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man concealing gun

Concealed carry is not a topic to be taken lightly.

For men who prefer to carry a weapon but don’t want to do so in an obvious manner, knowing how to safely, securely, and stylishly conceal carry is a must. After all, while some guys are happy to brandish a belt holster, most guys like to be discreet when packing heat.

In today’s article, I’m breaking out everything you need to know about safely and stylishly carrying a concealed weapon.

We’ll be covering:

  1. What Is Concealed Carry?
    • Key Concealment Principles
    • What Is Printing And How To Avoid It
    • Which Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?
    • What Caliber Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?
    • Can Size and Shape Affect Concealability?
    • Best Magazine Style For Concealed Carry
  2. What Are The Different Types Of Pistol Holster?
    • OWB Weapon Holsters (Hip, Shoulder & Behind The Back)
    • IWB Weapon Holsters (Sheath & Pocket)
    • Ankle Holsters
    • Tailor-Made Pistol Pockets
  3. How To Safely Conceal Carry A Weapon
    • What Does The Law Say About Concealed Carry?
    • Can My Workplace Ban Concealed Carry?
    • Should You Talk About Concealed Carry In Public?
  4. What Clothes Are Best For Concealing A Weapon?
    • Concealing A Weapon In A Two-Piece Suit
    • Concealing A Weapon In Casual Clothes

What Is Concealed Carry?

concealed carry in suit

In many countries, concealed carry isn’t a thing. So I thought it best to start this article with a brief explanation.

In short, concealed carry means carrying a handgun or other weapon in a concealed manner.

This means carrying the weapon in a way that is not visible to others, such as under your clothing.

Of course, the best way to conceal your weapon will depend on what you’re wearing and the type of firearm you’re carrying.

Key Concealment Principles

Before we go into too much detail about the technical side of concealed carry, it’s first important to understand what concealment is.

After all, this term can mean different things to different people.

In relation to firearms, concealment is the act of hiding a weapon on your body so that those around you cannot detect its presence without invading your personal space. In other words, if someone can look at you briefly and recognize that you have a weapon, then you are not effectively concealing.

When discussing weapon concealment, it’s vital to have an understanding of what I like to call the ‘4 S Rule’:

  1. Security: How securely it the weapon attached to the body
  2. Size: How large the concealed weapon & holster are
  3. Style: Whether a concealed weapon affects the way an outfit looks
  4. Safety: Is the wearer acting responsibly and concealing safely?

What Is Printing And How To Avoid It?

Printing is when the shape of your concealed weapon creates an outline (or print) on the outside of your clothing.

This can happen for a number of reasons: from body shape to gun size and holster style. However, in its most basic form, printing is caused when a gun doesn’t sit naturally against the body.

Often, body shape and gun size will mean that a gun’s grip and slide will lean out from the torso and create a visible bump at the waistline. In short, this ruins concealment.

To avoid this happening, it’s important to purchase a holster that’s carefully designed with wings and wedges to counteract this:

  1. Wings: transmit belt pressure to the side of a holster when a belt is tightened on it. This help the handle of the gun rotate inwards and hug the shape of the body
  2. Wedges: apply pressure to the handle of the gun so that grip leans inwards and doesn’t create a noticeable bulge at the waistline

When purchasing a holster, it’s important to also invest in tactical gear (wings and wedges) that can help you to find the most comfortable and discrete placement when concealing a weapon. It’ll take some trial and error – but using these tools correctly should help you find the best fit for your pistol holster.

Which Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?

pistols and jacket

Your choice of weapon will depend on many different things – from the state you live in, how experienced you are with firearms, and how large you are in stature.

However, it is worth noting that most guys with concealed carry experience would suggest looking into weapons with a small profile, low caliber, and simple exterior.

concealed carry bulk
Spot the pistol bulge! To anyone that knows weapons, printing is a dead giveaway.

Carelessly shoving a bulky weapon under your jacket will likely cause a bulge (or printing). When the name of the game is subtlety, bulges at your hip are a dead giveaway that you’re packing heat.

As such, careful consideration of your firearm’s shape, size, and style is essential.

What Caliber Weapon Is Best For Concealed Carry?

The reality? The smaller the caliber, the small the gun … for the most part.

I know, I know – this is a pretty polarizing topic. You have two camps:

  1. Guys who say the more firepower, the better
  2. Guys who say a bullet is a bullet, regardless of caliber

In the interest of keeping the peace, I’m not getting into that.

However, if concealed carry is the name of the game, a lower caliber weapon is a better bet for the sake of subtlety.

In other words, that Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan might be able to drop a bull in one shot, but it’s not exactly the most inconspicuous firearm on the market!

If you’re trying to conceal your weapon – think like James Bond. Throughout many of his covert operations, he’d carry the Walther PPK or P99 – two lightweight pistols with a slim profile that get the job done.

