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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has announced the end of her partnership with WW – formerly Weight Watchers – following her recent 18-kilogram weight loss.

“My WW journey has been one I’ve shared candidly over the last few years,” the radio host, 48, shared on Instagram.

“It has been a partnership that helped me change my eating habits and educated me on the right choices for my body, to keep healthy and active.”

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Jackie O ends collaboration with WW

“As I come to the end of the partnership this month, I wanted to thank the WW team for being such an amazing bunch of people to work with and for being my cheerleaders along the way.

“It’s been a true joy and I’m so thankful to WW for helping me.”

The mother of one explained her decision on her hit radio show Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS FM on Monday morning.

“They helped me and now we’ve achieved the goal,” she said, with co-host Kyle Sandilands describing the collaboration as a “success story.”

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Jackie O has been accused of using weight loss drug Ozempic and undergoing bariatric surgery to achieve her results, but she has consistently denied these claims.

“I can’t really defend myself anymore … and if people want to believe that I’ve had surgery or I’m taking Ozempic, just go ahead and think that, that’s fine, but I haven’t,” she said.

Many of the comments suggested WW’s failure to highlight Jackie’s recent weight loss was ‘evidence’ she had used more than just the company’s methods to achieve the result.

“Why is it that WW do not promote the success story,” one person commented.

Jackie O ww weight loss

“Why aren’t people honest they just did Ozempic,” another said.

Others defended the radio host.

“Looking great Jackie… I think she said intermittent fasting, cutting out carbs and alcohol was the key,” one said.

“Looking beautiful don’t worry about the negativity,” another said.

Jackie said she’s stopped short of deleting such comments and thanked supporters for defending her.

Jackie O ww weight loss

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Jackie O spoke of finding the “willpower” to follow the weight loss program, saying it “just clicked” for her.

“I think if you’ve ever been on diets and things you just know there comes a time where it clicks and you’re motivated and it’s so hard to get that,” she said of her health journey.

“I’ve been trying to get that motivation for years and still, it just didn’t click for me, but this time it did and I can’t explain why but it did. I just had that motivation.

“I just wanted to feel good about myself.”

Jackie O ww weight loss

Jackie O first signed onto WW in 2020 and lost 10 kilogram, only to gain the weight back. She recommitted to the program in 2022.

“Last year I joined WW again because I wanted to get my health back in order and I know their program works for me. Losing weight was never about what I looked like in the mirror, but rather an overall sense of well-being and trying to re gain my energy levels,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“5 months ago I was 18 kilos heavier and I had zero energy. My health was suffering as a result, so I decided to do a complete lifestyle change. I incorporated daily exercise, eating well and I gave up alcohol (if you can believe!!) and I’ve never felt as good as I do now.

“I can honestly say I feel happier and healthier than I did in my 20’s and I’ve got more energy for myself and as a mumma (and a dog mumma!),” she added.

Kyle and Jackie O honeymoon

Jackie O recently joined Sandilands and his new wife Tegan Kynaston on their honeymoon in Europe.

In May, the presenter announced she was now ready to date again, five years after her divorce from photographer Lee Henderson, with whom she shares daughter Kitty, 12.

Jackie said she had signed up to the dating app Hinge and was chatting to “three or four men” on the app.

“I just thought, hey, I’m going to do it because why not?” she added.

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Title: Jackie O and WW part ways: ‘I can’t really defend myself anymore’
Sourced From:
Published Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2023 00:07:00 GMT

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