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Everyone has that one song that is so heavily rooted in core memories that when it’s played, the nervous system is flooded with utterly blissful nostalgia. One that carries with it an explosive vitality to dance and surrender to the chorus.

Reintroducing that energy to modern-day music is indie electronic trio, Łaszewo.

The group, composed of Matt Ehrlich, Justin De La Fuente, and Keeva (Kiki) Bouley, is gaining massive popularity by bringing refreshing layers of depth to electronic music.

The artists’ first release in 2018, “Up In Flames“, has now rightfully gained over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Although the group doesn’t typically conform to any specific style of music, the predominant Łaszewo energy has won them spots at festivals like Lights All Night, EDC Orlando, and Splash House.

Starting as strangers and quickly becoming best friends, Łaszewo has a pretty incredible story; including the running joke that nobody knows how to pronounce the group’s name.

Read on to hear more about how Łaszewo navigates electronic music and the inspiration behind the band:

Laszewo 1 scaled 2 scaled
Left: Matt Middle: Kiki Right: Justin Image courtesy of: Bella Valentini

EDM Maniac: How did you all meet? How did you start making music together?

Kiki: We all lived in Santa Barbara, but we went to different schools, so we didn’t know each other.

I used to live with a bunch of girlfriends and, I didn’t know it at the time, but Justin was my neighbor. And so my roommates and I would joke around with this incredibly terrible karaoke machine.

One day I was singing and [Justin] knocked on my door and he was like, “Hey, I make music with this other guy, and I heard you singing. Do you write your own songs?”

I said yes, and I played him some songs on the guitar. And from there, the rest was kind of history. It was just crazy because he was right next door.

EDM Maniac: You guys talk frequently about bringing a nostalgic sound back into electronic music. What exactly does that mean to you and what is your inspiration behind that?

Matt: That’s the vibe that made us fall in love with music, the early 2010s sound. We want to be able to do for others what was done for us. Bring that sound back in a new, more modern sense.

Kiki: The music back then was so like anthemic, so feel good.

Matt: It’s all the music that you hear even 10 years later and the second you hear it, it’s so reminiscent of a very specific time in your life that takes you right back.

Laszewo 2 e1704399884604 jpeg
Photo courtesy of: Alden Bonecutter

EDM Maniac: With the progression of electronic music, there are so many different genres, I mean there are even sub-genres of sub-genres; it’s hard to keep up. Have you found it to be difficult to find your niche in electronic music?

Matt: We’ve never really decided on a genre.

Justin: We have moods though; periods of time that we will write in a certain way.

That’s what we like about it. We don’t want to be defined by one genre.

Matt: I think that’s the result of our very diverse music backgrounds. We come from such different tastes in music that it would be very difficult for all three of us to come together and stick to making one form of music.

As we continue to grow and start releasing longer length projects, we want that diversity to come to the forefront; while still keeping it within our cohesive Łaszewo sound.

There are still so many things that we can show people.

Kiki: We’ve never really limited ourselves in the creative process.

EDM Maniac: So, you’ve played events like EDC. When you get slotted for these bigger festivals, do you ever feel timid that you don’t conform to a specific genre?

Matt: There’s a lot of adapting that needs to take place. Especially on an EDC-type stage or EDM-heavy festival, you know.

Because, I would say, our sound is more chill, so sometimes that can be a challenge. Translating that onto a bigger, heavier stage, just seeing how that plays out, it’s been fun. Especially because people will be there front row waiting for the heavy bass-step artists after us and gauging how they’re vibing keeps us on our toes.

Justin: Having Kiki come out and be a live singer is refreshing I think for a lot of people.

It’s been rewarding because we have met a lot of people who have loved our sets because [Kiki] is one of the few singers in the EDM field, so I think it’s special for a lot of people.

Matt: Yeah, you don’t really go to a festival and expect an artist to sing. A lot of DJs will bring up a vocalist for one or two songs but I think we surprise a lot of people, especially from a group they may have never heard of before, that Kiki is singing the entire set.

EDM Maniac: Electronic music has come so far, and it’s become progressively more mainstream. People in EDM hold our community and space very sacred. How do y’all feel electronic music is changing; good and bad?

