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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen was just 14 when she was discovered at a shopping mall in her native Brazil.

By 2012, three years into her marriage to NFL star Tom Brady, Forbes ranked her the top-earning model in the world.

Now, almost two years after the pair finalised their divorce, Bundchen is trying to live a simpler life with the two children from her marriage, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11.

Bundchen was born on July 20, 1980, in Horizontina, Brazil. Her father, Valdir was a sociologist and writer while her mother, Vania, who died in January 2024, was a bank clerk.

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She was one of six children. She has a twin sister Patricia and four other sisters, Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela and Rafaela.

Growing up, Bundchen wanted to be a professional volleyball player, but in 1993, when she was 13, her mother enrolled her and two of her sisters in a modelling course.

As a reward for completing the course, they went to Sao Paulo. Bundchen, then 14, was reportedly in a food court of a shopping centre eating, of all things, a McDonald’s Big Mac, when she was discovered by an Elite Model Management scout.

Bundchen was encouraged to enter the Brazilian Elite Model Look competition, then known as Look of the Year, where she placed second.

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Off the back of this success, she moved to Sao Paulo alone to launch a modelling career. She was just 14.

The model wiped away tears last year when recalling that time. An article in Glamour said Bundchen was part of a panel at a VTEX event in Sao Paulo on June 5 that was discussing expectations on teenagers.

Bundchen became emotional while talking about “our impact on the world and how this can be positive, despite the challenges.”

She added, “You can do anything if you believe in yourself and your dreams. Everything is possible when we believe, and I am no different from you. I am simply a person who believed.”

The 180cm-tall Bundchen made her modelling debut during 1996 New York Fashion Week.

In 1998, she was cast in the Alexander McQueen runway show. That year, she won a host of modelling jobs before landing the cover of Vogue Paris and British Vogue, the latter alongside a profile piece.

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Her first US Vogue cover followed, with the magazine hailing the “return of the sexy model,” and she soon earned the nickname “the Brazilian bombshell.”

In 1999, she scored three US Vogue covers, including the iconic image alongside fellow models Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Christy Turlington, Iman, Lauren Hutton, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Claudia Schiffer, Lisa Taylor, Paulina Porizkova, Carolyn Murphy and Patti Hansen.

That year, she was named VH1/Vogue Model of the Year.

Worldwide fame followed when Bundchen won a sought-after spot as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She would go on to grace their runway from 1999-2006.

In 2000, Rolling Stone named her “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” That year she started dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The two broke up in 2005.

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In December 2006, she went on a blind date with NFL star quarterback Tom Brady, after the two were set up by a mutual friend.

Their relationship suffered its first real test just two months in, when Brady disclosed he was about to become a dad to his former partner, actress Bridget Moynahan. Their son Jack was born in August 2027.

Brady and Bundchen married in February 2009 in a small ceremony at St Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. Two months later they held a second ceremony, in Costa Rica, where Bundchen has a home.

They went on to have two children, Benjamin, in 2009 and Vivian, in 2012.

For 13 years, the couple seemed to have a fairytale marriage, with Bundchen often sharing snippets of their lives with her 22 million Instagram followers.

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They had palatial homes in Massachusetts and New York.

When Brady left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they moved to Florida. In 2020, they bought a $26 million mansion in Indian Creek Island.

They shocked the world when they announced their divorce on October 28, 2022, after 13 years of marriage. At the time, Brady and Bundchen had a combined net worth of almost $1 billion.

Bundchen had amassed an estimated net worth of her own in the hundreds of millions of dollars. She was the highest paid model in the world every year from 2002 to 2017, and Forbes estimated her 2016 income at $45 million.

As well as modelling, she started a line of sandals in partnership with shoe manufacturer Grendene. In 2013, Forbes reported the Ipanema brand sold 25 million pairs a year.

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Bundchen announced she was retiring from catwalk modelling in 2015. 

She is a proponent of transcendental meditation, which she practises daily. She also adheres to a strict vegan diet developed by the former couple’s personal chef Allen Campbell.

Bundchen earned a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in December 2023 just two years after taking up the sport.

She is now dating her instructor Joaquim Valente, telling The New York Times this week the two started off as friends. She denied claims the relationship began before she and Brady broke up. ”That is a lie,” she said.

The retired model, now 43, lives in what has been described as a “modest home” in Miami, although she is reportedly building a mansion directly across the water from her husband.

For now though, Bundchen is reportedly revelling in the intimacy of the three-bedroom house she shares with her children when they are not with their dad. She says she has dispensed with her former big staff.

She makes breakfast for her children and picks them up after sport. They also have chores.

“Now that I’m here, I can be alone with them,” she said.

“I say ‘Listen, I understand we had chefs working with us and all that, but Mummy is choosing to do it this way right now’. They’re going to learn how to live in a more simple way.”

The home is also where she worked on recipes for her first cookbook, which is being released this month. Nourish: Simple Recipes to Empower Your Body and Feed Your Soul, features 100 dishes.


