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Louisiana has long been a world-famous fishing destination. From the large reservoirs in the northern part of the state to the blackwater bayous in the south, there’s a unique fishing habitat for every angler. And perhaps more than any other fish, one species stands out in all of these waters, offering anglers an exciting challenge. I’m talking about Catfish fishing in Louisiana.

In fact, Louisiana offers some of the best Catfish fishing in the entire country. And that’s due, in large part, to the mighty Mississippi River that flows along the eastern state line. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to cover everything you need to know to plan the catfishing trip of your dreams in the Pelican State.

What kind of Catfish are in Louisiana?

Louisiana is home to the big three of North American Catfish. The Blue Catfish, the Flathead Catfish, and the Channel Catfish all call these waters home. In fact, Louisiana is one of the few states where you can achieve a CatfishGrand Slam“. That means catching all three species from the same body of water.

Additionally, Louisiana is home to smaller species of Catfish such as the Brown Bullhead. These don’t grow nearly as large as the other species, but they’re a local favorite when it comes to dinner.

Blue Catfish are the largest of the bunch, growing over 100 pounds in size. They prefer large rivers with fast currents and sandy or gravel bottoms. The state record was caught in 2014 by 12-year-old Lawson Boyte. The fish topped the scales at 114 pounds and was caught near Lake Providence on the Mississippi River.

Flathead Catfish are the next largest Catfish species in Louisiana. These big-mouthed catfish prefer live bait and actively hunt (especially at night). The state record was caught in 2007, topping the scales at 95 pounds. Fish in the 30–50 lb range are not uncommon.

Channel Catfish, meanwhile are perhaps best known for their excellent food quality. Catfish farms are dotted all over Louisiana, and Channel Catfish are the most popular species in the aquaculture industry. Average Channel varieties weigh around 4–8 pounds, but fish over 10 pounds are regularly possible. The state record was caught in 1977 and weighed 30 pounds.

Where to Go Catfish Fishing in Louisiana

The mighty Mississippi River is the main waterway in the state of Louisiana, and you’re likely to catch Catfish anywhere along the river or its countless tributaries and channels. But Louisiana is also home to a few other famous rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

For those looking for a little more direction, I’ve broken down the best catfishing areas into three main sections. Read on…

Upper (North)

A view from across the water of Lake D'Arbonne in Louisiana with a tree submerged in the water on a fall day
Lake D’Arbonne

Lake Providence

An ancient oxbow of the Mississippi River, Lake Providence northeast Louisiana’s prime fishing destination. This heavily wooded lake boasts healthy populations of Channel, Blue, and Flathead Catfish, as well as excellent Bass fishing. During the winter months, Catfish on this lake will seek heavy cover. During the summer, focus on shallow flats along the lake edge (especially at night).

Upper Ouachita River

The Ouachita River flows south out of Arkansas into northeast Louisiana. This river often gets overlooked by the more famous Red and Mississippi Rivers. But it also boasts excellent Catfish populations. Flatheads are more common in the upper section, whereas you can find Blues and Channels throughout the entire watershed.

Lake D’Arbonne

If you want to load your cooler with good-eating Channel Catfish, head to Lake D’Arbonne. Known for its numbers (and not necessarily size) of Channel Cats, there are also a handful of giant Flatheads caught here each year as well.


An aerial view of the Mississippi River winding along the Louisiana border
Mississippi River

Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend is one of the largest reservoirs in the state at 185,000 acres. That means it has an enormous Catfish population. Due to the lake’s sheer size, Catfish can live here live long and grow large. Most anglers focus on Crappie and Cass fishing, which means the Catfish are relatively unpressured. After heavy rains, focus on the tailrace area below the dam.

Red River

A famous fishing destination in its own right, the Red River supports healthy populations of Blue, Channel, and Flathead Catfish. Focus on areas downstream of eddies and fast-moving water where deep holes and fallen structures accumulate. The lower the water levels, the better the fishing.

Mississippi River

The middle portion of the mighty Mississippi between St. Genevieve and Morganza is littered with oxbow lakes full of Catfish. And many of these bodies of water receive very little fishing pressure! Check out the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area, where the Mississippi, Red, and Atchafalaya Rivers all converge in a complex system of locks, canals, and swamplands.

Lower (South)

A view from the shore of Lake Maurepas after sunset
Lake Maurepas

Lake Maurepas

Located just a short drive from New Orleans, Lake Maurepas is the second-largest lake in Louisiana. But don’t worry about crowds or industry on this lake. Its shores are lined with beautiful cypress trees and plenty of stumps and hiding places for Catfish.

