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Last weekend, Insomniac’s Escape Halloween took over the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA for a weekend of spooky themed entertainment. From Friday-Saturday, the event center was transformed into a Halloween town filled with thousands of costumed attendees, carnival rides, cabaret performers, magicians, a silent disco, interactive experiences, and of course nonstop music from some of the top artists in EDM. Read on for an in-depth event review!


Festival attendees started ushering into the festival grounds around 4pm, when the party had officially begun. Night one welcomed artists like Above & Beyond, Slander, Kaskade, and more to the main stage, The Grimm, a favorite as far as stage designs go, featuring featuring an enormous skeleton surrounding the stage with arms that move throughout the night.

Feeding Grounds, hosted by Bassrush, delivered the dubstep, with artists like ATLiens, Zomboy, and Svdden Death taking the stage. Sanitarium, hosted by Basscon, was the place to be for hardstyle lovers, with Lady Faith, Darren Styles, and a hardstyle b2b set from DJ Isaac and SAYMYNAME.

Sewer District brought all the techno and house heaters, with artists like Hot Since 82, Loco Dice, and Jamie Jones keeping the dance floor moving all night long.

Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events 1 1024x683 2 jpg
Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

This year, the brand new Wicked Woods stage debuted, with artists like Kaivon, K?D, and Codeko kicking it warehouse style all night long.


The Grimm popped off on day two, with Matroda, Tchami, DJ Snake, and Zedd on the schedule, closed out by trance legend, Armin Van Buuren, himself. Feeding Grounds came to play as well, with a fun Emo Night set, as well as performances from Three 6 Mafia, Malaa, and REZZ.

Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events 3 1024x683 1 jpg
Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Hosted by Night Trip, Sanitarium hosted a range of artists, including Wade, MK, and a very special b2b set from CID, Hugel, and Westend. Once again, Sewer District kept true to its underground vibes with Factory 93 hosting techno artists like Lilly Palmer, Green Velvet, and Patrick Topping. The energy here was palpable, as pyrotechnics and performers enhanced the experience for all.

Finally, Wicked Woods closed out its Escape debut with a bevy of Bassrush favorites including Black Sun Empire b2b The Upbeats, Culture Shock, and Macky Gee.


One of the best parts of Escape are the spooky themed amenities offered throughout the festival grounds each year. Crazy Town offers a respite for festival attendees looking to chill for a bit, with a DJ, a flaming cathedral with fire-spinning performers, a gargoyle fountain for photo opps, and a nearby silent disco. The Butcher, designed as a freezer full of hanging carcasses and dead human meat, hosted another live DJ for a spookier experience. The Poison Ivy Bar featured 360-degree neon paint and black lights as a neon green man-eating plant towered in the center of the room and the bar offered several of the themed cocktails present throughout the weekend.

Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac Events 4 1024x683 1 jpg
Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac Events

Psycho Circus featured a circus tent hosting cabaret acts, magic shows, and other talented performers all weekend long, while the surrounding outside area was inhabited by mystics performing tarot readings, palm readings, and fortune telling. If all that wasn’t enough, festival attendees had a few different carnival rides to choose from and vendor booths to peruse, selling everything from food and drink to merch, clothing, and art.

Insomniac delivered yet another successful Halloween weekend at Escape this year, with the addition of a brand new stage, a larger festival footprint, and after parties. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for next year!

Feature Photo: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events

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Title: [Event Review] Escape Halloween Successfully Transforms NOS Events Center Once Again
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Steve Angello Talks about Finding Balance, Creativity, & More

F 4ML fW0AEqBCH 1024x1024 1 jpg

The Creative Pulse of Steve Angello: More Than Just Beats

There are only three people on this planet who know what it’s like to be part of perhaps the biggest DJ collaborative, and one of them is Steve Angello. Co-founder of Swedish House Mafia, record label owner, and an incredibly talented creative producer, Angello continues to dazzle the house music scene. His new single “ME” is a testament to his status as a top house DJ, with an energetic vocal and a euphoric, pulsing house beat. It’s not just another track; it’s a declaration of his artistry, set to dominate the airwaves in 2024.

