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From Moon Ga Young’s daring elegance to ITZY’s modern chic and Jang Won-young’s ravishing red, discover MEGA’s Best Dressed List from the 2023 Asia Artist Awards.

At the Asia Artist Awards (AAA), the red carpet wasn’t just a walk, but a stylish parade of fashion choices. Celebrities brought their A-game, flaunting everything from chic suits to elegant gowns. Some K-Pop stars donned outfits that could rival a sci-fi premiere, others wore uniforms as if preparing for a music video, while the rest opted for old glamour classic. These idols strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

Moon Ga Young

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards MOON GA YOUNG

Moon Ga Young commands attention in a daring black dress that flaunts her sculpted figure. The corset treatment beneath the sheer fabric marries sophistication with allurement. Her flowing, dark locks cascade over her shoulder, serving as a complementary feature that vies for attention alongside her necklace.


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards ITZY

ITZY graces the event in coordinated black ensembles, radiating a modern sensibility that draws attention. The incorporation of glitter and soft textures adds a dynamic flair to their looks, while velour introduces a hint of opulence. Their gleaming locks shine out, lending a touch of glamour to their whole appearance. ITZY’s fashion choices reflect a bold and contemporary style, making a memorable impression that catches the eye with individuality and confidence.

Cha Joo Young

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards CHA JOO YOUNG

Cha Joo Young elegantly dons a cream silk gown, its fabric as smooth as milk. The dress, with its luxurious texture, captures a refined simplicity that transcends eras. The creamy hue adds a touch of sophistication to her ensemble, showcasing how traditional elements can still captivate amidst contemporary aesthetics.


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards DREAMCATCHER

Dreamcatcher oscillates between serious and whimsical looks, ranging from contemporary suits to charming milkmaid outfits. The diversity extends beyond their attire to include a spectrum of hairstyles—defined, flowing, textured, and sleek. Each ensemble stands as a distinctive voice, but when viewed collectively, they form a composition that underlines the group’s adeptness at balancing individuality and unity in their choices.

Lee Eun-saem

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards LEE EUN SAEM

Lee Eun-saem emerges like the night sky, adorned with a backless gown that mirrors the celestial expanse, twinkling stars enveloping her through space. Her attire is nothing short of majestic, a piece that distinctly sets her apart from the crowd. It’s impossible to overlook her radiant presence when she shines as brightly as the stars above.

Le Sserafim

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards LE SSERAFIRM

Le Sserafim’s outfits serve as a stylish lesson in youthfulness. The gray ensembles paired with Mary Janes and socks are far from being dull. It embraces trendy silhouettes that add a dynamic touch. This group proves that class is in session for style.

Jang Won-young

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards JANG WON-YOUNG 

Jang Won-young is ravishing in red, perfectly complemented by her sleek black hair and fair skin, adding a touch of luxury to the overall aesthetic. The timeless combination of black, white, and red proves to be a winning formula, creating a visually striking ensemble. As the sole lady hosting the awards ceremony, Jang Won-young effortlessly takes the spotlight


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards KEPLER

Navigating the search for the perfect look in a grand award ceremony is challenging, but imagine doing it as a 9-girl group. Kepler, however, effortlessly makes it seem like a walk in the park. Dressed in classic black-and-white ensembles, the group exudes chic sophistication, proving that coordinating a cohesive and stylish appearance can be seamlessly achieved even with the complexity of a large group.

The 2023 Asian Artist Awards featured standout looks—from Moon Ga Young’s bold elegance to ITZY’s modern chic, Cha Joo Young’s timeless sophistication, Dreamcatcher’s versatile style, Lee Eun Saem’s celestial allure, Le Sserafim’s youthful lesson, Jang Won-young’s red number, and Kepler’s coordinated charm—that have etched a lasting impression. Each personality and group shows their respective diverse and confident style. As the ceremony ends, the impact of their looks lingers, proof of the fashionable statements made on the red carpet.


