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man concealing gun

Concealed carry is not a topic to be taken lightly.

For men who prefer to carry a weapon but don’t want to do so in an obvious manner, knowing how to safely, securely, and stylishly conceal carry is a must. After all, while some guys are happy to brandish a belt holster, most guys like to be discreet when packing heat.

In today’s article, I’m breaking out everything you need to know about safely and stylishly carrying a concealed weapon.

We’ll be covering:

  1. What Is Concealed Carry?
    • Key Concealment Principles
    • What Is Printing And How To Avoid It
    • Which Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?
    • What Caliber Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?
    • Can Size and Shape Affect Concealability?
    • Best Magazine Style For Concealed Carry
  2. What Are The Different Types Of Pistol Holster?
    • OWB Weapon Holsters (Hip, Shoulder & Behind The Back)
    • IWB Weapon Holsters (Sheath & Pocket)
    • Ankle Holsters
    • Tailor-Made Pistol Pockets
  3. How To Safely Conceal Carry A Weapon
    • What Does The Law Say About Concealed Carry?
    • Can My Workplace Ban Concealed Carry?
    • Should You Talk About Concealed Carry In Public?
  4. What Clothes Are Best For Concealing A Weapon?
    • Concealing A Weapon In A Two-Piece Suit
    • Concealing A Weapon In Casual Clothes

What Is Concealed Carry?

concealed carry in suit

In many countries, concealed carry isn’t a thing. So I thought it best to start this article with a brief explanation.

In short, concealed carry means carrying a handgun or other weapon in a concealed manner.

This means carrying the weapon in a way that is not visible to others, such as under your clothing.

Of course, the best way to conceal your weapon will depend on what you’re wearing and the type of firearm you’re carrying.

Key Concealment Principles

Before we go into too much detail about the technical side of concealed carry, it’s first important to understand what concealment is.

After all, this term can mean different things to different people.

In relation to firearms, concealment is the act of hiding a weapon on your body so that those around you cannot detect its presence without invading your personal space. In other words, if someone can look at you briefly and recognize that you have a weapon, then you are not effectively concealing.

When discussing weapon concealment, it’s vital to have an understanding of what I like to call the ‘4 S Rule’:

  1. Security: How securely it the weapon attached to the body
  2. Size: How large the concealed weapon & holster are
  3. Style: Whether a concealed weapon affects the way an outfit looks
  4. Safety: Is the wearer acting responsibly and concealing safely?

What Is Printing And How To Avoid It?

Printing is when the shape of your concealed weapon creates an outline (or print) on the outside of your clothing.

This can happen for a number of reasons: from body shape to gun size and holster style. However, in its most basic form, printing is caused when a gun doesn’t sit naturally against the body.

Often, body shape and gun size will mean that a gun’s grip and slide will lean out from the torso and create a visible bump at the waistline. In short, this ruins concealment.

To avoid this happening, it’s important to purchase a holster that’s carefully designed with wings and wedges to counteract this:

  1. Wings: transmit belt pressure to the side of a holster when a belt is tightened on it. This help the handle of the gun rotate inwards and hug the shape of the body
  2. Wedges: apply pressure to the handle of the gun so that grip leans inwards and doesn’t create a noticeable bulge at the waistline

When purchasing a holster, it’s important to also invest in tactical gear (wings and wedges) that can help you to find the most comfortable and discrete placement when concealing a weapon. It’ll take some trial and error – but using these tools correctly should help you find the best fit for your pistol holster.

Which Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?

pistols and jacket

Your choice of weapon will depend on many different things – from the state you live in, how experienced you are with firearms, and how large you are in stature.

However, it is worth noting that most guys with concealed carry experience would suggest looking into weapons with a small profile, low caliber, and simple exterior.

concealed carry bulk
Spot the pistol bulge! To anyone that knows weapons, printing is a dead giveaway.

Carelessly shoving a bulky weapon under your jacket will likely cause a bulge (or printing). When the name of the game is subtlety, bulges at your hip are a dead giveaway that you’re packing heat.

As such, careful consideration of your firearm’s shape, size, and style is essential.

What Caliber Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?

The reality? The smaller the caliber, the small the gun … for the most part.

I know, I know – this is a pretty polarizing topic. You have two camps:

  1. Guys who say the more firepower, the better
  2. Guys who say a bullet is a bullet, regardless of caliber

In the interest of keeping the peace, I’m not getting into that.

However, if concealed carry is the name of the game, a lower caliber weapon is a better bet for the sake of subtlety.

In other words, that Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan might be able to drop a bull in one shot, but it’s not exactly the most inconspicuous firearm on the market!

If you’re trying to conceal your weapon – think like James Bond. Throughout many of his covert operations, he’d carry the Walther PPK or P99 – two lightweight pistols with a slim profile that get the job done.

Can Size And Shape Affect A Gun’s Concealability?

concealed carry in pants

Put simply – YES.

Here’s the thing. I keep a Glock G19 in my office. When I’m burning the midnight oil, and it’s dark as hell, I need to be able to see the guy trying to steal my suit collection. So I use a bulky flashlight attachment to ensure I can keep my office safe 24 hours of the day.

Would I shove that same customized Glock in my pocket and carry it down the street? No.

The bulky flashlight attachment would make it evident that I was trying to conceal my weapon.

My point? The construction of your weapon matters.

If you’re aiming to conceal your weapon, then a smooth and small design is the way to go. The more catches and bulky grips a pistol has, the more complicated and uncomfortable it is to conceal under clothing.

Magazine Styles For Concealed Carry

gun magazine

What’s a gun without ammunition? Essentially, a very expensive hammer.

When concealing a weapon, your choice of magazine significantly affects how subtle your gun is. After all, a wider mag means a wider handle.

