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A whole decade has come and gone, so where does your wardrobe stand? Have you entered the new year a man who looks like he can get sh*t done, or are you still wearing your high school hoodies?

If you’re still struggling with style, don’t worry. There is yet time to revolutionize your closet. That’s the topic of today’s article – I’m going over clothing essentials that every man needs to look into buying this year.

Buckle up, gentlemen – let’s talk about those clothing essentials.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: Shoes

When building an outfit from the ground up, it only makes sense to start with shoes. As the literal foundation of your wardrobe, these clothing essentials can make or break an outfit from the get-go. Let’s go through a few categories and discuss how you can bring them in.

1. Sneakers

I get it – you’re just getting started. You’ve only ever owned sneakers and you think the brogues are a bit much this early on. If you’re that kind of guy, then where better to start than upgrading what you already have?

Avoid running shoes at all costs (unless you’re going to the gym). Instead, opt for a pair of canvas sneakers.

black dress sneakers
Leather sneakers are a good choice for men just getting started with style.

White is classic, but so is blue! Especially if you want the shoes to flow along with your jeans. Not a fan of canvas? There are plenty of leather sneakers out there in a plethora of colors and styles. The toughest part is zeroing in on what resonates with you.

2. Dress Boots

What’s not to love about a great pair of dress boots? First off we have the heel. Boot heels are usually higher, making the man wearing them look taller – and more confident – in turn.

A personal favorite of mine? Chelsea boots. They’ve been around for centuries – first as cavalry boots, and then as the staple of rockstars. You can dress them up and dress them down with ease.

black chelsea boots
Dress boots such as the Chelsea offer a measure of rugged elegance to a man’s look.

Another staple of men’s boots are the Chukkas. These bear a military heritage dating back to World War II, and thus they are more rugged. Nevertheless, you can still rock them with chinos and a sports jacket. It’s no surprise why dress boots are considered to be clothing essentials.

3. Casual Dress Shoes

Is it too hot to wear boots? No worries, because there are loads of other casual shoes to suit your tastes. Penny loafers are great for this. They’re lightweight, they’re timeless, and they slip on and off – perfect with no show socks and a summer wardrobe.

oxford brogue shoe infographic
There are different designs for brogues. The more holes there are, the more casual it is. Click here to learn more about Oxfords and brogues.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the classic brogue. This look is about as timeless as it gets. You can even choose from various styles ranging from quarter-brogues to full brogues depending on your own aesthetic. You can easily pair these with a casual suit, or dress them down.

4. Formal Dress Shoes

Here we have it – the classic black Oxford shoe. This is THE shoe you want to have if you wear suits often, if you work in the corporate sphere, or if you attend many formal events. If you want to push the bar a bit, you can opt for a cap toe, but don’t venture far beyond that. Remember, the point is to keep it formal.

oxford derby shoe infographic
Know the difference between Oxford shoes and Derby’s. Oxfords have a closed lacing system, making them sleeker and thus more formal than the Derby.

Do you know what else I love? Wholecuts. These shoes are made with a single piece of high-quality leather. While it makes them more expensive, it also ensures their quality and they can easily function as formal shoes – shoes that make you stand out from the crowd.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: Accessories

When it comes to clothing essentials, accessories comprise the small but critical details in a wardrobe that make it stand out. Without them, you’ll be as plain as bread – and who wants that?

1. Glasses

Most guys don’t consider this, but the right glasses can take your look to new heights. If you research your face shape, you can find some frames that work in conjunction with your head and really make for a cohesive appearance.

glasses usa
Click here to check out and take advantage of their winter wonder sale.

On top of that, glasses convey intellect. Even if you wear contacts, consider slapping on those glasses when you want to show the world you know your sh*t. If you’re giving a big presentation, I advise you to consider this. Don’t forget to experiment with a wide range of colors and patterns on your frames.

2. Neckties

Is anyone surprised that I decided to incorporate neckties in here? You shouldn’t be. Men’s ties are a staple of the professional wardrobe. If you don’t own one yet, what are you waiting for?

tie clip men
Don’t hesitate to explore bolder patterns if you have the classics down already.

Say you already own a few solid-colored classics. Why not embrace some patterns and textures? A knit tie would work exceptionally well in casual settings while still lending an elegant edge. If you love your classic silk ties, then try some small repeating patterns. A red tie with accents of blue can match with ANY navy suit or sports jacket in your closet.

3. Headwear

The Flat Cap and Newsboy are not going out of style anytime soon. While Thomas Shelby and The Peaky Blinders certainly may have a hand in their renewed popularity, they’ve also been around for hundreds of years. With humble beginnings as a working man’s hat, it’s perfect if you’re looking to transition away from baseball caps and snapbacks. Trust me, it’ll work in the same contexts.

man wearing flat cap
If you need style inspiration for rocking the Newsboy, look no further than the Peaky Blinders. Click here to learn how to find your style icon.