Can Size And Shape Affect A Gun’s Concealability?

concealed carry in pants

Put simply – YES.

Here’s the thing. I keep a Glock G19 in my office. When I’m burning the midnight oil, and it’s dark as hell, I need to be able to see the guy trying to steal my suit collection. So I use a bulky flashlight attachment to ensure I can keep my office safe 24 hours of the day.

Would I shove that same customized Glock in my pocket and carry it down the street? No.

The bulky flashlight attachment would make it evident that I was trying to conceal my weapon.

My point? The construction of your weapon matters.

If you’re aiming to conceal your weapon, then a smooth and small design is the way to go. The more catches and bulky grips a pistol has, the more complicated and uncomfortable it is to conceal under clothing.

Magazine Styles For Concealed Carry

gun magazine

What’s a gun without ammunition? Essentially, a very expensive hammer.

When concealing a weapon, your choice of magazine significantly affects how subtle your gun is. After all, a wider mag means a wider handle.

A single-stack magazine is probably the best bet for most men looking to conceal carry.

single vs double magazine
Observe the slimmer profile of the single-stack magazine. It’s half as wide as the double stack.

A single-stack’s slim profile means that the overall width of your weapon will be less. Sure it’ll hold fewer bullets than a double stack magazine – however, what you lose in firepower, you gain in concealability.

The trick is to be well-practiced with your weapon so that you don’t need 15 shots to put an assailant down. Get down the range and learn how to use your weapon effectively. You shouldn’t need to unload 10 rounds into your target. After all, bullets hurt, and using as few as possible is a matter of basic firearm safety.

The bottom line? It doesn’t matter how stumpy and light your weapon is – if it’s chunky and wide, then chances are it’ll create one heck of a bulge underneath your clothing.

What Are The Different Styles Of Pistol Holster?

Effectively concealing a weapon isn’t as simple as tucking a pistol in the back of your pants.

Sure … some guys choose to do this. Personally, I think it’s unsafe and could end up putting you in danger if you’re confronted by an assailant who knows you have a gun.

Holsters and sheaths exist for a reason! But which is best when you want to have as little effect on your style as possible?

OWB Weapon Holsters (Hip, Shoulder & Behind The Back)

gun shoulder holster

OWB or ‘Outside The Waistband’ is probably the least subtle way of holstering a weapon.

Typically, this method of carrying is reserved for police officers and military men. Hip OWB is when a paddle holster is worn on the belt with the barrel line traveling down the thigh. The pistol handle sits tight against the hip, with the grip leaning slightly forward for easy access.

If you choose this method of concealed carry, be aware that it’s very easy to reveal your weapon without intending to do so.

Even a slight breeze could blow your jacket back to reveal the pistol at your hip, so you must be confident when explaining your reasons for carrying a weapon. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that many people disagree with concealed carry – so make sure you know your stuff when the inevitable ‘is that a gun?’ comments come your way.

The same goes for shoulder and behind-the-back holstering.

While both of these methods are slightly more inconspicuous than waistband holstering, they’re still likely to cause a big bulge to appear under your clothing and still require a jacket to conceal appropriately.

IWB Weapon Holsters (Sheath & Pocket)

gun in hip

If you want to tuck your weapon into your trousers, IWB holsters (inside the waistband) are the way to go.

For the most part, an IWB sheath holster can be positioned inside the waistband at any point on your back, making it a great option more most guys looking to conceal their weapon.

What’s more, when using an IWB holster, the only part of the weapon that could be open to the public eye is the handle, which makes it far easier to hide using clothing. A loose shirt or polo could be all you need to keep the handle of your weapon concealed.

However, it’s worth noting that an IWB holster probably won’t work with regular pants without the wearer experiencing discomfort. I’d advise getting custom widened pants made for your holster, as otherwise, even the smallest and smoothest firearms could cause significant discomfort when moving around.

Pistol Ankle Holsters

concealed carry on ankle

Possibly the most subtle method of concealed carry is the ankle holster:

  1. It’s far below people’s eye-lines
  2. It can be easily covered with a trouser leg

However, as with any method of carrying, there are drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, the draw speed is slow. Reaching down and drawing your weapon from your ankle could prove challenging in some situations (especially if you’re looking to do so without the threat noticing!)

For those who prefer the power of larger weapons, the ankle holster may not be the method for you. After all, there isn’t much room down there, so a bulky hand cannon just won’t fit on your ankle. Ankle holsters are reserved for the smallest handguns around.

Tailored Pistol Pockets

concealed carry in jacket

If you’re considering concealed carry, it might be worth paying a visit to your tailor.

Sure, most tailors aren’t weapons experts (Kingsmen excluded, of course). However, most can make minor adjustments to your clothing that will make it much easier to conceal and carry a weapon.

