Custom 1,478-Piece Yamaha MT-10 SP by L. Ego

This futuristic-lookingYamaha MT-10 SP was assembled over almost eight hours and some 1,497 customized individual components by master Danish crafter L. Ego. While the first impression may look a bit plastic-y, the sum of the parts is a truly custom motorcycle for any age bracket. Although over age 18 is recommended, we believe even younger enthusiasts could partake in this ride with proper supervision, knowledge and patience.

Throw your tiny leg over the seat, and the three-speed transmission mates up perfectly with the all-new four-cylinder engine—which amazingly—requires no oil. The gold drive chain, considered ostentatious by some, delivers quiet and efficient power to the beefy rear rubber. Up front, the signature Öhlins, or Fauxlins perhaps more fittingly, offer both sport and comfort whether cruising hard kitchen tile or soft bedroom carpet.

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By: Jeff Bruss
Title: Custom 1,478-Piece Yamaha MT-10 SP by L. Ego
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Published Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 19:20:15 +0000


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