If you’re in South Florida, Texas, or the Philippines, then a woolen Newsboy may not appeal to you. Your best bet might actually be a classic Panama hat. Not only will it air out, but it’ll protect your lovely head from the sun.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: Trousers

You don’t want to run around in your underwear, right? You certainly don’t want to default to the dreaded cargo shorts either. Here are a few trouser types which I consider to be clothing essentials for men.

1. Dark Denim

What’s great about a well-fitted pair of jeans is that they can really slim up your profile. You don’t necessarily need a navy pair, though that is the most common. Whatever you do, just make sure the colors are dark and bold. That way, they’ll blend with a simple t-shirt or a sports jacket.

jeans mens summer style mistakes
Jeans that fit well should be a foundation piece of any man’s closet.

2. Performance Pants

These have surprisingly become more popular in recent years, and I’m happy to bring them in as clothing essentials.

Performance trousers are as versatile as they are comfortable.

They are my go-to pants for the summer and are great for those of you in hotter climates looking to upgrade. You can wear them with a sports jacket of course, but you can also dress them down a bit.

3. Flannel Trousers

No, not wool flannel… but cotton flannel. This style is far more lightweight and it’s even less expensive than full-on wool. The napped surface adds a bit of texture, which can liven up the outfit.

Use flannel to add a bit of texture to your outfit without raising any eyebrows.

When it comes to flannel trousers, gray is going to be infinitely adaptable, but don’t be afraid to try out some browns and tans as well.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: What To Wear On Top

From T-shirts to suits, I’m bringing you clothing essentials to make sure you bring your a-game.

1. T-Shirts

The key with plain t-shirts is fit. Unfortunately, no amount of tailoring can help you if you don’t have the body to look good in one of these. However, if you’re slim with a bit of muscle, then go for it! Personally I would opt for a v-neck t-shirt. Why? Because they draw attention to the upper part of the chest.

plain t shirt white
Integrating solid t-shirts can be a subtle tactic to improve your style. Click here to learn about other seamless style secrets.

White is classic of course, but there’s always gray, navy, black, etc.

2. The Henley

Henley’s work on a similar level to T-shirts. However, they do accentuate a bit of effort being put into the outfit. The buttons also bring in a bit of a dressier aesthetic.

The Henley may be casual, but it also shows you put thought into your look.

I recommend long-sleeved henleys for all men. Whether you’re slim or a little bigger around the waist, long sleeves work to bring out your forearms and thus introduce some masculinity to the ensemble.

3. Classic Polos

Polos date back to the late 1800s, when British colonial officers took a liking to the Indian sport of the same name. They’re great by themselves, but they can also be paired with a sports jacket for a classy and unique look.

young mens style polo
A polo paired with a sports jacket epitomizes the country club look.

That being said, please avoid cheap polos. It might sound obvious as to why – they break and fade easily. Look for manufacturers that make them in bold, vibrant colors and that ensure quality in their products. It’s worth paying a little more for longevity.

4. White Dress Shirt

As a core feature in the interchangeable wardrobe, the white dress shirt can go with virtually any outfit imaginable. You can pair them with jeans, with slacks, with any sports jacket and any suit. Even if you mastered the classic dress shirt, there’s a lot you can do to improve.

Experiment with a shirt bearing a contrasting collar to bring a bit of accenting in. Another thing to try changing up is the weave – Oxford shirts, for instance, are formal but add a bit of rugged texture. Instead of a pointed collar, try a spread!

white dress shirt
Need to learn how to wear the classics? Click here to learn a few tricks for rocking a dress shirt.

Tired of those boring old barrel cuffs? Your next purchase might include French Cuffs that overextend and fold back on each other, requiring cuff links to keep them in place. Most guys think their place is the Galla and nothing more, but they’re wrong. You can easily integrate French Cuffs with casual looks, adding flair in the process.

5. Striped Dress Shirts

The stripe is timeless and hard to beat. It’s also extremely easy to mix and match with various outfits. They come in a wide range of colors, but for starters, try a blue/white combo. This can include blue on white or vice versa. Have at it, gentlemen.

dress shirt rack
You will never have to worry about variety when it comes to striped shirts.

6. Casual Button Downs

The obvious material to start with here is flannel, which exploded into fashion during the 90s. While great for the cold, they require a proper fit to nail the look.

dress shirt
Button downs are exceptional tools for showing that you give a damn without going overboard.