For example, they can add an extra layer of fabric inside your jacket to create a hidden pocket for your weapon.

They can also let out the seams of your trousers, so you have more room to move with a holster (and draw your weapon if necessary).

In short, a tailor can be a great asset when it comes to concealing and carrying weapons – just be sure to let them know what you’re looking for before they start making any alterations!

Any good tailor will be used to guys asking about concealed carry during a consultation. However, as a courtesy, it may be worth phoning ahead just to inform your tailor that you’ll be bringing a weapon along to the fitting.

There shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s always good to inform your tailor beforehand to avoid any surprises.

How To Safely Conceal Carry A Weapon

Any man that owns a firearm should be well versed in gun safety.

I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but a gun is not a toy. It’s a tool to help defend and protect yourself and your loved ones. As such, you should treat it with respect.

This is all the more critical when it comes to concealed carry. After all, if someone knows you have a gun, they’re likely to be careful around you. However, when concealing a weapon, the burden of safety lies entirely on your shoulders.

What Does The Law Say About Concealed Carry?

conceal carry map

The law on concealed carry will depend entirely on the state in which you live.

I’ll be honest, gents – I’m no lawyer. Before you consider concealed carry, click here to visit the US Concealed Carry website and find state-specific guidance on carrying a concealed firearm.

You must research and learn the concealed carry policy for your individual state.

It’s also worth noting that there are particular premises where concealed carry is primarily banned across the US, including:

  1. Federal buildings
  2. Local government buildings
  3. Airports
  4. Political events
  5. Schools & Universities
  6. Sporting events
  7. Amusement parks
  8. Hospitals

Can My Workplace Ban Concealed Carry?

people in office

Yes, they can – even in a state with gun-friendly local laws.

Many men would say that banning concealed carry in the workplace goes against the constitutional rights of American workers. After all, the point of carrying a weapon in a concealed manner is to protect yourself and those around you.

However, a private company has the right to restrict firearms anywhere on their land. Act against this restriction, and it could lead to disciplinary action and even get you fired.

To assess where you stand at your office, I would advise checking your company’s firearm policy. This should be easily accessible to you on your company’s website.

My stance? Do not take a weapon into the office unless you are 100% sure no rules prevent you from doing so. Keep up with company policy (as it is likely it may change with new management or shareholder takeovers) and act within the confines of local law.

So yes, your workplace has the right to prevent you from concealing a weapon in the office. Regardless of your opinions on this fact, it would be wise to follow the rules – after all, you’ve got bills to pay and a family to take care of.

Should You Talk About Concealed Carry In Public?

office suits

Again, it depends on where you are.

When amongst friends in a place of leisure, there’s no harm in discussing concealed carry. Sure, some of your buddies might be against concealed carry, but a discussion about it might spark an interesting debate where valid opinions are shared among friends.

However, as with any personal opinion, it’s important to manage your expectations of those you don’t know.

When at the office, it’s best to keep to business. Regardless of your company’s gun policy, it’s best to avoid the topic. After all, you never know who else is listening in on your conversation with your trusted colleagues.

I think it’s also important to recognize that the purpose of concealing a weapon is to keep it under wraps until you need to use it! Speaking loudly about the gun you’ve got strapped to you’re hip is an easy way of letting a potential assailant know that you’re armed.

What Clothes Are Best For Concealing A Pistol?

So onto the big question: what outfits are best when concealing and carrying weapons daily? After all, you’re a stylish guy who likes guns – you shouldn’t have to choose between feeling safe and looking stylish.

Fear not; there is a way to do both! You just need to be intentional with the clothing you wear.

Concealing A Weapon In A Two-Piece Suit

concealed carry with jacket
The navy fabric and black lining here help to conceal the pistol even when the jacket is open

It’s a classic look, right?

A guy wearing a well-tailored two-piece suit with a shoulder holster – Clint Eastwood would be proud.

But let’s take a step back and look at the most effective ways of concealed carrying a weapon when wearing your finest two-piece tailoring.

In short, pretty much any holster style will work with a two-piece suit. The jacket will help cover most torso-based holsters, and the pants can accommodate IWB holsters, provided some minor adjustments are made.

However, there are some basic considerations a man has to make when arming himself while wearing a suit. Most obviously – what happens when you want to remove your jacket?

Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast is vital:

  1. If the wind picks up, you risk exposing your weapon as the wind blows your jacket open.
  2. If it’s 90 degrees outside, you will struggle with sweat and discomfort while keeping your jacket on. Not to mention, you’d also look pretty suspicious!

When the weather’s looking a bit temperamental, I’d advise opting for an IWB holster. Just make sure to visit your tailor and get those pants altered!

Concealing A Weapon In Casual Clothes

concealed carry at hip

When it comes to concealing a weapon under casual clothes, you have more options.