Matt: Wow, that is a great question.

Justin: Yeah, seriously. I think it’s progressed both good and bad in certain ways. You know, good because everyone’s more used to electronic music. There are big names like Fred Again.. that everyone’s heard of.

Back in the day, EDM was just ‘robot sounds’. So, it’s more accepted I guess. But also more mainstream.

Kiki: There will always be like these heavy EDM artists that are established and will be around forever because they’ve built their name around that sound and people want that from them.

For us, we just have the opportunity to keep changing our sound and evolving because we’ve already shown fans that we can and will do whatever. I think they expect a lot of diversity from us.

Laszewo 3 e1704400665242 jpeg
Photo courtesy of: Bella Valentini

EDM Maniac: If you could bring back one thing from early 2010s music or culture, what would you bring back?

Kiki: You know, you said earlier that electronic music is changing, and it’s very much focused on house music now. There’s less focus on a melodic sound and more focus on the beat.

I miss the melody and the meaning. Songs with a lot of weight and complex ideas instead of a beat to just keep the club going.

EDM Maniac: One of the first times I had heard of you guys, actually, was on TikTok. How do you feel like that platform has changed your career and your fanbase?

Matt: I think we’ve really only had one song go viral on TikTok which was “Til U Hate Me so I don’t think we can be classified as TikTok artists by any means but I’m a big fan of everything that TikTok and Reels has done for artists.

It’s how the music landscape is evolving. Some people won’t like it and will disregard it but it’s the reality that we live in.

Kiki: I think our relationship with it has really changed so much. Because, like anything, if you start to do it for other people, and then the response you hope for isn’t there, it becomes horrible. It’s so different than making music because we just do what we love when we perform.

EDM Maniac: I would even say that it’s especially beneficial for you guys because people love watching you on stage. People love your personalities. So, to get to showcase that as much as possible on socials, you’re going to grow and retain a fanbase.

Thank you guys so much for taking time to talk with me! Do you have anything you want to say before I go?

Kiki: I will say I’m feeling pretty nostalgic. It’s the last show of our first headline tour. I think we are all feeling just so grateful. I feel just off in the clouds at the moment. It’s hard to believe this is real life.

Matt: You only have one first headlining tour and it’s been crazy. It’s going to be a fun night!

Featured image courtesy of Alden Bonecutter.

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By: Katie Katuscak
Title: Interview: Łaszewo – We Don’t Know How To Pronounce It Either
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8Kays & Juan Hansen Unveil ‘Falling Down’ EP

391615701 805571514911864 8739599715669162257 n jpg

The Ukrainian producer 8Kays, known for her captivating blend of Deep Melodic Techno and Progressive House, has unveiled her latest offering, the four-track Falling Down EP.

The title track, ‘Falling Down‘, is more than just a song; it’s a story.

From A Kyiv Apartment To Global Recognition

8Kays performs at Afterlife in Ibiza‘Falling Down’ has a profound history and a personal place in my heart“, 8Kays shared in a Facebook post. “It started as a chilled-home studio time in my Kyiv apartment, when I was spending casual time with my soulmate Diana Miro, who inspired me to draft a demo“.

I made it and [didn’t] expect nothing. And then after one year, it was like an idea to bring more in this arrangement“.

Love At First Sight

This raw, unburdened creation resonated deeply with Buenos Aires composer and recording artist Juan Hansen, who, upon hearing the demo, felt an immediate connection: “For me, it was like love at first sight… It’s not easy to find that on a track“.

Interestingly, Juan recorded his vocals for ‘Falling Down’ not in a professional studio, but in the living room of his manager’s house in Berlin.

It wasn’t a proper studio,” Juan reflects. “But sometimes those are the best things“.

Juan’s mesmerizing vocals lifted true magic to this work, making it special in my discography so far“, 8Kays added. “‘Falling Down’ has a profound history and a personal place in my heart“.

Chris Avantgarde Remix

Despite its origins outside the traditional Dance music realm, “Falling Down” pulsates with an undeniable emotional depth. The unique rhythm section, as 8Kays acknowledges, isn’t strictly danceable, yet resonates deeply with the current global climate and emotional undercurrents.

