First Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Delivered By Bugatti (With Photo Gallery)



It was back in June 2021 when the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport was first revealed after an intense, multi-year development and testing program. Now, the first units of the fastest series production Bugatti hyper sports car are now ready to conquer the roads from the Molsheim Atelier. All the build slots of the Chiron Super Sport have been reserved, and there is a pretty long waiting list should any slot become available.

Bugatti’s Sur Mesure customization program gave a really special treatment to one of the first Bugatti Chiron Super Sports that will be delivered. It was given a bespoke ‘Vagues de Lumière’ finish. Close collaboration between Bugatti’s Sur Mesure team and the new owner resulted in the truly bespoke unit. Featuring an intricate hand-painted pattern that imitates how the lights reflect off the curved pattern of the Chiron Super Sport, the elaborate ‘Vagues de Lumière’ style is the perfect example of the freedom that each customer has so that they can customize their Bugatti the way they see fit.

The Chiron Super Sport is the perfect example of supreme aerodynamic efficiency. Bugatti’s team of expert designers and engineers go over each carbon fiber surface to ensure the best performance without any compromise. This resulted in the longtail silhouette of the Chiron Super Sport which made it immediately distinct and stand out in the Chiron family. Much like how the supreme longitudinal speed was achieved without any compromise, Bugatti ensured that equal care and attention was given with regards to the luxury and comfort that the super sports car can offer.

Powering the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is the overhauled version of the famed 8.0-liter W16 engine with speeds that can easily reach up to 440 kph and produces 1,600 PS. They also fitted larger quad-turbochargers, an enhanced oil pump, valve train, and cylinder head. Due to the enriched powertrain, the Bugatti engineers had to ensure that the transmission and clutch of the hyper sports car has been properly adjusted to the powertrain.

With the impressive speed of the Chiron Super Sport, Bugatti gave special attention to the hyper sport car’s chassis and suspension. They revised the steering and gave it harder springs working together with the retuned, electronically controlled chassis to ensure that even at 440 kph speed, the car is still completely stable. With the assistance of the extended rear and the modified front end, the hyper sports car is able to achieve a neutral balance.

Bugatti Automobiles President Christophe Piochon shared, “It’s extremely exciting to be witnessing the first customer units of the Chiron Super Sport come together within our Atelier. Hearing brand new 8.0-liter W16 engines fire up for the first time, knowing that they are soon to become a centerpiece of our customers’ collections across the globe is a personal highlight. The experience of driving a Chiron Super Sport cannot be compared to anything else the automotive industry has to offer, and we very much look forward to our customers covering many unforgettable miles behind the wheel.”

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Title: First Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Delivered By Bugatti (With Photo Gallery)
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