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It’s a Wonderful Life is arguably the most classic of classic Christmas movies. What’s not to like? It’s got the talented directing of Frank Capra, the endearing acting of Jimmy Stewart, a compelling plot device that invites viewers to imagine what the world would be like without them, and plenty of feel-good sentiment.

Or, at least, there’s plenty of feel-good sentiment at the end. The other parts of the movie though . . . well I’d long noticed that the bulk of the film actually made me feel rather frustrated and depressed — really, rather sad for George Bailey.

After watching it again recently, I’ve been thinking more about why that is, and have come to the following conclusion: George Bailey is a truly tragic figure — an overly passive man whose sacrifices and sufferings aren’t entirely necessary, even from an ethical and moral standpoint.

When George’s father dies and the board of the Bailey Brothers Building & Loan Association votes to keep it going as long as George will take the reins, his deciding to accept the position — to get things in order, avoid a disruption in services, continue his father’s legacy — is arguably the ethically upstanding thing to do. At least for a time. George makes the very sensible, practically-wise compromise between following his dream of traveling the world and going to college, and not wanting to see the Building & Loan dissolved by Mr. Potter, by striking a deal with his brother, Harry: George will run the association for now, and Harry will go to college; then, after Harry graduates, he’ll come back and take over, and George will go to school.

The decision George makes later on to use his and Mary’s honeymoon savings to cover a bank run is also an ethically generous choice. One can argue that enabling people to own a home, rather than rent — the enabling of what is more of a modern privilege than a basic human need — doesn’t rise to the level of a moral obligation. But, it’s still a thoroughly decent thing to do.

But let’s visit a decision which comes in between these two, and that, had it been done differently, wouldn’t have even put George in the position of having to make that second decision, and to deal with all the other dream-crushing, spirit-suffocating episodes that follow.

When Harry returns from college with a job offer from his new father-in-law to work as a researcher for a glass factory, he says he’s willing to fulfill his and George’s agreement, and take over the Building & Loan as planned, but . . . but . . . 

While with the aforementioned dilemmas, there was more moral weight on one side of the equation than the other, that isn’t so in this case. Harry is said to have a genius for research, but George’s own father says he has a talent for architecture. Neither brother has a greater or lesser claim on following their vocational desires. Neither is more or less obligated to give up on the path they wish to pursue.

Perhaps it’s “nice” of George to decide to sacrifice his dream to enable Harry to pursue his, but it seems that he does so less out of moral conviction, than the inability to have a difficult conversation with his brother. George accepts Harry’s implicit dismissal of their deal without even an attempt to talk about it. He’s afraid of confrontation and unable to assert himself.

Better it would have been for George to try to hold Harry to their agreement. If Harry had pushed back, if both brothers steadfastly and understandably did not want to take over the Building & Loan, together they then could have decided on another plan. Maybe George would stay on a year longer, with the agreement that over that time, he and Harry would find a suitable, non-familial replacement willing to run the organization. Maybe he and Harry would decide that while providing affordable loans and housing would add something of value to the world, fulfilling the vocations for which their particular talents were uniquely suited would add value to the world as well, in a different way; maybe they would decide that putting their unique talents to use was itself a moral obligation, and that squandering those talents was in fact the immoral choice to make. They may also have reasoned, quite reasonably, that — even if the film suggests otherwise — the closing of the Bailey Brothers Building & Loan would not have invariably led to the rise of Pottersville.

As Bertrand Russell

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Pitti Uomo – What Men Are Wearing

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Pitti Uomo is a great event! This men’s fashion event in Florence is a delight for anyone who loves opulence and the finer things. Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Florence surrounded by impeccably-dressed gentlemen who each showcase their individual style with confidence. It’s not just a tradeshow; it’s an exciting celebration of menswear, with a sartorial masterpiece at every turn.


Let’s start with the atmosphere. Florence’s rich history and beautiful architecture make it the ideal backdrop for this prestigious event. Men from Europe and beyond turn the streets of Florence into their own personal runway. Style enthusiasts are eager to be seen and heard. The city buzzes.

Italian men are known for their impeccable fashion sense. They have an elegance that is simply captivating. Imagine a tailored suit in a luxurious fabric, crisp shirts and polished shoes. The look is timeless and contemporary, combining classic styles with modern twists. This is a masterclass on balancing innovation and tradition, and it is nothing short of inspirational.

European Men

European men have a wide variety of styles. There’s so much to admire, from the French understated elegance to the German bold and experimental styles. You might be able to spot a dapper Englishman in a three-piece suit and then a Scandinavian style icon wearing a monochromatic, minimalist outfit that is cool.

Pitti Uomo is not only about the clothes, but also the confidence in which they are worn.

They don’t hesitate to make a bold statement and do so with an infectious sense of passion and joy. Each look tells a different story as they experiment with patterns, colors and accessories. Fashion is a way to express yourself, and that’s a fascinating thing to see.

The exquisite details of these outfits are stunning. Pocket squares with vibrant colors, ties in intricate patterns and miniature cufflinks are all examples of exquisite details. These small details may seem insignificant, but they add a touch of personality and sophistication to any ensemble. These gentlemen are a great reminder that style is all in the details.


