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Latest Disney News: The one live-action reboot that should be happening is killed stone-dead as ‘Secret Invasion’ finally brings the MCU full circle

Amid rumors of Bob Iger planning to sell Disney, the Mouse needs developments to redeem its reputation. But it has only managed to disappoint further with the confirmation that contrary to a very believable rumor, a live-action reboot that fans actually wanted and have been demanding for decades is not on their list of upcoming priorities. 

The 2023 sensation that did manage to evade Disney’s penchant for shutting down projects is already on its way to a $200 million domestic box office haul — digging out loopholes to continue appealing to its very specific group of fans. Meanwhile, Secret Invasion is all set to end its run by reinstating a Marvel staple that made its debut 14 years ago.

Disney could have won the hearts of its anti-live-action fandom with a reboot but chooses to dump the possibility

Image via Disney

It is safe to say that Disney has been winning brownie points for turning its classics into live-action adaptations. But its golden classic animated series Gargoyles had long been the exception to the simmering disapproval as demands for its live-action reboot have been around for almost 30 years.

But the film has been tap-dancing its way through the windowless halls of development hell for years, and the second a positive rumor about it finally shedding the darkness via MCU veteran Kenneth Branagh found some air, the creator of the animated Gargoyles, Greg Weisman jumped up to pour ice-cold water over the possibility.

The ex-Disney box office champion of 2023 blames SAG for it not abiding by the rules of the strikes

Screengrab via YouTube/Angel Studios

As per the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, promotions of a film or series, which also includes advertising via social media, attending premieres, and doing press interviews, are strictly off the table. But Angel Studios’ Sound of Freedom, especially its lead star Jim Caviezel, has not ceased promoting the film at all and has not joined the strike because just like Disney, SAG-AFTRA “didn’t want any part of this film.”

The core Marvel element, which never changed even as MCU’s new heroes did, set to make a splashing return in Secret Invasion

Photo via Marvel Studios

So far, Secret Invasion has left many plot threads dangling and poking holes in its sturdy plot. But thankfully, one inconsistency is set to separate from the herd and reprise its previous role — Nick Fury’s eye patch, which is more Fury than the man himself.

Based on the finale trailer for the last two episodes, Fury is done counting his losses and ready to remind his enemies that it is not a good idea to go up against him. And that means the eye patch is back in the picture, though Fury losing it in the first place just to signify his shaken morale after the Blip didn’t really make sense. 


By: Apeksha Bagchi
Title: Latest Disney News: The one live-action reboot that should be happening is killed stone-dead as ‘Secret Invasion’ finally brings the MCU full circle
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Published Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000

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