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Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of men improve their image.

One thing I’ve noticed, men who are serious about their own self-development have habits that they’ve built up over time to make them successful and stylish.

Chances are, you could implement some of these improvements in your own life to help you become the best man you can be in 2023.

In today’s article, I’m breaking out 10 habits and life improvements that you can implement in your life TODAY to set you on the right track from 2023.

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Self-Improvement Habit #1 – Be Comfortable In Your Clothing

Number one, you want to be comfortable in your clothing. Now, there are two parts to this. First off, you want to be confident in what you wear.

I live in a small town and you probably heard me say this before, but in this small town, there aren’t many people that wear sports jackets and smart pants.

Most people are going to be farmers, they’re going to be working in jobs that don’t require them to dress in the manner that I do, but I still dress this way because I represent myself, I represent my family, and I represent my business.

I don’t want to betray expectations if I meet somebody when I start talking with them about what my business does. I need to look the part.

The second part to that is everything you wear should fit, so make sure anything you buy, it doesn’t matter how inexpensive or how expensive it is, fits you correctly.

Im not saying avoid buying something because it’s slightly too big for you. However, if it’s the wrong size completely, it’s never going to look great on you (unless you gain/lose a ton of weight!)

Self-Improvement Habit #2 – Dress For Your Body

Different Male Body Types

Habit number two is to dress for your body, dress for the event, dress for the weather, and to dress for yourself. Notice in there I didn’t talk about dressing for trends, dressing for fashion. No, I mean fashion and style, that’s cool, but I would say for most men, we’re not going to be able to keep up, it changes all the time.

Instead, let’s go outside and look at the weather. Here in Wisconsin, it gets cold it gets reasonably warm in the summers, so I’m going to have wardrobes and things I wear for certain times of the year for your body type if you are a very small and thin man, you want to wear clothing that’s proportion to your natural features.

If you are a very large man, you’re very tall 350 lbs, in that case you want to wear clothing that actually is going to compliment your build and not make you look like a giant.

So, also, pay attention to the event, where are you going. If you’re just going to work, well, dress appropriately. However, if you’re going out for drinks, dress for that, don’t necessarily wear athletic clothing just because you came from the gym doesn’t mean you want to wear that to go out socializing. Make sense? Okay, guys. And finally, dress for yourself. I hit on this in point number one, but know what you stand for and then dress for that.

Self-Improvement Habit #3 – Visit A Tailor

shirt measuring

Habit number three is to visit and get to know your tailor, as in – actually know their name!

By doing that, you’re more likely going to take clothing to them, so pretty much everything you own that you’ve paid a little more money, you know, besides t-shirts and maybe athletic shorts.

No, you want to take your dress shirts, you want to take all your jackets, you want to even take your jeans if they’re too long, they’ll actually get those hemmed a bit and fitting you and looking better. So, know your tailor know his or her name and take clothing there to get adjusted.

Self-Improvement Habit #4 – Look After Your Mental Health

8 Reasons Every Man Needs A Journal

Make this year the time that you take charge of your mental health and get a wellness check-up. What do I mean by this? Well, it’s not just about seeing a doctor or therapist. It’s about taking the time to reflect on your mental health and make sure you are doing all you can to keep yourself feeling well and balanced.

Take some time each day to do something that nurtures your mental and emotional well-being. This could include:

  • Mindfulness activities such as meditation and deep breathing.
  • Writing in a journal or completing a gratitude list helps you stay positive and mindful of the good things in your life.
  • Reaching out for support from family, friends or professionals when needed.
  • Taking part in some physical activities with your friends

Doing so will help you develop healthier habits and overall resilience. It’s important to recognise when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and take measures to manage it. This could include scheduling in time for yourself, staying active and taking part in activities that bring you joy.

Finally, don’t forget that self-care is not an indulgence, it’s an investment in your mental health. Dedicate some time to looking after yourself each day and you will be more likely to feel better for longer.

Self-Improvement Habit #5 – Maintain Your Clothing

man sewing sock

When it comes to self-improvement habits, one that can have a positive impact on both your wallet and your wardrobe is maintaining and fixing your own clothing.

Learning the basics of sewing can allow you to mend small tears in clothing or replace buttons, while more complex alterations, such as taking in a waist or shortening hemlines, are relatively easy with a bit of practice.

Not only does this help save money by avoiding expensive repairs at dry cleaners or tailors, but it also helps make sure that each piece of clothing fits you perfectly.

Additionally, learning how to sew can come in handy when creating unique custom pieces out of fabric scraps or thrifted finds. This is an especially great skill for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint, as it helps extend the life of existing clothing.

For those who want to take their sewing skills further, you can even learn how to make your own garments from scratch or customize thrifted pieces for a truly unique look. Whether it’s something small like replacing buttons or larger projects such as shortening the cuffs of your favorite pants, maintaining and fixing your own clothing is a self-improvement habit that can have lasting positive effects on your finances and mental health.

Think of it as a kind of money-saving meditation!