Of course, footwear deserves special mention. Italian leather shoes have a long history, and Pitti Uomo is a great place to see them in their full glory. The craftsmanship of the classic oxfords and modern loafers is flawless, with styles to suit every taste. It’s amazing how well-made the footwear is. Each pair compliments an outfit beautifully.

Let’s inject some humor into this fashion fest. You can laugh at the outrageousness of some outfits. Imagine seeing a man in a bright, pink suit and matching shoes, walking down the street like he owned it. Yes, it’s a bit over the top, but part of its charm. Pitti Uomo pushes fashion boundaries, sometimes even to the point where they are absurd. It’s done with a fun, creative and refreshing sense of humor.

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Stone Wash Back to the Future with GUESS

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Stone wash denim was my favorite growing up. Know how it’s produced? To create the worn-in effect, pumice stone is used. Remember the classic movie “Back to the Future” where Michael J. Fox played Marty McFly and wore double denim with a stone wash? Ah, the 1980s! Those retro styles are making a big comeback and GUESS’ incredible new collection is at the forefront. I will take you through the history, present and future of stone washed denim. Enjoy my lifestyle, opulence and humor as we travel.

Nostalgic Revival

Stone wash denim brings back memories of my teenage years. It was the ultimate in fashion. Stone wash jeans were the ultimate fashion statement. In the past, we would sneak into our parent’s closets to look for those perfect stone-washed treasures. Guess what happened today? Stone wash is better than ever thanks to GUESS.

GUESS is a brand that has a timeless style and they have brought back stone wash denim. They have reimagined the iconic trend to appeal to a younger generation by blending nostalgia and modern fashion. I am a person who enjoys luxury and staying ahead of the trends.

Stone Washing: The Magic of Stone Wash

Know how to make stone wash denim? This is a fascinating process. In the past, pumice stone was used to create that desired worn-in appearance. Imagine huge washing machines full of denim and stones that tumble together to create beautiful textures and fades. Each pair of jeans was unique and full character.

The technology of today has revolutionized stone washing. GUESS uses lasers to achieve a vintage look. Yes, lasers! This innovative technique guarantees precision and consistency. We get the same stonewash look without any wear and tear. This is like a fashion time machine, taking you back to the 1980s but keeping it fresh and modern.

Double Denim and Marty McFly

Who could forget Marty McFly when we’re talking about time machines? Marty McFly’s double-denim outfit from “Back to the Future”, an instant classic. As he traveled back in time, he made stone wash jeans look cool. We had no idea that his style would influence generations.

I can remember seeing “Back to the Future for the first and falling in love instantly with Marty’s style. The stonewash denim jacket was paired with matching jeans and exuded confidence. I was inspired to get on my skateboard and go on my own time travel journey, minus the flux cap.

GUESS: The Pioneers of Stone Wash Revival

GUESS is known for its innovative fashion, and the stone wash collection of GUESS is no different. The collection takes the ’80s look and gives it a modern twist. The result is? The result?

GUESS offers everything from high-waisted denim jeans that hug curves to oversize denim jackets which scream “effortless chic”. Each piece is made with meticulous attention to detail, making it feel like a masterpiece. Let’s not forget comfort, because in this opulent life, we deserve no less.

Adopting an Opulent Lifestyle

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Lemon Yellow Suit Style Tips: A Personal Journey

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As I walked through Pitti Uomo – the world’s most prestigious menswear show – a wave excitement washed over me. Fashion isn’t only about clothes. It’s also about making a style statement, expressing confidence, and owning it. Imagine my delight as I saw August, from Arezzo, wearing a white and yellow handcrafted suit. It was a true testament to Italian craftsmanship. Lemons embroidered on the linen suit added a stylish touch as well as a charming detail. The yellow and white brogues of his outfit, along with a straw hat and oversized shades, were a perfect summer ensemble.

August was confident and he looked like a walking lemon.

Although lemon yellow suits may seem intimidating, they can be a great way to standout in a crowd. We’ll look at some tips to help you wear this bright color with style and confidence.

Boldness is a virtue.

Lemon yellow isn’t for the weak-hearted. This is a bold color that exudes confidence. Wearing a suit in lemon yellow declares to the world your boldness, vibrancy, and willingness to be yourself. Do not shy away from the color. Instead, embrace it. To make a statement, pair your suit with accessories that are equally bold.

Perfect Pairings

Accessories can make or ruin your outfit. Brogues in white and yellow can be a stylish addition to a suit made of lemon yellow. A white straw hat will keep the look fresh and summery. Oversized sunglasses are not only protective of your eyes, but they also add a bit of glamour. Select accessories that will complement your suit without taking away from it.

Mixing Textures

Try out different textures to give your outfit more depth. The lightness and breathability of a linen suit makes it perfect for the summer. Combine it with shirts made of silk or cotton for a contrast between textures. Combining different fabrics gives your outfit an elegant feel.

The collection shown below is just a preview of the next year. Be yourself and be bold!

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