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While the cold weather can see bookings drop, some anglers can’t imagine anything better than celebrating the holidays with a fishing trip. During the winter months, most trips are booked just after Christmas and leading up to New Year’s Eve. Customers who want to spend the actual holidays out on the water usually plan their trips pretty last-minute, booking only a day or two in advance. But how can you make sure they choose your charter?

Tip #1: Create seasonal-specific trips in time for the holidays

When advertising your charter for the winter season, consider setting up some holiday-specific trips. You can do this by:

Creating a special holiday offer. The highest number of bookings take place just after the holidays. The week between Christmas and New Year sees a big increase in trip requests. Why not use this information to add some seasonal holiday trips?

You could advertise a post-Christmas half-day fishing adventure, or a wintry full-day ice fishing trip. Mentioning an upcoming (or recently passed) holiday will stand out to potential customers, especially if you combine it with a special holiday price. Then you just need to set the seasonality so these trips last for a specific weekend or across the holiday period.

Tagging fish species for each trip. Using the My Trips app, you can tag fish species that customers are likely to target during each trip. If you already have these set up, you can change them to show what the fishing in your area currently looks like. Maybe there are certain species that customers can only target during the holiday season. Tagging them on the relevant trip is a great way to bring attention to them.

Tip #2: Write reports so customers know what to expect

So you have your holiday trips set up, but how can you let customers know what to expect? You know that winter fishing in your area looks pretty different to summer fishing, but your customers may not. As well as tagging fish species for each trip and writing an informative description, you can also publish fishing reports for recently completed trips. You can include:

  • Which fish were biting when you were last out on the water
  • What the water and weather conditions were like
  • Pictures and videos of the trip

Over 4,000 people search for “fishing reports” in the USA per month. Writing informative reports greatly increases your chances of being found through Google, Bing, and other search engines, as well as FishingBooker. When you publish a fishing report, it automatically appears at the top of the reports page, giving you instant exposure. This has an especially big impact during quieter times of the year, such as the winter months.

Include words related to the holidays in the title of your report. If a customer is scrolling through a location page or the reports page, this will grab their attention. Photos and videos also hugely increase a customer’s likelihood to click. Images of the trip’s catch are a great way to set expectations and create excitement.

You can also go one step further during the holidays. If you have accessories like Santa hats, tinsel, or a frozen lake as a backdrop, why not use them in the photos to get even more attention?

Tip #3: Use social media to promote, promote, promote

You’ve added special holiday trips to your listing. You’ve made sure you’ve tagged the most commonly targeted fish for each trip. You’ve written reports to let customers know what fishing in your location looks like. How can you make sure this information reaches the largest number of potential guests?

Social media, of course. Over 50% of travellers say they make plans to visit a specific destination based on an image or video shared by friends, colleagues, family members, or peers on social media. Whether you prefer Instagram or Facebook, these platforms let you share your business beyond FishingBooker, no matter the time of year. It only takes a few minutes, too.

Simply upload a recent image of happy customers with their catch, use the caption or post to tell potential guests that you’ll be out on the water during the holidays, and include a link to your FishingBooker listing.

A photo of a happy kid standing and holding a fish in each hand caught while fishing in Bradenton
A happy customer – this would make a great social media post!

If a customer reaches out to you requesting a personalized fishing trip, you can send them a special offer adapted to suit their wishes. Not only can you fill up your calendar with additional trips, but you’ll be going the extra mile to help your customers have an unforgettable holiday season!

Tip #4: Change your notice period so you can accept more bookings

In general, FishingBooker customers book 0–7 days in advance of their trip. When the winter holiday season starts, most trips are booked only a day or two in advance. We all know how busy this time of year gets, so it makes sense that everything is a little more last-minute!

You can actually use this to your advantage. Activate Instant Book, and customers will be able to book a trip with you straight away. Over 70% of customers opt for listings with Instant Book, so just turning it on can mean a boost in bookings. All you need to do is keep your calendar updated to make sure your trips don’t overlap.

If you’ve already activated Instant Book, take a look at your current advance notice period. If you have the capacity, try setting it to 1–2 days before the trip. This means you’ll be ready and waiting for those customers who book last-minute trips. Your Instant Book settings are flexible and let you adapt to different booking patterns easily. Once the holiday season is over, you can always re-adjust your notice period.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to increase bookings during the holidays? What do your trips usually look like during this season? Let us know in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Title: How to increase your bookings during the holidays
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ChatGPT is going to change education, not destroy it



The response from schools and universities was swift and decisive.

Just days after OpenAI dropped ChatGPT in late November 2022, the chatbot was widely denounced as a free essay-writing, test-taking tool that made it laughably easy to cheat on assignments.

Los Angeles Unified, the second-­largest school district in the US, immediately blocked access to OpenAI’s website from its schools’ network. Others soon joined. By January, school districts across the English-speaking world had started banning the software, from Washington, New York, Alabama, and Virginia in the United States to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.

Several leading universities in the UK, including Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, issued statements that warned students against using ChatGPT to cheat.

“While the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build critical-­thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic and lifelong success,” Jenna Lyle, a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Education, told the Washington Post in early January.

This initial panic from the education sector was understandable. ChatGPT, available to the public via a web app, can answer questions and generate slick, well-structured blocks of text several thousand words long on almost any topic it is asked about, from string theory to Shakespeare. Each essay it produces is unique, even when it is given the same prompt again, and its authorship is (practically) impossible to spot. It looked as if ChatGPT would undermine the way we test what students have learned, a cornerstone of education.

But three months on, the outlook is a lot less bleak. I spoke to a number of teachers and other educators who are now reevaluating what chatbots like ChatGPT mean for how we teach our kids. Far from being just a dream machine for cheaters, many teachers now believe, ChatGPT could actually help make education better.