Self-Improvement Habit #6 – Exercise Regularly

Home exercise 2

Fitness is important. Whether you’re 18 or 80, getting up off the couch and moving your body is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Exercise helps keep your body healthy and strong, and it can also be a great way to improve your mental health. Regular physical activity can help reduce stress, boost energy levels, improve sleep quality and even enhance overall mood.

If you’re looking to become a better man, exercise could very well be the solution to your January blues. It’s an important self-improvement habit that can have a huge positive impact on your life; so it’s time to start taking advantage of it.

Exercise doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. All you need is some sort of physical activity such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing or any other form of exercise that you enjoy and can sustain for the long term.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day – even if it means just going for a walk after dinner each night.

As with any other goal-setting process, planning is key to success when beginning an exercise routine. Set realistic goals and come up with a plan that works well within your lifestyle so you can stick to it.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or simply feel better, exercise can be a powerful self-improvement habit that will benefit you in the long run. So start building this habit today – your future self will thank you for it!

Self-Improvement Habit #7 – Shop Smart

man shopping for clothes

One of the best habits for self-improvement is to be mindful of how much money you spend on things you don’t need. Impulse buying can lead to unnecessary spending, resulting in debt or depleted savings.

Before committing to a purchase, ask yourself if it’s something you really need and if it will bring long-term value. If not, then leave it behind. Another great habit is to create a budget and stick to it so that you stay within your financial means. Doing this helps ensure that all your hard-earned cash is going towards what matters most.

Additionally, look into ways to save money by using coupons or discounts while shopping so that you get the most bang for your buck! Learning how to manage your finances better will pay off in the long run.

This habit is not only beneficial to your financial well-being but it can also provide peace of mind and help you reach your personal goals faster. Whenever you feel like splurging, take a minute to reflect on if that purchase will bring true happiness or be forgotten shortly after.

Practising mindful spending will ensure that you live within your means and make responsible decisions when it comes to money management. Self-improvement through this habit will help build discipline, confidence and wisdom in how you use your money!

Self-Improvement Habit #8 – Take Care Of Your Relationships

man on date with younger woman

Unless you’re some kind of mountain recluse, chances are you’ve got at least one relationship in your life. It could be with a family member, friend, significant other or even just an acquaintance. Regardless of the type of relationship, it’s important to maintain and nurture them. It can be easy to forget that relationships need attention too because they don’t always require daily effort like those of our job or physical health do.

The key is to make your relationships a priority by taking time out of your day to connect with the people who are important in your life. For example, call an old friend rather than scrolling through social media for hours on end. Spend quality time with your partner instead of watching Netflix all night long. Connect with family members at least once a week and reach out to acquaintances every now and then.

You’ll be surprised at how much happier and more fulfilled you feel when you take care of your relationships. Doing so will not only make those around you happy, but it will also add more depth to your life, create a stronger support system, promote meaningful conversations and help bring out the best in everyone involved. So don’t forget—relationships require attention too. Make them part of your self-improvement routine today!

Self-Improvement Habit #9 – Prepare In Advance

using travel packing list

We all know how important it is to plan and prepare in advance, but often when we’re busy or feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to find the motivation or time to do so. Establishing a habit of planning and preparing ahead of time can help you stay organized and on top of everything that needs to be done. Taking the time each week or even each day to make sure you are ready for what lies ahead can save you loads of stress in the long run.

To get started with this habit, try setting aside a specific timeframe for it – perhaps an hour every Sunday evening before the start of the week or 30 minutes each night before bed. During that time, review your calendar and schedule out any immediate tasks or events. You can also use this time to plan out meals for the week, make a list of errands to run, and anticipate any potential challenges or changes that might arise in the upcoming days.

Once you’ve formed this habit and have become accustomed to planning ahead, you’ll likely find yourself with more energy and focus throughout the day. You’ll no longer be caught off guard by unexpected tasks or appointments – instead, you’ll be able to prepare for them in advance and make sure everything is in order. It’s important to remember too that while it may require some extra effort at first, getting into the routine of preparation and planning pays off in the end!

Self-Improvement Habit #10 – Compliment Freely

man friends

All right, guys, let’s wrap this up. Habit number ten. Compliment freely, but be very careful about giving style advice. In fact, I advise you to only give out style advice when you’re asked. So, I was with a friend and somebody we did not know very well reached across and took his tie bar and straightened it. And, my friend he didn’t even know what to say, but he had decided to wear it unstraightened or basically a little bit crooked and this guy who he didn’t even know and who didn’t even ask reached across and – I mean how would you feel? Let me know on the comments.

Do not be that – do not be that prick that is out there going over and trying to push his ideas on somebody else. Guys, dress for yourself. Remember, these habits are for you. If somebody asks for help, sure. And, whenever you see someone that is attractive to somebody that has gone the extra mile, compliment them, but do not force your standards and your beliefs on others.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: How To Improve Your Life As A Man (Become Your Best Self In 2023)
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2023 09:51:10 +0000

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Frontier Adventure

ARABSAT BADR-8 Mission Control Audio




This is the vehicle trajectory and mission control audio without any additional commentary. There may be very long periods of silence. For our full hosted webcast, visit

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Above & Beyond’s Blazing ‘Tranquility Base Vol. 1’ EP



Above Beyond Live 1024x576 1

Five instrumental singles, all arranged by your favourite Trance trio, and all out now.