It’s still a special track in my sets“, 8Kays reveals. “I feel that people already start to recognize it“.

Adding further depth to the EP is the inclusion of the Chris Avantgarde Remix of ‘Falling Down’. Heard during Avantgarde’s set at Afterlife Tulum and also during Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance 1143, this remix injects a dose of dancefloor energy while retaining the track’s emotional core.

Listen to the Falling Down EP on Spotify:

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By: André Walker
Title: 8Kays & Juan Hansen Unveil ‘Falling Down’ EP
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2024 17:23:42 +0000

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EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 15 (Part One)

Nifra x Frank Spector Comme Un Reve jpg

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Before we start, we had A LOT of great tracks this time! So much so we’ve had to do a part two. We hadn’t done that in a hot minute!

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Nifra & Frank Spector – Comme Un Reve

Genre: Trance, Techno (Peak-Time)

Nifra x Frank Spector Comme Un Reve 1 jpg

Kicking off this week, we’re not messing about. Nor are the artists involved. IDMA-nominated DJ and producer Nifra is releasing her latest banger, ‘Comme Un Reve‘, alongside Armada veteran Frank Spector. This one is for everybody warming up their engines for the weekend ahead.

A perfect hybrid capturing the power of Techno and the melodic essence of Trance, this track feels like a rollercoaster, going up and down in energy, and then throwing you into a proper state of trance during the weightless moment of the break just before the huge saws come back. Quite the experience. Would recommend.

NGHTMRE & Liquid Stranger feat. Mougleta – Restless

Genre: Dubstep

NGHTMRE x Liquid Stranger x Mougleta Restless jpg

If you saw the artists’ names and thought straight away, “This has got to be good“, ding ding! You’re absolutely right. We have a collaboration for the books out today as the genre-defining sound of NGHTMRE meets heavyweights Liquid Stranger and Mougleta on their latest single ‘Restless‘.

An undeniable powerhouse for packed festivals, the track hooks you from the very start with Mougleta’s vocals, warm piano chords, an irresistible buildup, and, well, a pair of drops that live up to what you’d expect from giants like these guys. Try not to headbang, it’s a challenge.

Mojave Max & HAWD HITTA with Rogelio Douglas, Jr. – Come With Me

Genre: Tech House

Mojave Max x HAWD HITTA x Rogelio Douglas Jr Come With Me jpg

Tonight’s the night“! Tech House has been on a roll on our New Music Fridays lately, with almost every week containing at least one track of the genre. We’re glad to announce this week is no exception! L.A.-based Mojave Max and Label Founder HAWD HITTA are joined by singer and songwriter Rogelio Douglas, Jr. on a groundbreaking triple instance, ‘Come With Me‘.

Hot groovy bass plucks meet laser one-shots, sexy percussion, and the energising voice of Douglas, Jr. to provide the necessary shot of auditive caffeine you didn’t know you needed. A Deep-House-infused intimate vibe dressed in the modern clothing of Tech House, this is.

Hot Pursuit – Poco Loco

Genre: Tech House

Hot Pursuit Poco Loco 1 jpg

And how about two Tech House belters one after the other? This one coming from the legendary Perfecto family of labels, we’ve got a track that is, well, perfecta. Over ten years after he started his journey on the music industry, producer Hot Pursuit brings the heat to our Friday with ‘Poco Loco‘.

This one is a lemon-face-inducing piece of Tribal-flirty goodness. Acid basslines drive you through the rhythmic rounds of percussion that set this one apart from the usual sound we’re hearing in the Techie corner of the Dance spectrum. And as playful as it is, it will have you begging for more.

KSHMR & 22Bullets – Devotion

Genre: Psytrance, Mainstage

KSHMR x 22Bullets Devotion jpg

You wouldn’t say no to KSHMR, would you? Once a successful ghost producer — and one behind tracks like the global hit ‘Tsunami’ —, decided to make his alias and face public, and got even more success with it. He’s a prodigy and a master of the craft, and today he’s unveiled ‘Devotion‘, alongside Thai producer 22Bullets.