Atchafalaya River

The Atchafalaya River and its surrounding tributaries in southern Louisiana is a giant labyrinth of premier Catfish habitats. You’ll likely need a boat to fish this extensive waterway but, with dozens of bridges and access points, it’s possible to find your own secret honey hole. Focus on sandy bottom areas for big Blue Cats, and use live bait in the backwater feeder creeks for Flatheads.

Lake Cataouatche

Lake Cataouatche is another option just south of New Orleans. This muddy lake boasts heavy pockets of hydrilla, and the option to explore other nearby lakes with its many diversion canals. Channel Catfish and Bullhead Catfish are the primary species on this lake, but the occasional Flathead is not uncommon.

When to Go Catfish Fishing in Louisiana

A closeup of a small Catfish caught while fishing in Louisiana

You can catch Catfish year-round in Louisiana, due to its moderate climate and low elevation. However, the Catfish season really peaks from early April until late July, when water temperatures are warm and the days are long.

Be sure to keep an eye on the water levels when planning a trip. During periods of intense rain, water levels can rise quickly on Louisiana’s many lakes and rivers. High water can push fish out of the main river systems and back into the woodlands and surrounding swamps. That means you may need to change your tactics.

Conversely, if you can gain access to a dam, lock, or water control structure during periods of high rain, the fishing can be fantastic. Catfish are known to wait on the bottom of turbulent, fast-flowing water, feeding shad, shrimp, and other bait fish passing by.

Catfishing Tackle & Gear

Most Catfish fishermen in Louisiana use standard Catfish gear. I’m talking a 6–7′ medium-heavy power rod, with either a 5000 series spinning reel or open-faced casting reel with a 20–40 lb test mainline.

A closeup of two reels on fishing rods suitable for Catfish fishing in Louisiana

If you’re fishing the swift currents of Louisiana’s many rivers, you may need as much as 5 ounces of lead to keep your bait down. You’ll also need a barrel swivel to connect your mainline and leader to prevent the line from twisting.

For Channel Catfish, I recommend a 1/0–3/0 circle hook. If you’re targeting giant Blue or Flathead Catfish, size up to a 4/0–7/0 circle hook.

Louisiana also has a strong Catfish trapping tradition. For this, anglers use hoop nets and Catfish traps to load up on these tasty critters. If you’re looking to fill the cooler, Catfish traps are an efficient way to get a lot of fish quickly.

And if you’re brave enough to leave the tackle and traps at home, try your hand at noodling – literally. Locals here use their fingers to entice a bite from a prospective Catfish and wrestle them out of their dens in 3–6 feet of water.

Popular Catfishing Baits in Louisiana

Louisiana anglers are infamous for their eclectic choice of baits to catch Catfish. You can’t go wrong with standard baits like large earthworms, shrimp, cut shad, shiners, and chicken gizzards.

A bird's eye view of hooks and tackle on a table, suitable for fishing for Catfish in Louisiana

But some anglers in Louisiana turn to odd and unique baits to stand out from the crowd: Ivory soap, grapes, kool-aid soaked chicken livers, and cut mullet are all popular alternatives to entice Catfish.

Just ask any cajun fisherman and they’ll likely have a unique Catfish bait recipe that is sure to get a laugh. No matter what bait you choose, be sure it’s something that’s durable enough to stay on the hook with some type of odor or smell.

And if you’re anchoring in a boat or fishing from shore in an area without current, try chumming! Menhaden oil, dog food, and fish scraps make excellent Catfish chum. Just beware you’re likely to attract Garfish, turtles, and the occasional alligator too!

Louisiana Catfishing Rules & Regulations

An infographic including the Louisiana state flag and a vector of a boat, with text stating "Louisiana Catfish Fishing Regulations: What You Need to Know" against a blue background

A valid fishing license is required for both residents and non-residents to go catfishing in Louisiana. A resident basic fishing license is $17, plus an additional $5 hook-and-line permit. Non-residents can pick up a basic 5-day fishing license for $30. But, if you plan on fishing water classified as saltwater, you’ll need an additional $30 saltwater license.

If you’re fishing with a charter service, non-residents can pick up a 3-day $10 charter passenger license. You can learn more about Louisiana fishing licenses and permits here.

Louisiana Catfish Size & Slot Limits

The following size limits apply to state waters:*

  • Blue Catfish: 12-inch minimum length
  • Channel Catfish: 11-inch minimum length
  • Flathead Catfish: 14-inch minimum length

There is a 100-per-day aggregate, and anglers can possess up to 25 undersized Catfish of the three species combined.

*The exception to the statewide size limits applies to Toledo Bend, Caddo Lake, and the Sabine River where Blue and Channel Catfish have no minimum size limit, and a 50-per-day aggregate. Flatheads have an 18-inch minimum size length and a 10-per-day limit.