Another option is denim – yes, you can find denim shirts in a plethora of densities. More extreme examples come with a snapping button and a more rugged weave. It’s not my style, but if you love the western aesthetic, then go for it.

7. The Hoodie

This one’s a bit overworn by guys, but I still think it can be pulled off in the most casual of settings. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing a hoodie every day – it happens for too many men out there.

8. V-Neck Sweater

This is an undisputed classic and its versatility is unrivaled. You can easily throw v-neck sweater over ANY shirt – be it a t-shirt or a dress shirt. In addition, it looks fantastic beneath a sports jacket for an added air of sophistication. Wear this combo in conjunction with glasses for a scholarly look.

navy cashmere sweater
Perfect by itself or over a dress shirt. The v-neck sweater just can’t be beaten.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: Jackets

You knew this was coming – what is a list of clothing essentials without the right jackets? No mans closet is complete without at least a few of these…

1. Jean Jackets

These are actually lightweight and great for the summer – don’t let the denim look put you off. Consider this if you want something sleek and casual all in one.

jean jacket
Never underestimate the power of a simple jean jacket.

2. Fatigue Jackets

With a military heritage, this is perfect for those of you looking to cultivate a rebel’s wardrobe. One thing to note are the double pockets over the chest which work to build up a man’s chest. This is great if you’re skinny or if you are looking to draw eyes away from your belly.

3. Leather

The sheer power and sex appeal exuded in a quality leather jacket can never be overstated. This is something you want to spend time investigating – we’re talking about what style fits you best, what color, what size, etc. It’s even worth dishing out a few extra bucks to make sure you have nothing less than quality.

man wearing leather jacket and boots on motorcycle
It’s no secret why leather jackets are hailed as universally badass.

Believe me, it’s worth it. As far as clothing essentials go, you don’t want to miss out on this.

4. Essential Sports Jackets

A Sports Jacket is made in the style of a suit jacket but is standalone. It can be paired with any number of combinations depending on your color choices. A blue wool jacket is a great place to start for maximum utility. However, you can always move into bolder territory with patterns and colors of all types.

sports jacket
The right sports jacket is useful with any combination of trousers and dress shirts.

With sports jackets, there’s really no end in sight. As long as you know your fit, you can be as radical or safe as you want to be.

5. The Suit

Come on, were you surprised? A suit is absolutely necessary for EVERY man’s closet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a uniformed man. You need this for the major events in your life – I’m talking about weddings, graduations, and that inevitable job interview.

custom suit fit
Let’s put you on the right track – click here to learn about the essential rules of buying a new suit.

Though we can’t drive home the nuances of purchasing a suit in this article, I have plenty of content dedicated to the topic. You’re in good hands, gentlemen.

Men’s Clothing Essentials: Summary

  1. Sneakers
  2. Dress Boots
  3. Casual Dress Shoes
  4. Formal Dress Shoes
  5. Glasses
  6. Neckties
  7. Headwear
  8. Dark Denim
  9. Performance Pants
  10. Flannel Trousers
  11. T-shirts
  12. Henleys
  13. Classic Polos
  14. White Dress Shirts
  15. Striped Dress Shirts
  16. Casual Button Downs
  17. The Hoodie
  18. V-Neck Sweaters
  19. Jean Jackets
  20. Fatigue Jackets
  21. Leather
  22. Essential Sports Jackets
  23. The Suit

If you want to hit the new decade with a bang or you’re just beginning your style journey, then you need to reinvent your wardrobe. Already a veteran of good looks? Then expand, expand, and expand. Good luck out there, gents.

The post Men’s Clothing ESSENTIALS Trending This Year appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Men’s Clothing ESSENTIALS Trending This Year
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 11:27:02 +0000

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Ultimate Seiko Watch Buying Guide



Ultimate Seiko Watch Buying Guide

When most men think of buying a reliable, high-quality wristwatch, brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet stand out. But what also stands out is the price tag of those brands. Ouch. But what about buying a Seiko watch?

Not every man has the budget for luxury, Swiss timepieces. With a Seiko watch, you can get a durable, high-quality timepiece starting around $100.

Seiko has been around for 142 years, and to this day, they are one of the world’s top watch manufacturers. With a wide selection of timepieces ranging from affordable options to high-end luxury offerings, they have cemented themselves for their durable and high-quality timepieces.

seiko watch odel on metal bracelet

But why buy a Seiko watch over any other brand? What does Seiko do differently? Which is the best Seiko watch to purchase in 2023?