A single-stack magazine is probably the best bet for most men looking to conceal carry.

single vs double magazine
Observe the slimmer profile of the single-stack magazine. It’s half as wide as the double stack.

A single-stack’s slim profile means that the overall width of your weapon will be less. Sure it’ll hold fewer bullets than a double stack magazine – however, what you lose in firepower, you gain in concealability.

The trick is to be well-practiced with your weapon so that you don’t need 15 shots to put an assailant down. Get down the range and learn how to use your weapon effectively. You shouldn’t need to unload 10 rounds into your target. After all, bullets hurt, and using as few as possible is a matter of basic firearm safety.

The bottom line? It doesn’t matter how stumpy and light your weapon is – if it’s chunky and wide, then chances are it’ll create one heck of a bulge underneath your clothing.

What Are The Different Styles Of Pistol Holster?

Effectively concealing a weapon isn’t as simple as tucking a pistol in the back of your pants.

Sure … some guys choose to do this. Personally, I think it’s unsafe and could end up putting you in danger if you’re confronted by an assailant who knows you have a gun.

Holsters and sheaths exist for a reason! But which is best when you want to have as little effect on your style as possible?

OWB Weapon Holsters (Hip, Shoulder & Behind The Back)

gun shoulder holster

OWB or ‘Outside The Waistband’ is probably the least subtle way of holstering a weapon.

Typically, this method of carrying is reserved for police officers and military men. Hip OWB is when a paddle holster is worn on the belt with the barrel line traveling down the thigh. The pistol handle sits tight against the hip, with the grip leaning slightly forward for easy access.

If you choose this method of concealed carry, be aware that it’s very easy to reveal your weapon without intending to do so.

Even a slight breeze could blow your jacket back to reveal the pistol at your hip, so you must be confident when explaining your reasons for carrying a weapon. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that many people disagree with concealed carry – so make sure you know your stuff when the inevitable ‘is that a gun?’ comments come your way.

The same goes for shoulder and behind-the-back holstering.

While both of these methods are slightly more inconspicuous than waistband holstering, they’re still likely to cause a big bulge to appear under your clothing and still require a jacket to conceal appropriately.

IWB Weapon Holsters (Sheath & Pocket)

gun in hip

If you want to tuck your weapon into your trousers, IWB holsters (inside the waistband) are the way to go.

For the most part, an IWB sheath holster can be positioned inside the waistband at any point on your back, making it a great option more most guys looking to conceal their weapon.

What’s more, when using an IWB holster, the only part of the weapon that could be open to the public eye is the handle, which makes it far easier to hide using clothing. A loose shirt or polo could be all you need to keep the handle of your weapon concealed.

However, it’s worth noting that an IWB holster probably won’t work with regular pants without the wearer experiencing discomfort. I’d advise getting custom widened pants made for your holster, as otherwise, even the smallest and smoothest firearms could cause significant discomfort when moving around.

Pistol Ankle Holsters

concealed carry on ankle

Possibly the most subtle method of concealed carry is the ankle holster:

  1. It’s far below people’s eye-lines
  2. It can be easily covered with a trouser leg

However, as with any method of carrying, there are drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, the draw speed is slow. Reaching down and drawing your weapon from your ankle could prove challenging in some situations (especially if you’re looking to do so without the threat noticing!)

For those who prefer the power of larger weapons, the ankle holster may not be the method for you. After all, there isn’t much room down there, so a bulky hand cannon just won’t fit on your ankle. Ankle holsters are reserved for the smallest handguns around.

Tailored Pistol Pockets

concealed carry in jacket

If you’re considering concealed carry, it might be worth paying a visit to your tailor.

Sure, most tailors aren’t weapons experts (Kingsmen excluded, of course). However, most can make minor adjustments to your clothing that will make it much easier to conceal and carry a weapon.

For example, they can add an extra layer of fabric inside your jacket to create a hidden pocket for your weapon.

They can also let out the seams of your trousers, so you have more room to move with a holster (and draw your weapon if necessary).

In short, a tailor can be a great asset when it comes to concealing and carrying weapons – just be sure to let them know what you’re looking for before they start making any alterations!

Any good tailor will be used to guys asking about concealed carry during a consultation. However, as a courtesy, it may be worth phoning ahead just to inform your tailor that you’ll be bringing a weapon along to the fitting.

There shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s always good to inform your tailor beforehand to avoid any surprises.

How To Safely Conceal Carry A Weapon

Any man that owns a firearm should be well versed in gun safety.

I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but a gun is not a toy. It’s a tool to help defend and protect yourself and your loved ones. As such, you should treat it with respect.

This is all the more critical when it comes to concealed carry. After all, if someone knows you have a gun, they’re likely to be careful around you. However, when concealing a weapon, the burden of safety lies entirely on your shoulders.

What Does The Law Say About Concealed Carry?

conceal carry map

The law on concealed carry will depend entirely on the state in which you live.

I’ll be honest, gents – I’m no lawyer. Before you consider concealed carry, click here to visit the US Concealed Carry website and find state-specific guidance on carrying a concealed firearm.

You must research and learn the concealed carry policy for your individual state.

It’s also worth noting that there are particular premises where concealed carry is primarily banned across the US, including:

  1. Federal buildings
  2. Local government buildings
  3. Airports
  4. Political events
  5. Schools & Universities
  6. Sporting events
  7. Amusement parks
  8. Hospitals

Can My Workplace Ban Concealed Carry?

people in office

Yes, they can – even in a state with gun-friendly local laws.

Many men would say that banning concealed carry in the workplace goes against the constitutional rights of American workers. After all, the point of carrying a weapon in a concealed manner is to protect yourself and those around you.