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By: Sean Castelo III
Title: MEGA’s Best Dressed List at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards
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Published Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2023 13:18:44 +0000

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Back to Black – The Classic Lingerie Style Men Can’t Stop Buying this Valentine’s

Ever wondered what colour and style of lingerie your male partner actually finds the sexiest? Well lingerie experts Boux Avenue has done the hard work for you, looking over the data of their male customer to predict what your partner will be buying you this Valentine’s Day.

Where in the UK are men happiest shopping for lingerie? The top 5 cities with the most male customers at Boux Avenue are Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool. It looks like the lucky ladies in the North are more likely to be treated to a sexy lingerie set or nightwear from their partner. Yes, there really is a north/south divide!

So what exactly is he going to be buying you this Valentine’s Day? A 3-piece lingerie set is favoured over a bodysuit by male shoppers, with 65% buying a suspender set.

Now we know you are more likely to be receiving either a classic 2 piece or a striking 3 piece lingerie set, so let’s delve into the details. When it comes to bra styles it’s an even 50/50 split between a balconette and a plunge style. However when it comes to knicker styles the male consumer buys more sexy little thongs, than full coverage briefs – 69% to be exact.

It’s the season of love afterall, so you may be expecting a romantic red, or feminine pink lingerie set from your partner. Think again! A staggering 44% of Boux Male customers actually buy into the classic and timeless black shade. The great news is with this choice you can wear it endlessly, not just for Valentine’s. The second favourite colour is actually white (maybe he has a proposal on the way),with red coming in a very close third.
Boux Avenue - Yonina Balconette Set
Boux Avenue – Yonina Balconette Set

When it comes to sexy nightwear styles, indulge in luxurious chemises, liquid satin cami sets and floaty babydolls. Wondering which of these is the favourite style with the male market? With an impressive 45% it seems the classic chemise is seen as the sexiest nightwear style.

There you have it!! This Valentine’s day expect to receive either a black matching lingerie set or a black chemise from your partner. Let’s face it, he can never go wrong with buying a classic, timeless little black number. No wonder why Boux Avenue sells a black lingerie piece every 2 minutes.

Lj 9OfqzU6IBBgbsPtw y3PZnP9bTChpIC9DzSjhvCR6c 4mnhnmEvgSfVcpORJN7h F0hRgroGrAJ7Tm9aG CHrtYmh

You can discover Boux Avenue’s latest Valentine’s collection in all of their 27 stores or online at Meanwhile, take a look at our pick of favourite black pieces for you to explore online.

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Title: Back to Black – The Classic Lingerie Style Men Can’t Stop Buying this Valentine’s
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2024 16:20:40 +0000

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Tell a story with BAEKKE’s colour coded cuffs

Baekke bracelets and pendant kimono zoom 2 1024x1024 1 jpg

BAEKKE, the Danish sustainable jewellery brand featured in Drapers and now available on Wolf & Badger, makes the perfect gift for men for Valentine’s Day. With a focus on coded jewellery inspired by the recent ‘Pear’ dating ring trend, BAEKKE offers a fresh approach, allowing wearers to tell their own authentic love story.

Baekke bracelets and pendant kimono zoom 2 1024x1024 2 jpg

BAEKKE jewellery isn’t just an accessory; it’s about self-expression. The interchangeable beads allow wearers to create customised pieces that match their outfit, reflect their mood, style, and even convey subtle coded messages. From the vibrancy of pink to the boldness of blue, wearers can even curate a bracelet that resonates with their identity or preferences.

True to its commitment to sustainability, BAEKKE follows a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ philosophy, ensuring that each piece is designed for easy recycling and reuse. The brand advocates mindful consumption, encouraging customers to embrace quality, versatility and environmental responsibility.