Title: Gisele Bundchen was ‘discovered’ at 14. Now, she’s living a simpler life off the runway
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Published Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2024 23:03:00 GMT

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Star-studded inside pics from the RR Kabel Filmfare Awards Marathi 2024


filmfaremarathiinside271713504827 1 The RR Kabel Filmfare Awards Marathi 2024 was held last night at Mahakavi Kalidas Nayamandir. The glamorous awards ceremony honoured the finest actors, filmmakers, storytellers, musicians and technicians from the Marathi film industry. In attendance were several stars including Mahesh Manjrekar, Jitendra Joshi, Suhas Joshi, Tejasswi Prakash and more.

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Title: Star-studded inside pics from the RR Kabel Filmfare Awards Marathi 2024
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The largest Polish satellite to fly into space. I saw him alive!

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Eagle Eye Developed by the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Creotech Instruments (leader of the consortium) and Scanway, it is the first satellite designed and manufactured in Poland with a mass of 55 kg. She will soon be flying to the United States, as she is still in Warsaw for now, so I took the opportunity to go to the Creotech Instruments headquarters to see what she is like.

During my visit to the company's headquarters in Warsaw, I had the opportunity to see the satellite live before it flew into space. It's basically ready and just waiting for a signal from SpaceX, which is expected to give a specific date in the middle of this year. It is certain that the information will appear soon, because The Polish satellite still needs to fly abroad and arrive 45 days before the mission.

You cannot approach the satellite directly, but can be accessed behind glass doors. It was placed in the so-called Clean roomsAny room in which the air is constantly purified and which employees can enter only in special clothing. This is essential because minor contamination may cause the satellite not to work properly. It is located on a special rotary table (board), so when working on it there is no need to walk around it from several sides, just rotate it.

The Polish satellite will not fly into space alone. SpaceX also takes satellites from other countries. They will be arranged in a “Christmas tree”, that is, one above the other. Once the rocket reaches space, it will launch satellites in sequence. EagleEye will be launched at an altitude of about 500-550 km above the Earth's surface, then gradually descend to an altitude of 350 km. The whole team will expect something magical “Eagle eye detachment confirmed.”Which means that the satellite is in space. From now on, everything will be in the hands of the team. An hour later, it will contact Earth, specifically the mission command center located in Warsaw at the headquarters of Creotech Instruments.

Space is a very hostile place for satellites, and low orbit due to the presence of a residual atmosphere creates a number of challenges. EagleEye is equipped with a modern ion engine that will allow the satellite to remain in low orbit for the period required by the project, i.e. at least three years.

In orbit, the satellite will deploy solar panels with a total area (including side panels) of about 1 square meter. This square meter is capable of giving approximately 200 watts of generated energy. That's relatively little power on the scale of home photovoltaics, for example, but more than enough to power the satellite and charge its batteries, the company's project managers reported during the conference.

Communication is provided by two main radio systems. One system is used to transmit telemetry, i.e. information about the “health status” of the satellite, and to receive remote commands sent by the operator. The second radio system will be used only to transmit data from the satellite to Earth. Its transmission speed is comparable to home Internet transmission. In addition, there is a communications system designed by Creotech for telemetry and remote control, which will be tested and replaced in the future with the main system used in the satellite.

Of course, even though the entire team has thoroughly tested the satellite, there is always a risk that problems may arise. The first 24 hours will be crucialThe device will begin to connect to the ground, and then the team will verify that the power supply is working and that each subsystem is working, step by step, which could take at least a month. Only then will the telescope be launched, the first images taken and the necessary calibration carried out. Ultimately, the engine will be launched, which, although tested, will have to undergo tests with this particular satellite.

If something goes wrong, it does not mean that the entire mission will fail. EagleEye is very large, among other things: because all systems have backups, including software. When an item is damaged, its “replacement” will automatically take over these functions. The company emphasizes that even if there is no connection for 24 hours, contingency plans are being prepared that will guide operators step by step to obtain contact with the satellite.

EagleEye will be uploaded to Very low orbit (VLEO – Very Low Earth Orbit). Stosonkou Low altitude 300-350 km Will be allowed Accurate depiction of the Earth. But the main task will be to test the HyperSat platform and all the hardware (including the telescope) and software in the satellite.

A supercomputer operated by the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences will also be installed on board the plane. Its computational power is to enable the launch of artificial intelligence algorithms, which will initially analyse, clarify and remove certain elements (such as cloud cover) in space in order to determine which images will be suitable to send to Earth. Once the telescope is launched and calibrated, it will be able to transmit images twice a day. But in the end it will not be used to take photos, it is a flying laboratory in which tests will be constantly carried out, including the introduction of new software.

Further tests will be conducted during descent to the target orbit. When the satellite descends to an altitude of 350 kilometers, it will remain there thanks to its engines. After five years, it will be released into the atmosphere where it will burn up, which means the end of this mission. However, the consortium leader announced that other missions were already planned. Financially, in the future, the most profitable will be commercial companies, whose task will be to place equipment of various companies into orbit, but the company also wants to engage in scientific projects. Thanks to Polish components, perhaps satellites, will fly to other parts of the solar system, and possibly to Beyond that.

We will definitely report on the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with EagleEye on board in GeekWeek.


By: Echo Richards
Title: The largest Polish satellite to fly into space. I saw him alive!
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Published Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2024 17:04:37 +0000

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