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So you’re thinking of growing your hair out. 

But before you make your decision, you want to know, is it worth it?

The time and patience?

Can you still work at your job?

Is it masculine?

Do women find it attractive? 

In today’s video, I’m going head to head with Long Hair Youtube star Trav White for a 7 round showdown between short hair vs long hair on men. 


Click Here To Watch The Video – Long Hair Vs Short Hair: Which Is Better On Men?

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Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 1 – Individuality

Short Hair Argument 

Short hair on men has been a symbol of masculinity in the west for hundreds of years.  

Where short hair really shines for individuality is when you cut it to become a part of your style and personality.

Grooming is an extension of your image. So whether you go for an undercut, or a combover, or a pompadour, or a quiff, this is when short hair starts to shine. 

You have so many more options to change it up with short hair. You can cut your hair to match your face shape, whereas with long hair if it doesn’t suit you, it just doesn’t suit you. 

Short hair gives more options and a much wider variety to choose from. This wide array of options allows each guy to embrace who they are and make their hair a part of their unique style. 

Many more options for products to be able to style it. Most products out there can work medium to shorter hair and you can style it in a lot of ways. 

Short hair vs long hair? Which is best?

Long Hair Argument 

I agree with that but I would argue that short hair on men, while it may not be like that today, it started as conformity. Every culture that conquered another culture would force them to cut their hair as a sign of submission. 

And to some degree, it’s still like that today, short hair for men is required in many places. In most workplaces, in schools, young men must have their hair short. 

Additionally, short hair started to become the norm during World War One.

Men were required to have military cuts for functional reasons. Whether it was to prevent lice and fleas while spending days in the trenches or shaving it so their enemies couldn’t use their hair as a weapon against them.

Short hair became the main symbol of masculinity after the war with military men influencing grooming similar to how they do with style. 

So short hair, as most men’s fashion happens as well, became a symbol of men’s style & masculinity from the military in the west. 

So because of that, in my opinion, growing your hair out is the ultimate form of individuality. Because Individuality comes down to going against the grain and rocking it with confidence. 

In western culture, long hair has always been considered going against the grain.

This is most apparent when you look at the 60s era with counterculture movement and continued into the 70s and 80s with rock n roll.

Also, given that MOST men in the world have short hair, the ultimate way to show your individuality IS through long hair. It’s saying that you don’t want to conform to what culture demands of you. 

Big thanks to my long haired friend and fellow YouTuber Trav White for taking part in today’s video. Click here to check out Trav White’s YouTube Channel – make sure you like and subscribe!

WINNER: Long Hair


vitaman new hair e1589834822112


Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 2 – Historical Significance

Short Hair Argument 

For a time, long hair was incredibly popular. Many warriors and tribes around the world would wear long hair. But it wasn’t long before they realized it was a disadvantage.

Nearly all the long-haired warriors of the past died off or were conquered and forced to cut their hair.

Vikings, Spartans, Mongols, etc. 

As civilization and technology advanced, and the population in one area became denser, short hair became preferred as long hair was harder to keep clean and prevent spreading of fleas and lice. It also became functionally safer. 

During the industrial revolution men would operate machinery or work dangerous jobs or go off to war, short hair was much more functional and could be the difference between life and death. 

Alexander the Great was a leader who required his warriors to have short hair because it gave them advantages on the battlefield. 

alexander the great

Alexander the Great was a leader who required his warriors to have short hair because it gave them advantages on the battlefield.

Also, the two biggest reasons that men cut their hair shorter in history?

War & baldness. Over 50% of men lose their hair as they age. So making short hair a part of the culture was a way to flip the script of how long hair used to be perceived as nobility and short hair as slavery.  

Over time short hair started to become the symbol of masculinity as that perception shifted. ol

Long Hair Argument 

If you look at cultures all over the world. Hair has meant many things to many different groups of people. 

Seeing Long hair as feminine or unprofessional IS a western and I would argue newly western idea dating back to around World War I.

We can start with ancient Greece, long male hair was a symbol of wealth and power, and a shaved head was a symbol of slavery.

This is also what the Vikings believed as well by the way. Vikings took their hair and beards VERY seriously.

ancient greece man

In ancient Greece, long male hair was a symbol of wealth and power.

If fact, it was believed that the Vikings used to groom their hair with tools made from deer and elk antlers and they would seduce Saxon noblewomen quite often because they were so well-groomed & bathed.

They believed short hair meant you were a thrall or a slave.

In Greek and Roman mythology you will see gods like Zeus, Achilles, and Apollo all portrayed with long hair and beards.

In Norse Mythology you have Odin and Thor portrayed with long hair.

Spartan warriors saw long hair as a symbol of strength and they would grow it out when they came of age.

If you look at many religious stories, like the story of Samson, you will see that he derived strength from his hair.

Historically, long hair on men symbolized strength. 