Baekke bracelets and pendants Montana Square zoom 2 1024x1024 1 jpg

BAEKKE’s approach counters the impact of single-use plastics by encouraging prolonged use of its jewellery. The brand acknowledges that plastic, when managed responsibly, is a valuable resource for sustainability. The smart design ensures effective material separation for recycling, making it a conscientious choice.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, BAEKKE invites men (or those of any gender – the jewellery is unisex and comes in a range of sizes) to celebrate love in a unique way. These bracelets make for the perfect gift, transcending traditional norms. Whether expressing self-love or sharing a meaningful token with a loved one, BAEKKE’s bracelets offer a versatile and inclusive way to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

With innovation, self-expression and environmental awareness at its core, BAEKKE resonates with a community of conscious consumers looking for authenticity and purpose in their gift choices. Discover the BAEKKE experience on Wolf & Badger, and explore the full collection at

The post Tell a story with BAEKKE’s colour coded cuffs first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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Title: Tell a story with BAEKKE’s colour coded cuffs
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2024 15:49:39 +0000

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Is Taylor Swift’s New Album About the Pains and Pleasures of Love? Here’s Our Predictions

Taylor Swift just announced her upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department. Here are a few easter eggs that you shouldn’t miss.

Fellow Swifties unite once again because Taylor Swift is releasing a new album titled The Tortured Poets Department. The singer made it official announcement during her acceptance speech for the 66th Grammy Awards. With Swift being known to leave hints about her songs through cryptic notes and the way she dresses, fans are already having their own speculations of how the album will go including the team at MEGAStyle. Below our own deductions and predictions, and with that being said, are you ready for it?

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taylor swift new album

What we know so far

This is not much of a prediction because there are a few details that are already confirmed by the artist and other sources. Yes, it will be released on April 19 and the album was created in a span of almost two years. When it comes to the tracks, it has been confirmed that it has 16 tracks and a bonus one titled The Manuscript, alongside a suprising collaboration with rapper Post Malone.

taylor swift the tortured poets department

Everything is planted if it’s Taylor Swift

The announcement of the 14-Grammy-award winner shocked all of us, as Swifties and even casual audiences had been anticipating the announcement of Reputation (Taylor’s Version). Her black and white look for the awards night, which could be described as a polished and refined aesthetic of the 2016 album, was actually a tip-off to her new cover art, which is in a soft grayscale. The watch choker she wore was also also a reference to the “tick, tick, tick” line in her lyrics spoiler. The Tortured Poets Department will be the singer’s third album in this color scheme, and knowing Ms. Swift, this could mean something. Is this a sign that it would also sound similar to folklore and evermore that had its indie-folk moment?

taylor swift grammys

As for the April 19 release date, history can speak for Taylor’s chosen date. In 1775, the American revolted against the British, eventually defeating them at the American Revolutionary War. The singer-songwriter used to inject American and British references to her songs about the actor, not to mention her own track called “The Great War.” Coincidence? We think it’s too clever to be one.

the tortured poets department

Soft seduction

Apart from the songs, another way to heal from a break up is by getting a whole new look, and it’s something that we do ourselves. Taylor has indulged in this kind of behaviour over the years, so perhaps we’re getting another one with this album. It’s a completely different vibe from her last album release Midnights, since the teaser photo gave us a sultry yet academia-like aesthetic. And we’re going to mention it again, her Grammy look is a hint for the upcoming concept she’ll be having for the album. You can take that as it is but at this point, we’re not taking anything lightly if it’s from Ms. Swift.

eras tour concert

An academic course on her life and lessons

Intention is part of Taylor’s vocabulary, and her timing is just right with courses on her and body work have been launched. From the bonus track “The Manuscript” and the quill design on the merch, to the marker she referred to as the Department Bookmark, the academia theme sparks the interest of many. And if this is indeed about her previous relationship, this is perhaps her way of relearning heartbreak and loss, and understanding love again.

folklore album

Since we’re in the subject of poetry, the essence of decoding Taylor’s signs and symbols can reach its current peak with this album. Knowing her artistic lyricism, should we expect more imagery and symbolism in the lines? One thing’s for sure—we can’t wait to read between them!

Photos: TAYLOR SWIFT and SCHIAPARELLI (via Instagram)

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By: The MEGA Team
Title: Is Taylor Swift’s New Album About the Pains and Pleasures of Love? Here’s Our Predictions
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Published Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2024 02:14:09 +0000

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