However, a private company has the right to restrict firearms anywhere on their land. Act against this restriction, and it could lead to disciplinary action and even get you fired.

To assess where you stand at your office, I would advise checking your company’s firearm policy. This should be easily accessible to you on your company’s website.

My stance? Do not take a weapon into the office unless you are 100% sure no rules prevent you from doing so. Keep up with company policy (as it is likely it may change with new management or shareholder takeovers) and act within the confines of local law.

So yes, your workplace has the right to prevent you from concealing a weapon in the office. Regardless of your opinions on this fact, it would be wise to follow the rules – after all, you’ve got bills to pay and a family to take care of.

Should You Talk About Concealed Carry In Public?

office suits

Again, it depends on where you are.

When amongst friends in a place of leisure, there’s no harm in discussing concealed carry. Sure, some of your buddies might be against concealed carry, but a discussion about it might spark an interesting debate where valid opinions are shared among friends.

However, as with any personal opinion, it’s important to manage your expectations of those you don’t know.

When at the office, it’s best to keep to business. Regardless of your company’s gun policy, it’s best to avoid the topic. After all, you never know who else is listening in on your conversation with your trusted colleagues.

I think it’s also important to recognize that the purpose of concealing a weapon is to keep it under wraps until you need to use it! Speaking loudly about the gun you’ve got strapped to you’re hip is an easy way of letting a potential assailant know that you’re armed.

What Clothes Are Best For Concealing A Pistol?

So onto the big question: what outfits are best when concealing and carrying weapons daily? After all, you’re a stylish guy who likes guns – you shouldn’t have to choose between feeling safe and looking stylish.

Fear not; there is a way to do both! You just need to be intentional with the clothing you wear.

Concealing A Weapon In A Two-Piece Suit

concealed carry with jacket
The navy fabric and black lining here help to conceal the pistol even when the jacket is open

It’s a classic look, right?

A guy wearing a well-tailored two-piece suit with a shoulder holster – Clint Eastwood would be proud.

But let’s take a step back and look at the most effective ways of concealed carrying a weapon when wearing your finest two-piece tailoring.

In short, pretty much any holster style will work with a two-piece suit. The jacket will help cover most torso-based holsters, and the pants can accommodate IWB holsters, provided some minor adjustments are made.

However, there are some basic considerations a man has to make when arming himself while wearing a suit. Most obviously – what happens when you want to remove your jacket?

Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast is vital:

  1. If the wind picks up, you risk exposing your weapon as the wind blows your jacket open.
  2. If it’s 90 degrees outside, you will struggle with sweat and discomfort while keeping your jacket on. Not to mention, you’d also look pretty suspicious!

When the weather’s looking a bit temperamental, I’d advise opting for an IWB holster. Just make sure to visit your tailor and get those pants altered!

Concealing A Weapon In Casual Clothes

concealed carry at hip

When it comes to concealing a weapon under casual clothes, you have more options.

Many guys think the only way to conceal carry in weekend clothing is to wear baggy pants and a loose-fitting top. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

In fact, many arms manufacturers make specialty garments designed to help you conceal your weapon safely.

However, if you want to wear regular clothing, that’s fine too. My point is, you’ve got options!

Casual Concealed Carry Jackets

When we talk about jackets designed with the weapon enthusiast in mind, it’s important to note that these jackets are designed to look just like regular clothing.

Don’t worry; you won’t look out of place. The whole point of concealed carry clothing is to feel stylish and safe simultaneously.

concealed carry jacket
5.11 Tactical stocks a great range of concealed carry garments. Click here to check them out.

5.11 Tactical are experts when it comes to making these styles of jackets. Their tactical jackets and vests wouldn’t look out of place in any men’s clothing store – with the added bonus of concealed carry functionality.

Many of their concealed carry garments feature ‘internal passthrough’ – a design choice that allows the wearer to slip his hand through a concealed fabric opening and access the firearm stored at his hip.

While tactical jackets aren’t required for safe firearm concealment, they make it a lot easier to remain casual and comfortable while armed.

Concealed Carry In Everyday Jackets

antonio wearing two different types of jacket
Casual jackets like these are great for concealing an IWB/OWB holstered weapon

A jacket does not have to be specially designed for concealed carry to be an effective means of hiding your weapon. Leather jackets, denim jackets, and even wool sports coats will all do the job, provided you know what you’re doing.

I’m sure it goes without saying, but you should avoid tight-fitting jackets at all costs. A pistol is a bulky tool, so the skinnier the fit, the more obvious it will be under your clothing.

With that in mind, I’d opt for jackets that are on the larger side. Not so oversized that they make you look foolish but big enough so that they don’t hug your body and show every lump and bump.

Bomber jackets, for example, are fantastic for concealing weapons. The puffy design means that any bulge caused by your weapon is either invisible or blends in with the overall look of the jacket.

Concealed Carry In A Sweater

Untitled design 2
A sweater doesn’t have to be massively oversized to effectively conceal a weapon

A slightly larger sweater over the top of an IWB holster is one of the most effective ways to conceal and carry a weapon. Sweaters are inconspicuous (ie. they don’t look tactical), won’t be affected by harsh weather, and should be baggy enough to help you avoid passers-by noticing your weapon at a glance.

Cardigans can also be a great option. However, it’s important to remember the limitations of a button-down garment. Weather can significantly affect the efficacy of concealment – a light breeze could blow your cardigan open and reveal the weapon strapped to your hip.

Concealed Carry In A Hoodie

Untitled design 5
Hoodies are good for concealing a IWB/OWB holstered weapon – just avoid using your hoodie pocket

You might be tempted to conceal your weapon in the pocket of your hoodie.

