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The mission and definition of Burning Man Project change drastically depending on who you ask, but a lot of people today would call it a music festival.

See, as electronic music has moved into the spotlight on an international scale, so has the Burning Man Project with electronic music festivals increasing in both popularity–and revenue–over the last decade.

Similar to Coachella, Burning Man has started to appear more on celebrity Instagram pages. Chris Rock, Austin Butler, Paris Hilton, and even Elon Musk are just some of the major celebrities who have been reported to attend in recent years. 

Along with an increased celebrity presence, music has seemingly started to grow as a focus of the Burning Man Project. While attendees have always had music in the background at their campsites, music has grown as an ar form on the Playa.

The more popular the event has gotten, the more electronic artists have attended and gotten inspired. In the past few years, set times of artists attending have started to appear on Instagram. Artists such as Spencer Brown, Slander, and Maddy O’Neal all posted on Instagram about the location and time of all their sets on the Playa.

And yet, calling Burning Man a music festival makes many people cringe, due to the insinuation of the event becoming more commercial and deviating away from its original 10 principles.

Others believe that the integration of electronic music into its annual event has allowed the growth and expansion so many crave from coming back each year. So, is it a music festival or not? 

The event organizers, Larry Harvey and Jerry James describe Burning Man as “a global ecosystem of artists, makers, and community organizers who co-create art, events, and local initiatives around the world.”

Most recognizably, tens of thousands of attendees (commonly known as Burners) gather annually to build Black Rock City, a “participative temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert.”

Founded in 1986 using 10 guiding principles—such as leaving no trace, radical inclusion, communal effort, and more—Burning Man is known to its community as the creation of a temporary city each year, the ideas of which span beyond the event itself.

Music, art, and self-expression have been a staple of this event since its inception. 

Live music at Burning Man once had a focus on acoustic style–playing guitars around campfires and such. As the event has progressed and grown on a massive scale, though, there has been an increase in electronic music taking center stage.

Shaun Brefo and Cat Binx are both relatively new to the Burner community and attended this past year for their first and second times, respectively.

Brefo was a part of the Legendary Playground of the Gods. This 120-person camp focused on using acoustic healing (sound baths) and art.

He noticed that there was music all around him, but chasing set times was the furthest thing from his mind. He went where he felt drawn to, wandering aimlessly with his friends.

Burning Man Man on fire 1 scaled
Bryan Troll

Binx, on the other hand, attended Burning Man as a fire performer with her camp PyrOasis. When she first entered the festival, each attendee was given a program booklet of all the music takeovers that happen throughout the week.

There are no set times or artists listed in the programs, only their takeovers. She had done some research beforehand on Instagram to try to chase certain sets of electronic artists she knew she’d want to see, but once she got there, her plans were thrown out the window.

She spent almost half of her time trying to find the sets she had researched beforehand but ended up just going with the flow and discovering new artists she didn’t expect. 

“The gift that DJs and musical artists are providing us here is music” Binx said.

One of the 10 Burning Man principles is gifting: “The value of the gift is unconditional and is used in place of any monetary currency (such as a dollar bill).” 

Since there is no monetary currency going around, musical artists attend and perform at Burning Man to provide their gift of music to other Burners. Artists like Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, LP Giobbi, and more all performed at Burning Man 2023.

According to Binx, they were just doing their part to follow the Burning Man principles, and allowing others to help show their gifts by doing things with sound/lighting equipment and lasers.

While her experience was more centered around performing with her fire conclave than it was chasing music, she did note the music she saw as one of the best parts of her experience, as it allowed her to have deeper connections with her peers through dance. 

Burning Man Carl Cox scaled
Carl Cox

We also spoke to the owner of the camp Cool Cat Cafe, Chris Chanaud—also known by his playa name Jedi Kitty. This camp hosts a bar/cafe and chill dome for people to come and relax.

Chanaud has been attending Burning Man since 2005, only missing one (plus the COVID-19 years) since. When he first started going, there was a focus on acoustic music. However, in his 16 years at the event, he has noticed an increase in a “raver community.”

While some of the OG Burners have taken a dislike to the rise of this electronic music, he himself has accepted that Burning Man grows and evolves over time.

His Cool Cat Cafe camp turns into a bar at night and hosts local DJs playing dance music. They do not go on the lookout to find any famous DJs to play, instead keeping their camp members on the decks.

Over the years at Burning Man, Chanaud has seen an increase of newcomers at Burning Man, compared to the originals that used to go back in ‘05.

He attributes this to many of the older burners starting to settle down and have families, shifting the priority of going to Burning Man to other life goals they want to accomplish.

