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In addition to a plethora of shows, îLESONIQ will offer a wide range of activities to festival-goers. As a matter of fact, attendees will be able to discover relaxation and dining areas in addition to the musical performances. Here is what you can expect at Montreal‘s event on August 12-13.

Club Bell

Bell is opening their doors and inviting you to the all-new Club Bell this year. You do not want to miss out, as it will be the perfect place to relax with friends, cool off under the mist and have a spectacular view of the main stages. Club Bell will also be the place to enhance your festival kit with the cutest Kandies bracelets. Bell clients can also enter the site faster, thanks to Bell exclusive entrance, which is great. Visit MyBell app and click on the îLESONIQ Tile for more details.

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The Bud Light Chill Zone

Come by the Bud Light Chill Zone to grab a refreshing cold drink and relax. Moreover, you can play some cornhole or relax under the umbrellas. Bud Light branded merch will also be available on site.

bud light 1024x573 1

Amazon Music Bus

To help celebrate 10 Years of Prime in Canada, the Amazon Music Bus will be on site at îLESONIQ giving Prime Members and IG Followers a chance to spin a wheel to grab some great merch, including items from local small businesses. The Amazon Music Bus is a mobile activation, a content capture lounge, and a rooftop deck – all in one. Follow Amazon Music Canada (@amazonmusiccan) on Instagram, take a picture in front of the bus, and tag the festival in your post, and you’ll have another chance to grab something special each day of the festival.

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Coke StudioTM

At Coke Studio, fans can transform themselves into a band, create unique album art and record a music video — all with the help of Coca-Cola Real Magic and AI. While they stay hot for their big performance, fans can cool down in the “green room” featuring an artist collage and ice-cold Coke Zero Sugar.

coke studio


Get a better view, enjoy a cold beverage, play games to win Concert Cash® codes and festival upgrades, and discover the ideas that amplify your love of live. Open to all festival attendees. There is also the RBCxMUSIC GOLD Terrace, when at full capacity, is the best way to experience îLESONIQ fully. A breathtaking view of the main stage, a crazy atmosphere, and several exclusivities are waiting for you!

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Obviously, there is a ton of other things to do at îLESONIQ this year. Please make sure to visit the official website for more info.

Stay tuned for more news!

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By: Alex Belisle
Title: îLESONIQ 2023 Will Offer a Multitude of Activities for Fans
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Published Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2023 16:36:36 +0000

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[Event Review] Eric Prydz And Cristoph Sell Out Igloofest #8

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Have you ever pictured being outdoors in negative temperatures and having the time of your life? Well the power of music can make any environment enjoyable. Eric Prydz and Cristoph performed a sold-out show at Igloofest in Montreal on Friday, February 2nd. This was the only sold-out night of the show so far in 2024.

Igloofest, or better known as the coldest festival in the world, takes place at Old Port Montreal every year for four weekends from January to February. Attendees usually have to be warm to brave the negative temperatures. The past weekend was not one of the worst we have experienced. The lows were from -15 to -10°C, what kept us warm were the amazing fire pits at the back where you could roast marshmallows. If not that, the crowds of the packed show kept you warm. The VIP zone had heated spots near the bar, which was perfect for Friday night.

Ostrich, Cristoph & Eric Prdyz

Early in the night, the crowd warmed up to the sound of Montreal-local Ostrich at the Sapporo Stage where I spent my night. The Deep Tech House artist set up the stage from 7:30pm and had the crowd very prepared for Cristoph. A Newcastle native, he had a groovy one-and-a-half-hour set and played his classic hits like ‘Tha Music‘, ‘Swoon‘ and ‘Revolver to name a few. Cristoph had the crowd dancing and toned up the heat with amazing visuals on a cold winter night in Montreal. Fans including me could not get enough of that set. EDMTunes had a chance to chat with Cristoph right before his set, do have a read right below the event review. He definitely has a few secrets to share and plans for a big 2024.