I would advise against this. Hoodie pockets are not designed to hold weapons, so there could be safety issues at play here. The last thing you want is a pistol falling from your pocket and firing as it hits the ground.

If you want to carry a weapon while wearing a hoodie, I’d recommend using an IWB holster underneath your hoodie. While keeping a firearm in the front pocket might make access quicker and easier, I don’t think the safety risk is worth it.

Concealed Carry In A T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s just too hot to wear a sweater or jacket – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on concealed carry in the warmer months.

There are ways to effectively conceal a weapon under a t-shirt. It’s harder to achieve but not impossible.

When wearing a thinner garment like a t-shirt or polo, it’s important to pay attention to the principles of concealment I mentioned at the beginning of this article. After all, there’s very little fabric between your gun and public view, so the closer and more comfortable it sits on your body, the better.

Also, avoid tight t-shirts. I’m sure it goes without saying, but there isn’t a holster in the world that could hide a weapon underneath a muscle-fit t-shirt.

Thinking of boosting your concealed carry game? Ready your holster and check out my ultimate guide to the best belts a man can buy.

The post Concealed Carry: How to Look Stylish While Armed appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Concealed Carry: How to Look Stylish While Armed
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 02 May 2023 12:14:21 +0000

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How To Look Hot As A Guy In 10 Easy Steps



handsome man hacks header

I bet you ask yourself one of these questions…

How do I approach her?

How can I look hotter than the other guy?

If you don’t have the confidence, then it’s a tough spot to be in.

But it’s not a one-and-done deal. You can learn, you can evolve, you can transform.

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to look hot by leveraging the power of style.

man reading book

The best part? We’re going to cover the smallest, smartest changes that make huge differences.

Read on, gents.


  1. Dress in the right colors
  2. The right fragrance
  3. Wear more leather
  4. Read in public
  5. Wear more red
  6. Ditch the sneakers for boots
  7. Don’t shave for a while
  8. Embrace your chest hair
  9. Use rimless glasses
  10. The power of suspenders

1. Dress In The RIGHT Colors

You probably know that certain colors suit you better.

However, I’m willing to bet you play a guessing game to find it. There’s a method to this. Look at your skin tone and hair color – how much contrast is there? Use this as a base.

Why? Doing this draws more attention to your face and brightens it. Let’s break it down.

If you have dark hair and light skin, then bold colors should be your go-to; Navy, Maroon, and Teal are solid options. Make sure your layers contrast as well.

best shirt colors for skin tone
Use this infographic to help guide you when it comes to dress shirts. When in doubt, look at your contrast.

Tan men with dark hair are medium contrast. They should rely on muted colors and layers with fewer differences between them. Olive green, Navy Stroke, and Dark gray make great additions.

What about blonde gentlemen? Low contrast – stick with pastels and experiment with Baby Blue and Pink.

Black men are an exception to the rule. They should follow the same guidelines as high contrast gentlemen – meaning bold, alternating colors like Purple and Turquoise.

2. The RIGHT Fragrance

How to look hot may not have anything to do with looks, but with scent.

The right men’s cologne can make a huge difference in your sex appeal.

Evidence for this comes from a 2011 book called Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward.

It analyzed two major surveys that discovered a man’s scent to be extremely influential on a woman’s choice. The study itself claimed that men can seduce women on the basis of smell alone – but it has to be the right one for the lady.

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite fragrance cologne
Click here to check out my list of the most masculine men’s colognes that’ll get you noticed.

A second study conducted in Nara, Japan examined how different smells affect men and women. When ladies smelled scents typically associated with masculinity – scents like wood, musk, etc.

Their testosterone levels rose considerably, increasing the likelihood of sexual aggression.

Do not underestimate the power of a signature scent.

3. Wear More Leather

When it comes to how to look hot, you need the single most masculine material out there – leather.

Humans have been seeking leather for as long as we could hunt. Leather served to shelter us, protect us in battle, and enhance our style.

man wearing mahi backpack
Click here to check out MAHI’s City Backpack – the perfect bag for hiking, schooling, or commuting to the office.

When we think of the bad boy, we picture him wearing a well-fitted leather jacket. When we ponder on the businessman, he is always carrying a sleek leather bag.

Leather is engrained in our psyche. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to look better is to introduce leather to your wardrobe – be it a stylish belt, jacket, or bag.

4. Read In Public

There’s a whole Instagram page dedicated to hot men with books. Yeah, it’s attractive.

We have hard data to draw upon as well. In 2007, eHarmony conducted a survey – men who list reading as a hobby receive 19% more messages than men who don’t.

man reading book
Reading a book in public is one of the easiest ways to look more attractive.

The RIGHT BOOK factors in as well. Sorry gents, but Harry Potter won’t cut it.

Dark classics like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and 1984 received 21% and 36% additional messages respectively.

Pick up a timeless novel and read it where they can see you!

5. Wear More Red

It turns out that both men and women adore the color red – for different reasons.

A 2010 study out of the Journal of Experimental Psychology found this out quickly. Women tend to be more attracted to status than we are.

Across 7 experiments, women found guys in red clothing to convey higher status, thus being sexier.

undone necktie
Women love the color red. Mix it in with your other clothing.

Does this mean throwing on a red suit? No. However, feel free to experiment with red accents in your wardrobe. Throw on a tie or a boutonniere. Use red dress socks. Accessories form a safe base to experiment with.

Wondering how to look hot? Embrace the crimson.

6. Ditch The Sneaker, Use Dress Boots

we’re back at it with the leather. Boots have always conveyed authority. Thanks to modern men’s style, you can upgrade ANY look with them.

Let’s default to science once more. GQ Magazine did a survey back in 2007, asking women what they looked for in a man with style.

black chelsea boots
Click here to learn about how the right boots enhance your attractiveness.