Chanaud also attributes this change to the price increase of tickets, which were once between $100-$200 but are now well over $700.

While this could have to do with the increase in electronic music being present, his guess is that the price increase is due to overall production getting bigger and better (art, camp amenities, etc.)

Chanaud typically likes to stick to his camp and listen to music there, or other sound camps. He is not one to chase the music, but rather follow his friend group. 

The word “Man” in the title of “Burning Man” symbolizes a lot more than we realized at the beginning of this research. As men (and humans) evolve in their daily lives, so does the Burning Man Project itself.

Acting as a human, with time the event has grown and changed as new ideas have come to life. Like your favorite band releasing a new style of music as they evolve as artists, Burning Man has adapted this same idea.

Electronic music often encapsulates a feeling of human connection, a feeling many Burners chase themselves. The Burning Man Project has decided to adopt electronic music into its grounds as these ideas flow seamlessly together.

Is Burning Man a music festival? A playground? An adult Disneyland? Yes…Burning Man is whatever each Burner decides it to be.

Burners will accept you as you want to Burn. So if you think it is a music festival, you are correct. If you would like to denounce that idea and stick to the rhetoric of it being a temporary city/event, you’d also be correct.

Go to Burning Man yourself to define what it is in your mind. 

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By: Maddie Whelan
Title: Is Burning Man A Music Festival?
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Published Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2023 17:36:10 +0000

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Ticketmaster’s Live Nation To Be Met With Antitrust Lawsuit From The Department Of Justice

IMG 0415 1024x689 1 jpeg

In a major development for the live entertainment industry, the Department of Justice’s antitrust division is reportedly preparing to file a complaint against Live Nation and Ticketmaster. This potential lawsuit comes two years after launching an investigation into the two companies, following a series of controversies and allegations of anticompetitive practices. The investigation was first revealed in November 2022, following Ticketmaster’s botched on-sale rollout for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which highlighted long-standing issues such as wait times and high price mark-ups. As politicians joined the chorus of critics, concerns over Live Nation’s alleged monopoly over the live entertainment industry grew.

Live Nation has vehemently denied these accusations, with the company’s head of corporate affairs, Dan Wall, recently publishing an essay refuting claims of monopoly. Despite their defense, the impending antitrust lawsuit signals a potential turning point for the industry and could have far-reaching implications for how live events are organized and tickets are sold in the future.

In this blog post, we will delve into the background of the DOJ’s investigation, the allegations against Live Nation and Ticketmaster, and the potential impact of the upcoming lawsuit on the live entertainment landscape.

Background of the Investigation

IMG 0415 1024x689 2 jpeg
Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift ticketing fiasco might have just led to a lawsuit from the DOJ

The DOJ’s investigation into Live Nation and Ticketmaster began several years ago, with concerns mounting over the companies’ dominance in the live entertainment market. Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment company, merged with Ticketmaster in 2010, creating a powerhouse that controlled various aspects of the concert and ticketing industry. This merger raised red flags among industry observers and competitors, who feared that the combined entity would stifle competition and drive up prices for consumers.

Over the years, complaints about Ticketmaster’s fees, ticketing practices, and exclusive deals with venues have continued to surface, fueling the antitrust scrutiny. The 2022 incident involving Taylor Swift’s tour only added fuel to the fire, as fans experienced frustrating delays and exorbitant prices during the ticket purchasing process. These events prompted lawmakers to call for a closer look at Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s business practices, culminating in the DOJ’s formal investigation.

Despite Live Nation’s insistence that it operates within the bounds of fair competition, the mounting evidence and public outcry have led to the DOJ’s decision to move forward with a potential antitrust lawsuit. If successful, the lawsuit could reshape the live entertainment landscape and pave the way for a more competitive and consumer-friendly industry.

Potential Impact of the Lawsuit

The impending antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation and Ticketmaster has the potential to shake up the live entertainment industry in significant ways. If the DOJ’s complaint leads to legal action, it could result in substantial fines, divestitures, or even the breakup of the companies to restore competition in the market. This outcome could open the door for smaller players to enter the industry, offering more options for artists, venues, and fans alike.

Moreover, a successful antitrust lawsuit could prompt changes in how tickets are sold, distributed, and priced for live events. Ticketmaster’s fees and surcharges, which have long been a point of contention for consumers, may come under increased scrutiny, leading to more transparent pricing structures and fairer deals for ticket buyers. Additionally, exclusive contracts between Ticketmaster and venues could be reevaluated, allowing for greater competition and choice in ticketing services.