In today’s article I’m going to cover:

  • Why You Should Buy A Seiko Watch
  • A Brief History Of Seiko
  • What Makes Seiko Watches Special?
  • Top Seiko Watches I Recommend
  • When And Where To Buy A Seiko Watch

Why You Should Buy A Seiko Watch

Seiko Watches offer a lot of benefits that other watch manufacturers can’t match. But why should buy one? Here are a few reasons why you should buy a Seiko watch.

seiko watch on man's wrist

The Brand

When it comes to Japanese watchmakers, there are really only 2 that come to mind for most men – Seiko and Casio.

While Casio is a great company and you can find plenty of classic Casio watches to choose from, they tend to offer more rugged and digital options than Seiko.

The key selling point of the Seiko brand is that regardless of which model you choose, you are always getting a top-notch watch from a company with great heritage.

The Value

seiko movement

Seiko has plenty of offerings that start around $100 – sometimes less depending on where you shop. But even on their high-end offerings, you are still getting an incredible value.

Often times, luxury brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe are only available directly from the manufacturer, if you decide to buy new that is. This means you could end up paying a massive mark-up on your watch.

Seiko is available almost everywhere you can buy a watch. With the digital landscape of 2023, you can easily head to a major online retailer and buy almost any Seiko watch you’d like.

The Design

2 seiko watch models

Just because Seiko has affordable watch options, does not mean that you’re getting a poorly designed timepiece.

Unlike other watch companies whose claim-to-fame is only producing clones of famous designs – think Invicta’s clone of the Rolex Submariner – Seiko has real heritage and history behind their designs.

Over the years, Seiko has even given some of their watch designs refreshes to keep them modern with the times. This is the attention to detail that separates companies like Seiko from others with their dedication to design and authenticity.

The Selection

As I previously stated, there is a Seiko watch for everyone.

Anywhere from casual field watches and dive watches, to formal dress watches and everything in between. Do you want a Seiko watch to wear when hiking? They have that. Do you also want a Seiko watch you can wear with a tuxedo? They have that too.

Seiko truly has one of the best selections for beginners to get their feet wet in classically designed timepieces. And the best part is, they only go up from there.

A Brief History Of Seiko

Seiko Founder Japanese clockmaker Kintaro Hattori

Where It All Began

In 1881, Japanese clockmaker Kintaro Hattori opened a shop that was dedicated to selling and repairing watches and clocks in Ginza, Tokyo.

He excelled at this for the next 11 years, until 1892, when he founded Seikosha, the company that was to become one of the most important manufacturers of timepieces in the world.

It was here that Hattori produced his very first clocks.

Then in 1895, he built the first pocket watch, the Timekeeper. This was an important development for timepieces from Seikosha that heavily paved the way for Japan’s first-ever wristwatch.

How Japan’s First Wrist Watch Came To Be

Laurel the first Seiko model

After creating the first pocket watch in Japan, Hattori would go on to create the first wristwatch made in Japan, named the Laurel in 1913.

At the time, the company was only able to produce a small amount of watches. Then, unfortunately, in 1923, a large earthquake struck the company’s headquarters and the Seikosha factory burned down.

In 1924, after a fresh start and under the new name of Seiko, the first Seiko brand watch went on sale.

For the next 30 years, Seiko would go on to create and innovate in the timepiece space, even, becoming the official supplier of pocket watches to Japan National Railways as the railway industry was expanding in Japan.

How Seiko Became So Prominent

watch movement parts

From 1956 onward, Seiko solidified itself in horology by innovating and designing some of the most well-known components in wristwatches we know today.

Seiko went on to create the Diashock in 1956 – a component that Seiko used to absorb shock in their watches to better protect them. Then in 1959, they created their own proprietary “magic lever” system, which is an innovative self-winding system that is still used to this day in Seiko watches.

Hitting a pinnacle in 1960, when the first Grand Seiko model was created, Seiko wanted to create a watch that was more durable and legible than any other watch. It was their flagship and really set off the next 60+ years of innovation to where we know Seiko today.

Here are some more staple moments in Seiko’s history of innovation:

  • 1964 – created Japan’s first wristwatch with a stopwatch on it, the Chronograph
  • 1965 – produced Japan’s first diver watch to handle deep water pressure
  • 1969 – introduced the world’s first quartz watch
  • 1973 – introduced the world’s first 6-digit LCD quartz watch
  • 1982 – introduced the world’s first TV watch
  • 1983 – introduced the world’s first voice recording watch
  • 1999 – created the Spring Drive – this gave mechanical watches quartz accuracy
  • 2006 – introduced the world’s first E-Ink watch
  • 2012 – introduced the world’s first GPS solar watch

What Makes Seiko Watches Special?

3 models of seiko dver watches

While it’s well known the vast majority of watchmakers use different types of the same components, what’s less known is the types of materials that each brand uses.

For example, Seiko creates their watches with commonly used materials mixed with proprietary technology and designs to create timepieces that are durable and high-quality.