Then you look at many African tribes, depending on which tribe, as they’re all different, they would decorate their hair in braids or cornrows, and some tribes would only allow their warriors to wear dreadlocks. 

You can look at the Native American tribes, many of which believed long hair was a symbol of honor and strength, and if they were forced to cut their hair it’s a sign of submission. 

Mongolian warriors would have long hair shaved in unique ways to instil fear in their enemies. 

Most of the time when people were forced to cut their hair it was probably because of an invading force or culture. 

But some of the fiercest warriors of all time wore their hair long. 

world war 1

Short hair really started to make its way into popularity around World War 1

Short hair really started to make its way into popularity around World War 1.

Soldiers were required to have short hair for trench warfare because long hair exposed them to fleas and lice infestations, and long hair could’ve been used as a weapon against them. 

WINNER: Long Hair


Click here to check out my friend and fellow YouTuber Trav White’s YouTube Channel – make sure you like and subscribe!


Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 3 – Professionalism

Short Hair Argument 

This one is a no-brainer. Short hair is synonymous with professionalism in the workplace.

If you’re in sales or working at a law firm, or in finance and you walk into an interview with long hair, they’ll kick you out of the room. 

short hair vs long hair

Short hair is synonymous with professionalism in the workplace.

If you’re trying to get a deal done and you walk in with a man bun your first impression is ruined.

It’s just the reality that if you want to do business, be respected instantly, or get someone to trust you, short hair is the best way to do that. 

Long Hair Argument 

I think that there are obviously jobs that still exist that have a dress code and short men’s hair might be on that dress code.

There may be a danger issue as well if you work on an oil rig, or with heavy machinery, long hair could become a safety hazard.

But if you work in tech, or in arts, you’re a photographer or videographer, or you work at a software start-up company, most of these company cultures are becoming more and more accepting of long hair on men.

And it can actually look very professional if you keep it neat, you keep it well-nourished, and you wear it in a way that is well-kept, I don’t see why long hair would be a problem. 

long hair man office

If you’ve got long hair, click here to check out Trav White’s YouTube Channel – make sure you like and subscribe! 

But it does come down to the specific company.

Obviously working at a law firm, or in finance, or if you’re getting on an airplane and you see that your pilot has a man bun, how would that make you feel? To me, I wouldn’t care.

But I know to a lot of people, because of how our culture views long hair on men, they might respond negatively to that. 

I think we are making progress on the long hair professionalism front, but there’s still a long way to go. 

Being remembered for long hair

WINNER: Short Hair


Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 4 – Attraction

Short Hair Argument 

Study after study shows that women prefer short hair. 

A study out of 1978 in Sage Journals 43 males and 45 females were presented with one of four drawings, representing a man who had either long or short hair (hair-length) and was either bearded or clean-shaven (beardedness).

Subjects were asked to form an impression of the person represented and to indicate the impression formed by placing checkmarks between a number of bipolar scales.

short hair vs long hair

Study after study shows that women prefer short hair.

Results indicated a markedly negative impression. was formed of the long- as compared to the short-haired male. Consistent with prior research, the bearded male was regarded more positively than the clean-shaven male.

Results were discussed in terms of the stereotypical view associated with long hair.

So it would seem that both men and women see long hair on men in a more negative light. 

Women don’t want you to have nicer hair than them.

They don’t want you to take longer getting ready for dates. Being a high maintenance man isn’t attractive to a woman. 


vitaman new hair e1589834822112


They want you to admire them, they want you to feel proud of being with them and see other people jealous of you when they admire her.

She should be the spotlight of beauty, not the guy. 

And many surveys and studies have shown that to be the case. Women are more attracted to men with short hair. 

Long Hair Argument 

That’s a great point.

First of all, I would argue that that study was conducted during the height of the hippie movement and that most people alive then saw long hair on men as unattractive. Even a guy in a suit with long hair back then was just a closeted hippie.

No offense to any hippies out there.

They were just not seen as the most masculine of men back then.

But, I bet if that study were to be conducted today, the results would be totally different.

Today a guy with long hair and a suit is a big question mark. And question marks are attractive. 

Even I believe that the majority of women will tell you that they find short hair more attractive on men, in general.

However, if they were to see a man with long hair and it’s clean, well kept, it’s not dirty or greasy, I believe she would find the confidence very attractive because that alone will separate him from 95% of the other men. 

long hair attract

There are also women who are only attracted to men with long hair. It’s their thing.

There are also women who are only attracted to men with long hair. It’s their thing.

It’s like a guy with a body full of tattoos.

Not every woman likes that, but the ones who do absolutely LOVE it.

So not every woman will prefer your long hair, but the ones who do will have a much stronger reaction to it.

One thing I would add is that long hair kind of has this amplification effect.

Meaning if you’re out of shape, not dressed well, poor presentation and grooming, long hair tends to make you look a bit more of that. Lazier, more unkempt.