Catfishing in Louisiana: Many Faces, Many Approaches

A view of a submerged forest in Louisiana's backcountry waters on a cloudy day

When most people think of Louisiana fishing, they envision dark murky waters and swamps lined with ancient cypress and tupelo trees. And they’re not wrong!

But Louisiana also offers countless ponds, lakes, and rivers surrounded by lush farmlands, pine woodlands, and urban sprawl. Fortunately, Catfish aren’t too picky and you can find them in all of the above. So if you’re looking for a premier Catfish destination, consider Louisiana. After all, it’s possible to catch a Catfish Grand Slam in the same day!

Have you ever tried fishing for Catfish in Louisiana? Any tips and tricks, or favored locales to share with us? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Title: Catfish Fishing In Louisiana
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2023 Yamaha TW200 Review




Despite the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” it’s hard to believe that the Tuning Fork brand has been manufacturing its TW200 dual sport, with one careful, but modest set of updates for over three decades. But that’s the beauty of Yamaha’s 2023 TW200 ($4,899). A simple and affordable street-legal, dual sport motorcycle, the “Trail Way” last saw an revision for the 2001 model year, adding a disc brake and electric start.

Editor’s note: Readers asked for it, and we delivered. Find out what other new motorcycles our US community wants us to ride this year in the Top 5 Motorcycles You Want Us To Review 2023 article.

Readers asked for it, so we penned a review of Yamaha’s tried-and-true TW200 dual-sport.
Readers asked for it, so we penned a review of Yamaha’s tried-and-true TW200 dual-sport. (Adam Waheed/)

The reason why these TW200′s are cool is because of its now retro styling. It offers a handsome ‘80s vibe reminiscent of other popular rectangular headlight bikes from that era (think Suzuki’s DR-Z). What’s old always becomes new and these bikes are back in style.

Yamaha’s TW200 is not only a great learner motorcycle, it’s also a worthwhile addition to the garage for motorcyclists seeking a fun and affordable mini-bike for errands and local riding.
Yamaha’s TW200 is not only a great learner motorcycle, it’s also a worthwhile addition to the garage for motorcyclists seeking a fun and affordable mini-bike for errands and local riding. (Adam Waheed/)

A classic dual sport, the TW200 can be ridden on and off-road. Oversized Bridgestone all-terrain balloon-style tires (18-inch front, 14-inch rear) and a surprisingly peppy 196cc four-stroke SOHC two-valve engine gets it moving. An air-cooled design is nothing fancy, but it is reliable, and the engine has enough pep for freeway-legal speeds.

Instrumentation is simple but effective. It is also a reminder of the past with its swept face speedometer and rolling odometer and resettable trip meter.
Instrumentation is simple but effective. It is also a reminder of the past with its swept face speedometer and rolling odometer and resettable trip meter. (Adam Waheed/)

Getting the single fired is as simple as twisting the old-fashioned but signature Yamaha Motor mechanical key. Flip the ignition switch and let’s go for a ride. This engine features a counterbalancer but it certainly doesn’t quell all of the engine’s vibes, especially at high running speed. A five-speed manual transmission with a cable-actuated clutch puts back the power to a 14-inch rear wheel via chain final drive on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

The TW200 is an original dual-sport. It’s a simple and affordable motorcycle that can be ridden on road as well as off.
The TW200 is an original dual-sport. It’s a simple and affordable motorcycle that can be ridden on road as well as off. (Adam Waheed/)

It drinks from a 1.8-gallon fuel tank, but there is no fuel gauge, nor low fuel level light. There is a petcock valve which allows you to alternate from “on,” “off” for transport, and “reserve” fueling. This is a remnant feature of the mechanical carburetor. We’ve averaged around 60 mpg during the course of our stop-and-go ride through the city. If you’re a cruiser, and can keep the speeds lower, Yamaha says you can get upwards of 70 mpg.

In spite of its $5,000 price tag, the TW200 features quality paint and above average build.
In spite of its $5,000 price tag, the TW200 features quality paint and above average build. (Adam Waheed/)

You’d be surprised how much pep this little thumper is. This 13-some horsepower engine feels more powerful than some 250cc liquid-cooled engines we’ve ridden. It’s surprising how much torque the engine offers. Ten pound-feet isn’t much but it’s capable

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By: Adam Waheed
Title: 2023 Yamaha TW200 Review
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Published Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 17:33:24 +0000

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LISTEN: Dom Dolla Drops Sizzling New Single with Nelly Furtado



Dom Dolla

After teasing their heavyweight collaboration last week, Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado have released their steamy new club anthem, “Eat Your Man.”