What Materials Does Seiko Use In Their Watches?

watch movement spring and other parts

Much like other manufacturers, Seiko uses a broad range of top materials to create their watches. This is a list of what you’ll find in most offerings of Seiko watches:

  • Steel 316L – industry standard, used for watch cases, bezels, and bracelets
  • Sapphire crystal – premium option, extremely scratch resistant, less shock resistant
  • Mineral crystal (also known as Hardlex) – budget option, relatively scratch-resistant, more shock resistant
  • LumiBrite – proprietary lume found in regular Seikos AND premium Grand Seiko watches – 10 minutes of bright sunlight = 3-5 hours of gradually fading light
  • Premium Leather – used for straps and bracelets

What Movements Does Seiko Use?

seiko spring drive movement

Possibly some of the most interesting aspects about Seiko watches are the internal movements that make each watch tick – pun intended.

Now while I won’t get into too many details about the specifics and terminology of mechanical watches, I will dive into a few different movements from Seiko specifically.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into mechanical watch research, check out the Ultimate Watch Buying Guide.

Here are 3 of the most common movements that Seiko uses and some features of each:

1. Seiko 7s26 – The Less-Expensive Movement

  • Non-hacking, automatic and manual winding not possible
  • 41 hour power reserve
  • Accuracy somewhere between -20 to +20 seconds a day out of the box, settling down to somewhere in the range of -15 to +15 seconds a day or better
  • Found on Seiko 5s and other older models

2. 4r35 – The Mid-Range Movement

  • Hacking, manual and automatic winding possible
  • 41 hour power reserve
  • Date display
  • Accuracy of -20 to +20 seconds a day, settling down to -10 to +10 seconds a day or better
  • Found on Seiko Cocktail Times and newer lines

3. 6R15 – The Higher-End Movement

  • Hacking, automatic and manual winding possible
  • 50 hour power reserve
  • Date display
  • Accuracy of -10 to +10 out of the box, settling down to -5 to +5 seconds a day or better
  • Found on Seiko Prospex and old Alpinist models

Top Seiko Watches I Recommend

It’s important to find the Seiko that’s perfect for you. But with such a wide selction to choose from, it’s understandable that you would want somewhere to start.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Seikos I’ve owned and some I wish I owned!

Seiko Ion Prospex SRPB55

Seiko Ion Prospex SRPB55
  • Quality dive watch
  • 200m of water resistance which matches other luxury watches (think Tudor)
  • Around $400

Seiko SRPB55
Mens Black Ion Prospex Automatic Dive Watch

Buy Now

Customer Reviews

Seiko 5 SNK793

Seiko 5 model SNK793
  • Highly affordable dress watch
  • Features day-date, sunray dial, and exhibition case back
  • Around $100

Seiko 5 SNZF17J1

Seiko 5 model SNZF17J1
  • A more adventurous Seiko 5 option
  • Features a chunky, unidirectional stainless steel bezel and lumed hands
  • Around $200

Seiko 5 SRPC61

Seiko 5 SRPC61 model
  • Smart-casual Seiko 5 option
  • Features 120-click unidirectional bottlecap-shaped bezel
  • Around $300

Seiko 5 SNK800

Seiko 5 SNK800
  • Classic field watch style
  • One of the most versatile Seiko options available for the price point
  • Around $100

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPB43

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPB43
  • Classic style dress watch that works for both office and cocktail attire
  • Features mid-century design with a sunray dial combined with 3D markers
  • Around $400

Seiko Alpinist SPB121J1

Seiko Alpinist SPB121J1
  • One of Seiko’s most popular watches online – design slightly updated in 2021
  • Features sapphire crystal, 200m water resistance, and a 70 hour power reserve
  • Around $700

Seiko Prospex SBDC051

Seiko Prospex SBDC051
  • Premium dive watch that combines old and new design
  • Features a rugged stainless steel case with 200m water resistance
  • Around $1,000

When And Where To Buy A Seiko Watch

The easiest answer to this question is “when you have the funds”. But the better answer is that it depends. And this goes for any watch, not just a Seiko. Let me explain.

A watch is highly visible on the wrist, making it a deeply personal part of a man’s wardrobe. For this reason, a good time to buy a watch is at a major life event such as graduating college, milestone birthdays, getting married, or a promotion at work.

But whatever the reason, the best time to buy a watch is when you are ready to buy one. Find your perfect watch, not someone else’s.

Certain iterations of Seiko watches may have more value at one time or another if you’re into collecting. Regardless, if you are looking for a good quality watch at a decent price, Seiko is one of the best options on the market.