But if you’re fit, have great style, have well-groomed facial hair, now long hair makes all of that look even stronger and amplifies all of those qualities.

So I think it can amplify your best attributes.  

I think the best thing a guy with long hair can do is dress up a bit.

Because it makes you more mysterious.

If you’re walking around in a t-shirt and jeans, a female might assume you’re just a wannabe rock n roll star, but if you’re wearing a fitted button-down, chinos, and nice shoes, all of the sudden it’s like what does this guy do?

He obviously doesn’t work in the conventional 9 to 5 cubicle environment, I want to get to know him better. 

So my conclusion is, women are attracted to confidence and long-haired men who take good care of their hair definitely have an element of confidence and mysteriousness to be able to pull it off. 

So if you can grow your hair out I think you should try it at least once in your life.

It’s also a sign of commitment and patience, two virtues that are very attractive to high-quality women. 

But, the most important thing, be who you are! Because confidence is the ultimate attraction.



Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 5 – Upkeep & Care

Short Hair Argument 

I gotta tell you when it comes to short hair, I just get up style it a bit with my fingers, maybe put one product in and I’m good to go. 

My men’s hair care routine in the morning is incredibly short. 

antonio wash hair

My hair care routine in the morning is incredibly short.

Worst case, use a bar of soap if you’re in a rush and don’t have shampoo. 

With long hair you have to brush it, you have to spend a much longer time washing it, conditioning it. You can run into more frizz, dryness, greasiness, split ends. You might as well watch the women’s beauty channels if you’re going to take care of your hair properly.  

Long Hair Argument 

That’s actually a great and funnily enough, I’ve learned a ton of great tips from women’s hair channels. They really do know their hair care. 

But sure, you might have a couple more men’s hair styling products. You might spend a little longer in the shower on the days you wash your hair.

Maybe you spend a little bit on a decent brush, good hair oil, or upgrade your 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner to something more suited for your hair type, but think of how much money you’ll save not having to go to the barber every 3 weeks.

Especially if you like a tight fade, then you go for a clean up every 2 weeks. 

wash hair travis

If you’ve got longer hair, you might spend a little longer in the shower on the days you wash your hair.

With long hair, while you may need to brush it and make sure it’s nourished, but you only need to go to the barber for a clean up every 4-6 months. And even then you’re just trimming the split ends. I’d argue you actually save money in the long run. 

Another point is that when men have shorter hair they tend to wash their hair more often, especially if they sweat daily.

This is actually not healthy for your hair as the surfactants in most drug store shampoos are really harsh on your hair.

You start to learn how to better take care of your hair and you realize you don’t have to wash your hair every day, even if you sweat. 


Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 6 – In The Movies

Short Hair Argument 

James Bond, Superman, Captain America, Peaky Blinders, Any military movie.

Some of the most masculine men in movies have short cuts.

Whether it’s a texturized quiff, a military buzz cut, or an undercut like in Peaky Blinders, most of the heroes, spies, or bosses all have short hair. 

wick bond

Wick vs Bond – who looks better?

Long Hair Argument 

I could say the exact same thing about long hair. Thor, Aquaman, Rambo, Conan The Barbarian, Achilles, Jon Snow, Jack Sparrow, Legolas, John Wick, Geralt Of Rivia, Tarzan, Hercules. Any movie about Rock N Roll. 

I mean I could go on all day naming badass dudes who rock long hair in TV and Movies. I even made a video listing the top 30. 


Screen Shot 2020 07 14 at 5.29.51 PM

Click here to discover VITAMAN’s natural men’s hair care products.


Long Hair vs Short Hair Round 7 – Which One Looks Best?

Wow. That was an awesome battle.

So who’s the winner?

Well…. the answer is…..

It’s a tie. 

I know, I know – but it’s too close to call.

Both long hair and short hair can look awesome on the right man.

Next up? Click here to read my article on attractive men’s hairstyles.

Irrespective of whether you’ve got long hair like Trav, or short hair like me, always remember to use the right men’s hair care products. No one likes greasy hair, dry scalps or dandruff.

Click here to visit my company VITAMAN and discover our range of natural hair care products for men. Unlike other shampoos and conditioners – our products won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. The result? You get stronger, healthier, more manageable hair.

Click here and make the change today, Try risk free – if you don’t absolutely love our products, I’ll give you your money back.


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By: Antonio
Title: Long Hair vs Short Hair: Which Is Better On Men?
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2020 11:55:01 +0000

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Fabric and Formality: What Makes a Suit “Casual?”

man casual vintage suit jpg

Nowadays, largely due to the prevalence of casualwear and the prioritization of comfort and simplicity, tailoring has become an increasingly rare sight. This trend can be recognized in all sorts of settings, even those where, not too long ago, suits were often considered mandatory. Or, at the very least, heavily encouraged.