Many guys think the only way to conceal carry in weekend clothing is to wear baggy pants and a loose-fitting top. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

In fact, many arms manufacturers make specialty garments designed to help you conceal your weapon safely.

However, if you want to wear regular clothing, that’s fine too. My point is, you’ve got options!

Casual Concealed Carry Jackets

When we talk about jackets designed with the weapon enthusiast in mind, it’s important to note that these jackets are designed to look just like regular clothing.

Don’t worry; you won’t look out of place. The whole point of concealed carry clothing is to feel stylish and safe simultaneously.

concealed carry jacket
5.11 Tactical stocks a great range of concealed carry garments. Click here to check them out.

5.11 Tactical are experts when it comes to making these styles of jackets. Their tactical jackets and vests wouldn’t look out of place in any men’s clothing store – with the added bonus of concealed carry functionality.

Many of their concealed carry garments feature ‘internal passthrough’ – a design choice that allows the wearer to slip his hand through a concealed fabric opening and access the firearm stored at his hip.

While tactical jackets aren’t required for safe firearm concealment, they make it a lot easier to remain casual and comfortable while armed.

Concealed Carry In Everyday Jackets

antonio wearing two different types of jacket
Casual jackets like these are great for concealing an IWB/OWB holstered weapon

A jacket does not have to be specially designed for concealed carry to be an effective means of hiding your weapon. Leather jackets, denim jackets, and even wool sports coats will all do the job, provided you know what you’re doing.

I’m sure it goes without saying, but you should avoid tight-fitting jackets at all costs. A pistol is a bulky tool, so the skinnier the fit, the more obvious it will be under your clothing.

With that in mind, I’d opt for jackets that are on the larger side. Not so oversized that they make you look foolish but big enough so that they don’t hug your body and show every lump and bump.

Bomber jackets, for example, are fantastic for concealing weapons. The puffy design means that any bulge caused by your weapon is either invisible or blends in with the overall look of the jacket.

Concealed Carry In A Sweater

Untitled design 2
A sweater doesn’t have to be massively oversized to effectively conceal a weapon

A slightly larger sweater over the top of an IWB holster is one of the most effective ways to conceal and carry a weapon. Sweaters are inconspicuous (ie. they don’t look tactical), won’t be affected by harsh weather, and should be baggy enough to help you avoid passers-by noticing your weapon at a glance.

Cardigans can also be a great option. However, it’s important to remember the limitations of a button-down garment. Weather can significantly affect the efficacy of concealment – a light breeze could blow your cardigan open and reveal the weapon strapped to your hip.

Concealed Carry In A Hoodie

Untitled design 5
Hoodies are good for concealing a IWB/OWB holstered weapon – just avoid using your hoodie pocket

You might be tempted to conceal your weapon in the pocket of your hoodie.

I would advise against this. Hoodie pockets are not designed to hold weapons, so there could be safety issues at play here. The last thing you want is a pistol falling from your pocket and firing as it hits the ground.

If you want to carry a weapon while wearing a hoodie, I’d recommend using an IWB holster underneath your hoodie. While keeping a firearm in the front pocket might make access quicker and easier, I don’t think the safety risk is worth it.

Concealed Carry In A T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s just too hot to wear a sweater or jacket – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on concealed carry in the warmer months.

There are ways to effectively conceal a weapon under a t-shirt. It’s harder to achieve but not impossible.

When wearing a thinner garment like a t-shirt or polo, it’s important to pay attention to the principles of concealment I mentioned at the beginning of this article. After all, there’s very little fabric between your gun and public view, so the closer and more comfortable it sits on your body, the better.

Also, avoid tight t-shirts. I’m sure it goes without saying, but there isn’t a holster in the world that could hide a weapon underneath a muscle-fit t-shirt.

Thinking of boosting your concealed carry game? Ready your holster and check out my ultimate guide to the best belts a man can buy.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Concealed Carry: How to Look Stylish While Armed
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 02 May 2023 12:14:21 +0000

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Steam Room Etiquette: How A Man Should Behave

shower steam

The positive effects of a steam room – the rejuvenating effect on skin, muscles and joints while relieving stress – are well documented. However, a few people always manage to detract from an otherwise therapeutic experience.

We don’t want you to be ‘that guy’, so we’ve created 10 steam room etiquette guidelines every man should follow.

Don’t Come In Naked

We are not in Ancient Rome; steam rooms are now mainly unisex. Even if you are in a single-sex steam room, please don’t come in naked. There really is no need.

If you don’t want to wear trunks, then don’t. However, please have the decency to put a towel around your waist to protect your ‘modesty’. Furthermore, if you are only wearing a towel, don’t put your leg(s) up – needless to say, no one needs to see that.

Shower Before You Come In

shower steam 1

There’s nothing worse than someone stepping into the steam room straight from a two-hour cardio workout, still dripping with sweat.