76% of women said they wanted to see boots on a first date. That’s a considerable number.

The best part is the variety. There are sure to be some boots out there that resonate with you.

You just have to find them.

7. Don’t Shave For A Few Days

…Or ever.

There have been numerous studies conducted that prove one thing: The easiest way to look hot is not to shave.

hipster beard
What will you choose? Stubble, or a full-blown mane?

Women love groomed facial hair. Be careful with the style you go with, though. A 2016 study interviewed over 8,500 women – the consensus? Men with stubble are great for one-night stands, while full beards are suitable for long-term relationships.

Go with what you like, just bear this in mind!

8. Don’t Shave Body Hair Either

Wondering how to look hot? You might want to put the trimmer down for a while.

A 2016 survey from The Archives of Sexual behavior surveyed women’s preferences. It turns out that moderate amounts of body hair are universally loved.

Some chest hair is sexy, but no one likes an unkempt man.

There is a caveat: Men with TOO MUCH chest hair were deemed unattractive. What really drew the ladies was mild concentrations around the pectorals and sternum.

Trim it down, but don’t shave it off.

9. Use Rimless Glasses

A lot of guys need glasses to see – that’s a given. However, you can easily turn this into a stylish accessory.

There are tons of styles out there, but what’s the safe option? Is there a particular style people find attractive?

man in suit with glasses
The thinner the rims, the better they look.

Simple, rimless glasses are the way to go. Not only do they blend seamlessly with most clothing, but you’ll be perceived differently.

The Swiss Journal of Psychology found something cool: The traits most often associated with rimless glasses are trustworthiness. They also have no negative impact on attraction levels.

10. The Power of Suspenders

Suspenders yield loads of benefits.

They adjust posture by adding some pressure to your back and shoulders. They fix your circulation by negating the tightness of a belt.

Suspenders also add verticality to your overall look – meaning you look taller. Height, unfortunately, is something women look for in men.

man wearing suspender
Suspenders make a man look taller while improving his posture.

You can’t control how tall you are, but you can control how tall you look. Suspenders – and any vertical pattern – adds to the illusion.

While you’re at it, make sure to have your most eye-catching accessories on the upper body. Go for a monochromatic look – meaning all the colors on your outfit are mostly the same.

Summary – Clever Ways To Look Hot

Looking handsome isn’t always about genes, it’s about smarts.

Remember that your style is your weapon, your closet is your arsenal.

By adding the right touches in the right places, you can substantially improve your sex appeal.

Got it? Good, get out there gents.


What does hot mean for a guy?

When someone says a guy “looks hot,” it typically means they find him physically attractive or appealing. This can be based on his physical appearance, style, confidence, charisma, or even the way he carries himself. It’s important to note that attractiveness can be quite subjective and vary significantly based on individual preferences and cultural norms.

For example, some people might find a fit, muscular physique “hot,” while others might prefer a leaner, more slender body type. Similarly, some might be attracted to a clean-cut, well-groomed look, while others might find a rugged, more casual style more appealing.

What is the difference between hot, cute, and sexy guys?

The terms “hot,” “cute,” and “sexy” are often used to describe physical attractiveness, but they can convey different nuances. Keep in mind these definitions can vary depending on individual perspectives and cultural influences.

1. Hot Men: When someone is described as “hot,” it typically refers to a physically attractive, often fit and masculine appearance. It may imply a certain level of intensity or passion. A “hot” man might be considered traditionally handsome, with strong features, and often exudes confidence.

2. Cute Men: The term “cute” usually suggests a softer, more youthful, or boyish attractiveness. It often refers to someone who has a charming or endearing quality, perhaps combined with physical attractiveness. It can also imply innocence or approachability. “Cute” might be used to describe a man with softer features, a friendly demeanor, or someone who is charming in a non-intimidating way.

3. Sexy Men: “Sexy” is often associated with a sensual or sexual appeal. This can involve physical attractiveness, but also factors like charisma, mystery, or a certain ‘spark’. A “sexy” man might be someone who is confident, intriguing, and carries an air of allure or magnetism.

Click below to watch the video – 10 Clever Ways To INSTANTLY Look More Attractive (Handsome Man Hacks!)

The post How To Look Hot As A Guy In 10 Easy Steps appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: How To Look Hot As A Guy In 10 Easy Steps
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 17:11:01 +0000

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Styles Of Ray Ban Sunglasses – A Man’s Guide To The Best Frames



aviator rayban

Everyone’s heard of Ray Ban sunglasses. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that they’re one of the most popular and stylish brands of sunglasses in the world.

Maybe you want to buy a pair? Slow up there, buddy – with over 40 styles of Ray Ban sunglasses available, how do you know which pair is right for you?

You guessed it – that’s what I’m covering in today’s article. I’m breaking out the history and style feature of the top 9 Ray Ban sunglasses for men.

  1. Aviator
  2. Clubmaster
  3. Original Wayfarer
  4. Round
  5. Hexagonal
  6. Justin
  7. Erika
  8. Ferrari
  9. Stories

#1 Aviator

aviator rayban - styles of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses have a long and storied history.

They were originally designed in 1936 by Ray Ban for the United States Army Air Corps. The aviators were looking for sunglasses that would shield their eyes from the sun’s glare while flying high in the sky.

Ray Ban’s design was so successful that it quickly became the standard-issue sunglass for all aviators in the US. During the second world war, aviators were not the only ones wearing them.

Sailors, soldiers and were all sporting a pair of Ray Ban Aviators to keep their eyes shielded in the heat of battle. Incredibly, the design has remained relatively unchanged since its inception over 80 years ago.

The style soon caught on with the general public and has been a fashion staple ever since. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are typically worn by men, but can also be worn by women. They have quite a masculine silhouette due to their larger size and metal frame.

