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Everything You Need to Follow the 2023 World Championships

Team Türkiye

Podium training is well underway for the WAG and MAG competitors at Sportpaleis Antwerpen in Belgium, where this year’s world championships are being held. Now that rosters are pretty much solidified and we have all of the information we’ll need to follow along with the action – HINT: QUALIFICATION STREAMS!!! – let’s get into all of it.

What’s at Stake?

The majority of athletes who will earn spots to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games will get those spots here. So far, only three WAG teams (United States, Great Britain, and Canada) and three MAG teams (China, Japan, and Great Britain) have punched their tickets, but in Antwerp, an additional nine teams per discipline will earn berths, along with 21 WAG individuals and 17 MAG individuals.

If you’re interested in all of the intricate details of qualifying, we put together a full rundown of everything you can find in the FIG’s document, which also includes a case study using last year’s results. If you don’t really care but still want to know, here’s a chart.

Qualifier WAG Berths MAG Berths Rules
2022 World Championships (Teams) 3 teams
(15 athletes)
3 teams
(15 athletes)
The highest-ranked eligible NOCs based on the team final results
2023 World Championships (Teams) 9 teams
(45 athletes)
9 teams (45 athletes) The highest-ranked eligible NOCs based on the team qualification results
2023 World Championships (NOC Individual) 3 athletes 3 athletes The highest-ranked eligible NOCs will obtain 1 individual non-nominative athlete berth (non-nominative)
2023 World Championships (All-Around) 14 athletes 8 athletes The highest-ranked eligible athletes based on all-around qualification results (nominative)
2023 World Championships (Apparatus) 4 athletes 6 athletes The highest-ranked eligible athlete on each apparatus, based first on the apparatus finals results and then, if needed, on the apparatus qualification results (nominative)
2024 Apparatus World Cup Series 8 athletes 12 athletes The two highest-ranked eligible athletes per apparatus based on the world cup series ranking list (nominative)
2024 Continental Championships 5 athletes 5 athletes The highest-ranked eligible athlete based on either the all-around qualifications results or the all-around final results at the discretion of the respective continental governing body (nominative)

Who’s Competing?

We’ll get into the previews in separate posts over the next couple of days, where we’ll mostly tackle the qualification situations for teams and individuals, as well as the others you should be watching in Antwerp.

For now, check out the complete team and individual rosters for both the WAG and MAG fields at the links below!

WAG Master Team List MAG Master Team List

When’s It Happening?

Here’s the complete schedule, along with a breakdown of who’s in each subdivision.

All times are local to Antwerp, which is 6 hours ahead of ET.

10:00 am Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 1
Teams: Brazil, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Türkiye
AA Individuals: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Finland, Vietnam
12:15 pm Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 2
Teams: Belgium, Israel, Japan, Ukraine
Apparatus Individuals: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Dominican Republic, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Taiwan
4:00 pm Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 3
Teams: Australia, Romania, United States, Uzbekistan
AA Individuals: Algeria, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden
6:15 pm Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 4
Teams: China, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
AA Individuals: Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Serbia
10:00 am Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 5
Teams: Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Switzerland
AA Individuals: Austria, Bulgaria, Iceland, Mongolia, Norway
12:15 pm Men’s Qualifications – Subdivision 6
Teams: France, Hungary, Italy, South Korea
AA Individuals: Cyprus, Greece, India, Morocco, Portugal, Taiwan
4:00 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 1
Teams: Italy, Netherlands
Apparatus Individuals: Azerbaijan, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Türkiye, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
5:45 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 2
Teams: Taiwan, United States
AA Individuals: Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Peru, Sri Lanka
7:30 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 3
Teams: Great Britain, South Africa, South Korea
AA Individuals: Panama, Türkiye
10:00 am Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 4
Teams: Belgium, Romania, Spain
AA Individuals: Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Poland
11:30 am Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 5
Teams: Mexico, Sweden
AA Individuals: Algeria, Chile, Portugal
1:00 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 6
Teams: Australia, Brazil
AA Individuals: Egypt, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia
4:15 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 7
Teams: Austria, Canada
AA Individuals: Barbados, Greece, Haiti, Slovakia, Ukraine
5:45 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 8
Teams: Finland, Germany, Hungary
AA Individuals: Philippines, Switzerland
7:45 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 9
Teams: Argentina, Czechia, Japan
AA Individuals: Ecuador, New Zealand
9:15 pm Women’s Qualifications – Subdivision 10
Teams: China, France
AA Individuals: Colombia, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Uzbekistan
7:30 pm Men’s Team Final
7:30 pm Women’s Team Final
7:30 pm Men’s All-Around Final
7:30 pm Women’s All-Around Final
2:00 pm Apparatus Finals – Day 1
WAG: Vault, Uneven Bars
MAG: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings
2:00 pm Apparatus Finals – Day 2
WAG: Balance Beam, Floor Exercise
MAG: Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar

How Can We Follow Along?

Every session of this competition will be streamed on the FIG’s new streaming site, All Gymnastics. Yes, you heard right – every session, including all qualification sessions, which will have their own individual apparatus streams , so get all of your screens ready!

I’m not sure if there will be a VPN required. There may be a requirement for countries that have purchased broadcast rights, in which case these countries will be blocked from the FIG streams. Have one handy just in case – I use NordVPN.

You can also find all start lists and follow the live scores via the FIG’s event website, with live scores also available thanks to Swiss Timing.

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