Suddenly, people become rather weary about the source of steam in the room, not to mention the ‘scent’. Have a shower, please. It takes 30 seconds.

Use The Space

If the steam room is almost empty, don’t sit directly beside the only person there; it’s awkward.

Much like Thomas Fink’s (of The Man’s Book) method of selecting the optimal urinal, leave at least one space between you and the other person where possible. Trust us, it’ll make a more enjoyable steam room experience for everyone.

Keep It Closed

Unlike the normal rules of gentlemanly behaviour, do not hold the door open for the person behind you. They managed to get this far, we’re sure they’ll be OK opening it for themselves.

It’s frustrating waiting up to 30 minutes for the ‘optimal steaming temperature’ only to have someone come along and hold the door open for their partner who’s showering.

In Or Out

soor open

If you’re unsure you want to come in, think about it outside, not with the door open (see previous point).

If you are looking for someone, come inside rather than trying to see through the impenetrable steam, or waiting for all the steam to filter out to ease your line of vision.


Now, this is unbelievable; some actually think it’s fine to bring a razor into the steam room and have a shave. Where do these people think the hair goes?

It doesn’t matter how much hair you have, the hair still has to go somewhere. There’s no ‘hair length’ related rule for this one – it cannot happen. Ever.

Adults Only

If the sign says, ‘No kids under the age of 16,’ it means that. We should add that the age restriction also applies to mental age.

Watch Your Mouth

steam conversation

While it’s polite to say “Hello” when entering and “Cheers” when leaving, conversation in the steam room should be kept to a minimum and not forced upon any unwilling recipient. If their eyes are closed, it’s probably a good sign they want to be left alone.

Gentleman, it is not a pub. Do not use it as a venue to discuss your lurid stories from the night before, how well your job is going, or divulge the inner workings of your ‘relationships’ – there’s a reason psychologists get paid.

Comments such as “It’s hot in here” are not required – we know it’s hot; that’s why we’re here.

Don’t Stare

It’s still rude, even if (you think) they can’t see you. No one wants to be gawped at, in or out of a steam room.

Hold It In

Finally, if you must break wind, please, please, please do it outside. Unfortunately, the steam doesn’t numb the sense of smell.

The post Steam Room Etiquette: How A Man Should Behave appeared first on Ape to Gentleman.

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By: Graham Jones
Title: Steam Room Etiquette: How A Man Should Behave
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Published Date: Sat, 18 May 2024 08:00:54 +0000

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The Best Men’s Shorts For 2024 Are Anything But Boring

The Best Mes Shorts for 2024 Are Anything But Boring

man wearing various styles of shorts

“A don doesn’t wear shorts.”

Words uttered by fictional New York mob boss Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. to Tony Soprano during an exchange between the two in the fourth season premiere of The Sopranos. Essentially, the older man was admonishing Tony for having previously sported a pair of shorts in public. He felt it was immature. Unbecoming. He was wrong, however.

The thing is, we get where Carmine is coming from. Sometimes, shorts don’t meet the level of formality required for a particular setting or event. But we’re not talking about those instances. When it gets really hot out and you don’t have a member of the old mafia guard mumbling in your ear otherwise, shorts simply get the job done.

Only, some shorts do it better. With the rapid approach of summer, we’re here to tell you that cool shorts come in all types of configurations. Different inseam lengths. Different fabrics. The works.

So come along for the ride. We’re taking you on a tour of the best men’s shorts for summer 2024. With so many to choose from, it was hard to narrow them down. But consider the work done for you. Oh, and stick around to the end to see our top pick!

The Best Basic Shorts: 5” Stretch Chino Short by J.Crew

5” Stretch Chino Short by J.Crew

Sometimes you’ve gotta start simple. And that’s exactly where this pair comes in. J.Crew has been supplying fellas with enduring American classics for decades, and if there’s one thing you can rely on them for (besides Ivy-inspired bangers), it’s good closet staples.

Their 5-inch inseam Stretch Chino Shorts get a lot right. For one, they’re arguably the best length you can get. Many agree that a 5-inch inseam is ideal.

There’s something about a short that’s well, short. It lets you show off the goods! In this case, your legs. But there’s also a nice bit of stretch in the mix here, making these perform a heck of a lot better than stiffer counterparts.

With ten colors and a timeless look, these will run you about $50, but select colors go on sale frequently. Don’t miss out.

The Best Classic Shorts: 6-Inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Short by Polo Ralph Lauren

6-Inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Short by Polo Ralph Lauren

Looking for something a tad bit more “old money?” Pardon our use of the TikTok-ified term, but Ralph Lauren’s aesthetics often lean into something adjacent to a lifestyle filled with country clubs and true American class.

