First BAC Mono R Delivered In WipEout Livery

Ask anyone about their favorite PlayStation game and WipEout will be among the top. That’s because the 1994 hit has spawned a franchise with 9 successive titles that followed. To see how the game has inspired real life supercars, the first BAC Mono R was delivered in WipEout livery. Starting with their classic FEISAR blue, yellow and white are also incorporated from the game. The paintwork took over 10 days to match the design laid out by the new owner. What began as a special request in January required several meetings with the game designers and artists.

The 100th BAC Mono is Here and It’s Marvelous

Perhaps the best part of the press release was a quote from the happy owner: “When playing WipEout on the PlayStation, I often dreamt of one day being able to fly around different race tracks for real in my own FEISAR ship. It’s not quite anti-gravity racing… but the frankly outrageous Mono R gives me the exact same sensation. It’s a true feat of engineering, technology, and design – and with the way it looks, it certainly wouldn’t be out of place in any WipEout game!” The Mono R is a street-legal race car with 340 horsepower and weighing only 1,224 lbs. Click the button below to order yours and stay with us for all your BAC news.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: First BAC Mono R Delivered In WipEout Livery
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Published Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 16:03:39 +0000

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