Featuring groovy-thick basslines, addictive synths, and seductive vocals, “Eat Your Man” is made for hot nights on the dance floor at your nearest club or during your latest festival experience. The perfect anthem for letting it all go on the dance floor, “Eat Your Man,” merges the best of Dom Dolla’s next-level production as Nelly Furtado’s fiery vocals take center stage and seduce the audience into the ultimate groove. Stream below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dom Dolla – Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado) | Stream


▲ ▲ Read More About Dom Dolla Here ▲ ▲ 

[Photo Credit]

Read more from Peach. Follow her on Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

‘LISTEN: Dom Dolla Drops Sizzling New Single with Nelly Furtado

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By: Peach Gallagher
Title: LISTEN: Dom Dolla Drops Sizzling New Single with Nelly Furtado
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 16:38:23 +0000

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The Download: China’s retro AI photos, and experts’ AI fears




This is today’s edition of The Download our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology.

Chinese creators use Midjourney’s AI to generate retro urban “photography”

Across social media, a number of creators are generating nostalgic photographs of China with the help of AI. Even though these images get some details wrong, they are realistic enough to trick and impress many of their followers.

The pictures look sophisticated in terms of definition, sharpness, saturation, and color tone. Their realism is partly down to a recent major update of image-making artificial-intelligence program Midjourney that was released in mid-March, which is better not only at generating human hands but also at simulating various photography styles.

It’s still relatively easy, even for untrained eyes, to tell that the photos are generated by an AI. But for some creators, their experiments are more about trying to recall a specific era in time than trying to trick their audience. Read the full story.

—Zeyi Yang

Zeyi’s story is from China Report, his weekly newsletter giving you the inside track on tech in China. Sign up to receive it in your inbox every Tuesday.

Read more of our reporting on AI-generated images:

+ These new tools let you see for yourself how biased AI image models are. Bias and stereotyping are still huge problems for systems like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, despite companies’ attempts to fix it. Read the full story.

+ AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images. The finding could strengthen artists’ claims that AI companies are infringing their rights. Read the full story.

+ This artist is dominating AI-generated art. And he’s not happy about it. Greg Rutkowski is a more popular prompt than Picasso. Read the full story.

The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 AI experts want to pause the development of powerful systems
They worry about the “profound” risks that could accompany models like GPT-4. (The Verge)
How OpenAI tested GPT-4’s responses to dangerous queries. (Insider $)
It’s a bad time for Big Tech to cull its AI ethics teams. (FT $)
There’s still a lot of unanswered questions about how AI is trained. (New Yorker $)
AI prompt engineer is looking to be a very lucrative career path. (Bloomberg $)
Generative AI is changing everything. But what’s left when the hype is gone? (MIT Technology Review)

2 US police have run almost one million Clearview AI searches 
The controversial facial recognition firm has been fined extensively for privacy breaches. (BBC)
The walls are closing in on Clearview AI. (MIT Technology Review)

3 How North Korea is laundering stolen crypto
The process conceals the pilfered coins while unearthing new, untainted ones. (Wired $)
Crypto venture capitalists are going back to basics. (The Information $)
Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly tried to bribe Chinese officials. (CNN)

4 How urban planning became embroiled in a conspiracy theory quagmire
Scientist Carlos Moreno has received death threats for climate-friendly city proposals. (NYT $)
How to talk to conspiracy theorists. (MIT Technology Review)

5 Twitter is getting closer to finding out who leaked its code
A court has granted it permission to subpoena GitHub to share its leaker data. (Bloomberg $)+ Bafflingly, Twitter has stopped showing who users are replying to. (The Verge)
The company has reversed its recent For You page changes, though. (Insider $)
Certain celebrity accounts receive special treatment. (Platformer $)

6 Amazon is warning customers about frequently returned items
In theory, it should help to counter fake reviews that boost dodgy products. (The Information $)

7 Makeshift delivery bikes are polluting Latin America
Their powerful engines benefit delivery riders, but are a pain for everyone else. (Rest of World)

8 It’s incredibly tough to render water in video games
But modern graphics processing units are rising to the challenge. (WP $)

9 We’re strangely obsessed with merch belonging to collapsed tech firms
There’s a burgeoning market on eBay to prove it. (The Guardian)

10 The next wave of TikTok stars are behind the camera
Not everyone can be an influencer, but editors and producers are in high demand. (WSJ $)
TikTok’s CEO is becoming a star in his own right. (NYT $)

Quote of the day

“What the heck happened? The supposedly bright

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By: Rhiannon Williams
Title: The Download: China’s retro AI photos, and experts’ AI fears
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 12:10:00 +0000

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