As far as where to buy a Seiko watch, unlike other luxury brands that require you to go direct to the manufacturer or risk massive mark-ups from dealers, Seiko can be purchased just about anywhere.

Online is probably the most viable way to get one in 2023 but some large department stores, retailers, and dealers, will have plenty of Seiko options for you to choose from. When in doubt, a certified Seiko dealer will be your best bet.

That’s it. I hope this guide helps you to find your next Seiko watch so that you can finally get your hands on a well-designed, classic Japanese-manufactured watch that has withstood the test of time.

The post Ultimate Seiko Watch Buying Guide appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Ultimate Seiko Watch Buying Guide
Sourced From:
Published Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 12:24:39 +0000

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3 Main Rules To Match Colors In Men’s Clothing



shirt shoulders perfect fit

Most men have no clue when it comes to mixing and matching colors.

If you err on the side of caution and avoid bringing any color into your wardrobe, you’ll look dull. Or, if you get it wrong and add too much color – or the wrong colors – you’ll look like a clown.

This article will help you understand how to match colors in men’s clothing.

You will learn how to:

  1. Focus On Neutral Colors
  2. Use Small Pops Of Brighter Colors
  3. Don’t Overthink Your Skin Tone

What Does Understanding (And Using) Color Do?

perfect men's dress shirt fit
  • Avoids blatant mistakes
  • Guides people’s eyes
  • It makes people subconsciously “feel” things (red enlivens, brown = trust, dark navy or gray = power)
  • It makes shopping MUCH more straightforward when you know what works best for you

But how does that translate into an actual outfit?

It’s not enough to know that red and green are complementary colors that go well together.

Even though the colors are good in combination, the wrong shades or the wrong amounts of each color will make you look like a Christmas decoration.

Menswear has to find a good balance between the dominant colors of the suits and shirts and the accent colors of things like neckties, pocket squares, and jewelry.

Combining colors tastefully is one of the hallmarks of the genuinely well-dressed man.
Although people have written dissertations on color-coordinating your wardrobe, the basics are pretty simple. All you have to remember are these 3 quick rules for combining colors in men’s clothing (courtesy of my friend Barron).

Trust me; it’s a lot easier than you might think.

casually dressed man

For this article, I collaborated with Barron Cuadro from Effortless Gent, a men’s style blog that guides you towards building a lean wardrobe.

Do you ever look in your closet and think, “I have all this clothing, yet there’s nothing I want to wear”? If so, you’re in luck! Barron has helped many men like you take advantage of a flexible and interchangeable set of clothes for daily use. He makes it an effortless task regardless of your age, body type, or budget.

Whether you’re starting your wardrobe from scratch or just bringing in a few classic pieces to fill in the gaps, I highly recommend browsing Effortless Gent. You might also want to visit the EG online store for some stylish items that will upgrade your wardrobe even further.

Now for Barron’s 3 essential rules for how to match colors in men’s clothing.

How To Match Colors In Men’s Clothing Rule #1: Focus On Neutral Colors

man wearing pocket square

Think of all the possible clothing color combinations like a pizza. You’ve got the base made up of bread and cheese and then an assortment of toppings that cater to different tastes.

Which would you say is more important: the base or the toppings? No-brainer! What kind of pizza has no crust? Similarly, a stylish outfit needs a good base of neutral colors like these:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Navy, Light & Sky Blue
  • Brown & Khaki
  • Olive Green

These are the colors that go with most others. They set up the foundation for your outfits, making your job of finding matching clothes in your closet much more effortless.

That’s why they should constitute the majority of your wardrobe in terms of color percentages. With the right proportion of neutrals and non-neutrals, you can focus on the following rule (and have fun with it).

How To Match Colors Rule #2: Use Small Pops Of Brighter Colors

Use Small Pops Of Brighter Colors

This rule is where you do get to do a bit of experimentation. Just remember what happens to a pizza if you overload it with multiple veggies or meat types that don’t go well together. The same principle applies when it comes to color in your wardrobe.

The key, as always, is moderation. Stick with only small touches of 1-2 brighter colors to prevent them from clashing with or overpowering the rest of your outfit.

A yellow or pink pocket square, for example, will pair well with a charcoal sports jacket and all other neutrals you have on (white or light blue dress shirt, dark blue jeans, black belt, etc.). It will easily pop out with that combination. The same goes for a red necktie or gold buttons on a neutral-colored jacket.

Shoes are slightly trickier. While black is the only option in some cases, e.g., formal dress, shades of brown complement most of the neutrals above far better. So what’s your best bet here? In a nutshell, brown is the answer. For a more thorough explanation, check out this article on matching dress shoes with neutral-colored suits.