Whether for a typical day at the office, or for an elegant evening out on the town, men used to don suits for all sorts of occasions.

But today, suits and tailoring tend to be thought of as wholly “formal.” Something you really only ever wear for very specific events, such as weddings. And even then, there are those who prefer weddings with an entirely casual dress code.

But this was not always the case. For much of the twentieth century, there existed the notion of the “casual suit.” This was more or less a middle-ground of sorts that existed between formalwear and casualwear.

Today, the concept of business casual often fills this gap. But instead of the drab khakis and cheap dress shirts found on sad discount store racks, casual suits still contain all of the depth and visual complexity of traditional tailoring!

man wearing traditional 3-piece suit

Believe it or not, the concept of the “casual suit” was once well-accepted. In the past, men understood that not all tailored garments read as formalwear.

And today, many menswear enthusiasts hold by the same truths and standards, educating themselves about the history and context for the various fabrics, patterns, and colors that qualify some tailoring as timeless, casual styles.

Read on to discover it all for yourself!

The History of Casual Suiting

Like so many western menswear traditions, the origins of the casual suit (and suits in general, for that matter), can be traced to England. In this particular case, we can look to the lounge suit, born out of Scotland in the mid nineteenth century, and the arguable granddaddy of all suits.

Typically made from heavier wool fabrics, the lounge suit wasn’t actually intended for lounging. Instead, it was essentially the sportswear of that era. Used for hunting and other outdoor activities, the coats on these suits were shorter than the longer frock-style jackets worn in town for business matters. This shorter length would accommodate easier movement for sporting activities. It was all about performance!

men in Scottish hills wearing thick tweed suits and tweed caps

Of course, the construction of these garments, often seen in three-piece configurations, was still rather elegant, using rich, earthy tones and quality wool. As the 1800s progressed, and the 1900s began, the trends of the lounge suit eventually made their way from the English and Scottish countryside to dense, bustling cities.

The business suits frequently seen in the professional world kept their darker appearance and their finer, subtler wool fabrics, but adopted the shorter coat configuration of the sportier lounge suits. And thus, the modern blueprint for the suit was born.

In the United States, suits followed the trend timeline set by the British, as Brooks Brothers debuted their famous “sack suit” in 1895, in accordance to the rising popularity of shorter coats.

Frock and tailcoat demand was down! And Brooks Brothers was there to claim the opportunity. The sack suit quickly cemented itself in the American fashion vernacular, while carrying over the cultural associations of various fabrics born out of England.

Rougher, heavier wools such as tweed became a hallmark of academia and the American Ivy League, a setting in which the aforementioned “middle-ground” of formality thrived. Meanwhile, just like in England, business suits and formalwear retained their smoother, sleeker look.

You may be thinking, well, thanks for the history lesson. But how does this apply to the idea of casual tailoring today?

What History Teaches Us About Fabrics

The rich history of tailoring and the fabrics used for different occasions, locales, and eras, all point to modern contextual clues we can use to determine a suit’s formality.

In the Scottish countryside, aristocrats donned heavy, three-piece tweeds to go hunting. It wasn’t really something they wore on their wedding day, per se. Or even to do business!

You may have heard the old phrase, “no brown in town” before. While this needn’t be followed so stringently today, it did refer to the practice of brown tweed and tweed-adjacent suits being designated for countryside wear.

man in the English countryside wearing a brown tweed suit

But the lesson remains the same. A gentleman had tailoring for recreation. For casual affairs. At the same time, he also maintained a wardrobe for more formal occasions.

This path of thought can still be followed today to determine the modern-day implications for a tailored garment. Because clothing is so strongly informed by our culture, those associations are often already there whether we’re aware of it, or not.

The gentleman’s difference? He understands the association and the historical context of different garments – right down to the fabric and pattern itself.

Therefore, the casual suits of yesteryear can still read as casual today to the informed mind. Where some may still just see a suit and equate it to a fancy vibe, the casual suit teaches us that one can still be “put-together” without sacrificing a degree of elegance.

Because good tailoring is three-dimensional. It drapes. It creates interesting shapes to compliment your figure. But it can still be casual!

How to Identify Casual Suits

Now that you know the history, and how that history influences our cultural aesthetics, you’re ready to discover casual suiting for yourself! Here are some tips on how you can do this successfully.

1. Fabric Is King: This is arguably the most important aspect of determining the formality level of a suit. Fabrics like tweed, flannel wool, corduroy, cotton, linen, and seersucker are all examples of fabrics that typically “casualize” a piece of tailoring. More formal suits are usually made from smooth, worsted wool.

man in flannel suit

2. Pattern Matters, Too: Usually, the bigger and bolder the pattern on a tailored garment, the more casual it’s intended to be. Look for big, bold stripes, windowpane patterns, houndstooth (often found on tweeds), and more.

houndstooth suit

3. It’s a Colorful World: Light-tones suits in shades of white, cream, beige, and light gray are usually less formal. An exception to note would be the white dinner jacket, which is the most important component of white tie attire (very formal).

white linen suit

While you don’t need to take “no brown in town” too seriously, do know that most shades of brown are still considered fairly casual. Less conventional colors, and especially anything on the louder end of the spectrum, also deformalize the overall look.

