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‘It feels incredible that all this has happened’: ‘The Last of Us’ director reflects on earning an Emmy nomination for causing emotional devastation

Peter Hoar is elated after being nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series category for The Last of Us.

Speaking to MovieWeb, he opens up about how not unlike his previous work on It’s a Sin, he invested his skills in displaying emotional complexities on screen that also make up for a great, soul-wrenching storyline.

“I think what really means a lot, is that I got a BAFTA for It’s a Sin and now an Emmy nomination for this, and they’re both very important queer stories to me and to people that have seen them — it feels incredible that this has all happened because I love what I do.”

He draws examples from the series’ third episode, “Long, Long Time” which addressed queer romance amidst the grim and gritty reality of the post-apocalyptic world. The love between Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Barlett) constitutes the episode’s key plot which culminates in their tragic fate.

Hoar, in this context, mentioned how bringing a queer-based love story gave the viewers an insight into how personal relationships and love between individuals thrive amidst a world where contagious viruses and cordyceps-infested creatures dominate and reinforce de sensitivity. It also portrays how emotional devastation runs parallel to the massive ruins of the outside world.

The episode which depicts the love between two men reflects the director’s way of addressing sensitive topics and how they can be incorporated into plots revolving around the themes of destruction, death, and adventure without losing relevance.

Even the best episodes aren’t without challenges, though. Hoar revealed that making the episode was challenging due, to Nick Offerman’s hesitation in playing the role despite his casting being unanimously praised.

“Murray is a gay man, he’s played gay many times, [he] has had scenes in bed many times — it’s always a thing for an actor, but Murray could handle it. Murray knew what he was doing. Nick had never done anything like that, so there was a nervousness there, there was a hesitation — but all of it fed into the character. He was looking at all the tools we had around, and he knew every single one of them. He knew what they did and how to use them, he was fixing bits and pieces on set. He was incredible, and I think that’s why he was perfect.”

His nomination for the 2023 Emmy Awards proves Hoar’s success in getting the rightful recognition for his work. The real award, as implied by him, goes to the stories, emotions, and beliefs that one wishes to incorporate into their work.  “Hold your nerve, stick to the things that you understand, and tell stories the way you want to tell them. The voice in your head is a good voice. Don’t deny it,” is how he summed up his overall approach to storytelling.


By: Jayasmita Dutta Roy
Title: ‘It feels incredible that all this has happened’: ‘The Last of Us’ director reflects on earning an Emmy nomination for causing emotional devastation
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Published Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 08:10:48 +0000

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