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Delta Goodrem has been a fixture on Aussie TV screens and radios for over two decades now, after her debut album propelled her to worldwide fame in 2003.

Innocent Eyes spent several months in the top spot of the ARIA charts and spawned hits including the title track as well as Not Me, Not I, Lost Without You and the anthemic Born to Try.

Now, the singer is getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album that changed her life, telling 9Honey Celebrity it’s a “really special” “full-circle moment”.

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Delta Goodrem chats to 9Honey Celebrity about touring, Innocent Eyes 20th anniversary and new Netflix movie, Love Is In The Air

“I think that it’s been a really beautiful sort of full-circle moment. I didn’t even know how special it would be to have this full-circle moment with that album,” Goodrem tells 9Honey Celebrity while on tour in Paris.

“I can safely say that knowing when I finished this incredible Hearts on the Run tour over here, that when I land in Australia, we get to play that album top to finish and be able to do the songs that 20 years ago,” Goodrem says before pausing for a moment.

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“It had been at No. 1 for seven and a half months and for half of that, I was going through a challenge in my health and so, now, to be here healthy and well and to be able to enjoy that album as a woman is really special. Really, really special. So I’m truly looking forward to those concerts.”

The singer says she is a “looking forward” type of gal but the songwriter in her means she’ll always be reflective on life as well.

Delta Goodrem Innocent Eyes 20th Anniversary concert poster

“As I continue to write the music of my life and share that, I think I will always dive in and always continue to observe and like any human, we’re all just observing as we go and constantly checking in and also looking forward and letting go and moving forward,” Delta says.

“The truth is, is that it is always beautiful to stop along the way and take every moment in and be able to just enjoy the simple things along the way that have also brought us to be able to be here today, which was that album, that started my entire career.”

Perhaps hinting on her health battles at the time – Goodrem was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2003, at the age of 18 – she tells 9Honey Celebrity, “I think that there’s no one moment that defines us”.

“It’s all a collection of many, many moments and I am in the best one at the moment,” she says.

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And that moment not only includes a European tour of her new music, and Australia tour of her old music but also a Netflix movie, something she describes as “a huge dream come true”.

Love Is In The Air marks Goodrem’s first film in 18 years, after staring in Hating Alison Ashley in 2005.

The actress stars alongside Joshua Sasse, Roy Billing and Steph Tisdell in the movie and also serves as an Executive Producer on the project, which was filmed in Airlie Beach, Queensland.

Goodrem plays Dana Randall, a seaplane pilot for the non-profit Fullerton Airways in Far North Queensland, fighting to keep her late mother’s business alive.

Love Is In The Air. Delta Goodrem, Steph Tisdell in Love Is In The Air.  Love Is In The Air. Delta Goodrem, Steph Tisdell in Love Is In The Air.

While she’s currently juggling tours music, the 38-year-old says acting is a big passion of hers and actually how she got her start.

“My very first door open into the industry was by joining a comedy when I was seven years old,” Goodrem recalls to 9Honey Celebrity.

“Then I joined A Country Practice and Police Rescue and so my whole childhood I was on TV sets. And then obviously music took on its own life.”

“So, it just always dependent on my heart and passion for a project. That’s always always what it’s been.”

One of the projects under Goodrem’s belt is the iconic Aussie soap, Neighbours, with the actress appearing as Nina Tucker on the show from 2002 – 2005.

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She even made a special appearance on the show’s big farewell episode last year, before it’s surprise reboot was announced.

But unlike “miffed” Kylie Minogue, Goodrem says she was “thrilled” to hear of the show’s return.

“They didn’t know they were going to come back… What would the world be if we didn’t continue to have Neighbours?,” she tells 9Honey Celebrity.

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Delta Goodrem as Nina Tucker in Neighbours in 2002.

“I personally, I’m thrilled and I think they’re about to start a new chapter of their show and it’ll be different to what it was and it’s evolved, so that’s exciting.”

And the plethora of projects on her own plate – including her own ATLED Records and ATLED Productions (Delta spelt backwards) – is also something that has Goodrem exited.

“I feel going into the next year, that the sky’s the limit,” she tells 9Honey Celebrity.

Love Is In The Air will be available to stream on Netflix from September 28.

Nine Entertainment Co (the publisher of this website) owns and operates the streaming service Stan.