Dark suits aren’t always casual, however, as you need to take into account other aspects mentioned on this list.

4. The Devil Is in the Details: It pays to look out for the small things, as well. A less structured suit, for example, such as one with minimal to no internal padding in the jacket, is inherently a bit less formal.

Fewer than three buttons on the sleeve cuff are also often a dead giveaway, and are sometimes found on suits similar to those worn in the English countryside. Cuffed pants can be very tasteful, but they are also traditionally more casual. So are patch pockets on a jacket. The little things go a long way in identifying if a suit reads as formal, or not.

man wearing a cotton suit with a relaxed shoulder

How You Can Style a Casual Suit Today

So, you’ve learned all there is to know about the history, why it matters, and how to determine if a suit is casual-coded. Good work! However, you may still be wondering how to style a casual suit.

Maybe you’ve already got yourself a corduroy two-piece you’re itching to rock out on the town, or even a cream-colored, cotton, double-breasted suit.
Regardless of what kind of casual suit speaks to you, here are a few style tips to avoid clashing your casual tailoring against pieces that might be too formal.

1. Oxford Cloth Button-Downs Are Your Best Friend: Ah, the oxford cloth button down. Or, to its friends, OCBD, for short. Much like the sack suit, this style of shirt was popularized by Brooks Brothers, and it pairs magically with nearly any casual style suit. Tweed, corduroy, cotton, flannel, linen, seersucker, you name it – the OCBD is almost guaranteed to go well.

This is because, much like the less sleek nature of most of these fabrics, oxford cloth is typically made from a slightly more textured cotton. While some dress shirts can go well with some casual suits, it takes a well-trained eye. OCBDs have a built-in history and cultural association that allows them to just work.

oxford shirt

2. Avoid True Dress Shoes: Don’t pair your casual suit with black, closed-laced oxford shoes. Rather, consider something just a step down, like an open-laced derby shoe, leather boots, or loafers in a complimentary color.

wearing corduroy pants with brown oxford shoes

3. Appropriate Accessories: To really communicate that your outfit is casual, even to those who can’t quite distinguish the suiting formality scale, you can let your accessories do the talking.

For example, a braided or embossed belt is often considered more laid-back than a sleeker, simpler one. Or try a western belt if you’re feeling like a cowboy!

When it comes to ties, sometimes silk works just fine in casual ensembles, but something with a bit more texture, like cotton, wool, or a knit can really finalize a classic, casual Ivy League look.

braided leather belt

4. Consider a Denim Shirt: Going without a tie? With a more casual suit, that’s totally a valid option. But once you’re forging neckwear, you may as well lean into the playful nature of your outfit. A denim or chambray shirt can look brilliant under all sorts of casual suits. It works especially well with cotton, corduroy, linen, tweed, and seersucker.

man wearing a denim shirt paired with a tweed suit

5. Ditch The Pants: Well, provided you replace them with another pair of pants. The fun thing about many casual suits, is that unlike their more formal counterparts, they can be broken up into suit separates with ease.

Try combining a tweed jacket with some corduroy pants for an academic look. Or even the reverse! A cotton jacket is right at home with some linen or seersucker pants. Or perhaps pair a linen jacket with some cotton trousers!

There’s a world of possibility when it comes to casual tailoring. Experiment, and you might just find your new favorite outfit!

man wearing a tweed houndstooth jacket with corduroy pants

Well, that about concludes our deep-dive into the world of casual suits. We hope you found it informative!

There’s so much more to the deep and fascinating history of tailoring across all ends of the formality spectrum – this was really just a sneak peek!

But don’t forget, it’s the history of fashion that tells us how to best style our clothing – even in the modern day.

The post Fabric and Formality: What Makes a Suit “Casual?” appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Fabric and Formality: What Makes a Suit “Casual?”
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2024 14:57:38 +0000

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Top 10 Black Men’s Beard Styles 2024

Top 10 Black Mens Beard Styles 2024 jpg

When it comes to beard styles for black men, there are many options available that reflect cultural importance, the latest trends, and self-grooming. They are the result of the combination of both modern influences and traditional elements. 

With the passage of time, beard styles have become more creative and eye-catching.

group of bearded black men

Choosing a right style for you might be confusing though.

But rest assured, you’re in the right place. We’re here to guide you towards the perfect beard styles that not only complement your personality but also ensure you stand out in any crowd.

These styles are designed to elevate your appearance and boost confidence in your look.

