Massano launches his label Simulate along with his newest release – “The Theory EP”! 

Embarking on the philosophy of Simulate, Massano’s ‘The Theory’ EP articulates the genesis of his nascent imprint. He orchestrates a sonic odyssey that defies boundaries, ensnaring audiences in an avant-garde exploration. The triad of tracks navigates the listener through visceral emotions, celestial harmonics, and hypnotic cadences, crafting an immersive digital voyage into Massano’s creative cosmos.

Here, Massano himself provides insights on ‘The Theory’ EP:

“To showcase the ideas behind Simulate, I wanted to kick things off with an EP from myself to really cement what the sound, look and feel of the label will be. These tracks are about using digital and futuristic sounds to create aggressive yet energetic and emotional moments that can be enjoyed both on the dancefloor and at home. Alone is the first track of the EP, a captivating collaboration with the hugely talented Braev – this track is one that really showcases what Simulate is all about, to me this track shows human creativity fighting with digital innovation. The Blaze is next up, a much-requested track that I have been playing in my sets for some time now, and it never fails to get people moving. I love how raw this track is and it further emphasizes the digital feel of the label. Paranoia closes out The Theory EP, it’s a simple yet effective track that plays off the idea of having lots of different sounds, both analog and digital, playing the same rhythm which creates interesting calls and responses throughout.”


Originating from Liverpool, the ascending luminary, Massano, is celebrated for his ferocious sonic architecture, mesmeric rhythms, and melodic nuances. Lauded by titans like Tale of Us, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta, and backed by illustrious labels like Afterlife, he has etched his name in the techno cosmos and beyond. His DJ virtuosity, evident in spectacular performances at global events including The 2022 FIFA World Cup and Wembley Arena, matches his prodigious production talent.

In 2023, Massano inaugurated Simulate, a venture dissecting life as a simulation, melding music, technology, and philosophical musings. Besides showcasing Massano’s works, Simulate fosters nascent talents aiming to reshape the electronic music landscape. In tribute to Simulate’s unveiling, Massano is set to electrify renowned summer festivals such as Kappa Futur Festival, Tomorrowland, Brooklyn Mirage, and more!

“I always like to associate the elements in music I listen to with physical beings or ideas. My idea for Simulate is exactly the visions this music provokes – it’s about accompanying digital ideology and theories with visions for the future. Through this label, I’m aiming to provide new experiences and push others to embrace the possibility that life could be a simulation whilst imagining how a future world controlled by technology could be. I’m beyond excited to share this vision through music and visuals whilst building a unique family of artists whose music aligns with my ideas for the label. I’m humbled to finally share these ideas with a community of listeners, and it’s my goal to bring people together to build something truly special that lasts a lifetime and beyond!,”


This EP reinforces Massano’s prowess in harmoniously melding emotional profundity and elaborate rhythmic patterns. Each musical piece stands as a testament to his artistic tableau, ushering listeners into a transformative excursion that encapsulates the quintessence of Simulate.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Massano live this summer – find the complete tour itinerary below!



“The Blaze”



June 30 – Kappa Futur Festival: Turin, Italy

July 1 – Pier Head: Liverpool, UK

July 4 – Cavo Paradiso: Mykonos, Greece

July 6 – Afterlife x HI: Ibiza, Spain

July 7 – La Clairiere: Paris, France

July 8 – Ultra Europe: Split, Croatia

July 14 – Ruby360 Club: Baku, Azerbaijan

July 15 – Sea You Festival: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

July 21 – Sunrise Festival: Kołobrzeg, Poland

July 22 – Mondo: Madrid, Spain

July 23 – Le Carpe Diem: Tunis, Tunisia

July 25 – Momento: Marbella, Spain

July 28 – Sommer Klein: Cesme, Turkey

July 29 – Galia: Bodrum, Turkey

July 30 – Tomorrowland: Boom, Belgium

August 3 – Afterlife x HI: Ibiza, Spain
August 4 – Spybar: Chicago, IL

August 5 – Zamna x Brooklyn Mirage: Brooklyn, NY

August 11 – Amfitheatre: Rhodes, Greece

August 12 – Sonnemondsterne Festival: Salzburg, Germany

August 13 – Sziget Festival: Budapest, Hungry

August 14 – Loco: Corfu, Greece

August 15 – Far Out Beach Club: Ios, Greece

August 18 – Bolivar Beach Club: Athens, Greece

August 19 – Secret Island: Zurich, Switzerland

August 20 – Chinois: Ibiza, Spain

August 26 – Delta Festival: Marseille, France

August 27 – Creamfields: Daresbury, UK












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Title: Massano launches his label Simulate along with his newest release – “The Theory EP”! 
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