A track made for the largest festivals you can think of, this one is their take on the 90s classic ‘(I Wanna Give You) Devotion’. It is a nod to the past in more than one way, though, as it’s being released this year as a celebration of 10 years of the KSHMR project, which kicked off in 2014 with the release of ‘Megalodon’ — one of my favourites back in High School.

Finlay C – Last Time

Genre: Future House, Dance Pop

Finlay C Last Time jpg

From Techie that has you magnetised to the ground to an ethereal Future House tune that has the potential to make you touch the sky. That’s how we feel about Finlay C‘s new single ‘Last Time‘. This is the award-nominated producer’s debut release of his very own imprint, Dead Palm Records, which was launched to, in his words, “become the new home for feel-good Dance music“.

Uplifting vocals, off-beat chord plucks, a summer feel in every single element, and even strings. Because Finlay is going all-in on the feel-good attitude. We appreciate a smile! House is too sober nowadays, this one sounds like the credits after a happy ending of a movie. I mean that in a good way. Lovely!


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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 15 (Part One)
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Published Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 01:11:03 +0000

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elrow Returns To Ushuaïa Ibiza This Summer With Spectacular Trilogy

356874960 659703476202111 3270227865381457923 n 819x1024 1 jpg

Get ready for an exciting summer in 2024 at Ushuaïa Ibiza, as the world-renowned elrow returns with three sensational events. Mark your calendars for three exciting Wednesdays: July 24th, August 14th, and September 4th, 2024. The trio of shows will feature an unparalleled fusion of multi-colored extravagance, different lineups, and surreal party celebrations. Close your eyes and get ready to be transported into pure imagination and creativity. elrow will join forces with Ushuaïa Ibiza to deliver a unique party series. Each event will boast its distinctive theme, lets dive into the three acts further.

356874960 659703476202111 3270227865381457923 n 819x1024 2 jpg
Ushuaïa Facebook

Wednesday 24 July – Delusionville by Ron English

Delusionville is ready to amaze fans, where inspiration is drawn from the POPaganda art movement of Ron English. The name speaks for itself as it will transport fans to a surreal dream world filled with an eclectic mix of art, music, and mayhem, all inspired by Ron’s vision.

Wednesday 14 August – Elrowcio

If you’re looking for a true Spanish experience, Elrowcio is the event for you. A perfect combination of flamenco, fiesta, and fun will immerse you in the vibrant spirit of Spain with the perfect combination of flamenco, fiesta, and fun. This event stays true to elrow’s signature electronic beats but also includes live flamenco performances and folkloric music.

Wednesday 4 September – Dance with the Serpent by Nychos

The last showcase of elrow is focused on the mesmerizing world of Dance with the Serpent by Nychos. Nychos explores symbolism and snakes, taking you into a trance-induced form of art and music. The theme of this elrow event is to encourage you to shed your old skin and embrace transformation on the dance floor.

elrow and Ushuaïa Ibiza parties have unmatched levels of creativity and innovation in event production. This summer, they plan to create fully immersive experiences that transport guests to new and exciting worlds. Expect extravagant designs, cutting-edge production, state-of-the-art sound, and mesmerizing performers at each event. Get your tickets for these events here. Take a look at Ushuaïa summer events below. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your upcoming summer festival and party updates!

27 April: Ushuaïa Ibiza Opening Party
3 Jun – 7 Oct Monday: F*** Me I’m Famous! By David Guetta
7 May – 1 Oct Tuesday: Defected
15 May – 2 Oct (excl. 24/7, 14/8, 4/9)Wednesday: Tomorrowland Presents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
24 Jul, 14 Aug, 4 Sep Wednesday: elrow
20 Jun – 26 Sep Thursday: Martin Garrix
31 May – 13 Sep Friday (excl. 7/6) and Sunday 9 June: Calvin Harris
4 May – 5 Oct Saturday: Ants
14 Jul Sunday: Dom Dolla
21 July – 25 August Sunday: Swedish House Mafia
1 Sep – 29 Sep Sunday: Armin Van Buuren

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By: Arrpita
Title: elrow Returns To Ushuaïa Ibiza This Summer With Spectacular Trilogy
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 01:09:53 +0000

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