Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.33 Sold Out In A Week

Just a week from launch, Gordon Murray Automotive has announced that the build slots for the new T.33 have all been filled. It is not surprising though, as the much-awaited T.50 sold out just 48 hours after launch.

The T.33 is the newly launched supercar that was specifically designed to be the much tamer version of the very powerful T.50 and T.50s. While they both will have the Cosworth-designed 3.9-liter V-12 engine, the T.33 still sets itself apart from its predecessor.

T33 from Gordon Murray Automotive launch video

The engine is all aluminum, and weights 178 kg. it produces 607 bhp and 333 lb-ft of torque, and up to 11,000 rpm. Gordon Murray Automotive clients have the option between a 6-speed manual transmission or a paddle-shift gearbox.

Although it is not equipped with a ground-effect fan like the T.50, the newly launched supercar still effectively uses ground-effect aerodynamics. One of which is called the Passive Boundary Layer Control system wherein inlets at the front guide the air underneath towards a huge, scooped diffuser on the rear end.

The T.33 is also a conventional supercar in the sense that it is not equipped with a third wheel at the center like the T.50. It is a typical two-seater supercar, with the controls using manual switches, with a small screen allotted for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As a supercar, the T.33 is simple, clean, and pure.

T33 from Gordon Murray Automotive launch video

As with all their previous models, Gordon Murray Automotive will be producing only 100 units. Its exclusivity almost guarantees that the value of the T.33 will rise over time. To make it even more valuable is the announcement that the T.33 might be the last model that Gordon Murray Automotive will release without any electric assistance. The Cosworth V-12 engine will still play major roles, but the T.33 has been said to be the last non-hybrid Murray car. For now, however, those lucky buyers will have to shell out £1.37m before local taxes.

Those clients will have to be patient before they can get their hands on this gorgeous machine as Gordon Murray Automotive will not begin production on the models until 2024.

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Title: Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.33 Sold Out In A Week
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