DYNO RACING AND SIM SHOWDOWN: A 50 Facts & Favorite Memories Feature



Ford’s popular Dyno Racing at the event entrance always draws big crowds.


To mark Barrett-Jackson’s half-century in business, in this special series we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 50 years – as well as some little-known facts about The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions.


World champion wrestler John Cena celebrates a Dyno Racing victory at the 2010 Palm Beach Auction.

There’s a reason Barrett-Jackson has been labeled the “can’t-miss” automotive event of the last half-century – there’s so much to do and see for everyone! The auction block takes center stage, but the thrill of the auction continues beyond the scope of where the hammer falls.

The Barrett-Jackson experience is unlike any other. It’s a festival celebrating the love of the automobile, combining the excitement and thrills of an auction with an endless variety of activities for fans to experience, share and even get in on the action.

Another challenge awaits guests in the Dodge display.

When you first enter the site, you’ll be greeted by the sound of howling engines and glowing headlights of a beast begging to be tamed. Step right up, as Ford Motor Company is ready to pit event-goers against each other as they sit behind the wheel of their latest high-performance vehicle (in 2020, it was a Mustang GT), strapped to a dynamometer. The popular attraction draws quite a crowd as the sound of the powerful V8s bellow when two participants go head-to-head in actual vehicles – on a real dyno, in a real drag race. Measuring reaction speed and elapsed times, Ford’s dyno showdown is a must-experience part of the auction.

A young driver tests his know-how at the Dodge SRT Demon Drag Strip Simulator.

Ford’s not alone when it comes to exciting behind-the wheel experiences. You can put on a virtual reality headset and strap in to feel the ferocity of a 9-second quarter-mile sprint behind the wheel of a race-bred Dodge Demon. The Dodge SRT Demon Drag Strip Simulator began life as a production Challenger. Built to replicate the sensation of launching a Demon down the quarter-mile, the simulator sports heavy-duty struts capable of lifting the front end a full 14 inches in the air, pulling a wheelie just like a real Demon at launch. Friends can battle it out to see who’s king of the dragstrip, all grinning ear-to-ear.

The Barrett-Jackson experience truly is an all-encompassing automotive lifestyle event that has something for everyone.

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