prydz 1024x683 2 jpeg

Cristoph lay the land perfectly for the man himself, Eric Prydz. Of course, Mr. Prdyz sold out the Montreal show and did not disappoint. It was 2 hours of bliss, you knew it would be legendary when he started off with his remix of ‘Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus‘.  He had a perfect mix of all his classics and aliases — Cirez D and Pryda. What got me dancing the most was ‘Bootshaus 2012 ID‘, a Cirez D working title and ‘Melbourne Trak / UMF 2014 ID‘, a Pryda working title. He took the crowd by surprise with his ending tracks being ‘Pjanoo‘, ‘Viro‘ and the banger ‘Allein‘ for the last. Witnessing a few Prydz sets in my time I was very ecstatic with his choice of ending with Allein. All this music transposed me to a warm happy place forgetting I was out bundled up on a cold night.

If you want to experience the two hours of magic we did with Eric Prydz, check out the set list here.

EDMTunes Chats with Cristoph

cristoph photo 1024x683 1 jpeg

EDMTunes had a chance to sit with Cristoph and have a quick chat before his set. Hope you enjoy this read!

EDMTunes – Welcome to Montreal, what’s your favourite part so far/what are you looking forward to?

Cristoph – I just landed two hours ago, so I haven’t seen anything yet. I do enjoy the cold, so extreme and I want to ski/snowboard and my best friend says if I do try it I will definitely injure myself. I am quite injury-prone.

EDMTunes – 2023 was big, loved your Open to Close concept. What inspired you to do that series?

Cristoph – *Cough* my manager – hinted Rene his manager from the back. Basically, I am really into the style of DJing at night where it is more focused on the music, the venue and the people in there. Rather than all the lights on the DJ and let’s all stare at them, type of thing. I enjoy a rave in the dark room, where there is minimal light and you know you have the cliche of going on a journey. That was the idea behind it. I do enjoy every art of DJing. Whether it is warming up, or the mid section, or closing out. So we decided to give it a go and were delighted to see how well it actually did.

EDMTunes – Anything different you are planning to do in 2024, that your fans haven’t experienced so far?

Cristoph – The open-to-close was such a success, we have decided to build a bit of lighting show with it. It is not visuals, but it is lighting. I want the night to still be more minimalistic than anything of these great big screens. The AI visuals are becoming monotonous, we want it to be about the clubbers and them enjoying the night. So we want to create lighting to go with the gigs going forward. The New York show at the end of this month will be the first one we will premier this at. Of course it has to be in certain venues to get the rig in. From there onwards hopefully there will be festival shows where we can build this into more than just America. We are hoping to then take this open to close worldwide.

No residencies in the US, surreal for me to be able to come to America. Growing up I did look up to America, so it has been surreal for me to go around and play in such great venues.

EDMTunes – You have been producing music for the last decade, what has been your most technically challenging track to make so far?

Cristoph – Oh that is a good question. Some of the vocal tracks have really grounded me down. I used to send versions to management and Eric for feedback. I have 50-60 projects of some of those records, little tweaks here and there. All of it to get the sound and clarity on a full vocal track like ‘Illusions’ where you need a peak to sit above the music but still feel integrated into the record. It became a tough one and just wanted it to be over. But overall it really got me there and I was grateful for their feedback and how it turned out.

EDMTunes – Your recent Consequence of Society Mix was great, let’s talk a bit about this series/concept of yours.

Cristoph – The whole Consequence of Society, it is the music I play into the consequence of the society I was brought up in. So I used to sneak into clubs with my brother like everyone seems to know. It was the shindig in Newcastle when I was 15. That progressive music coming out from the likes of Danny Howells and others, they paved the way. The whole label, mixed series I just wanted to keep it as one name so we can build a brand. I just want to keep the simplicity and push the brand, I have the link with it being the consequence of society I was brought up in.

EDMTunes – Any plans on making an album?

Cristoph – It’s been a discussion over the past 4-5 weeks. I am doing a Facet, there is an idea for the fourth Facet and perhaps tying them out. I will keep putting the out, and we need to think of doing an album and then an album tour. So probably after the next open-to-close tour then it might be the album which will be 2025. I have my idea of what I want to do for my album but it will take some time.