Advanced chatbots could be used as powerful classroom aids that make lessons more interactive, teach students media literacy, generate personalized lesson plans, save teachers time on admin, and more.

Educational-tech companies including Duolingo and Quizlet, which makes digital flash cards and practice assessments used by half of all high school students in the US, have already integrated OpenAI’s chatbot into their apps. And OpenAI has worked with educators to put together a fact sheet about ChatGPT’s potential impact in schools. The company says it also consulted educators when it developed a free tool to spot text written by a chatbot (though its accuracy is limited).

“We believe that educational policy experts should decide what works best for their districts and schools when it comes to the use of new technology,” says Niko Felix, a spokesperson for OpenAI. “We are engaging with educators across the country to inform them of ChatGPT’s capabilities. This is an important conversation to have so that they are aware of the potential benefits and misuse of AI, and so they understand how they might apply it to their classrooms.”

But it will take time and resources for educators to innovate in this way. Many are too overworked, under-resourced, and beholden to strict performance metrics to take advantage of any opportunities that chatbots may present.

It is far too soon to say what the lasting impact of ChatGPT will be—it hasn’t even been around for a full semester. What’s certain is that essay-writing chatbots are here to stay. And they will only get better at standing in for a student on deadline—more accurate and harder to detect. Banning them is futile, possibly even counterproductive. “We need to be asking what we need to do to prepare young people—learners—for a future world that’s not that far in the future,” says Richard Culatta, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a nonprofit that advocates for the use of technology in teaching.

Tech’s ability to revolutionize schools has been overhyped in the past, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement around ChatGPT’s transformative potential. But this feels bigger: AI will be in the classroom one way or another. It’s vital that we get it right.

From ABC to GPT

Much of the early hype around ChatGPT was based on how good it is at test taking. In fact, this was a key point OpenAI touted when it rolled out GPT-4, the latest version of the large language model that powers the chatbot, in March. It could pass the bar exam! It scored a 1410 on the SAT! It aced the AP tests for biology, art history, environmental science, macroeconomics, psychology, US history, and more. Whew!

It’s little wonder that some school districts totally freaked out.

Yet in hindsight, the immediate calls to ban ChatGPT in schools were a dumb

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By: Will Douglas Heaven
Title: ChatGPT is going to change education, not destroy it
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Published Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2023 10:13:15 +0000

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Cool Whip: HB-Custom’s crisp Suzuki DR650 scrambler



suzuki dr650 scrambler

Suzuki DR650 scrambler by HB-Custom
If we had to use one word to describe the bikes that roll out of Holger Breuer’s workshop, it would be ‘crisp.’ Whether he’s building a bobber or a scrambler, the man behind HB-Custom has an eye for perfect proportions and liveries that pop. Even when he’s working with a tired old Suzuki dual-sport as a donor, Holger manages to make magic.

This 1994 Suzuki DR650 came to the HB-Custom workshop in Husum, Germany, all the way from Berlin. Holger’s client actually booked two bikes in at once; an old BMW boxer to turn into a bobber for solo rides, and the Suzuki, which was destined for around-town duties and the occasional two-up jaunt.

Suzuki DR650 scrambler by HB-Custom

The bike arrived as a rolling chassis with a very loose brief, so Holger envisioned a svelte scrambler for whipping through Berlin’s city streets. He’s built a number of handsome custom Honda Dominators, and figured that he could apply the same formula to the Suzuki DR650. And he was right.

But first, the Suzuki’s well-worn motor needed attention. Holger tore it down and rebuilt it, complete with new seals and gaskets and a fresh coat of paint. This engine might be almost three decades old, but it’s clean enough to eat off of.

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: Cool Whip: HB-Custom’s crisp Suzuki DR650 scrambler
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Published Date: Wed, 24 May 2023 17:01:22 +0000

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LISTEN: Planet Zuzy Drops Debut Single “Higher”



Planet Zuzy Header Image
Planet Zuzy Header Image 1 1

A multi-talented music producer, DJ, creative director, and entrepreneur hailing from Poland, Planet Zuzy is a jack-of-all-trades. After releasing a slew of earworm remixes, Planet Zuzy makes her debut with “Higher.”

An ode to her global upbringing and love for euro dance music, “Higher” is the amalgamation of Planet Zuzy’s life experiences and inspirations. The single draws its authority straight from the dance floor, with a nuanced approach to classic club sound. Effortlessly combining trance-y romps with a mainstage pop-like edge, “Higher” is designed for dancing.

“My debut single ‘Higher’ is inspired by one of my most cherished memories of dance music,” said Planet Zuzy. “As an 11-year-old, I received a Numark Mixtrack controller from my parents, and despite being unfamiliar with its purpose, I spent countless hours learning, exploring, and immersing myself in the world of dance music. It was during one of these sessions that I stumbled upon Avicii’s ‘Levels’ shortly after its release. Attempting to describe the emotions I experienced while listening to this song for the first time would do them little justice, but ‘Higher’ comes very close. The elation, freedom, and rapture that I felt in that moment continue to fuel my passion for creating dance music.”

Planet Zuzy stands out in any room she walks into. Her suave, energetic, and hip personality radiates from behind the decks. With her hyper-energetic sounds, she is someone to keep an eye out for. Watch this space.

Stream “Higher” wherever you find your music here, or below on Spotify.

‘LISTEN: Planet Zuzy Drops Debut Single “Higher”

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By: Hunter Thompson
Title: LISTEN: Planet Zuzy Drops Debut Single “Higher”
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Published Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 14:40:04 +0000

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