The lenses are usually dark green or grey, which helps to reduce glare. The Ray Ban Aviator is the perfect choice for nearly any face shape. Regardless of the size and shape of your head, you can easily pull off a pair of Aviators as long as you wear them with confidence!

And, let’s be honest, every guy wants to look like Top Gun’s Maverick!

#2 Clubmaster

clubmaster raybans - styles of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses is one of the styles of Ray Ban sunglasses for men that were first introduced in the 1980s. Their design is based on a classic ‘browline’ shape that was popular in the 1950s.

After seeing Bruce Willis looking bad-ass in ‘Moonlighting’, Ray Ban immediately saw the potential of the browline design in popular culture, and thus the Clubmaster was born. Unlike other styles of Ray Ban sunglasses, the Clubmaster was designed to give men a more sophisticated look. The frames are made of metal and plastic, which gives them a very sleek appearance.

The lenses are usually dark green or grey, but can also be brown or amber. Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are typically worn by men as they have a very masculine look.

They are the perfect choice for men with round or oval faces as they help to elongate the face and make it appear thinner.

Clubmaster sunglasses can be worn with nearly any outfit, but look best when paired with a suit or sports coat.

They can also be worn with jeans and a white t-shirt. In short, these sunglasses can match most formalities other than black/white tie events. They’re great for a hot summer wedding!

#3 Original Wayfarer

original wayfarers - styles of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been a men’s style staple for decades. But how did they come to be? And what makes them so special?

The Ray Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses were first designed in 1952. They were created as a slightly more stylish alternative to the teardrop-shaped aviator sunglasses that had become popular among pilots and Hollywood stars. The wayfarer design quickly caught on, and by the 1960s, they had become a must-have fashion accessory. Today, Ray Ban Wayfarers are still one of the most popular styles of sunglasses on the market.

Ray Ban Wayfarers can be worn with just about any outfit. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a night out, Wayfarers always make you look classy. They also suit just about any square-based face shape, which is why they’ve remained popular for so many years.

So next time you’re looking at the different styles of Ray Ban sunglasses, don’t forget about the Ray Ban Original Wayfarers. With their popular history and classic silhouette, they’re a great option for most guys looking to maintain a timeless style.

#4 Round

round raybans

Ray-Ban’s round unisex sunglasses are known for their round crystal lenses and shape.

A curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples with plastic end tips rest comfortably behind the ears. The Ray-Ban Round sunglasses are perfect for those looking for trendy and fashionable eyewear. Though the Round Ray-Ban sunglasses aren’t the style that Ray-Ban is most famous for, they certainly make an impact if worn correctly.

These Ray-Ban glasses for men will always be in style. They originated from the legendary musician counter-culture of the 1960s – a legendary century in which many of the music and style greats originated.

The Ray Ban Round sunglasses come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect pair to match your personal style. Choose from classic colors like black, silver, and gold, or go for a more bold look with vibrant red or blue frames.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday pair of shades or a fun fashion statement, the Round Ray Bans are a great option to mix things up and stand out from the crowd.

NOTE: If you’ve got a round face shape, avoid this style! The round shape is best for those with squarer face shapes.

#5 Hexagonal

hexagonal raybans

Looking for something a little different? Look no further than Ray Ban’s Hexagonal glasses for men.

The hexagonal round metal glasses feature thin coined profiles and flat crystal lenses and are available in classic gold with extremely slender temples.

These glasses are kind of a halfway point between aviators and round Ray Bans. In my opinion, they take the best of both worlds – the uniqueness of the round glasses and the masculinity of the aviator style. For a lot of guys, round glasses just don’t work and look a bit too feminine. For those guys, the Ray Ban Hexagonal design is literally the perfect compromise.

To mix it up even further, you can mix and match base colors and lens tints to create the perfect combination for your style.

Pro Tip: Check your face shape! This style features a very controversial shape and will only suit longer face shapes. If your face is round or square, then it might be better to opt for aviators and play it safe.

#6 Justin

justin raybans

The Ray Ban Justin is the perfect statement piece for the modern man.

With a slightly larger frame and a rectangular lens shape, it has a rubberized frame finish for an effortlessly cool look. Would this style of frame be suitable for more formal occasions? Probably not. However, the rubberized style certainly suits more casual attire such as jeans and a t-shirt.

The Justin comes in a range of traditional or more colorful frame and lens combinations, from classic black with gray lenses to bright or transparent frame colors with solid, gradient or mirror lenses.

You can also customize your own with a choice of colors, lenses, temples, and engraving.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your everyday style or a pair of shades for your next vacation, the Justin is sure to turn heads.

When it comes to face shapes, most guys who can wear Wayfarers can wear this style of shade – it’s very similar in its shape and frame style. Be mindful of your head size, however. If you’ve got a small head, this style could overwhelm your face.

#7 Erika

erika raybans

Ray Ban Erika frames are the perfect accessory for any man looking to add a touch of sophistication to his look. The Erika shape is quite similar to the Round Ray Ban frames, however, it has more of a bulkier frame that creates a more assertive look.

With their retro-inspired rubber front and metal temples, these glasses are both stylish and practical. And with a variety of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to complement your individual style.

I’m not usually a fan of tortoise-shell sunglasses. However, when it comes to the Erika frame, I think it looks really sleek and stylish. These are a stand-out pair of sunglasses, so if you’re looking for something a bit understated that will blend in with the crowd, then they’re simply not for you!

When it comes to wearing them with different outfits, I would avoid anything formal. The design of the Erika frames lends itself to more casual environments, so a suit isn’t really going to work. Instead, try teaming them with some distressed jeans and a leather jacket for a cool, off-duty look.