Finding Balance: Family, Music, and Authenticity

Angello’s relocation back to Sweden from LA isn’t just a move across continents; it’s a journey towards stability for his family. Despite his global fame, his roots and family are central to his life. “I grew up without a family support system because I’ve always been touring – I was away. I want my kids to grow up and be like, here’s your cousins, your Grandma. Everybody’s here,” he shares. This sense of normalcy and grounded support is a stark contrast to the typical image of a jet-setting DJ.

Music and Parenthood: A Delicate Symphony

As a father, Angello balances his colossal music career with parenting. His daughters, aged eleven and thirteen, are his biggest fans and critics. They bring a fresh perspective to his work, rooted in the TikTok era’s fleeting attention spans. “Whenever we’re driving, I’ll ask them – listen to this, what do you think?” This approach shows Angello’s respect for his audience’s diverse tastes and his dedication to staying relevant in a rapidly evolving musical landscape.

Staying True to Artistic Vision: Lessons from Steve Angello

Angello’s commitment to his art form is unwavering. He resists the pressure to conform to mainstream music industry standards, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. “If I feel something in the studio, I stick to it,” he asserts. This philosophy is evident in “ME,” a track that eschews the short format dominating popular music platforms. Angello’s approach is not about defiance but a deep connection with his music. He recalls Michael Jackson’s bold move with “Thriller,” drawing parallels to his own artistic journey.

The Essence of Club Music and Embracing Diversity

Despite the allure of large-scale shows, Angello’s heart lies in the raw energy of club sets. He fondly recalls his early days as a “club rat,” a time that profoundly influenced his music. His collaboration with Solomon in Ibiza exemplifies his love for blending styles and creating unique experiences, transcending conventional music boundaries.

F 4ML fW0AEqBCH 1024x1024 2 jpg

The Freedom of Success and the Joy of Creation

Angello’s success with Swedish House Mafia has afforded him the luxury of choice, allowing him to focus solely on projects that resonate with him. “I’ve never been mainstream, and I’ve never been too underground,” he remarks, highlighting his unique position in the industry. His passion for music-making remains undiminished, a journey of joy and discovery rather than a mere job.

Conclusion: The Unending Pursuit of Musical Truth

Steve Angello’s journey is one of constant evolution, balancing the demands of fame with the joys of creativity and family. His advice to aspiring artists is poignant: surround yourself with people who believe in you and stay true to your vision. As he continues to shape the world of electronic music, his story serves as a beacon of authenticity and passion in an ever-changing industry.

You can find the full-length interview here. Be sure to check out Steve Angelo’s latest track ‘Me’, here.

[H/T] – Euphoriazine

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By: Matt Sierra
Title: Steve Angello Talks about Finding Balance, Creativity, & More
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Published Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2024 21:20:57 +0000

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Adam Beyer Modernizes Old Drumcode Sound with Let’s Begin EP

IMG 0518 1024x1024 1 jpeg

Following the most prolific year of his production career, Adam Beyer starts 2024 right with another standout EP, ‘Let’s Begin’, which takes influence from the ‘90s Drumcode sound with a modern touch.

IMG 0518 1024x1024 2 jpeg

Let’s Begin

Looking backwards to go forwards, the three-track work kicks off with ‘Let’s Begin’ . It sees Beyer lean on faster tempos and rugged rhythms to craft a high octane, atmosphere heavy cut. Trust me it will hit you right between the eyes. The eerie vocals will take you into a wild journey. An absolutely cracking peak-time tune that highlighted recent gigs at L56 in Ljubljana and Fairground Festival in Hannover.

IMG 0520 683x1024 1 jpeg

Computerized’ is a masterclass in dancefloor mentalism. It brings forth shades of hardcore influenced vocals and menacing synth lines reminiscent of early 2000s Frankfurt. No surprise this brought maximum vibes at Beyer’s NYE gigs in the States at Teksupport and Insomniac’s Countdown NYE event.