Top Black Men‘s Beard Styles For 2024

1. Full Beard Style

black man wearing full beard

A full beard style is the most common and classic beard style for African-American men. The hair grows freely on the cheeks, jawline, and chin in full beard style, making dense hair coverage.

This style enhances the virile and masculine look of black men. This sleek style suits all facial shapes, particularly diamond-shaped or heart-shaped faces.

You must be patient to attain the full beard style to the desired length. A well-groomed full beard style enhances your confidence as it can be styled into various looks, from professional to untamed appearance.

2. The Five O’clock Beard

 o'clock beard style on black man

The Five O’clock beard gives black men a classy, simple, and natural look and is characterized by a 1-2 millimeters subtle appearance after several hours of shaving.

This type of beard style gives your face a shady look. It is given the name “five o’clock” so that if you shave in the morning, it will appear at 5 o’clock in the evening.

A man with a five-o’clock beard style looks attractive and young. This style requires you to let your beard hair grow freely for a few days; after that, you must trim it.

You can maintain this style easily by a regular subtle trimming on your face, generally after every three days. 

3. The Goatee Beard Style

Goatee Beard Style for black men

It is one of the most trending and elegant beard styles for black men now. It holds significant esteem, particularly in professional environments, where it’s highly regarded.

There is only a beard at the chin’s level, and it is named because it looks like hairs on a goat’s chin. To bring out the goatee, the rest of the face must be shaved, requiring a lot of attention.

It’s a traditional look popular among movie stars and has long been popular among black males. It is ideal for a face with a square jaw and short hair. The fact that these black men’s beard styles focus on the mouth sets them apart.

4. The Carved Beard

Carved Beard style for black men

Black men frequently adopt this beard style because it allows them to convey their sophisticated personalities more effectively.

This style elaborates patterns paired with a precisely sculpted contour. Perfecting the shape and contours takes dedication, artistic talent, and some barbering skills.

Use a razor or precision trimmer to shape the cheekbones, goatee, neck, and mustache. This is the perfect look for black males with thick facial hair. You must work on this look every day to keep it that way.

5. The Moustache

black guy with moustaches

The facial features of the mustache and beard involve the growth of hair on the chin and upper lip, respectively. It provides the face with a very subtle, clean appearance.

Depending on the wearer’s preference, the finish of the mustache can be either thick or thin. It’s best to shave clean and maintain a clean face to keep that air fresh.

This style draws attention to the longer hairs in the beard that stop at the mustache. You trim your mustache less frequently to give it more density to get this effect. If you have holes and uneven hairiness, this is perfect for you. It is because the mustache deflects attention, making the holes in the beard less noticeable.

6. The Circular Beard

circular beard

This form of beard for black guys are based on the concept of creating a thin and short beard strip along the beard. Beginning from the ears, it travels across the jawline and ends at the goatee. To become the focus point, the goatee can grow a little longer.

Starting from the mustache, everything will be rounded up to the chin beard, and then it will be rounded up towards the ear.

Black males who wish to maintain a sense of mystique while displaying a sense of maturity are the ideal candidates for this sophisticated style.

7. Bushy Beard

bushy beard style on black guy

The bushy beard style gives a bold and classy look that suits any black man. It involves thick beard hair with v-shaped corners and a distinct mustache. The beard can be trimmed to balance your looks because it covers up the lower portion of your face. It also gives you a strong jawline, which lengthens the appearance of your face.

This beard style provides more mature and sophisticated look. To maintain its shape, comb the brush in the direction of the hair you want to grow. 

8. The Stubble Beard

black guy with stubble beard

Another fantastic beard style for people who are just starting or who want to avoid sports with an 8-inch beard is a stubble beard.

This is one of the beard styles that creates a lovely and carefree look for black men. All it needs from you – is a few days a week to keep it in shape and manageable texture. In addition, the touch-ups must be completed while the Adam’s apple is at its tallest.

Any facial shape, whether oval, round, square, or elongated, looks good with a stubble beard.

9. The Sculpted Beard

sculpted beard style

It is a style of beard prevalent among people of younger age. The features of this beard are drawn crisply and precisely, and it is of a short length.

To achieve this kind of look, it is essential to determine the contours using a manual razor or a precision trimmer. In addition, it should be maintained daily.

This type of beard’s clean and sophisticated appearance is one reason it is so popular among women.

10. HOLLYWOODIAN Beard Style

hollywood beard style

Because Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have both been seen wearing a low cheek line appearance similar to this one, the Hollywoodian got its name from them. Although specific sources will tell you that a Hollywood beard does not link to the sideburns, we believe you should allow it to connect if you can have it do so.

When the cheek lines are lowered, it helps create a more apparent jawline. When you cut the neckline, keep it high; otherwise, you will start creeping into chinstrap territory, which is only where you want to be if you are a rapper from the early 2000s.