#8 Ferrari

ferrari raybans

The Ferrari range isn’t a single frame of glasses. However, I’ve included it on my list because the features of this range are just really really cool!

Ray Ban has cornered the market on stylish sunglasses, and their new Ferrari range is no exception.

Inspired by race car design, these glasses feature Scuderia Ferrari details and polarized lenses that (in the words of Ray Ban Sunglasses) turbocharge your vision.

What’s more, the frames are made from aeronautical grade carbon fiber and race-proof rubbers, so you can rest assured that these glasses can handle whatever you throw at them.

And of course, no pair of Ray Ban Ferrari sunglasses would be complete without the signature red frame details and Scuderia Ferrari shield.

In short, this range is like having a Ferrari racecar on your face. What more could a red-blooded American man want? You’ll have the choice of many different classic frames – from Clubmans to Aviators and Hexagonal frames. However, unlike the classic designs, the Ferrari range frames add a premium feel to an already premium sunglasses brand.

#9 Stories

rayban stories

Guys – welcome to the future.

Ray Ban stories are a new type of smart glasses that allows Ray Ban wearers to record and share what they see using tiny cameras on their sunglass frames.

Ray Ban has partnered with some of the biggest names in the tech world to make their vision a reality, including Facebook’s META. They work well with the concepts of social media and give wearers a new dimension in which to share their life events from a first-person perspective.

The glasses are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a built-in camera that can record up to 30 minutes of HD video. They also feature Ray Ban’s patented e-Tint technology, which automatically adjusts the tint of the lenses in response to changes in light conditions.

It’s like something from a sci-fi movie!

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some issues with this idea. At the end of the day, they look like regular Ray Ban glasses… so doesn’t that mean there are some security issues for those around you?

I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not sure if I would trust myself (or anyone else for that matter) to wear them without secretly filming funny or embarrassing moments without people realizing it!

Want to learn more about the best accessories a man can wear? Check out my guide to the top summer accessories every guy should have in his closet this summer.

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How To Wear Cargo Pants And Look Stylish: A Man’s Guide



soldiers ww2

Learning how to wear cargo pants stylishly isn’t as hard as you might think.

Sure, get it wrong and you could end up looking like a reject from the G.I Joe fan club. However, with the right styling tricks up your sleeve, you can look pretty awesome in a pair of classic American cargo pants.

In today’s article, I’m breaking out my top tips on how to wear cargo pants and look great doing it. So whether you’re looking for a new style to try or just need some inspiration, you’ll discover:

  1. A Brief History Of Cargo Pants
  2. What Can You Wear With Cargo Pants?
  3. What Looks Weird With Cargo Pants?
  4. How To Accessorize When Wearing Cargo Pants
  5. Cargo Pants Look Book

#1 A Brief History Of Cargo Pants

soldiers at war

Cargo pants were first popularized in the military during WW2, when British soldiers came to realize their potential as versatile and convenient battle-wear. Unlike previous military uniforms worn in WW1 and the 1800s, cargo pants were far more convenient and far less ‘tailored’ than the classic uniforms of years gone by.

It wasn’t long until the US military also picked up on this style of uniform and started to produce them en masse for their own soldiers during the Second World War. This is where the really interesting history of cargo pants begins.

France was allied with the US during WW2. As such, we sent across batches of our homemade Cargo pants to the French so that they too could benefit from the tactical convenience of pocketed cargo pants.

However, when France fell to German occupation in 1940, guess who stole those pants to give to their own military units. You guessed it – the Nazis.

nazi soldiers at war

Nazi soldiers on board U-boats would wear cargo pants for the same reason as the Brits, Yanks, and French – comfort and convenience on the battlefield. However, when we gave them over to the French, never did we think that the Nazis would get hold of them and start wearing them while sinking our battleships in the middle of the Atlantic!

Since their introduction in the military, cargo pants have become staple style items for men and women across the globe. In the last 50 years, they’ve been worn on the runway, at anti-war protests, and for comfort around the home. In fact, in 2020, they saw a huge increase in popularity when a slimmer-cut version was released to the public.

#2 What Can You Wear With Cargo Pants?

cargo pants on display

Cargos are the perfect pants for guys who want to be comfortable but remain stylish and well dressed. But how do you wear them without looking like you’re headed out for a day of manual labor?

It’s simple – pair them with the right tops and shoes to make sure you’re rocking them with style.

Remember, cargo pants are not formal in style. In fact, most designs aren’t even suitable for smart-casual environments! For the most part, you should only wear cargo pants when formality isn’t an issue and the name of the game is casual and comfortable.

man wearing cargos and polo

When wearing cargo pants, pair them with:

  • Henley shirts – these are great for a casual look. They sit above the formality of a t-shirt without being too over the top.
  • Polo shirts – a step up from a t-shirt and Henley, polos are still very casual but can be dressed up with the right accessories. When wearing them with cargo pants, keep your polo shirt untucked and opt for a fit that matches that of your cargo pants.
  • Casual button-down shirts – these can add a touch of formality to your look without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. Opt for earth tones like beige and brown to provide a military-style colorway for your outfit.
  • T-shirts – t-shirts are always going to be a great option when it comes to cargo pants. They’re comfortable, they come in a million different designs, and you can dress them up or down very easily. Just make sure your t-shirt fits well and isn’t too baggy.
  • Hoodies – perfect for lazy days when you don’t want to think too much about your outfit. Just throw on a gray hoodie with a pair of baggy cargo pants and enjoy the comfort of ultra-casual clothing.