Happy release day everyone! Happy release Above & Beyond, too. At last, their highly anticipated Tranquility Base Vol. 1 EP has seen the light of day, which means we get to enjoy their five new tracks, in full, and on all platforms. No more ABGT500 ID ripping, yo.

The first product of their extra time in the studio, Tranquility Base Vol. 1 comes as a collection of heavy-hitting club records, all calling back to their instrumental roots. These tracks have been played around the world ever since their Los Angeles Group Therapy milestone show, and, until yesterday, two singles had seen the light of day: ‘Angry JP8‘, and ‘500‘. The other three have just seen their official release today.

Above Beyond Live 1024x576 2
(Left to right) Paavo Siljamäki, Tony McGuinness, Jono Grant.

Tranquility Base Vol. 1

The name of the EP series references A&B’s beloved Tranquility Base alias, a staple of the noughties Trance sound, with tracks like ‘Oceanic‘, ‘Razorfish‘, and more. The collection released today features an entire range of techniques and feelings portrayed, from absolutely moving melodies, to uplifting progressions, to dark Techno vibes.

Above & Beyond – Tranquility Base Vol. 1 Tracklist

  1. Angry JP8
  2. Wasp
  3. 500
  5. Spin Off

Angry JP8

A very interesting track, ‘Angry JP8’ sends you on a journey towards darkness, to ultimately find Above & Beyond’s unmistakeable recent sound with tons of fast saws signaling dynamism on the drops, and the same saws being used differently to add a whole mysterious atmosphere during the break. Part of the singles lifted earlily from the EP, you can read our article about this track right here.


A warm aura of piano, historic Trance pads, and even a little reference to the 90s House scene in the form of a square pluck arpeggio, all of this will surround you and slowly ascend you towards the drop, a very melodic one for sure. The drop, by the way, features the same arpeggio from the break, but much more open. ‘Wasp’ truly is a vibe.


Also released ahead of time, this track was named after the trio’s milestone ABGT500 show. A piano line once again drives you from the crowded drop to the calmer break, just before an arpeggio decides to move the whole song forward — and your arms to the sky. Don’t believe me? Give it a listen. Oh, and do read our article on the track, by clicking here.


Arguably the darkest of the bunch — and labeled as ‘Techno‘ by Beatport —, ‘VLEKNO’ distances itself from the others straight away with its playful kick-bass combo. It certainly nods to Trance, though, as you’ll hear an appearance of the era-defining voice pluck made famous by Binary Finary in ‘1998‘. Like his brother coming first on this EP, the break is very mystery-inducing, but you can’t really worry too much about it, since the drop makes you forget it all and dance your analysis away.

Spin Off

Closing Above & Beyond’s Tranquility Base Vol. 1 EP, this track seems much happier and jumpier than others present in the collection. Fake trumpet leads will welcome you to quite the Trancy break, I’d say the most intense one of the bunch in terms of how deep it goes into the roots of the genre. Then, the drop is, as A&B know, a blend of melody, arpeggios, a driving bassline in the background, and a Progressive Trance percussion selection.

Enough said, probably! I can’t describe these tracks more than you can feel and hear if you give the EP a listen. Click below to stream Above & Beyond’s Tranquility Base Vol. 1 EP on Spotify, or rather, click here to be redirected to the Continuous Mix over at YouTube. Lastly, click here to support the EP in any way you like.

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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: Above & Beyond’s Blazing ‘Tranquility Base Vol. 1’ EP
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Published Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 14:53:21 +0000

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Giddy up: Colt Wrangler’s prizewinning Harley Sportster



custom harley sportster colt wrangler

Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster by Colt Wrangler
With a name like Colt Wrangler, it’s safe to assume that the man is from Texas and probably a bit of a cowboy. Hot dang if you aren’t right on both counts—Colt has been riding broncos and bulls competitively since he was a kid. But what you’re less likely to guess, is that this young cowpoke is also one of the most impressive motorcycle builders to emerge from the US custom scene in recent years.

Since Colt Wrangler Motorcycles was founded in 2015, Colt has established a distinct design language of his own. Recognizable by their high-level sheet-metal work, his builds exist in perfect proportion and hold high-performance details for those that know what they’re looking at—or even better, for those lucky enough to ride them.

Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster by Colt Wrangler

We have featured Cole’s bikes before. But with more time to work on his latest project—a 1999 Harley-Davidson Sportster—he’s taken his personal style to new heights.

Colt had just started the Harley Sportster project, working in collaboration with local Texas truck builders Vintage Vendetta Garage, when Roland Sands Design announced the Dream Build-Off. This was a competition for local shops and backyard builders, with new motorcycles from BMW, Indian, and Royal Enfield as prizes. The Sportster was originally supposed to be a street-ready scrambler, but with this added motivation, Colt went

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By: Morgan Gales
Title: Giddy up: Colt Wrangler’s prizewinning Harley Sportster
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 19 May 2023 17:01:46 +0000

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