Not only is this style designated for performers, but anybody can use it. This is not the only time that LeBron James has been seen wearing the Hollywood chinstrap. 

Factors for Selecting the Right Beard Style:

Here are some distinct factors that you have to consider before selecting an ideal beard style for you.

Face Shape

Your facial shape is one aspect that immediately influences your decision. Though not everyone has this genetic trait, an oval face shape is the perfect canvas for a beard.

Beards that round off the edges of square faces are better for them than those that add length and angles to circles.

Less is more for longer faces.

By matching your beard style to your face shape, facial hair can enhance and balance your features.

Face Features

You should also take into account the peculiarities of your face. Beards are great tools for drawing attention to or concealing particular features:

Robust Jawline: A well-defined goatee or a trim beard can draw attention to a strong jawline.

Sharp Cheekbones: You can accentuate sharp facial features with a boxed or traditional full beard.

Beard Growth Patterns

Individuals differ in how their hair develops; some men’s beards grow even, while others may have patches. Depending on your natural growth pattern, some beard styles might not be possible, so set realistic expectations.

For instance, a goatee can suit someone with uneven growth, but a full beard requires a consistent growth pattern.

Knowing your development pattern will help you choose a style for your beard that is simple to manage and style.

Personal Style and Preference

The most important consideration when selecting a beard style is your personal preferences and style.

Would you instead look polished and modern?

Would an innovative, edgy look suit you better?

Are you willing to invest more time in grooming, or is low maintenance more your style?

When you wear a beard, it should reflect your personality and bring you joy.

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11 Casual Fashion Trends for Men: What’s Next in 2024 and Beyond?

Low Top Basketball Sneakers jpg

Are you curious about where men’s fashions are headed?

Do you believe that styles come and go?

Well, one thing is for sure: our fashion landscape is revving up for a radical transformation as we move forward in 2024.

If you are a little nostalgic and appreciate the vintage looks but would prefer some modern updates, your time has come.

This fashion-forward forecast will captivate the sartorial senses of every modern man, from low-top basketball sneakers and baggy pants to leather biker jackets and sleek trenches.

Irrespective of which aesthetic you favor, all men will don an ensemble that suits them to a tee!

The casual styles that have prevailed in 2024 will provide us with a glimpse of what’s to come. I believe it can be summed up in two words: tradition and innovation.

Read on to discover just exactly which hot items are blazing the trail for 2024 and beyond!

Low Top Basketball Sneakers

low top basketball sneakers

If you want to really step up your game in style, be sure to grab some low-top basketball sneakers. To keep that laid-back vibe going, pair them with some cool and effortless relaxed-fit pants.

No matter if you are rocking straight or wide-leg chinos, these awesome low tops will take your outfit to a whole new level.

Just one caveat, however – make sure those sneaks are composed of no greater than three colors to keep things sleek and understated. Trust me on this one.

Leather Biker Jacket

leather jacket creates cool look

Well, I must tell you, the leather biker jacket has never been hotter. Talk about being both retro-chic and fashion-forward.

Forget about the full-on Marlon Brando vibe by switching it up with some wide-leg pants, cozy hoodies, and hefty sneakers for starters.

These classic leather jackets are always in vogue and add an extra punch to any outfit. Purchase one soon to become effortlessly fashionable for today and beyond today!

Baggy Pants

baggy pants

Your slim and skinny-fit pants—not this year, gentlemen. A new fashion figure in town is stirring things up in men’s casual dressing and is prepared to grab the spotlight.

Wide-leg trousers are staging a fierce comeback. Oh, but not the ones of yesteryear—no, now we want style and comfort. It’s about time, I do believe!

This year, it’s all about pants that grab you from the knee down, allowing more room where it is needed, creating a sleek and contemporary silhouette without a heap of fabric.

Trench Coats

man in trench coat walking under the rain

Have you heard? The trench coat is back, but with some sexier upgrades!

Yes, you heard me right—long and classy, it boasts only one row of buttons without the shoulder strap in today’s fashion world. Made from hardy fabrics for strong durability, it’s a garment you don’t want to be without.

Many designers provide nuances to keep the trench coat stylish and up-to-date, such as technologically advanced materials, streamlined shapes, and minimalistic features. Their goal is to keep the trench coat new and enticing while maintaining its classic appeal.

Be sure to check out some exciting designs from Burberry, created by their talented mind, Daniel Lee.

Tank Tops

black man in white tank top

Love your T-shirt?

Well, get ready to swap it out for something even breezier and more casual. Yep—it’s the tank top, my man.

This time around, however, the neckline needs to be low and chic, transmitting that cool and edging vibe.

Over this tank, pair it with a casual blazer, breathable jacket, or a button-down shirt to complete your fashionable statement. Cool, right?