Overall, the outcome of the antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation and Ticketmaster could have far-reaching implications for the live entertainment industry, shaping the way concerts, festivals, and other events are organized and experienced in the future. As stakeholders await the DOJ’s next move, the industry is bracing for a potential paradigm shift that could redefine the dynamics of live entertainment for years to come.

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By: Oscar Yerushalmi
Title: Ticketmaster’s Live Nation To Be Met With Antitrust Lawsuit From The Department Of Justice
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 17:59:36 +0000

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Fisher Uploads ‘Under Construction’ L.A. Entire B2B Set With Chris Lake

image 34 1024x582 1

One of the most beloved B2Bs in today’s industry is finally online for us to enjoy. Last week, Fisher uploaded his L.A. ‘Under Construction’ B2B set with none other than Chris Lake. The 3-hour session, part of the brand the two of them have been working on since the beginning of last year, is one of the most exciting concepts in the current mainstream tech house scene.

image 34 1024x582 2

It’s been more than half a decade since ‘Losing It’ took the industry by storm. Ever since, Fisher has been an absolute force to be reckoned with. Chris Lake, on the other side, had already spent the last couple of years becoming an absolute titan inside the darker genres of house music.

By the time both artists intertwined their careers, they were more than ready to take over the tech house scene. Ever since that moment, it’s been nothing but massive parties, the biggest stages, and the finest mainstage house music. The duo even managed to mix their way into Coachella. There, they delivered one of the best sessions of the entire festival.

It’s safe to say that this experiment has turned into a complete success. The only thing left to do was gear up and bring the party all across the globe. And that is exactly what they did.

Chris Lake Fisher L.A. Hollywood Blvd. set

For 3 hours, the Hollywood Boulevard turned into a massive dance floor. A street that’s no stranger to such performances turned into an absolute house hub. The energy of both DJs, always complementing each other perfectly, was all the crowd needed. Here, it’s not about the massive stages and the crazy productions. It is all about house music. Endless dancing, vibing, and all-around good energies.

If that’s what your week’s missing, fear no more. Fisher and Chris Lake’s L.A. ‘Under Construction’ set is here to fix you up!

Find the track list here!

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By: Sebastian Flores Chong
Title: Fisher Uploads ‘Under Construction’ L.A. Entire B2B Set With Chris Lake
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2024 03:49:35 +0000

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Ultra’s RESISTANCE Miami residency unveils Race Week programming at M2

photo 20230329 181305 2 jpeg

ULTRA Worldwide’sesteemed underground series RESISTANCEwill continue its celebrated U.S. club residency during Miami Race Week from Friday, May 3 – Saturday, May 4, 2024, atM2 Miami.

Since launching during Miami Music Week 2023 with four sold-out nights, RESISTANCE Miami welcomed underground music lovers to M2 on Saturdays throughout the fall/winter, and recently concluded an impressive five-night run during Miami Music Week 2024. The residency has showcased some of the world’s most in-demand house and techno selectors, bringing heavy hitters like Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Eric Prydz, Reinier Zonneveld, Joris Voorn, andGreen Velvet, to soundtrack the sprawling, 35,000 square ft. venue.
The second annual installment of RESISTANCE Miami Race Week will be a tour-de-force of house and techno, commencing on Friday, May 3 with the return of longstanding ULTRA Worldwide veteran Carl Cox. The dance music icon previously performed at RESISTANCE Miami’s sold-out MMW closing party in 2023. Ahead of Carl Cox’s 4-hour extended set, German duo Hidden Empire will make their RESISTANCE Miami debut and m.O.N.R.O.E.will return to the residency to kick the evening off.
photo 20230329 181305 3 jpeg
On Saturday, May 4, RESISTANCE Miami will welcome Italian brother duo Mathame back to the stage for a 3-hour extended set following their triumphant performance in January 2024. The duo will also be supported by German artist HOSH, as well as first-time RESISTANCE Miami act Eagles & Butterflies for a galvanizing clinic of house and techno soundscapes.
ULTRA Worldwide’s underground series RESISTANCE is heralded as the most international house and techno festival brand, boasting active events on all six inhabited continents. The dance institution’s global takeover has included programming stages at Ultra events in 35 cities internationally, tours across Latin America and Asia, its residency in Ibiza at the world’s largest nightclub Privilege, and now to Miami Beach’s two-story venue M2 Miami, where dancefloor denizens can revel in RESISTANCE’s signature, stadium-smashing production in a more intimate, sultry club atmosphere.
RESISTANCE Miami tickets are available to purchase via

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By: Pedro Dini
Title: Ultra’s RESISTANCE Miami residency unveils Race Week programming at M2
Sourced From:
Published Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2024 16:23:18 +0000

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