IMG 0521 821x1024 1 jpeg

Fresh out of the studio, ‘Red Room’ is a dreamy belter that takes in subtle hints of classic four-to-the-floor grooves reminiscent of UK hard dance. Just before an industrial synth section ramps up the intensity. Exhilarating stuff.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adam Beyer (@realadambeyer)

“This new three-tracker is on the rawer techno tip and is an ode to Drumcode’s earlier material. It’s a take on the ‘90s sound blended with new modern elements. For this release I wanted to take the Adam Beyer techno sound from that period and bring it up-to-date. It’s dirty with a new twist, direct and to the point. This project is not a statement, rather it’s a release that was inspired by the big techno shows I played in Europe this autumn like Awakenings, Mayday and Timewarp.”Adam Beyer

Let’s Begin is the EP we wanted to power through the rest of the year

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Title: Adam Beyer Modernizes Old Drumcode Sound with Let’s Begin EP
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Durante Announces Exciting Debut Album Enter On Anjunadeep

Durante 819x1024 1 jpg

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If you have been following the Anjunadeep label, you would be familiar with LA-based rising star Durante. Anjunadeep will be the home for Italian superstar to release his anticipated debut album Enter on April 5th. With this exciting news also comes the first track ‘Hot Track‘ with the dreamy vocals of HANA.


Durante 819x1024 2 jpg

Kevin Durante otherwise known to us as Durante, has been dabbling in the genres of techno and house. Hailing from a small Italian village around Florence, he kick started his musical journey all the way back in 2006. The boy from Italy has come a long with releasing music on other esteemed labels such as Armada, Openers and W&O Street Records. Durante has dropped countless singles, collaborated with the likes of Amtra, Diplo and more. He has gone on to remixing tracks by Booka Share, Cassian and more. If you are a diehard Anjuna fan like me you would have caught him in the act of his amazing sets at the Anjuna Open Air series or Anjunadeep Explorations over the last year. What’s been missing for the lad is an album, which we are most excited about.


The official release of Enter a 13-track LP is set for April 5th. Durante speaks a bit about this album channeling his electric influences. It will explore the concept of portals and multiple dimensions. He credits his influences for this magical journey to Duke Ellington, early Cocoon records and to his home of classic Italian disco. He will explore the themes of acceptance, love and self-discovery. The album will include the likes of CRi, HANA, Nathan Nicholson, Running Touch and SOHN. Durante shares a bit about his journey through the three years of producing his dream, debut album

I’ve spent the past three years working on this album, it marks the beginning of many great endeavours in my life. It’s a coming of age story, but it’s also a reflection on the world around us. I’m happy to be able to share my emotions through music, because the words escape me. Hopefully you can find solace in the sound. Open your eyes, enter the portal to the sixth dimension.


Out today is the beautiful track from the album ‘Hot Night‘. It features our beloved HANA and her ethereal vocals. The duo have never failed us, always a pleasure listening to their collaborations. The song is a dance floor single crafted from an acid-inspired lead creating an intoxicating tune. Durante will kick start of his album North American Tour this January. He will start off his escapades in Austin January 25th and go to major cities like New York, Nashville, Lost Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and more. Check out if he is playing in your city here, and get your tickets now.

Listen to ‘Hot Night‘ today and let us know what you think. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your music updates.

Enter – Tracklist

  1. Durante – ‘Close’
  2. Durante & CRi – ‘LMK’
  3. Durante feat. Nathan Nicholson – ‘Holding On’
  4. Durante – ‘Opalescent’
  5. Durante feat. Running Touch – ‘Remedy’
  6. Durante – ‘Leonid’
  7. Durante feat. SOHN – ‘Losing Game’
  8. Durante feat. HANA – ‘Hot Night’
  9. Durante – Ancora
  10. Durante – Reaching
  11. Durante – Portal Six
  12. Durante – Mercury
  13. Durante – Silos

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Title: Durante Announces Exciting Debut Album Enter On Anjunadeep
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Published Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2024 03:39:18 +0000

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