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Renowned bass producer Spag Heddy makes a remarkable comeback with his latest single, “Never Thought,” featuring the talents of Micah Martin from The Zealots band. Departing from his signature intensive bass and unique house sounds, Spag explores new territory in this track which serves as a captivating exploration of human emotion and melody. The song captivates listeners from the start with its wistful vocals and enchanting piano melodies, gradually building up to a cinematic dubstep-style drop enhanced by gritty synth effects. “Never Thought” stands as Spag Heddy’s most emotionally charged release to date, a sentiment shared by the artist himself. Hear what we mean by streaming the track via Spotify below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section as well.

Spag Heddy – Never Thought | Steam

‘LISTEN: Spag Heddy Delivers Cathartic, Emotional ‘Never Thought’ Single Ahead of Debut Album

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By: Max Chung
Title: LISTEN: Spag Heddy Delivers Cathartic, Emotional ‘Never Thought’ Single Ahead of Debut Album
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Published Date: Fri, 19 May 2023 21:05:21 +0000

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[Event Review] Eric Prydz Delivers 3 Sold Out HOLO Performances at Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Last weekend, Eric Prydz took over the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City for his HOLO show concept. The demand to see the global dance innovator performing was massive. Fans pounced on this 3 day extravaganza as more than 60,000 tickets were sold over the 3 events. All 3 performance nights were organized by Teksupport, and this was the first time Eric Prydz has brought his HOLO show to New York since 2019. We went to the Saturday show but from what ravers who went on the other days, each show was unique.

image 1024x683 2
credits:  Michael Poselski//Off Brand Project)

The HOLO show delivered an extraordinary sensory experience with a massive LED screen, cutting-edge lighting, and intricate 3D holographic effects. From the onset of Prydz’s performance, he captivated the audience by seamlessly blending tracks from his extensive catalog into a cohesive and immersive audiovisual journey.

A highlight of the show was the mesmerizing holographic effects that transformed the stage into a breathtaking otherworldly environment. Synchronized perfectly with Prydz’s music, these visuals created a stunning experience that left the crowd in awe, with reaching hands, appearing robots, astronauts, and other life-sized figures. In addition to the visuals, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s upgrade sound system and lights only added to the top tier production. Beyond the visuals, Prydz’s expert track selection showcased his ability to blend genres, offering a unique sound. The set ranged from uplifting progressive house anthems to dark techno tracks, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. Eric also dished out songs from his Pryda alias with hit tracks such as ‘Power Drive‘, ‘Elements‘, ‘One Day‘, and ‘Allein‘. He also sprinkled in some Cirez D with ‘Evacuate‘. The dancefloor maestro ended the performance with hit track ‘Opus’, met with thunderous cheers from across the venue.

With that breathtaking conclusion, Prydz concluded the roller coaster set. The immersive nature of HOLO truly showcases Prydz’s creative prowess. Few artists worldwide can match the impact of his performance style while continuing to innovate and evolve. If you get the chance to witness HOLO, don’t miss it. It’s a performance that must be experienced firsthand to be believed.

Holo Teksupport November252023 0151 credit@Bryan.Kwon .Photos @offbrandproject 1024x683 1 jpg
credits:  Michael Poselski//Off Brand Project)

Holo Teksupport November252023 0214 credit@Bryan.Kwon .Photos @offbrandproject 1024x683 1 jpg

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By: Kevin Ng
Title: [Event Review] Eric Prydz Delivers 3 Sold Out HOLO Performances at Brooklyn Navy Yard
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Published Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 22:54:28 +0000

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EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 48

Ar Roots x Starmode Lift Me Up jpg

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Ar|Roots & Starmode – Lift Me Up

Genre: Tech House, House

Ar Roots x Starmode Lift Me Up 1 jpg

Lift yourself up with a collaboration of a handful of skilled producers. Ar|Roots, a duo formed by brothers David and Albert with over two decades of combined experience, sees itself against Finnish artist collective Starmode, on their latest, ‘Lift Me Up‘.

Groovy, powerful and refreshing, ‘Lift Me Up’ merges everything you’d love about an old-school House track into a Tech House beat that once simply can’t get enough of. Chances are, you’re going to get some energy after listening to this one.

Synymata, MmmCherry & Leah Culver – Back In Time

Genre: Dubstep, Future Bass

ab67616d0000b2730e9125abeff946d184816607 jpg

Prepare for a one-way journey. Bass producer Synymata joins forces with MmmCherry and the voice of Leah Culver for a spectacular melodic voyager, ‘Back In Time‘.

Beautiful ambience takes you by the hand and slowly sinks you into the rabbit hole of this track, and before you even know it you’re right in front of the most drastic change, from a melodic masterpiece to a festival anthem. Make sure to breathe before the drop!