EDMTunes – What would you do if you weren’t a DJ? And what is the weirdest food you’ve eaten?

Cristoph – I really don’t know, no one has asked me that. In all honesty, I don’t know. I am terrified of the authorities as a boy. I have an obsession & passion for criminal psychology. That is what I fall asleep watching, something along those lines. Definitely not a detective. But happy I am a DJ and doing this!

Ah weird, well I had a grasshopper taco once when I was down in Texas. You could feel the hair on the legs whilst I ate it, so strange. Maybe octopus would be the weirdest. The weird texture! Ha – thank you this was fun!

Stay tuned to EDMTunes for other festival reviews & your favourite artist exclusives.

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Title: [Event Review] Eric Prydz And Cristoph Sell Out Igloofest #8
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BREAKING: Man Arrested After Climbing the Las Vegas Sphere

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We had a feeling this would have happened at some point; where there’s a will, there’s a way. Cameras in Las Vegas on February 8th noticed a figured climbing up the Sphere early in the afternoon.

You might be asking why this person decided to do it. According to information obtained by FOX5 out of Las Vegas, the man has been identified as Maison DesChamps. The name may be familiar to a few because back in 2021, he was arrested for climbing the Aria hotel in Vegas.

DesChamps, also known as Pro-life Spiderman and @profile.spiderman on Instagram, climbed the Sphere to protest abortion. Additionally, it was to raise money for a mother facing an uncertain pregnancy. It has also been reported that 2 additional people were also detained at the scene along with DesChamps.

A Sphere Entertainment spokesperson provided a statement on this incident, “We are grateful to the local authorities for their support in this matter. The individuals involved are currently in the custody of LVMPD.” Additionally, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday which raises concerns for safety as there are many eyes on the city this weekend.

“As we sit here today, there’s an individual – for a publicity stunt – climbing up to the top of the Sphere. Your first responders are all over there, taking care of it. We know these things are going to happen, and we’re going to deal with them as they come up and make sure we have the safest Super Bowl we’ve ever had.”

The videos are insane. This is not encouraged in any way. However, the view must have been pretty nice.

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Title: BREAKING: Man Arrested After Climbing the Las Vegas Sphere
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Published Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2024 21:25:19 +0000

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îLESONIQ Unveils Full Lineup For 2024 Edition

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One of the biggest EDM festival in the Great White North is back for another year in Montreal. As a matter of fact, îLESONIQ just dropped the full lineup for the 2024 iteration of the event. The two-day festival, taking place August 10-11 at Parc Jean-Drapeau, will feature some of the biggest names in the industry across multiples genres for everybody to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the artists that attendees will have the chance to see live this summer.

This lineup features some very popular names in the EDM world. In fact, veterans like Tiësto, DJ Snake and Zedd will all touch down in Montreal for a better part of the weekend. Moreover, îLESONIQ always provide the public special performances, and this year is no different. The charismatic Idris Elba will make his official Canadian debut with an elevating DJ set, Odd Mob and OMNOM will present their new collaborative project HYPERBEAM, MASTERHAND (supergroup composed of Eptic x Space Laces x SVDDEN DEATH) will unite on stage, and Space 92 x Popof will present Turbulences.

House lovers will rejoice for what îLESONIQ has planned. Artists like Cloonee, Cloverdale, Green Velvet b2b Patrick Topping, it’s murph, and many others make attendees dance all day and all night. On the other side of the spectrum, Bass music aficionados should be please with the lineup, per usual. Most notably, dubstep specialists like Subtronics, Wooli, LEVEL UP, Jessica Audiffred, NGHTMRE b2b Jauz will make an appearance over the weekend. Check out the full lineup below.

425854858 960928355391658 355484161170842399 n 1024x1024 2 jpeg

2-day tickets go on sale on February 8 at noon, on the official website. You can subscribe to the îLESONIQ presale through the newsletter here.

Saty tuned for more news!

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By: Alex Belisle
Title: îLESONIQ Unveils Full Lineup For 2024 Edition
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Published Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2024 01:47:45 +0000

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