When it comes to footwear, you’ve got a lot of options. Cargo pants work with most styles, except the most formal of shoes. Try wearing your pair with:

  • White sneakers – these are always going to be a great option. They’re comfortable and they go with pretty much everything.
  • Boat shoes – these have a casual yet stylish look that’s perfect for cargo pants. Just make sure your boat shoes are clean and in good condition before you leave the house!
  • Desert boots – another great choice for those who want a stylish but casual look. Again, just make sure your desert boots are clean and in good condition before you leave the house!
  • Military boots – if you want to rock a more military-inspired look, then opt for a pair of black or green military boots. Dr Marten boots are a classic style that would work well here.
  • Sandals – yes, even sandals can work with cargo pants! Just make sure they’re of a simple design and that your feet are well-groomed and clean.
  • No shoes – if you’re just lounging around the house or taking the dog for a walk, then feel free to leave your shoes at home. Just make sure you’re not going to be doing any strenuous activity that might damage your feet!

#3 What Looks Weird With Cargo Pants?

Sure, cargo pants are really versatile. But when it comes to formal wear, things can get a bit more restricted.

To cut to the chase, here are a few things you should avoid wearing with cargo pants:

  • Formal shoes – this includes dress shoes, Oxfords, loafers, and any other kind of shoe that wouldn’t normally be considered casual.
  • Tuxedos – it should go without saying, but a tux isn’t going to work with cargo pants. They sit on the complete opposite ends of the formality spectrum.
  • Suit jackets – again, this should be obvious. If you’re going to wear a jacket with your cargo pants, make sure it’s of the casual variety. If your cargo pants are slim-fit you might be able to pull off a blazer in the right situation, but personally I’d avoid all kinds of tailoring to be on the safe side.
  • Dress shirts – a dress shirt is too formal to be worn with cargo pants. If you want to wear a collared shirt, opt for a polo or casual button-down instead.

#4 How To Accessorize When Wearing Cargo Pants

man wearing cargo pants at range

Accessories like belts, watches, and sunglasses are perfect additions to a cargo pants outfit – they’ll help to define your style and take your look to the next level.

Belts can actually help to make you look thinner. When wearing baggier cargo pants, using a belt to tuck your waist in can help to give you a slimmer appearance. If your cargo pants are already pretty slim-fit, then a belt isn’t really necessary (unless you need one to help keep your pants up!).

A watch is always a great accessory for men. It’s practical, it looks stylish, and it can help to make you look more put-together. If you don’t normally wear a watch, then now is the time to start. A military or field watch can be a great way to present a classic army aesthetic and stay true to the classic use of cargo pants in times of war.

Sunglasses are perfect for those sunny days when you’re wearing cargo pants (or shorts!) to the park with your kids. Obviously, they’ll help to keep the sun out of your eyes. However, they can also make you boost that military aesthetic, especially when wearing aviators! Just make sure you choose a style that goes well with your face shape.

#5 Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas

man wearing cargo pants holding bullets

There are hundreds of different styles you can achieve with cargo pants. However, for me, there are a few that stand out as iconic examples of great men’s style.

If you’re looking to really show off your style and set yourself apart from the millions of cargo-wearing guys out there, try putting together outfits inspired by these lookbook ideas.

The Military Man

At the end of the day, cargo pants are military through and through. So why not embrace this and wear an outfit that suits the style of the US military?

To achieve an accurate military aesthetic, pair your cargo pants with a simple white tee or a camo print shirt. For your outerwear, go for a bomber jacket or an army green parka. And don’t forget to accessorize with aviator sunglasses, a watch, and a green canvas belt.

The Athlete

Cargo pants are often associated with being comfortable and relaxed. So why not put together an outfit that’s perfect for a day spent doing some light exercise?

Start with a pair of loose-fit cargo pants in a dark color like black, navy, or grey. Then add a moisture-wicking t-shirt in a bright color. For your shoes, go for a pair of running shoes or trainers.

The Cali-Cargo

California is known for its surf. Even if you’re not from the golden coast, you can still channel that surfer vibe by wearing a loose-fitting vest-top, loose cargo pants, and sandals. After all, it is California we’re talking about – the land of eternal summer!

To get that Cali-cargo look, start with a pair of beige or white cargo pants. Then add a black or white vest-top. And finally, slip into a pair of easy-to-wear sandals like Birkenstocks. Accessorize with a beaded bracelet and sunglasses to finish off the look.

The 90s Cargo

Cargos were pretty big during the 90s. There’s no shame in bringing that look back and pairing your cargo pants with some classic 90s staples.

Start with a pair of light cargo pants. Then add a black or white t-shirt, and slip into a pair of chunky black sneakers. For your outerwear, go for a denim jacket or hoodie.

Will this style work in warmer climates? Probably not – but it’s perfect for those cold winters where layers are key.

Looking for military inspiration in your wardrobe? Check out my guide to 11 styles items with a military heritage.


Are cargo pants just for men who like military style clothing?

No – over the last few years cargo pants have actually become quite mainstream. You’ll see kids, women and guys wearing them. Typically, popular cargo pants are thinner cut than traditional military uniform.

Are cargo pants smart-casual?

No – I would stick to wearing your cargo pants in casual situations. There may be some very rare occasions when cargo pants can work in a smart-casual environment, but in general they should be worn exclusively in casual settings.

What shoes should I wear with cargo pants?

Sneakers work well – either retro chunky sneakers or classic white dress sneakers. However, the best shoes to wear with cargo trousers are military boots – after all, that’s what they were designed to be worn with!

Do cargo pants look professional?

Cargo pants are generally considered casual attire and may not be considered as professional in most formal settings.

It is generally advisable to opt for trousers or slacks that are tailored and have a sleeker design.

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Title: How To Wear Cargo Pants And Look Stylish: A Man’s Guide
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Published Date: Wed, 24 May 2023 15:53:19 +0000

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