Galactic Metallics

galactic metallics clothing

Now, here’s when things really take a turn! Designers are now reaching for the stars by launching fashion into the galaxy with glittering galactic metallics.

Sparkling tops, futuristic pants, and menswear in metallic silver – on my!

This may not be your cup of tea, but who knows, it just might be the boost you have been looking for! Time to fasten your seatbelts, gentlemen, because this is a chic adventure to infinity and beyond!

Double Denim

man walking in 501 levi's jeans and denim shirt

One fabric that never gets old is denim. So, how about double denim?

If one is good, two are, well, you know. To turn heads even further, why not go for triple denim?

Unleash your inner denim chicness. Fashionistas have made it perfectly clear—fusing denim ponchos with trench coats, matching cowboy-styled shirts with rugged denim, and blending sleeveless vests with edgy ripped jeans is ‘haute couture’.

Formal Shorts

man walking in formal shorts and jacket blazer

The spring of 2024 is the time for fashion to break many rules. Get ready!

This season, modernity and relaxation are fused to the extreme. Designers are introducing formal shorts. Valentino is the fearless leader in this regard by offering a bold cobalt look that marries tailored finesse with laid-back comfort.

Your chic blazer will be handsomely paired with a matching pair of formal shorts, promising a clean and striking appearance. The sleek lines and vibrant color demand attention, while the shorter length adds a youthful vibe. A perfect balance between class and cool!

Sweater Vests

man in wool vest

I bet you remember seeing your grandpa in a good old-fashioned sweater vest at least on one occasion or more. Once upon a time, they were considered unfashionable and put in the back of the closet like a dusty old rag. I have some fashion news for you, though: they have made a comeback!

So push them to the forefront of your clothes closet, and let’s begin rocking those vests once again. But how do you embrace this trend without looking like the days of old?

Simply pair your sweater vest with a relaxed T-shirt and some trendy jeans. Now, to take things up a style notch, don a pair of striking sneakers that scream, “I’m the coolest.”

Now you have gone from fashion zero to style hero!


Who can forget the recognizable styles of the early 2000s? I hope you hung on to a garment or two from this era because, guess what?

That’s right—they are back in full force! There is a bit of a twist, incidentally. The baggy jeans and flamboyant rugby tops are in the limelight once again, but this time around, they are injecting new vitality and vigor into the fashion icon with today’s styles.

So, it is not quite the trip down memory lane you may be envisioning, but with an added Y2K charm that promises to be fabulous!

Tailoring Loosens Up

There has been a definite shift in men’s wear this year. The tight, slim-fitting styles we typically wear are no longer in style. Today, we are flashing back to the suave looks of the 1940s and 1950s. Classic and timeless have returned.

I believe most men would prefer comfort and style. Well, you are in luck because a more relaxed silhouette is all the rage starting now and hopefully will continue. After all, it’s not impossible to look both smart and at ease simultaneously.

Allow this vintage elegance to shine with a contemporary flair while enjoying the best of both worlds!

Final Thoughts

We have entered the modern world of men’s fashion. Let’s recap a few of the finer points discussed.

What’s old can become new with a few tweaks and modifications. Remember, there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Not anymore! The dynamic wardrobes of 2024 will have you feeling confident and sharp in no time.

For example, low-top basketball sneakers are back in a big way. Plus, they look really cool! Don’t forget to pair those sneaks with some baggy pants for a truly relaxed vibe.

For heaven’s sake, what about a timeless leather biker jacket? Also, a sleek trench coat will be popping up all over the runway, so be sure to grab one.

No, we are not quite done. Double denim, anyone? Don’t forget to invite your double and even triple denim outfits to today’s fashion world.

Okay, the formal shorts. I’m not kidding with this one! With its tailored finesse and laid-back comfort, it is the perfect combination. Why not give it a try? It really is a fashion statement. Play with textures and colors to achieve a look that is uniquely yours.

Who can forget about the futuristic galactic metallics? These sparkling gems are truly out of this world!

Now, here comes Y2K all over again. For a completely retro-chic look, embrace bold colors and funky patterns from the early 2000s. It really was a fun time, don’t you agree?

Here comes the most amazing part—flexibility and comfort reign supreme—no more stiff ensembles with tight stitching. Instead, say hello and welcome to easy-fitting that allows you to move and breathe.

No matter where you are going – to the office or to a summer barbeque – these 2024 trends have your back. (and front)!

If you want to keep the classics, that’s no problem. Infuse them with a few modern updates, and you will be the talk of the town.

Are you looking for a new style? Go ahead and go for it. Creativity is what it’s all about, so don’t hold back! After all, there is an aesthetic style for man, so let’s see your personality shine in 2024 and beyond!

The post 11 Casual Fashion Trends for Men: What’s Next in 2024 and Beyond? appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: 11 Casual Fashion Trends for Men: What’s Next in 2024 and Beyond?
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