ALWZ SNNY & Robbie Rosen – King of Hearts

Genre: Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore

ALWZ SNNY King of Hearts jpg

Behind a sunshine mask with three smiles, Annapolis producer ALWZ SNNY makes sure to spread positivity through his music every second. The fact he produced this single alongside American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen should tell you all you need to know about its quality.

King of Hearts‘ draws your beloved Euphoric Hardstyle progression that makes you lift your hands high up in the air, all while singing along to the melody — without you even noticing how you got to memorise it in just one go.

Nils Hoffmann & Kasbo feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Running In A Dream

Genre: Deep House, Progressive House

Nils Hoffmann x Vancouver Sleep Clinic x Kasbo Running In A Dream jpg

One of Germany’s most outstanding producers of the past years, Nils Hoffmann, just announced his next album, Running In A Dream, to be released via Anjunadeep. Out today is the title track from said album, which counts with the presence of Swedish producer Kasbo, and the special vocal feature of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Melodic, dynamic, yet chill and pleasant, ‘Running In A Dream’ presents itself as a beautiful in-between genre-bender. Imagine Melodic Techno, Organic House, and Progressive, all coming together alongside soft piano lines and vocal bliss. That’s it.

CASSIMM – Son De Lo (Tim Cullen Remix)

Genre: Tech House, House

CASSIMM Son De Lo Tim Cullen Remix Remix by Tim Cullen jpg

For a Tech House belter, check out Tim Cullen‘s latest piece of work. An absolute breakthrough in the Industry, Cullen has made headlines for his infectious groove and great skills. Just so you know, the man was hand-picked to be a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound, in London.

Today’s remix is one for CASSIMM‘s ‘Son De Lo‘, a track which, under Cullen’s creative reimagination, comes as a club-ready record, and which has earned the support of many big stars already. Press play and you’ll see why’s that.

Zombie Cats – Flava

Genre: Drum and Bass

Zombie Cats Flava Original jpg

Having been around for close to a decade by now, Zombie Cats, funnily enough, identify more as chameleons than cats: their passion for music knows no bounds regarding styles or genres. Anything from purebred Drum and Bass to Hip-Hop-tinted EDM, you shouldn’t expect anything from them, other than an excellent quality.

Their single ‘Flava‘ has just been lifted from their album Mutation & Reanimation, and through clever Drum and Bass atmospheres and tight percussion, it hopes to represent all the evolution of the Zombie Cats project over the years. And, on top of that, it’s unreasonably savoury.

Final Words

Stay tuned for all the music we’ll be sharing under the NMF and TTT concepts each week. And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all the latest news and reviews that revolve around our beloved Electronic Dance Music!

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By: Felipe Latorre Cabello
Title: EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 48
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Published Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2023 04:02:01 +0000

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Meduza Flares Up With New Tech House Banger ‘Musica’

IMG 0412 1024x683 1 jpeg

The colder temperatures won’t be an issue in then northern hemisphere thanks to Meduza’s new track. ‘Musica’ is the groovy Tech House banger that we needed in this colder season. Following a successfully launched self titled EP ‘Meduza’ last month, The Milan Natives bring us a succulent and hot house beat to have us bouncing around the dance floor. Meduza teamed up with AETERNA to bring up this massive project that has turned into a staple during their live sets recently.

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A post shared by I11 E D V Z Ʌ 👾 (@meduzamusic)

Simple Yet Effective

The track is both hypnotic and driving with the omniscient style vocal emanating from the silent ambience of the record. It follows a simple bassline and alarm-like siren sounds. The song then builds up momentum into 2 sick drops, with harder kicks and powerful rhythm. Imagine you’re with your dance buddies igniting the dance floor with this song, it really is fun and catchy.

AETERNA has always been the vision as a sanctuary for Meduza to spread their wings musically, and this track embodies the freedom they feel within the dancefloor after years of touring

IMG 0412 1024x683 2 jpeg

Meduza have taken the EDM scene by storm, with singles like ‘Piece of Your Heart’ Ft. Goodboys, Lose Control ft. Becky hill, and ‘Tell it to my Heart’ ft. Hozier. The Italian producer trio have amazed the love of the audience and have played vital dance venues in Miami, Ibiza, London, and Brazil.

IMG 0413 768x1024 1 jpeg
Speaking about the record, Meduza said “Musica is one of those records that moves every dancefloor. We have played it as the start track, middle track and wherever we put it, it always sounds massive and has the crowd pumped and chanting on the dancefloor”

Next up, The Milan natives will close down Art Basel Miami in Factory Town December 10th. Moreover, They will play in Chicago’s Radius for a camera/recording free December 30th.

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By: Jay Seabrook
Title: Meduza Flares Up With New Tech House Banger ‘Musica’
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Published Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2023 02:43:01 +0000

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