Their 6-inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Shorts fit right in with all of that. With six colors and a flattering length, this pair will be sure to impress. Subtle features such as the tabbed-button rear pockets and the tastefully applied, iconic Polo logo all make them an absolute winner.

Our bet? Go with the Deckwash White color for a good mix of versatility and elegance. Oh, and they’re under $90, too.

The Best Textured Shorts: 5 1/2″ Corduroy Everywear Shorts by Madewell

5 1/2" Corduroy Everywear Shorts by Madewell

One of the best style hacks you can ever learn is that texture is seriously important.

Outfit feeling a bit dull? Nine times out of ten it’s because things are too flat. A great way to add more visual interest is by incorporating texture through fabric. In the case of these shorts by Madewell, that would be corduroy.

Though typically a fabric most associated with autumn, winter, and the mild days of spring, these work for summer just as well in short form. With a perfect 5 ½-inch inseam and a comfortable elastic waistband, these shorts are a great addition to any casual ensemble.

They come in some brilliant colors, too, such as Warm Coffee and Dusty Laurel. The best part? They’re less than $70.

The Best Sweat Shorts: Austin International Sweat Short by Saturdays New York City

Austin International Sweat Short by Saturdays New York City

If it’s maximum comfort you crave, look no further than the Austin International Sweat Shorts by Saturdays New York City. They come in a heathered gray as well as black, and they’ve got a solid 6-inch inseam to keep your legs free during the summer heat.

That doesn’t mean these are flimsy, though. They’re constructed from a heavyweight 14oz loopback terry that gives them a great bit of shaping – something you often don’t expect from a pair of sweat shorts. And yet, somehow, they get softer with each and every wash/wear. For less than $100, these are an excellent option you won’t regret.

The Best Military-Inspired Shorts: 5” Officer Short by Todd Snyder

5” Officer Short by Todd Snyder

Remember what we said about lending your outfits a bit of interest through texture? Well, another method is through shape and drape, both of which can be achieved through a couple of well-crafted pleats.

Pleated shorts have had somewhat of a comeback in the men’s fashion landscape, and we’re fully onboard. Todd Snyder’s 5” Officer Shorts are a great way to try out the look.

Inspired by old military shorts and crafted from 100% cotton, these shorts are tastefully short with a 5-inch inseam and feature double pleats, as well as a coin pocket. They’re a bit pricier at $148, but for Todd Snyder quality, they’re well worth the price of admission.

The Best Linen Shorts: 7.5 Pleated Linen Short by J.Crew

7.5 Pleated Linen Short by J.Crew

When it’s absolutely scorching out there, sometimes regular shorts simply won’t do. In that case, it’s time to go full throttle and break out the linen. J.Crew appeared already on this list, but they just have too many great options to offer, like their 7.5” Pleated Linen Short.

Despite their longer length, the extra shaping provided by the single pair of pleats makes these a timeless pair with a bit of extra dimension. Not to mention that flapped coin pocket, which makes for a nice additional touch. They’ll run you just under $90, but when it’s really toasty outside, you’ll be thankful you picked these up.

The Best Loose Denim Shorts: Men’s 5 Star Carpenter Short In Mid Indigo by Wrangler

Men’s 5 Star Carpenter Short In Mid Indigo by Wrangler

Yep, jorts are back. If you’ve paid any attention to fashion spaces online, you might have noticed an uptick in denim short wearers over the past couple of years. But thankfully, today’s denim shorts are a lot cooler than the ones you wore in middle school. And with the right styling? They can look downright killer.

Currently, like many other fashion-forward shorts, jorts tend to be among one of two camps. One is loose and long. The other is a more traditional length and slimmer. Both are valid. But if you’re intrigued by the looser silhouette, Wrangler’s 5 Stat Carpenter Shorts have both you and nearly your knees covered.

These shorts have a 10-inch inseam, which while not for the faint of heart, is certain to make a statement. They’ve got a great early-2000s energy about them, and the more rugged details like the carpenter pant pockets really seal the deal. Not wholly convinced? They’re only $20. You can’t beat that.

The Best Retro-Inspired Denim Shorts: 501 ‘93 Cut Off 7” Men’s Shorts by Levi’s

Guy Wearing Retro-Inspired Denim Shorts wiht untucked casula shirt

Now for the other camp. Levi’s is the undisputed king of jeans. So naturally, their denim shorts are a total vibe, too. Their 501 93” Cut Off 7” Shorts have a great retro flair, with distressing along the hem and several tasteful washes.

Not to worry, because they can still be styled with ease, and their laid-back nature keeps things looking and feeling highly casual.

They cost just under $70, but Levi’s denim is damn near always worth it.

The Best All-Use Shorts: Men’s Baggies Shorts 5” by Patagonia

Men’s Baggies Shorts with flip flops

Patagonia Baggies have reigned supreme for quite some time. They debuted these shorts in 1982 and never looked back. They didn’t have to. These shorts have naturally stood the test of time and work with just about anything.

