock in Rio on September 3. 

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Title: ‘Coming back’: Katy Perry teases new music with cryptic social media move
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Published Date: Thu, 23 May 2024 01:05:00 GMT

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Baller Awards

The Longest Oscar-Winning Movie Is Actually a Miniseries

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4 3

Over the course of the last several decades, the line between television and film has become blurred. While traditionally there was a notable budget and quality difference between the two mediums, many of the best modern drama shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, or Mad Men reached a level of quality and significant resources that rivaled many of the smaller films in theaters. Additionally, the growing serialization of blockbuster films, particularly those in the superhero genre, has made many big-screen events feel like just episodes of a prolonged serialized narrative. Theres a fuzzy line to be drawn, but the 2016 documentary O.J.: Made in America became the first project to win both an Academy Award and a Primetime Emmy.


By: Liam Gaughan
Title: The Longest Oscar-Winning Movie Is Actually a Miniseries
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2024 23:54:12 GMT

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Baller Awards

‘Shogun’ and ‘Hacks’ Win Big at the 2024 TCA Awards


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The Television Critics Association has announced the winners of its landmark 40th TCA Awards, with two shows standing head and shoulders above the rest during the 2023-2024 television season. Each year, the organization celebrates the exemplary programs that debut within a season, as its membership of over 230 professional television journalists from across the United States and Canada vote for the defining series and stars in several categories. For this iteration, the big winner of the evening was FX’s period piece adaptation Shgun, which scored four wins from the five categories it was nominated in, while Max’s standout comedy Hacks took second place with two wins.


By: Ryan O’Rourke
Title: ‘Shogun’ and ‘Hacks’ Win Big at the 2024 TCA Awards
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2024 02:00:12 GMT

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Baller Awards

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle forced to grin and bear it as Serena Williams makes brutal joke about them for daring to breathe


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When it comes to the Windsor Royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always been outsiders. Since their wedding, the famous couple have made a point to stand apart from their more controversial family members. A decision that is not doing them a whole lot of good.

Harry and Meghan are acutely aware of the ugly history behind the English monarchy. Its violent past of colonialism added rumors of racism against Meghan when she officially joined the family. It has been years since the couple separated themselves from the family and have been building their roots in America. But so far, their tiniest decision and smallest step has been blown out of proportion by the British media as a calculated plan to defy the Royals or malign their reputation — a trend that has not gone unnoticed, especially by those who remain close to Harry and Meghan.

And it did become a point of discourse on July 11, 2024, at the ESPY Awards where famed athlete Serena Williams and Meghan’s close friend took the stage and poked fun at the dilemma of the couple is forced to live every day.

The controversy the Duke of Sussex riled up by not refusing to accept the renowned Pat Tillman award for the Invictus Games is well known. Harry was bashed by many, including Pat Tilman’s mother, for his Royal lineage, the many troubles he is currently embroiled in, and according to many, for not meeting the demands of the award that is given to those that make “remarkable civic contributions” and exhibit “extraordinary fortitude and spirit of service.” Along with these criticisms, Harry has also been accused of trying to hog the limelight while Prince William and Kate Middleton attempt to navigate life after her cancer diagnosis.

Whew! In short, the couple can’t do anything right as per the naysayers, something which Williams hilariously drew attention to in her speech.

“Please, Harry and Meghan, try not to breathe too much tonight. Because this is my night and I don’t want to be overshadowed by accusations you guys are taking up too much oxygen.”

On the surface, as Williams is a friend of the couple, her comments should have been in good fun. But all it did was put a spotlight on Harry’s tricky relationship with his family where he and his wife are often absent from Royal events as the Crown deems their presence “distracting.” During the joke, both Harry and Meghan smiled politely, but on the inside, they were probably wondering about the next storm Williams’ comment would bring for them. Anyway, unfortunately, they are used to this — politely accepting blame and criticism despite their charitable works and attempts to use their privilege for a good cause.

And they would be right to fear the repercussions of Williams’ little joke. After all, Meghan’s products getting promotion from friends on the very day Kate broke her oath of isolation to mark her presence at the Trooping Colors also cursed the Duchess of Sussex with the blame for trying to upstage her sister-in-law. The fact that Kate only made the announcement of her impending arrival mere hours ago — or how, allegedly, Harry and Meghan were not updated about this development in advance — did nothing to diffuse the renewed Meghan-bashing.

While the savage joke at their expense did earn Williams’ a few rounds of laughter, there is no guarantee that the quip won’t give trigger the ire of the British Royal Family once again.


By: Apeksha Bagchi
Title: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle forced to grin and bear it as Serena Williams makes brutal joke about them for daring to breathe
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2024 11:49:46 +0000

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