But what if you’re planning instead to wear a bright suit color for a friend’s wedding or another special event? A bit of trial-and-error is in order. Do a bit of research on your best options. Ask the groom’s opinion. Or the bride’s. And remember – there’s always Pinterest and Instagram to help you out!

How To Match Colors Rule #3 Don’t Overthink Your Skin Tone

instant clothing hack

When dressing up, men often wonder: “Does this color look good with my skin tone?” Ever asked yourself this? Don’t worry about this too much. It’s more a secondary issue and not a huge limiting factor in what colors you can wear.

Shouldn’t skin color matter here? Well, yes, to a certain extent. But it should only play a part in about 10% of your decision-making regarding your color choices for clothing, and only after you’ve considered the two rules mentioned above.

It does help to know the type and amount of contrast between your skin tone and hair color. But that info should only require minor adjustments to your style. Don’t let your skin completely overhaul whatever you’ve taken time to put together. Stick to the neutrals and pops of color mentioned above, and chances are you’ll look good regardless of your complexion.

Matching colors is essentially a personal skill. There are no official rights or wrongs. The rules listed in this post – and all other rules about color – are not strict. As much as it helps to follow them (especially if you’re beginning to upgrade your style), there are times when you have to follow your gut simply.

With some practice, you’ll eventually be able to tell whether your outfit works with a single glance in the mirror.

When it comes to understanding how to match colors in men’s clothing, remember this: If you like what you see and the outfit suits the occasion, go ahead with it! Forget about how much it defies conventions. Be confident – and it’ll show. And confidence always looks good.

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Men’s Dress Code Guide



casual article banner

How do you build a wardrobe?

Have you walked into a store and been overwhelmed at the options that are available?

Or maybe you look in your closet and you want to know if you have everything you need? How can you tell if your wardrobe is good?

In the spirit of maximizing time, let’s quickly go over a few looks you should know.

Specifically, there are 6 looks that every man should be able to master. You should shop with these looks in mind or if you do wardrobe assessment, with the goal of being able to create these dress codes with your existing clothes.

Let’s discuss the looks below!

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1. Semiformal / Business Attire

Suit Jacket Style Details Men Should Know

Professional attire is the look that gentlemen wear in very professional environments. It’s the uniform of lawyers, bankers, professors, Wall Street traders, and other business environments where decorum and professionalism are woven into the culture and fabric of the organization.

As such, the first step to mastering this look is to know your environment. Most businesses are explicit in saying that the dress code is professional attire so there is no second-guessing.

When a gentleman is dressed in professional attire, he’s communicating that he is about taking care of some serious business. His outfit says that his focus is sharp, that he’s intellectually capable, and he’s intent about the work that needs to be accomplished. There is a high level of respect that comes with this look.

Semi-Formal dress code
Click The Image Above To See Full Infographic


  • Suit: Navy is considered the power color but gray and black are also strong business suits
  • White shirt: Plain white shirt is always a great option but you can spice it up with textured shirts or inconspicuous designs like window pane stripes or gingham print
  • Neckties: Blue, gray, black are standard business colors for ties. Don’t feel limited as there are varying shades of blue and grey and designs such as polka dots, stripes, and paisley are great ways to add more style.
  • Pocket Square: White, straight fold handkerchiefs adds a crisp and classic element to the overall look. Colored pocket squares can work depending on the environment.
  • Oxford shoes: Shoes should be the same color as your belt; brown or black. Again, shades of brown vary so there is still a lot of variety available.
  • Socks: Trouser socks that that matches the pant leg of the suit. It’s the safest bet to stay with solid socks.

2. Business Casual

casually dressed man

If you are unsure how to dress for a job in a creative industry or wondering what to wear as a teacher then this may well be what you’re looking for.

Business casual is exactly what is implied in the name. It’s a casual look made for the professional environment. Just because this look is more comfortable, it’s still supposed to illustrate a high level of professionalism. A traditional business casual look is no suit jacket. It has now evolved to “no suit and no tie required.”

Business casual has been expanded to trousers and a nice button up or even slacks and a polo style shirt. Workplace environment is everything when it comes to professional attire so make sure that your version of business casual is in line with the culture of the office.

Business-Casual dress code


  • Moccasins – Wear with or without socks if the work culture supports it.
  • Loafers
  • Oxford shoes
  • Double Monk Straps
  • Colored buttoned down shirts are acceptable
  • Suits with no tie can be spiced up with a lapel pin and colorfully patterned pocket square.

The key to this look is no neckwear. The collar can be open or the top button can be buttoned up. Either way, there should not be a tie. Also the polo can be worn with the top button fastened as well. It’s personal preference.