While they do project a somewhat more athletic look at first glance, you’d be surprised at how versatile they can be. Paired them with a plain white tee. Then a cotton crew neck sweater. Try them with a rugby polo. They just work.

Not only that, but they’re intended for water use as well. In a pinch, they make for a solid pair of swim trunks. Get them wet, and don’t sweat. For only $65, there’s no reason these should be as versatile as they are.

Our Absolute Favorite Shorts: Herringbone Twill Larsen Short by Buck Mason

Herringbone Twill Larsen Short by Buck Mason

A middle-ground 6-inch inseam. Two perfectly pleasing pleats. Herringbone weave texture. These might be the perfect shorts! Buck Mason always releases excellent products, but these might be some of the very best shorts you can buy for summer 2024.

They’re made from a 9.4 oz washed cotton twill fabric, and have just the right amount of extra shape and volume due to the single pleated front. They sit higher on the waist due to classic high rise, better breaking up the proportions between your legs and your chest. With a flapped coin pocket and two neutral colors, these shorts work a wide variety of occasions and an even wider number of ensembles.

For $128, we don’t think there’s a more perfect pair of shorts out there.

The Wrap-Up

Maybe Carmine is right. Maybe a don shouldn’t wear shorts. But chances are, you’re not a don. You’re a regular guy looking to upscale his style. And regular guys wear shorts. Because shorts, when executed well, can look pretty damn great!

Hopefully, this carefully curated list of the best shorts a man can buy has been helpful. Keep an eye out for future recommendations, and keep cool this summer!

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: The Best Men’s Shorts For 2024 Are Anything But Boring
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The Best Men’s Linen Pants Keep You Looking Cool and Feeling Cooler

relaxed fit beige linen pants black t shirt black leather belt loafers

Things are getting toasty out there, fellas. It’s just about time to switch over to your summer wardrobe. On the absolute hottest of days, you may be inclined to reach for your favorite pair of shorts.

And hey, we’re not knocking that decision. But on days that you still want to feel a bit more dressed up without sacrificing comfort and breathability, consider picking up a pair of linen pants this season.

For the less initiated, linen is a fabric made from fibers derived from flax plants. Not only is it natural, but it is highly breathable, featuring a looser weave than knotty wools and twill cottons.

This makes linen an ideal material for summertime clothing, especially pants. Their relaxed nature and subtle texture can elevate just about any summer outfit, whether you’re running morning errands or grabbing dinner outdoors. And the best linen pants absolutely double down on the cool factor.

man wearing relaxed-fit beige linen pants with a black t-shirt, black leather belt, and black loafers

At Real Men Real Style, we want you to look your best and feel your best this summer. So without further ado, here are our top recommendations for the best men’s linen pants in 2024, covering a variety of budgets and micro-styles. Read on!

The Budget Pick: Linen Blend Relaxed Pants by Uniqlo

Linen Blend Relaxed Pants by Uniqlo

The Japan-based mega-retailer of clothing basics doesn’t miss. Their Linen Blend Relaxed Pants are an excellent choice, and snagging a pair won’t hurt your wallet too much, either. While not a fully linen composition, a linen-cotton blend ensures a bit less wrinkling than you’d typically expect from fully linen pants – and it keeps things breathable, too.

With a classic silhouette, these are incredibly easy to style as well. Not sure how? Here’s a hint. Try ‘em with just about anything. Appropriate for the office, country club, cruise ship deck, and anywhere in between, there’s a heck of a lot of versatility available to you here.

With five colors and extensive unisex sizing options, you can’t get much better than these for under the $50.00 mark.

The Laid-Back Pick: Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell

Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell

If the last option had a bit too much cotton in the mix for your taste, the Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell might be more your thing. Made from 100%, you guessed it, linen, these casual bottoms offer a solid value for the money, and significantly more laid-back aesthetic.

Available in a unique sage green, don’t let their casual nature fool you – you can style these a ton of ways. Wear them with your favorite band tee. Wear them with loafers of Adidas Sambas. Try them out with a camp collar shirt.

You’ve got options, and the relaxed, generous fit provided by the drawstring waistband means you don’t need to bother worrying about a belt. For under $90.00, these are a damn near steal.

The Contemporary Pick: Classic-fit Linen Trouser by J.Crew

Classic-fit Linen Trouser by J.Crew

If J.Crew didn’t make this list, then something would be seriously wrong. As the parent brand to Madewell, J.Crew is known to offer serious style with a preppy twist – and their linen offerings are no exception to this rule. Their Classic-Fit Linen Trousers are 100% linen and come in four flexible colors.

Not only that, but their timeless fit makes these work exceptionally well for almost any occasion. Dressed up or down, they’ll make an impact. And for a price tag of $118.00, they feature some great extra features like button-flapped rear pockets. We can’t recommend these enough for all your summer sartorial needs.