Title: Delta Goodrem on 20th anniversary of life-changing album: ‘I didn’t even know how special it would be’
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Published Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 22:09:00 GMT

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The Game Awards 2023 – through the eyes of the editorial team

More text below the video

Present: Starting off the event with Christopher Judge, the voice of Kratos from God of War, referencing the very long speech of the man mentioned in the previous party, is the kind of humor I’d like to see in this type of party. Just like a Call of Duty insult. In contrast, the presence of stars like Matthew McConaughey or Anthony Mackie at the ceremony always increases its prestige, although I still think the event is too long and drawn out. I was under the impression that there were more speakers and announcements this year than last year, and an hour into the event it was clear that there wasn’t enough meat. Exodus piqued my interest, Hellblade delighted me again (where is the history, where?), Kojima surprised me as usual (but I prefer something from Death Stranding 2), the return of the Mana series, and the film’s trailer delighted me. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 calmed me down, but the sleepover wasn’t really worth it. Blade is a big surprise, but after Arkane’s Redfall I’ll remain skeptical for now. Another thing is that we have already had the opportunity to play some of the games presented in the second part of the event in the editorial office, so there was no surprise effect. For such a great year with huge hits, the awards ceremony itself was a bit disappointing.

Rating: 3/6

Voytek: The Game Awards 2023 is full of announcements, but I can actually name on one hand the real surprises in store. The situation confirms only one thing – the next year will not be as strong as the last 12 months, and may even be much weaker. At this event, we saw a lot of announcements, short materials and… definitely the most interesting game is Blade. Arkane’s got a great IP and I’m counting on a real IP. I can’t wait for Monster Hunter Wilds, but unfortunately – it won’t premiere until 2025. I’m fascinated by the OD, I’m waiting for more information on Exodus, and Rise of The Ronin looks really good… I’d love to play God of War, I’m waiting for Hellblade 2’s final release date, but again – there’s something missing here.

Rating: 4/6

Matthew: The Ubisoft Forward and Microsoft Summer Event is still one of the best events of the year. TGA 2023 wasn’t bad, but there were no release dates for the most sought-after games in 2024. Hellblade 2 is still largely unknown, where is Silent Hill 2 Remake or STALKER 2? Additionally, the large number of ads in this edition of TGA was terrifying. On the plus side, there are several new announcements, including Blade and Exodus from the creators of Mass Effect, but in the latter case there is still a long way to go before the premiere. All we are happy about is that the Game of the Year award went to Baldur’s Gate 3, because it is a masterpiece that restores confidence in games that we will remember for decades to come.

Rating: 3/6

Egor: This year’s The Game Awards are pretty cool, sort of, but they had their moments. The biggest surprise is Arkane’s Blade and Hideo Kojima’s OD – personally I was expecting Death Stranding 2. Highlights of the show? Sure Monster Hunter Wilds – the trailer wasn’t great, but it showed off the most significant change. From now on, the maps would be full of life, something he was sorely missing before. I’ve been disappointed by too many bad ads and poor presentations for gaming services. I’m also positively surprised by the three awards received by Microsoft and the presentation of the new game by the No Man’s Sky writers. Unfortunately, the rest was pretty bad – even the croissant situation in God of War Ragnarok. Game of the year? Of course, Baldur’s Gate 3 and the armored man on stage won it all out.

Rating: 3/6

Lucas: I more or less knew what to expect, but this year’s TGA provided interesting performances and “funny moments” for the hosts and guests on stage. It was emotional, although the abundance of commercials made me sleepy at times. We’ve received numerous smaller and larger game announcements, both previously well-known (FF7: Rebith), brand new IPs (like Last Sentinel), turkeys and stronger titles (the fantastic-looking Black Myth: Wukong), most of which we’ll be playing in 2024/2025 – some very soon. , such as the new free DLC for God of War (Valhalla). The awards ceremony itself – Baldur’s Gate 3 was my favorite and I wasn’t wrong, it won awards, even though it was exciting. And when Matthew McConaughey, known for his wonderful character in the first season of True Detective, appeared on stage, he introduced Exodus with his signature sense of humor. So I’m really looking forward to what I saw, and I’m hoping for a great, action-packed production. Hideo Kojima also appeared, accompanied by Jordan Peele, screenwriter and director of good horror films. During the show, there were also completely unfamiliar titles, like Big Walk, which I definitely don’t buy, or at least can’t understand. However, an interesting and quiet environment, as well as some interesting material, has confirmed to me that this may be an interesting, but not a great year (2024) for video games, although this year’s awards ceremony (TGA 2023) was enjoyable Very watchable at times, with a few exceptions. Finally, congratulations to the best game of the year – Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rating: 4/6

How do you evaluate the event? Here you will find all the most important announcements from the event:


By: Benjamin Blair
Title: The Game Awards 2023 – How do you rate the event? We summarize and collect advertisements and materials
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2023 04:57:39 +0000

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