If you’re not going to button up the top button, make sure you have magnetic collar stays in the collar of your shirt. This will keep the collar upright and keep the look sharp

3. Casual Attire


As a man of style, the days of the dad jeans and your favorite tee shirt is no longer allowed. Also, sporty doesn’t mean a jersey and gym shorts -although they definitely have their place. There is a way to be sporty and still be stylish. Think of it as weekend attire. It’s comfortable, fun, and flexible.

This look can be a pair of well-fitting raw denim jeans, a t-shirt, and some stylish sneakers. Another option would be a henley, khakis, and a pair of boots. It is the undefined look when you don’t really know what you are doing for the day but you want to be comfortably sharp.

Casual attire for men


  • Chinos: Casual pants that can be dressed up with blazers
  • Polo shirts: These shirts were originally for athletes and are a stylishly comfortable option that can be paired with jeans, chinos, or shorts
  • Shorts: Jean shorts or chino shorts are acceptable.
  • Casual deck sneakers: These are sneakers that are not for competing. They are usually made of canvas material with a rubber sole.
  • Casual t-shirts: Solid colored or patterned t-shirts that can be dressed up with a blazer. They are versatile and comfortable. Do not confuse a casual t-shirt with a screened tee. An example of screened t-shirt is your favorite childhood marvel comic t-shirt.

Formal wear can be broken into three (3) different categories: Black Tie, Creative Black Tie, and White Tie. Most guys have no idea that there are three formal aesthetics, let alone the difference between them.

4. Ultra Casual

young man dressed casually

Admittedly, this type of look is the simplest to pull off. It’s for style and comfort. The Ultra casual look is a spring and summer go-to look as it’s for warm weather and functionality. That being said, there is still a way to stylishly pull it off.

Ultra-Casual dress code


  • T-shirt: The type of t-shirt is totally depending on your preference. Whether it’s a crew neck or v-neck is not as important as the fit and quality of the shirt. Make sure that both are stellar
  • Shorts: Shorts should be funtional and worn above the knee. When shorts are worn below the knee it makes you look shorter (regardless of your height) and disproportionate.
  • Shoe: Sneakers or moccasin/loafer. Wear either shoe with no socks or “no show” socks if your feet sweat. Socks with these kind of shoes are an absolute no-no.
  • Accessories: Watches and bracelets are great additions to this look. They will stand out because of the outfit’s simplicity. Both classic and sporty watches will work well and leave a strong, fashionable statement.

Gents, grooming will play a big part in this look as well. There is a lot of skin showing so make sure that you are well lotioned. Shorts and ashy legs are not a good look.

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5. Creative Black Tie

creative black tie dress code

This can be considered the least formal aesthetic in the formal wear category. It’s a new school twist on traditional formal wear. It’s seen most often at Hollywood events such as red carpets and award shows.

The creative black tie look has a playful element that intelligently substitutes bold colors on subtle pieces for a bit of pizzazz.

Being that formal wear is a uniform of sorts, the creative black tie fun way for your formal attire to stand out in a crowd. This look is popular amongst millennials who typically defy the traditional conventions of menswear

Creative-Black-Tie dress code

Recommendations: The looks almost identical to traditional black tie with colored accessories such as:

  • Vest
  • Cummerbund
  • Bow tie

6. Black Tie Dress Code

shirt for prom

Less formal than white tie, but more formal than creative black tie – it is reserved for social functions and evening events. It is less regulated than white tie dress so more latitude for variations is given for this aesthetic.


Black Tie Recommendations:

  • A jacket with ribbed silk facings on a shawl collar or peaked lapel
  • Trousers with a single silk or satin braid covering the outer seams
  • A black cummerbund or a low-cut waistcoat
  • A white dress shirt, French cuffs and cufflinks, and a turn-down or detachable wing collar
  • A black ribbed silk bow tie matching the lapel facings
  • Optional shirt studs and cufflinks
  • Black dress socks
  • Black shoes—highly polished or patent leather Oxfords, or patent leather court shoes

7. White Tie Dress Code

white tie dress code

White tie is the most formal style of dress and is usually reserved for high society events such as state dinners, formal balls and evening weddings. It is typically considered only appropriate after 6 p.m., but it has been extended to anytime after dark.

white-tie mens dress code

White Tie Recommendations

  • Black or midnight blue dress coat with silk facings, horizontally cut-away at the front
  • Trousers of matching fabric with one single wide stripe or two narrow stripes of satin or braid and are worn with suspenders
  • White plain stiff-fronted cotton shirt
  • White stiff wing collar, preferably detachable
  • White bow tie
  • White low-cut waistcoat matching the bow tie and shirt
  • Black silk socks or stockings
  • Black court shoes

In Summary


Click Here For A Full Infographic On A Social Guide To Dress Codes For Men

RMRS Casual ebook

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