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Fitness and the Nuclear Family

Fitness and the Nuclear Family

By Marc Lobliner


Kids emulate what their parents do and if your parents are hardworking and fit, the child is more likely to develop those values.

When I started bodybuilding, the fitness industry was all about getting hot chicks, hot dudes, and an oversexualized industry. Let’s be real, when I get onstage, I essentially pose nude with the equivalent of an eye patch over my manhood. Bikini girls literally bend over and look back at it. We are constantly evaluating every single part or our bodies.

The sport is about the body and with hot bodies, you get hypersexuality.

It just makes sense.

I see it differently though. Bodybuilding isn’t about competing, it’s about setting goals, setting commitments, and following through on your promises to yourself and others. American values, to me at least, involve family and freedom. There is nothing that embodies these values more than fitness.

During the Covid pandemic, over 70 percent of those hospitalized in the beginning were obese.

Over 70 percent!

Yet Atilis Gym in new Jersey, famous for defying the lockdowns, didn’t have one case of Covid during the entire extent of the pandemic.

Why is this?

Fitness is health. When you’re in shape and not obese, your immune system works better, your brain works better, and your entire quality of life is better.

On December 28, 2022, Time magazine ran a piece about how fitness is white supremacy (

Wait, what?


The government wants you fat and weak so that they can control you. They vilify fitness.

None of the overreactions to Covid would have been accepted if we had a fit society that could withstand a virus with a survival rate of over 99.8 percent. We would have never had lockdowns; we would have never had children damaged for life because they were forced to wear masks and slow their learning and development and we would have never had small businesses crushed by government telling them that they were “non-essential” and forcing them to shut down.

In essence, America sold the bag. We screwed ourselves by not being fit enough and allowing tyranny to take over.

But what about marriage?

It’s the same idea. Family above everything. When a family is strong, we promote family values as something more important than the state. Instead of the government dictating what is best for your family, you follow tradition and, in some cases, God. We fight back against tyranny and the mistreatment of our children because in the nuclear family, we have clear roles. The fathers provide for and defend their families and the mothers nurture and care for their offspring.

I look at fitness as the embodiment of American values and exceptionalism. The statistics are clear that dual-parent households lead to better outcomes for children. A fit society is a healthy society. Work output is better, quality of life is better … fitness enhances everything.

The discipline it takes to exercise daily, eat healthy and stay on a regimen will allow you to carry those qualities into your career and to set an example for your children for future generations.

This article is not meant to be an anti-government piece, although it might come off as such. The bottom line is that America is built around limited government and personal responsibility, and we prevent government overreach and the need for government intervention if we take care of ourselves and our families.

The saying “it takes a village” was made popular by Hillary Clinton in the 1990s. While a community will help create a winning and nurturing atmosphere for children and families, the true test is what goes on in the four walls of your home. This is where values and ideals develop. Kids emulate what their parents do and if your parents are hardworking and fit, the child is more likely to develop those values.

The take-home is that there is nothing wrong with being traditional. There is nothing wrong with wanting the nice house with the picket fence and to play catch with your son or daughter after a hard day of work.

Having children is the best decision I ever made and as a father, my number one job is to make sure that they have every opportunity I can provide to help them succeed in life. By working hard and being mentally and physically fit, I am already setting them up with an example of how to maximize their lives.

If it’s your thing, don’t be ashamed of wanting to settle down in a monogamous marriage, have kids and love and raise them to be the future. As a fitness-minded individual, you already have the qualities of goal setting, commitment, and pride in what you do.

Make America Nuclear Again, make families love again, and let’s raise the next generation of leaders.

God bless and see you next month!

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