The Detail-Centric Pick: Standard Pleated Pant in Flax Linen by Alex Mill

Standard Pleated Pant in Flax Linen by Alex Mill

Launched in 2012, Alex Mill has made a profound impact on the men’s fashion landscape in only a relatively brief period of time. Well-regarded for their solid fabrics and budget-friendly casual tailoring options, they should definitely be on your radar – and so should their Standard Pleated Pants in Linen.

There’s hardly a better way to add easy visual depth to an outfit than a couple of pleats, and these pants understand that to great effect. With a slightly cropped hem and higher rise, the fit on these is exceptionally well-crafted.

There’s extras to go around too, most notably a tastefully-flapped coin pocket and cuffed legs. Available for $175.00, these offer a pretty good value if you’re ready for the next step above traditional budget options.

Oh, and did we mention they’re 100% linen, too?

The Clean Pick: Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pant by Buck Mason

Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pant by Buck Mason

The go-to brand for American classics and workwear-inspired pieces at a reasonable price-per-quality, Buck Mason is particularly good at turning great fabrics into even better clothes. Look no further than their Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pants for proof.

Inspired by the look of vintage military chinos, these pants have a particular airy weave that keeps things extra breathable. With a classic fit, natural color, and details like a coin pocket, these pants are competitively priced at $178.00 and can be paired with Buck Mason’s matching Linen-Hopsack Carry-On Jacket for a casual suit that may as well be the official uniform of taking it easy – in style.

The Five-Pocket Pick: Relaxed Fit 5-Pocket Cotton Linen Pant by Todd Snyder

Relaxed Fit 5-Pocket Cotton Linen Pant by Todd Snyder

Looking for a pair of linen pants that definitely air on the casual side of casual? Five-pocket pants are much like jeans – but aren’t necessarily made from denim. In the case of this offering from Todd Snyder, they can come in linen, too!

Todd Snyder is much beloved for their updated takes on classic style centerpieces, and these pants prove they’re still on the money. Available in three colors, you can forget resorting to jeans anytime you want a five-pocket configuration.

With a 73% cotton and 27% linen composition, you can expect these to be sturdier than other more linen-forward pants. But don’t be misled – they’ll still keep you feeling cool and looking fresh.

The Customizable Pick: Classic Wide-leg Trouser by Scott Fraser Collection

Classic Wide-leg Trouser by Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser Collection has become renowned for their exceptional fits, fabrics, and plethora of options available. The England-based brand offers some brilliant tailoring, and their Classic Wide Leg Trousers exemplify the quality you can expect.

Technically, these pants are offered in dozens of options, including cottons and wools. But they’re also available in multiple linen fabrics, ranging in color and weave. There’s guaranteed to be an option that calls out to you.

But that’s not where the customization stops. You can choose to add/remove belt loops, side tabs, cuffed legs, and more, and can expect a highly-flattering traditional fit that is full through the leg and the seat, thanks to a couple of generous pleats. All of this – available to you for around $310.00 USD (converted from GBP).

The Enthusiast Pick: Tobacco Cotton Linen Games Trousers by Drake’s

Tobacco Cotton Linen Games Trousers by Drake’s

If you’re a menswear-head like us, you’re surely familiar with Drake’s. If not, then let it be told – they’ve got some serious game. While certainly pricey, the quality and pure style found in the garments of this British-based menswear powerhouse are nearly unparalleled.

Drake’s understands pants. Like, really well. Their Cotto Linen Games Trousers? Truly exceptional. A high-quality blend of linen and cotton means that these pants will hold their shape better and be less prone to excessive wrinkling, but still maintain a breathable composition suitable for summer weather.

While easily styled up, the construction is relatively relaxed and works just as well casually, with a pinched waist and fuller fit in the leg. Adorned with a pair of single forward-facing pleats, they come in a variety of colors. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but we’re especially fond of the Tobacco color – they’re incredibly versatile.

Like we said, these ones aren’t exactly cheap, coming in at $500.00, but you’ll struggle to find a pair this good anywhere else. Menswear enthusiasts love Drake’s for a lot of reasons. These pants are one of them.

The Wrap-Up

At Real Men Real Style, we want you to look your best and feel confident. Which is why we want to let you know about the best products and best practices. If you haven’t previously given linen pants a shot, let this be your sign to upgrade your style game this summer.

Like we said, shorts can be cool. But linen pants indicate a level of understanding when it comes to the intersection of fabrics and functionality. They tell the world that you don’t have to resort to shorts the moment it gets a bit warm outside. You’re prepared. You’ve got the perfect pair of pants for the job. Any of the above will most certainly help you keep your cool.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: The Best Men’s Linen Pants Keep You Looking Cool and Feeling Cooler
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